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  1. i actually took the plunge and bought it on saturday morning after i realized it was only $30. i've waited because one of my friends spoiled the game for me months ago and i didn't think this kind of game would hold my attention for long. i popped the game in around noon and had it beat by that night. about 8-9 hours of nonstop playing. it's that good. even though i knew how it was going to end i couldn't put it down. i probably would have beaten it sooner but i had to literally pause the game for 20-30 minutes to think about some of the in game decisions. i found myself getting so attached to the characters like nothing i've ever played before. i'd definitely recommend it. rent it if anything. the story is that great.
  2. i thought the same thing. the way they kept saying origami was mildly annoying me.
  3. I have the 295, running it on high settings with aa maxed. Only played about 20 min worth but it runs fine. Did notice some slow down during combat so I may have to turn the aa down a bit but it looks fine and is very playable.
  4. Yeah, I was surprised by the character creation. You can make some really great looking characters with it. Future community mods should see that it only gets better.
  5. Are you going to skip out on this game entirely just based on the demo? No animosity, just curious. I still haven't decided if I'm purchasing, just thought I'd share the mod with others who are on the fence. Plus it's always fun to mess around with a character creator and see some of the other armor in the game. But I get where you're coming from.
  6. http://mod.gib.me/dragonage2/demo/inventory.7z just extract to Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2 Demo\Packages I've tried it, verified it works. Those saying combat is too easy may want to install this and give the demo another try. You have to play the first scene and then you can edit the char afterwards, then once you submit you can choose difficulty (including nightmare). Presets are weak as hell and I'll probably stick with the original premade char, but it's definitely an upgrade over DAO in terms of customization imo. edit: yeah i can confirm nightmare mode doesn't f around. http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/141/index/6289395/1 for more info.
  7. those saying the demo looks like ass realize the game is capped at medium video settings, right? i thought the demo wasn't that bad. combat is easy, but people bitched about da:o being too difficult too. i'll probably wait and see what others say about the full game before i buy it, but i'm not writing this one off just because of a 20 minute demo.