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  1. They should stop making Batman movies. It's always just the same story with the same villains. No one wants to see that.
  2. It's the Plus that is 5.5. The regular is 4.7. While the bezel is rather sizable, you get used to it.
  3. 5.5 inches isn't big enough for you? To answer OP: Apps Stability Battery life Hardware quality Customer support That's what you are getting with Apple. If all you care about is customization, rooting, and ROMs, then you want Android.
  4. Ha ha ha. Fucking WB. Matt Reeves has already stepped down as director.
  5. The one DC character that could destroy any character from any universe--Dr. Fate. And on the preparation notion, that Kal just succinctly covered above, let's say we're playing a fighting game, and right as the match starts, I say "hold up", pause the game, and stare at/study the moves list for a month. It's a preposterous notion.
  6. It should all be unfair--super rich bored ninja trained intelligent person should never be able to match another with super powers. Tony Stark designs and wears a near indestructible mechanized suit. Bruce Wayne puts on tights. While I enjoy Batman movies, he's essentially the Jon LaJoie of the superhero world.
  7. I'm just praying for the day I get to see something co-written by Whedon and Sorkin. Also, I really want to see Adam Baldwin and Neal McDonough on screen together.
  8. The Coens and Tarantino make very different kinds of films. Both are very much at the top tier in their style of filmmaking. Though, I'll take Tarantino's 5 best films over the Coens' 5 best films any day of the week.
  9. She didn't KNOW she was pregnant in the movie. Big difference.
  10. How so? Was he not fucking his wife while he was alive?
  11. Find a character for Julie Benz, too. Fuck, make her a new main character.
  12. Can you quote yourself so that I may upvote this again? And make Eliza Dushku a bounty hunter.
  13. I agree on that point. My interest drops significantly if Whedon and the original cast aren't involved.
  14. They'd make a killing selling chargers. We'd initially have one by our bed, and one by our living room couch. If there's just a 5 foot radius, it would be perfect and a total game changer.
  15. Um, spoiler--that would be a former cast member. Did you not see the movie? And please try to tell Gina Torres she's "fatter" to her face. . Or Adam Baldwin for that matter. All remaining cast members are doing rather well, and I have little doubt Fillion could drop any weight required.