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  1. Tomb Raider Movie Poster and Teaser. Trailer tomorrow

    That looks fun. Hopefully it's at least decent. I actually liked the Angelina Jolie ones.
  2. Just did some quick price comparisons, granted this wasn't very in depth, I only looked up like 5 items. But the prices between Walmart and Toys R Us were virtually identical, in fact I found a few more items cheaper at Toys R Us. So not sure how accurate that blanket "20% more expensive than Walmart/Target" statement is.
  3. When I get stuff for my son for Christmas and Birthday I always take my list to Toys R Us before looking at Amazon or Walmart/Target. I buy as much stuff as possible from them because I don't want big Toy Stores to become a thing of the past. So what if it's a little more expensive. I'd rather pay more to support specialized stores than save a little money and wind up in a world where we have one giant store for everything in 30 years.
  4. Mother!

    Well I wasn't crazy excited to see it before but it's Aronosky so I was def going to get to it at some point. Now I really want to see it in theaters.
  5. I would love to get people's thoughts on this as well
  6. It - RT Score so far suggests amazingness.

    I feel like the Stranger Things kids all had a chance to shine. IT really didn't give Mike or the Jewish kid whose name i can't remember much to do. The other's where phenomenal.
  7. Welcome back JJ Abrams....now let me sit back and watch this board burn.
  8. It - RT Score so far suggests amazingness.

    @SirRothwyn what's the misstep your referring to in the second to last paragraph of your review?
  9. I never knew about the RoTJ hate until recently. I like it better than A New Hope to be honest.
  10. Just for the sake of argument I'd say Army of Darkness isn't really the conclusion of a trilogy. Evil Dead 2 was more remake than sequel so I'd argue that AoD is just a regular sequel and not the end of a trilogy.
  11. The Orville: Official trailer

    Is it bad enough I should just look up the plot on online and wait for episode 2?
  12. It - RT Score so far suggests amazingness.

    Had a couple questions that maybe book readers can help clear up. How was IT able to target the kids away from the sewers when all the other kids it claimed only seemed vulnerable when they were near it? And why was he targeting them there. Those scenes seemed like he was just trying to scare them since he could feed off their fear and not actually catch them until they were in the sewers. But every other missing kid he seemingly just grabbed when they got close to him. Was there a particular reason for that in the books or just some to overlook for the sake of the story. Just seemed like he was paying special attention to them and i was curious if there was a reason in the books or it's just because they're the main characters and I'm looking too much into it.
  13. It - RT Score so far suggests amazingness.

    Saw it last night and absolutely LOVED it!!! I thought Skaarsgard was incredible and found myself wishing he had more lines because his delivery was so damn creepy. Everything about the opening scene leading to the dialogue from the sewer was perfect. I'm so happy he didn't try and imitate Curry's performance and went in a totally different direction that imo was just as good. The kids were amazing and unlike the miniseries the parts were just as good if not better as the parts with Pennywise. Anyone saying this movie was anything but terrifying is just desensitized. This movie pulled off what is all to rare in today's horror, being scary with out relying overly on jump scares. I could ramble on forever with the good things I want to say. Hopefully the success of this movie leads to some more remakes of other Steven King movies done with the same care as this was. Because if there's any group of movies truly deserving of remakes it's his.
  14. Is Regal RPX worth it?

    Because of my 3 year old son I only get to the movies a few times a year now. But every time my wife and I go we always try to go to the RPX theater. Biggest screen and the sound is great. Feels like all the seats have small sub woofers underneath them. It used to have the really comfy recliner seats but my Regal converted ALL of its theaters into those seats so it isn't special to RPX anymore. Id say it's worth it.
  15. It - RT Score so far suggests amazingness.

    Pulled in 13.5 million last night putting it at the third highest Thursday night gross behind Beauty and the Beast and Guardians 2. Still sitting at 90% on RT. Can't wait to see this tomorrow night.