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  1. Of course they did
  2. Yes!!! Check two timelines off my list. Just need to check off Feudal Japan and Russian Revolution now
  3. Well to be fair there hasn’t been a lot worth seeing so far this year.
  4. The Grinch official trailer

    Looks ok, I feel like animated movies can be really hard to guage based on their trailers. I’ll see it when it gets to HBO
  5. So your big point is that GotG can be he only movie in the Marvel universe with a comedic tone? Meanwhile all the other more “serious” Marvel movies have not only the same tone but basically the same plot. Cool, logical conclusion you’ve come to.
  6. I liked it, thought it was funny. I hope they make more films in the same mold as GotG. The regular Marvel model was/is getting stale as fuck.
  7. Avengers Infinity War trailer!

    He looks fine don’t be dramatic.
  8. New Ready Player One Trailer

    That’s so cool
  9. New Ready Player One Trailer

    @Emblazon That latest trailer is so good. Finally getting the plot out to people. Starting to see the TV marketing really start to ramp up too. Already got tickets to see it twice. Once with my wife opening weekend and then again the next weekend with my friends while we're at PAX East.
  10. LTTP: The Last Jedi

    I thought about reading through this thread, but then remembered suffering through the 50+ or whatever pages of the other thread on this exact same thing with the exact same arguments.