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  1. So, I started downloading videos and movies for the Xbox Zune marketplace a while ago. I actually liked the service. They offered a lot of the movies in HD, 1080p for streaming, and had them available the day the movies came out. Personally I want to eventually go to a complete digital library but these companies keep screwing it up. Now Microsoft has just annouced that they are dropping Zune Marketplace for music and replacing it with Xbox music. The issue though is that Zune Marketplace now incorporates more than just music. It has Movies, TV Shows, Podcast, etc. So are there going to be two services now? Xbox Music for the music, and Zune Marketplace for the videos? Is Zune Marketplace going away completely? If so what is going to happen to the videos and movies? Is Xbox Music going to provide all those other services including video the same way Zune did? I need to know about what is going to happen to the video before I purchase another video from Zune Marketplace. Another thing I was looking at. Microsoft is pushing for purchases with of movies through their service. However the Xbox only has a 250gb HD. That may seem like a lot, but the HD Videos are almost 10gb. To make matters worse most of the movies when you purchase them lets you know that the movie will only be available for streaming for a short period of time. It lets you know that if you don't download it by that time you lose access to that movie. This creates a problem because its MY movie, I paid for it. The problem is that with almost 10gb per movie, that only leaves me enough space for like 20-25 movies. This is NOT enough for someone trying to create a digital library. This could be EASILY solved by allowing us the OPTION of using an external HD but the Xbox does not allow you to do so. So my other question is does the Playstation allow you to use an External HD to download movies to from THEIR sevice? I'm asking because I want to create a digital library and the only other options are the playstation network, Amazon's network, and iTunes. Amazon does not offer most of their movies for download in HD. iTunes is cool, but overall I don't like Apple's restrictions. However, it seems like the other companies like Microsoft are forcing me toward Apple and iTunes as it seems to be the only true viable option right now for creating a digital library. At least with AppleTv and Airplay I could download all my movies to my computer, have it stored on an external drive, and then Airplay my movies on my big screen TV through AppleTV. Anybody else using their Xbox for other media features like this and have any other suggestions?
  2. After playing the challenge rooms with Catwoman and Robin I almost IMMEDIATELY wanted some type of Co-op mode. I understand that the story in Batman: Arkham City doesn't lead it self to co-op as Batman likes to work alone and so much of the story IS focused on the Dark Knight, but there are ways to do it. For example, many games lately have included a seperate, shorter story based campaign mode that allowed for co-op. Also, thinking of Gears of War and the Horde mode, I could just imagine a mode like that for Arkham City. A mode where you and up to 3 friends can play with Batman, Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing against an ever growing "horde" of increasingly difficult bad guys to see how long you can last. It would be, AWESOME . Maybe they are saving something like this for Arkham 3 but I would also buy it in download content if someone from Rocksteady is listening
  3. Video of the new dashboard leaked

    Looks like a new take on the Windows Phone 7/Windows 8 interface. I'm intrigued. I actually hated windows phones up until Windows Phone 7. It really is a great and simple interface. I think that combined with the Zune Marketplace and XBLA Microsoft could have best digital interface if they just tweeked it a little.
  4. I don't remember hearing or seeing it this year. The Toys R Us Buy 2 get one free game deal has been one of the best deals in gaming for the last few years.
  5. But here is where I get the disconnect. What type of "value" are you losing? Lets talk pie in the sky possibilities for one sec. If download speed isn't an issue. Space isn't an issue. EVERYTHING is backed up both on a HD that you have direct access to, AND on a cloud, and purchases are kept track of digitally for redownload whenever seen fit. Plus your HD can be taken to friends and houses to play your entire collection of games. And your account can be logged in to where you go to access your games. WHAT is the issue?? What "VALUE" are you losing? It seems more nostalgic and sentimental than reasonable or logical IMO. I'm not trying to be mean or talk down on your point of view I'm just having a hard time understanding it. I know we are not at that point now but I don't think that its that far away if WE demand it. Cause we are already there in other mediums and the only thing IMO holding us back from getting there in games is ourselves.
