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  1. He didn't actually. He merely repurposed Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress. Not to take anyways from Star Wars, but it wasn't an original story--hell, he even copied C3PO and R2-D2.
  2. Gungan city is about it. The sets in the PT feel like they are there for no other reason than to be different and cool. "Do you know what would make the Anakin vs Obi Wan fight even better? LAVA!!!" . Lucas completely lost his mind and no one had the balls to step up to him and say, "George, you know, that might not be the best of creative ideas." You want to see quality world building? Watch Avatar. Say what you want about the story, but the set peices and world that was created are second to none. And Revenge of the Sith, because I haven't said it before, is the worst thing this side of Aeon Flux.
  3. Unfortunately, when it comes to TWD, if you want a good story, you have to turn to the comics.
  4. FOX is anti-quality. History has proven this time and time again.
  5. Bow and arrow foot girl would destroy her.
  6. Did it stink... and did you cropdust the treadmills? Fuck--I can actually picture that hilarity. People breathing heavily on treadmills, can't help but take an enormous inhale of putrid ass... how many would trip and fall off the treadmill?
  7. I'm still trying to wrap my head around BvS trying to "do something that's never been done before in a superhero movie." You must have watched the non-generic version of which only one copy exists on the planet. I envy you, as BvS was a steaming pile of RotS caliber shit... and worse than MoS, which I didn't think was possible. There's nothing in BvS that hasn't been done a gazillion times before.
  8. Lucky number 13. Both Unknown and I got it on our first attempt. ... what do we do now???
  9. Because, you know, I'm Afrikani Slavic.
  10. Congrats! If anyone wants my log in to attempt and not get it, have at it.
  11. On #15?