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  1. Steam Link $8 On Steam Right Now

    Touche Valve, touche!
  2. Even though the claim is this isn't about single player games, and I happen to agree, this still belongs here!
  3. Forbes estimates GabeN's net worth at $5.5 billion

    Dang, that's a lot of Gabbage!
  4. I really wish MS would work harder on a system level fix for their pitiful app store. Its awful. Its not just bad, it actually seems like its a hate letter to PC gamers.
  5. I remember when steam sales made me positively giddy! I'll miss you 2012, you were a good year for me!
  6. Steam Link $8 On Steam Right Now

    Purchased! And now we wait to see how this little internet moment plays out!
  7. We are an empire that believes its a country, so yeah, we will see the edge we lookout for and we'll fall all the same!
  8. All of these words result in a factual statement.
  9. Regardless of the level of appropriateness demonstrated by the CHILDREN, can we agree the ADULT's views were the most inappropriate thing happening there?
  10. Here is a slightly more informative article from Polygon, which claims the Japanese hardware is already on the streets, so i would expect it here in the US some time this year maybe? https://www.polygon.com/2017/10/2/16395708/playstation-vr-hardware-update-2-cuh-zvr2-hdr-pass-through-sony-ps4
  11. I can't find a date, but here is an article on the subject: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/sony-psvr-revision-hdr-compatible,35580.html "The current PSVR is CUH-ZVR1; the new version would say CUH-ZVR2 on the box. " -from the link above!