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  1. Amazon Prime monthly price increase

    What's weird is that it says $12.99, up from $10.99. I'm still getting charged $9.99/month.
  2. Super Troopers 2 trailer

    Someone should make a video where they replace Danny Trejo with Rob Lowe in every movie that he's ever been in.
  3. Venom movie

    Nothing could ever get me to sit through that movie again.
  4. FFS why are people this dumb?

    Looks like @apoc81 is making YouTube videos:
  5. Horror: Session 9. Still my favorite horror film of all time. General: Savages. I'd go so far as to say it's possibly Oliver Stone's best film. There's not a single beat of the film that I don't absolutely adore.
  6. Venom movie

    If Carnage is there, I'm all in. I want a hard R-rated serial killer Carnage movie.
  7. I more meant creating your own, but of a copyrighted product. Something like, for example, 3D printing a pair of the Sphinxes from Never Ending Story as book ends. There are so many cool little products one can create from movies that aren't being made right now. Unrelated, I still want my sad Mickey Mouse sitting on the Iron Throne wearing Jon Snow's outfit while holding Longclaw... as a drawing for a t-shirt.
  8. What are the laws for selling something like that on Facebook or Etsy?
  9. Super Troopers 2 trailer

    The first trailer did little for me. This second trailer had me in tears trying to keep myself from a laughter outburst at work. I'm so into this, meow.
  10. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Wasn't the entire point of IB level advantages? What's the point now? What makes it different than regular Crucible? And I pledged Dead Orbit, foolishly, during S1, so I've be trying to get all the New Monarchy armor, which I LOVE, so I definitely have plenty to do.
  11. New Aliens game

    Only want if it allows me to contemplate the existence of humanity... then give me control of the Android halfway through to defeat the protagonist of the game in a cutscene I don't control, while the characters are off screen... all because I'm not human. Ooh! I also want an option to not wear any helmet of any kind on any new planet the game takes me to.
  12. My fwb

    What do you have to say for yourself, @nobody?
  13. 2018 Films to Anticipate and Predictions

    The MEG - August 10th While there are other movies I'm excited about, NOTHING comes close to my exuberant excitement for this film. I've literally been waiting two decades for this film. While I'm not sold on the (what we currently know) plot changes, I have faith in Turtletaub to provide a quality blockbuster. Especially at a $150 million production budget.
  14. Playtest is easily my favorite episode.
  15. What are you currently craving?

    Little Lucca.