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  1. I can't find anywhere if they copied Apple and put stereo speakers on the phone.
  2. I'm still probably going to jump on this for the free VR, but fuck it's disappointing the camera is the same, and battery life might not be improved. The battery life on my S7 Edge was for shit.
  3. If they were to release new MASK toys, I would buy them all. MASK was what would happen if you combined the A-Team with Transformers. So fucking badass.
  4. Pfffft. INCONCEIVABLE!!!
  5. It's essentially notifications on your wrist.Though, it is nice that any iOS user will receive watch specific messages regardless of whether or not they have a watch, too. My one recommendation--you definitely want to pay more for the sapphire glass. With the Ion-X glass, if you workout in any capacity, it won't be long before scratches start appearing on your watchface.
  6. Who said it's a big revelation? They updated numerous products yesterday, not in an event, and the Product Red phone happened to be one of them. How exactly should product updates be announced? Through whispers in a game of telephone?
  7. As opposed to, "hey look, we have the fastest benchmark, now! Hurry, buy now!" ... even though real world tests show new phone is still slower than two year old iPhones in any color.
  8. I'm being hopefully optimistic. Jason Statham seems a capable Jonas Taylor. And my most obvious actual example would be Interview With A Vampire.
  9. Leon--->The Fifth Element
  10. CBS is good for Sports. Unfortunately for me, it's sports I don't think I can do without. Of course, with the impending 0-16 Bears' season, it might be easier than expected.
  11. I JUST ordered a BenQ HT2050 which will be here tomorrow. So happy to have a projector again. Should end up with about a 125" image.
  12. Streaming bitrate: 7Mbps BD bitrate: 40Mbps Yeah, I still buy discs. Not to mention for Master and Atmos audio tracks.
  13. I'm all for a Matrix Revolutions reboot.
  14. I'm curious to see what the S8 will have officially. If you have to lift the phone to unlock it (because the fingerprint reader is on the back), that's a pretty substantial drawback. Another big missing feature would be raise-to-wake. The majority of the time I use my phone, I lift it up with my thumb on the home button and it instantly unlocks. To not have that would annoy the ever living piss out of me. The biggest culprit, though, is no "tap-to-scroll-up" feature. I believe Apple has that patented, but I use that feature many times a day, and remember being on Android having to triple swipe to "scroll to the top faster". And yet, if T-mobile offers a deal that includes a complementary Gear S3 or Gear VR (Verizon did it last year with the Gear S2)... I'll more likely than not switch back to Android... and bitch every day until the iPhone X Edition comes out.