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  1. OK, so who's doing a giveaway???
  2. Are You Ready for M.A.S.K.?

  3. Who is seeing Rampage this weekend?

    So violence: OK. But if a pair of tits pop out: NC-17? Not calling you out, per say, just that the US rating system is fucking stupid.
  4. Who is seeing Rampage this weekend?

    Not sure what movie you were watching. The first wolf scene has guys literally getting torn limb from limb, and a trail of bloody intestines on the ground. There's decapitation. And there's no shortage of swearing. But god forbid there's a nipple or two!!! The US seriously has its rating system ass backwards when it comes to media. There was a dad who walked his two pre-teen sons out of the movie during that wolf scene, with their hands covering their eyes... and I don't blame them. There is a LOT of on screen death in the movie.
  5. How old was he? While he always played the same character, I've loved him in everything I've ever seen him in, from The Big Red One to Full Metal Jacket to The Frighteners.
  6. Who is seeing Rampage this weekend?

    It was really fun. I'm not sure how this didn't get an R-rating. It's most definitely NOT a kid's movie.
  7. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    Not entirely sure which game you've been playing. SoT has all that minus a story, and there will be bits of story incoming. I just got my sails, now it's time to work on my pirate outfit. I have more than enough to grind for, but it's the game play I love above all else.
  8. Red Dead Redemption Xbox One X 4K Comparison

    Fuck I need to go rob a bank.
  9. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    Destiny has a Warlock, a Titan, and a Hunter. Sooooo boring.
  10. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    Something that just hit me--this game has NO invisible barriers. It's so rare these days, and I think it's how all games should be. If you can see it, you can get there.
  11. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    I just fucking came. Hard. SEE HOW THAT SHIT WORKS, BUNGIE?!?!?!
  12. Destiny 2 Discussion

    I thought it was only going to be Prestige mode for World Eater? And fingers crossed about Anthem. I've never wanted to see an EA game succeed so badly. In the mean time, Sea of Thieves beckons... it's only 4 player coop, but fuck me it's a fun game.
  13. Be Our Guest

    How nice are we talking? On a level of to .
  14. Be Our Guest

    I have to confirm with @Triage, but it should be a couple months prior. Something like October 21st.