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  1. Star Wars or Star Trek?

    The real question is, if someone held a gun to your head and forced you to choose between watching the prequel trilogy or The Final Frontier... Would you tell the person to pull the trigger or would you want to take the gun and shoot yourself in the head?
  2. Blank thread

    More like kopykat.
  3. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    Wait, you want the logo to be a native and a pilgrim fucking a turkey?
  4. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    Don't you think the Keystone Pipeline has caused enough damage?
  5. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    Everyone needs a sugar daddy.
  6. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    Black Friday aspirations! A second 4K monitor set up vertically!
  7. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    But you're on 4K so no scrolling is required!
  8. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    I'll look into that. No promises, though.
  9. Since there won't be any official Thanksgiving theme, we've had a few users asking for something that more closely resembles the IGN boards of yesteryear. This is that theme. And since the IGN Boards were where a lot of us first started discussing video games online, it's only fitting that the theme's name and logo reference one of the consoles that helped start the home video game entertainment boom. Enjoy! @Bacon @Keyser_Soze
  10. Got my Switch today

    Doing that would be a bannable offense.
  11. Got my Switch today

    apoc81: Super Mario Oddyssey mikechorney: Mario Bros. (The original single screen game)