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  1. Rampage Trailer

    I liked Journey 2 and San Andreas so I’ll watch this too. Although the trailer didn’t get me as excited as I’d hoped.
  2. The Mario & Luigi games? The old Mario Bros cartoon show? To compare the Mario universe and characters to the Angry Birds universe in terms of how much they have to build on is a little ridiculous
  3. Yep now I’m strongly looking at the LGB7 it’s sitting at 1600 on Amazon right now. Only 400 more to jump from the 900e to the OLED LG seems worth it. Might wait it out a little and see if it falls anymore going into the holidays.
  4. Haha yeah I've literally had both those pages open on my laptop for two days. I'd be using the TV as my main living room TV. If it was just for gaming I'd have bought the TCL already.
  5. Do you like the P605? Im shopping for TV’s right now and I’m torn between that or the 900e. Curious if the P605 is good enough to warrant saving some money or should I just drop the coin on the 900e.
  6. Holy crap...Daddy's Home 2 RT score is 0!

    *shrug don’t care. Still think it looks funny and I’m gonna check it out.
  7. And yet they won’t learn and we’ll probably get another one next year instead of moving it to a 2 year cycle.
  8. "X game on the Switch will require a SD card" is the new "X third party game isn't coming to the Switch" from a few months ago I guess. Like I get that it's annoying but when the Switch launched everyone knew that once the big games started coming out this would happen, so why act all surprised? lol
  9. Nintendo needs a Third flag ship series.

    Not sure if they count since they’re spin offs but Smash Brothers and Mario Kart I think both fit that description.
  10. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    The Dark Tower - 6/10 Never read the books so I didn't have any bias going in. I didn't hate it but the whole time I just felt like the excellent cast and concept was being wasted. After it was over I just kinda sat there really wishing that I could see this story and world unfold as miniseries/show on HBO or Netflix one day. It did inspire to go out and get the books though haha.
  11. Very very cool that they're doing this. My wife is a history teacher and pretty intrigued to see how this turns out.
  12. I only got to play about an hour so far but I'm really enjoying it. Haven't gotten past the first town yet but I like the new way side quests are presented. So far I haven't regretted going exploring to find out what a particular ? is hiding. I'm also liking the Eagle a lot more than I thought I would. Initially I thought it's ability to scout enemies would make it a bit over powered but I'm having a lot of fun flying around trying to spot enemies before I move into a hideout or stronghold. Combat is WAY better. The weapons all feel different enough I've been excited to try them all out. The RPG stuff is nice and not too overwhelming, especially the crafting. There's just enough that I want to hunt for materials but not so much that I feel like I have to spend hours doing it. Obviously I'm only an hour in but I will say it doesn't really feel like an Assassins Creed game. Just the vibe it has reminds me more of Black Flag where the whole game felt like they built this awesome pirate game and slapped an AC skin on it. Granted this is the Assassins origin story so it was bound to feel a little off. Plus, like I said I haven't gotten very far so I haven't encountered any modern day stuff(which I really really hope is more like it was AC1-3 and not just a throw away like the last few games). Overall really happy with it, I think the year off did them a lot of good.
  13. I think you’re right. Those bushes and hiding in “tall grass” didn’t appear till Black Flag right?
  14. The only time I remember feeling the whistle was a little overpowered was in Black Flag. The rest of the time it usually attracted more than one guy so I didn’t use it.