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  1. Wolfenstein II: The 4K issue!

    Alright! I found a couple of solutions for this issue for any who might need it: The easiest option is to go into advance settings under graphics and set the max frame rate cap to 59FPS. This seems to address the tearing 99% of the time. It still pops up, but really infrequently and only for a second here and there. If you want a "Perfect" solution, get NV inspector and set a custom resolution of 3824x2151 and that should do the trick!
  2. So the War on Christmas just went nuclear

    Some protestors really have the edge! Location, location, location!
  3. Wolfenstein II: The 4K issue!

    I love you. Of course you're a fucking heathen, but still, I love you!
  4. Wolfenstein II: The 4K issue!

    For anyone who is trying to play Wolf II on PC in 4K, how in the Hell do I fix the massive screen tearing?! I've tried the usual trick of killing V-Sync through the application and enabling it through the Nvidia Control panel, but it doesn't fix it at all. I understand from reading a few forums that this issue doesn't effect lower resolutions, but I see no fix anywhere for 4K V-Sync. And it bad, so bad! Halp! I suppose I could force it to render is some costume resolution just below 4K, but it seems weird that I would have to do this!
  5. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    Its pretty good! Though I should warm those that don't like anxiety pieces that this is about the trials and tribulations of stand-up and at moments its positively brutal!
  6. Well, he's right about one thing! The Black women of Alabama strapped on, and rode his ass hard on election night!
  7. Nvidia announces Titan V for a scant 2,999.00

    How minor are we talking!? I want NONE!!!! I'm not picky at all!