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  1. The Orville: Official trailer

    Especially considering the most prominent pop references of today are from people who lived 250 years ago. And episode 3 was fantastic. This feels like classic Star Trek, but with a more "honest" approach to emotional reactions and dialogue.
  2. Destiny 2 Discussion - The Definitive Edition

    Did you get to kill the same Cabal in the Gauntlet 10 times?
  3. AHS: CULT starts tonight

    I also stopped after Coven, but decided to give this a watch, and I rather enjoyed the first episode. Looking forward to see where they take it. On a side note, we just finished The Sinner and that was DAMN good. Some of the most tense TV I've seen, with a satisfying conclusion. Though, Jessica Biel does need to eat a burger or 100.
  4. What do you think of turkey bacon?

    You do know it's not like Canadian bacon, right? You actually have to cook it before consuming it. Exactly. Turkey>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ham.
  5. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    So what happened?
  6. Destiny 2 Discussion - The Definitive Edition

    Anyone see a Kinetic Legendary mod, yet?
  7. Why was Zelda praised and FFXV wasn't?

    Exactly. I was the game's biggest hater before playing it. Then I got it on the Wii U, played about 20-30 hours, which then compelled me to get a Switch and the game on the Switch... played the game for 90+ hours and just recently bought the expansion. I could live in this game world because there isn't a single other game out there that has the attention to detail and interactivity that this game does. While there are a few flaws, it's as close to gaming perfection as I've ever experienced in my 30+ years of gaming.
  8. Why was Zelda praised and FFXV wasn't?

    The Divine Beasts aren't optional in any way. It is LITERALLY the description of the main quest.
  9. Lttp: The Strain

    I don't think I ever wanted a character to die so badly before. We stuck with it through the end, and the finale was predictable, and they managed to really mess up the denouement. To be fair, though, it's still better than The Walking Dead.
  10. Destiny 2 Discussion - The Definitive Edition

    You should save your grenade for that specific psion.
  11. Apple Special Event - September 12‎ at 1 pm EDT

    Fast charging will really heat up your phone... which is why the Samsung convertible charger is the best one--it has a silent fan built into it so your phone is nice and cool when you go to take it off the charger. It's definitely not cheap though.
  12. Destiny 2 Discussion - The Definitive Edition

    I got the sub machine gun... that I had just received from my tokens. And it sucks. Like unusable bad. But it sure is pretty.
  13. Destiny 2 Discussion - The Definitive Edition

    If you are referring to the Clan Trials engram, that was because of Alpha, who went flawless this weekend. EDIT: But you're still awesome, Mo.
  14. Destiny 2 Discussion - The Definitive Edition

    That is to say there are no floating psions. There's still a psion in a bubble on the ground that has to be killed after each successful green arrow section.
  15. Destiny 2 Discussion - The Definitive Edition

    We found the previous parts of the Raid relatively easy, and shouldn't have any issues getting back to the boss from the start. The Pleasure Garden is probably the easiest phase of any Raid, yet. But if one person is a split second too slow, or slightly out of place during the suck phase of Calus, it's a wipe.