  6. Like I said earlier, it all depends on HOW its done, and how WE as consumers DEMAND that its done. Did record companies want to go digital with music? No. Did they do it? Yes. Why? Because millions of people demanded it. The same would go for games and movies. Its simple economics, if we demand it, they (or someone) will supply it. Its all about WHAT and HOW we demand it. For example, you complain about Not being able to go to your friends house and play your games. Why would you not be ale to do that? That is why I used the example of me visiting my friend in Florida, logging in to my account, and us watching movies from my Zune collection. There is no reason the same couldn't be done for games. This could be done either through taking the HD, or logging in to an account once at the other location. One thing I've always hated was trying to decide when to pack. If things were done this way, I could Litterally have access to my WHOLE collection. That is one of the best ideas about services like Zune, your media, anytime and everywhere. You just have to have the idea to expand this concept to things just as games. Plus, like I said, all companies have to do is give you some type of way to back up your media, then ALL these issues go out the window. This could easily be done the same way you activate a console or computer as yours. That way there will be a place that is designed as yours that your media is a part of, so if you lose your internet connetion you could still play the games, and if you were on some one elses system that was connected, you could still play the games as well. That way there could be a balance where companies could still have some level of DRM to protect them from piracy but people can still have access to their own stuff. Like I said, I'm not saying THIS is the solution but I'm sure there is a compromise somewhere that can be reached. Also, if your files are backed up on a HD and your system goes down, you could still save the hard drive, send the system in for repairs, borrow your friends system, put your HD in , and have access to ALL your games. Once again, like I said, its about how its done. People keep making these doom day senarios where you don't have access to your stuff but on the other hand there are wonderfull senerios where you have more access to your stuff that EVER before. Its all about what WE as consumers demand.
  7. My point is that if you went back 10 years ago, people were saying the same thing about music. DRM issues, space issues, download speed issues. Now we have go to a point where most people's HDs and in the high GBs so music storage isn't an issue, and most download speeds are High Speed Internet speeds, so CDs download pretty quick. Now digital music is done quickly and easily. I just don't understand why lets say 10 years from now the average person has 500+ TB HDs, and download speeds of 50-100 mbps. Why would we NOT want to do digital music? Heck, I only have a 12mbps download speed and a 2 TB HD and i'm already ready.
  8. Perfect example. My brother litterally just sent me a text that one of my favorite artist has a new album and its on sale at Amazon for only $3.99. I go to the site, see its on sale, click purchse, and in less than 2 minutes I've downloaded the whold album. Didn't need to leave my house, or do anything, and it didn't take long at all. I'm just saying I would like for it to be this easy with movies and video games, the way its got to this point with books and music.
  9. 1. This is the whole point of my post. All these things are being taken care of with time. I know not everyone has access to 20-30mbps downloads but there was a time when 56k modems were top of the line. For many, download speeds are at a point where this isn't an issue. As more people get to this point, this whole problem becomes non-exsistant. I can't tell you the last time it took me two days to download ANYTHING. If you can download something faster than it would take to go to the store and buy it, then I'm not seeing the problem here. 2. Not understanding this. Why do you need to physically hold it. Like a said, your product is just digitally on that disk the same way its on the hard drive, you just have more disk. You talk about "ready to pop in and use" but if its digitally on your console then you actually can access it MUCH quicker than the time it takes to remove the old game from your disk drive, put it in its case, open the other game case up, put it in the console, and start it up. Why would I need to install/reinstall everytime I have to play it? Once again, this all goes to space. Once HD space becomes less of an issue and TB HDs are more prevelant, this whole issue becomes non-exsistant. My point is that it could be non-existant now. Like I said, I just bought a 2TB HD for $100 bucks, so I know the cost was less than that. So I don't understand why a company couldn't put a HD like that in a console and go to all digital. It makes no sense that Microsoft jumps from a 4gb model to a 250gb model for $100. My point is that we could be there, we're just not doing it. 3. Yes the price should be cheaper but lets not forget that dispite being $50-$60, games give us some of the most entertainment for out buck, and also the fact that games are cheaper today than they were 15 years ago ($60-70 for SNES games), something you don't see in other mediums. You talk about being able to re-install being quicker with disk, I'm not sure I'm following. The whold point was if something went wrong. First off, if your media is on a HD, then it shouldn't be effected if your console died. Second, with the ability to have everything backed up, it may take a bit to re-transfer, but it is still a process that would only have to be done once in case of emergency. Like I said, if someone broke in and stole your games, if somebody spilled something on your favorite game or stepped on it, or if your house burned down, there is no-reinstalling period with physical media. You are just ish out of luck. 4. Like I said, once again, as time goes on bandwith speed increase, and space gets larger and cheaper. At $100 for a 2TB HD, I could probably fit more games on that Hard Drive with digital media, than someone could with physical media on a shelf that cost $100, so what's the difference? Its all storage right? Like I said, at this moment not everything is done right, but all these "issues" seem minor and either already taken care of, or easily taken care of in the forseable future. Its just a mater of implementing it correctly.
