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  1. Wolfenstein II: The 4K issue!

    Weird. I can play at 4K with no screen tearing on a 1080 Ti. I'm running Windows 8.1 though...
  2. Surprise upgrade!

    What were your previous specs?
  3. What spare video cards do you have?

  4. Got spare (AMD) video cards lying around? SELL NOW!

    1 card, $279.99 each 2 cards, $349.99 each 3 cards, $10,000.00 each MC to greedy miners: fuck yourselves!
  5. Got spare (AMD) video cards lying around? SELL NOW!

    Yeah, this has been the case for a few weeks now. Hopefully it lasts at least until Vega comes out. I'm itchin to upgrade but know I should just wait until Vega launches...
  6. 27" 1440p, IPS, 4ms, 30-144Hz Freesync

    Does it say freesync is enabled under Radeon Settings > Display?
  7. Where the NAS SME's at?

    You know that HGST is owned by WD? Go with HGST if you can find a good deal.
  8. Where is NextGen??

    Hasn't been on since March 6th? I know "Radeon Technologies Group" is going through some tough times, but AMD's Ryzen platform is solid, at least. What gives???
  9. New benchmark software!

    Hey @Mr.Vic20 whatcha doin with your old Titan XP? Any thoughts of sellin at maybe some kind of a D1P discount?
  10. 1080ti is now an old piece of shit

    Excellent summary.
  11. Was Gearbox somehow unaware of G2A's shadiness before they produced this list of demands?
  12. Noice! That $200 activation fee tho...
  13. Very nice. Did it require a modem upgrade? Comcast gave me a free bump from 125/10 to 200/10 a couple months back--but doing so required me to upgrade my modem. I could still use my own instead of renting, but the model I had capped out at 150 down max. The Netgear I ended up buying can do north of 700 down, which is overkill, but I'm getting 230ish down even though my plan is only supposed to be for 200. Not too bad.