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  1. I heard so much about Purple Man and was so excited going into JJ and was left feeling pretty underwhelmed by him. I feel like people's love for Tennant may have clouded their vision of the character. I thought Fisk from DD S1 was a vastly superior and more interesting villain.
  2. I thought it looked awesome.
  3. It's Del Toro and Michael Shannon is in it so I'm def gonna see it. Wish it had just been a teaser though. Trailer showed way way too much.
  4. Holy shit I need to watch this immediately.
  5. Do we assume this season's climax will be the White Walkers attack and breaking through the wall? If so, my god what a glorious battle that will be.
  6. What I'm putting in spoiler tags isn't really much of a spoiler, just whats been on the show so far. Nothing crazy.
  7. I thought episode two had some really good tension that someone who doesn't like to be scared might not like. But beyond that it hasn't been too scary imo.
  8. Well that was a phenomenal episode. My body is ready for these next two seasons.
  9. Oooohhhh I could totally get behind an animated AC show!
  10. The Gamecube competed for 3rd parties and had versions of every non exclusive AAA title. Nintendo has been mostly 1st party (as far as AAA games is concerned) since the Wii.
  11. How is that a likely scenario? Nintendo is worth more than Sony at the moment. They're doing fine financially. Its staggering how stubborn and stupid people are when it comes to understanding and accepting Nintendo's current path. They're not going 3rd party. They're never going to make a machine that competes directly with MS/Sony. They're never going to bend over backwards to acquire 3rd party support. The sooner people relalize those things the sooner we can all just enjoy Nintendo for what they have become.
  12. I was interested at first because of the theme but yeah that looks pretty generic and kinda boring. Also wish a game with that setting was in third person.