  10. I don't think it will necessarily be the end of great deals. Heck, look at what digital distribution did for music. I remember paying $17.99 and up for CDs 10 years ago when you went to the physical media stores that were stand alone and in the mall. Now digital albums cost $10 bucks on average. Plus we have multiple Sources from where we can purchase music such as Zune, iTunes, Amazon etc. Amazon also has great deals all the time where I've seen a new album as low as $4. To me it makes no sense while games could not be done the same way. Once again, its all about how its done.
  11. I've really got to the point where I feel that digital distribution is the way to go. At this point it seems like a formality. As long as its done right I really don't see the issue and why some people still cling to physical media. Its a win win for all. The two biggest issues with digital distribution were download speeds, and space. Now that we have HDs with multiple TB of storage, and download speeds of over 30mbps, it I really don't see the issue. Actually, I think Microsoft is doing a LOT of things right in this area with XBLA and their Zune services. With my windows account, I can log in and purchase games, videos, movies, music, aps, etc on not only my Xbox, but PC, phone, and other devices. I love it. For it to work though I understand that there needs to be a balance. I understand that piracy is an issue, which is why companies like DRM. But you also don't want your purchasers not able to access their own stuff. That is why ideas like an account to long in to, and certain devices to activate as your own to use while you are not online, like they do on Xbox Live and with Zune I think are pretty good compromises. Some people say that they like to hold their items in their hand but what does that even mean? Your content is just saved on that disk, digitally anyway? So if was in your HD, saved, and you held your HD, wouldn't it be the same thing? Besides, with digital media, if someone breaks in and steals everything, if my house gets burned down, or if someone breaks it, I can just re-download it with out having to pay again. Plus with external HDs, the ability to back up your content, cloud storage, and accounts that keep track of your purchases, you will always be able to get immediate access to your media should something happen to it. Can't say the same for physical media. To me its also a win for companies as well. First and most obvious is the cut in cost from having to manufacture and ship all that physical media. Second, the great thing about digital content is the ease at which its accessible. You may not buy something if you have to put on clothes, drive across town spending gas money and taking up time, then walk around a store to find something, put in your buggy, then wait in line. To much time in one's mind for it to change. But with digital "One click" purchases, you get IMPULSE buys. People see something, go "Ooh I wanted to see that!", they press a button, and before they know it, 10 bucks is gone from their account. As for the consumer, the convenience of not having to do all those things I mentioned above make it WAY better than having to go out and buy something at a store. Many people talk about things like behind the scenes features and stuff like that, all that can be put in to downloads as well. What is sad is that Microsoft has an amazing product with their Zune service right now but most people don't even know about it. I freaking HATED the windows phone products befere, but Windows phone 7 is amazing with its integration and the possiblities seem endless. For example, I'll purchase a song on my windows phone, and my computer will wireless sink it to the PC as well, so when I check my computer, I see the song I just purchased. Then when I cut on my Xbox and log in to Zune, its there as well for me to play. My media, where I need it. The first time I knew it could be something awesome was when I went to visit a friend in florida, logged in to my Xbox account, logged in to Zune, and watched one of my movies with out having to accually physically bring it to his house. Its not perfect, as there are some DRM issues still at hand, and not all of the companies are making theiir content available, but I think this will change over time. I just hope its sooner than later. First CDs and the CD stores, now all the book stores are closing. How long before movies and games are the same way?
  12. Microsoft Zune Marketplace through Xbox Live

    Ok, this sucks more than I even thought. There really doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to this. I know that some movie studios are making certain titles available for download or rent for specific periods of times but this is not the case. I purchased some titles on the Zune Marketplace through the Xbox and I can also play them on my PC with no problem. Same way the other way around. Movie titles that I have purchased on my PC through the Zune Marketplace I can watch on my TV through the Xbox Zune Marketplace with NO problem. Here is the issue. I purchased a movie last night on my Xbox through Zune Marketplace and watched it on my TV. I later went to the computer and pulled up my collection and noticed it wasn't there. Other movies I own when I pull them up in the marketplace they show they are already purchased and won't let me buy them again, it just shows the option to play. So I pull up the purchase history in the Zune Marketplace on my computer, and there it is sitting there saying I've already bought it. When I click on it this is what it says "This item can't be purchased on your computer, to download or watch it, use your Xbox360 console" Error Code C1010026 Now, I know that sometimes movie studios stop offering some titles for download at times, which is why I went to my computer because I want to download them while they are available. Here is the issue, the title is still available on the Zune Marketplace on my PC for download. When I pull up the movie on my PC it is available for download, I just have to pay for it, again. So basically if I want to watch it on my PC, I have to buy it a second time. This is not what was said on the Marketplace website and is not even what I was doing when I first started using it after last years update. Here is the even more crazy part. If I download a title on my PC first, Zune Marketplace on the Xbox recognises its been purchased and allows me to download/watch it with no problem, but apparently it doesn't work vice versa. So if you are going to buy a movie, I would suggest buying it and downloading it on the PC first, that way you will be able to watch it through Zune Marketplace on your other devices.
  13. Microsoft Zune Marketplace through Xbox Live

    Ok, one last MAJOR sucky thing. I just noticed that NOT all content available on Xbox is available on PC and vice versa. Why, I have no idea. There are movies I purchased on my Xbox that I could also download on PC no problem. Other movies, which were PUCHASED, not rented on XBOX, which cost up to $20, are not only NOT available to be downloaded on my PC, it won't even let me PLAY them on my PC with out paying for them, AGAIN, even though it CLEARLY shows in my Zune account ON my PC, that I've already purchased it. Ridiculous.
  14. I started using the Zune Marketplace Last years major update and I've got numerous feelings on it. Now before everyone goes to bashing the Zune Marketplace and digital content I would like to have an honest discussion about it. Many people hate DRM, for valid reasons. Not because it stops you from pirating the material illegally, but because usually it ends up finding a way for you to not be able to use the very thing you just purchased. I was tired of iTunes because it had MANY problems. It does a horrible job of managing your media if you purchased or downloaded tracks anywhere but from iTunes. I took the time to update my tags years ago and the updates are perfectly fine in Windows Media Player, but my iTunes library look like a bull went nuts in a china shop. So when the Zune Marketplace got updated I figured I would give it a shot. First the good/Great stuff. First the integration is AMAZING. Zune seemless creates ONE ID that connects you to your media that you truely can access anywhere. With the Zune pass, for $15 bucks a month you get access to ALL the music, whether from your Xbox, your PC, Windows 7 phone or whatever. That is a GREAT option to have at times. You can play the music or download it to your PC. The issue with the pass though is that if you stop paying monthly or if Zune Marketplace where to go away, you would lose all those files. The great thing now is that they give you 10 songs per month to download permantely with that so as long as you do its like the pass is only $5 bucks/month. This system works for some and not for others. Overall, I'm a music person and I don't think it would be worth it for me. I like to own my music outright and I have several other devices and I want to be able to transfer it as I see fit. Whether that be to a CD, DVD, digital card for my car, whatever. Where this integration works great though is in the movies. The movies you buy you can download to your PC or Xbox if you have room. After purchased though you can show them ANYWHERE. Buy the movie once, show it on ANY Zune device. So if I purchase a movie on the Xbox, I can pull it up on my computer and play it there, or even my phone, or vice versa. Let me give you a great example of where this can work great. I visited my friend down in Florida. He had an Xbox. We wanted to watch a movie, everyone agreed on Expendables. I purchased Expendables a while back on my computer back home. I logged in to my Xbox Live acount on his Xbox, pulled up the Zune Network, and BAM, we were instantly watching my movie on another persons TV through the Xbox in another state. Great feature that needs to be expanded upon. Now here are the horrible, horrible issues with Zune Marketplace. First, marketshare and available content. Looks can be decieving cause they make it look like most of the movies are available in HD when they are not. Its 2011 and 95% of the movies that come out STILL are not available for download/purchase in HD. There doesn't even seem to be any rhyme or reason to it either. Some movies are available only for purchase, others are available only for rent. Some you can rent in HD, but only purchase in SD. Now with many of these movies I know the studios just don't want it available for digital download (especially in HD), but others are available for HD viewing or downloading in iTunes so that lets me know its a marketshare thing, which SUCKS because with the Zune's integration it would be a HUGE selling point if it had more HD movies. Second is the most obvious, why on EARTH does Microsoft insist on going about with this freaking point system. Its bad enough I have to buy the points first, THEN make the purchase, adding another unnecessary step in the process and making me often pay more just to get something less (nothing worse than being a few points short having to fork over extra uneccessary money). But they aren't even competitive with the prices at times. We aren't stupid. If 1200 points cost $15, and a digital album cost $9.99 or 10 bucks everywhere else, charging 999 points doesn't fool me into thinking I'm paying the same price, I know I'm practically paying $12.50 for the same album. This is just dumb, especially when companies like Amazon are putting out digital albums at often $5-8 bucks. Movies load pretty quickly and have a pretty good visual quality to them, even on HDTVs. The ease and quality at which they play is just WONDERFUL. The layout is easy to flip through and it gives you plenty of INFO on the movie such as a trailer that plays while you can look at an overiew of the movie as who is in it. The movies are more on point with Apple's prices but the selection (especially in HD content) just doesn't compare. The line up overall is still impressive, especially if you are just doing renting, but puchasing just doesn't have enough content yet. Plus, if you are trying to download to your Xbox you are going to run out of space pretty quick if you are downloading movies (that is why the feature to be able to download them on your computer and still play them on the Xbox is so helpful). Its sad to me as the service has SO much going for it. If most of the titles were actually available as advertised to be available for puchase/download or rent AND in both SD or HD it would be great, but sadly that is RARELY the case. But the set up for it is already there, and hopefully more movie studios will get down with it. If that took place and microsoft started charging real bucks it would definately be worth it and be the digital store of choice, but as of right now I can't say that I can suggest it. If you are doing nothing but rentals and are not looking for HD content its pretty good. But if you are looking to make purchases and looking for HD content look elsewhere to start your digital collection, at least for now.
  15. Wow ... The IGN 360 Boards are absolutely DEAD!

    Yeah, its truely sad what happened to IGN. It was my favorite game site and I had been going to it since the N64 days and when it became IGN. Over the years what I liked about it the most was the layout, the way it was organized and of course the boards. Insider was ok when it first came out but eventually went to crap. They stopped doing all the head to heads, high quality HD videos, wallpapers, etc. Not even sure what I was even paying for. The message boards used to be the best due to the community but it slowly withered away. Mods would lock threads way too quickly IMO, people would get banned for the most silly things, and those that really needed to get banned wouldn't. RIP IGN, I will miss you [face_rose]