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  1. ~~The Official Thread of Tweets, Tantrums, and Ongoing Minor Shit~~

    The train looks like a Russian flag
  2. Destiny 2: "Rally the Troops" worldwide reveal trailer

    The humor isn't new to destiny. Cayde has always been the humor of the gamr. It just wasn't obvious in vanilla because there wasnt much story. There was much more character development in the expansions with and it the story has been better for it.
  3. But read the red!! "RUMORS ONLINE NOT UNTRUE". NOT UNTRUE!!! That means it IS true! This tweet is obviously all a pee screen..I mean smoke screen meant to trick the corrupt MSM. R. kelly is performing at Trump's inauguration. #pissgate confirmed true!!
  4. Most US Manufacturing Jobs Lost to Technology, Not Trade

    Won't somebody please think of the LOOMS?!!
  5. Death Stranding to release by 2018, may feature female hero

    No matter who plays the heroine, I fully expect kojima to meticulously craft the animations and boob physics for maximum immersion. In order to keep the game world as realistic and down to earth as we have come to expect from the metal gear series.
  6. Destiny Help

    I think the mission you described is Fist of Crota. Thats a story mission not a strike. Story missions dont have matchmaking unfortunately. The story missions are much easier with 3 people but they are doable solo. That mission is particularly hard cause the sword guy is always chasing you. Just keep moving and clear adds. That makes the fight easier. Also make sure to check the mission level before you begin, pick the mission closest to your level. The way scaling works being too underleveled can make things difficult or next to impossible.
  7. Ford Small Car Production Shifting To Mexico

    I know my Kia was built in Georgia with 55% American parts. The Indian guy that sold it to me was very proud of this fact.
  8. I eagerly anticipate his daughter Gulnara breaking out of house arrest to launch the most glamorous coup of all time and reclaim her birthright.
  9. Hey if we're talking securities fraud then sure Shkreli would be our top guys but maybe for medical advice we should consult a doctor or, ya know, someone with an actual science or medical degree.
  10. Well hi thar

    OR... you could just get high with power and refuse to issue the license on religious and moral grounds. If its an elected position, I'm sure you could hold out for months with no concequences. Maybe even take a talk show tour. Just think, you could bleed Donald dry and be an american hero!! Think of the children!!
  11. Fallout 4 Discussion thread

    Wait. Can you kill mama Murphy? I blew her up witha pickpocket grenade for the trophy and she didnt die. I figured shes unkillable
  12. With fable legends being announced as free to play how do you guys see the future the free to play in the AAA space? would consumers accept less frequent and more costly content if it was better produced? And would games like evolve or even destiny that lack content benefit from starting with this model in the first place?
  13. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    I don't know if this is common knowledge but theres a scout rifle sold by the crucible Vendor called the saturinne rapier with the firefly and outlaw perks stock for anyone that wasn't able to get to rank 5 this week.
  14. Destiny Discussion - Year 3

    Finally I got an exotic weapon and one of those fancy acquisition stories that bungie talked so joyfully about. So gather around guardians and hear my tale of how I, a lowly awoken exiled from the reef, was chosen to wield the great and powerful THUNDERLORD. Like all great epics it started with a man and that man became hungry. After a great many a control match I could hear my stomach rumble and ache with the roar of 100 gjallahorns. I knew a break was necessary but I chose to remain in the match as to not lose out on valuable crucible marks. As I rushed to make a sandwich I could hear my controller rumble helplessly from the kitchen as regrettably a few unprincipled guardians decided to take advantage of my absence to rack up easy kills. Alas I would have my revenge. As I returned with dinner in my hand a wayward hunter charged me. With the shotgun barrel barring down on me I tapped the melee to sent a great ball of fire at my enemy right as the rogue blasted me back into inexistence. Even though I had perished, I watched gleefully from beyond the grave as the hunter slowly burned giving me the postmortem kill I most certainly deserved. I may have finished this match with a woeful 1:15 k/d ratio but luckily the crucible gods choose to reward my braveness and gallantry in the face of such great odds and bestowed upon me the great machine gun THUNDERLORD.I shall wield her well to honor all the past lives I have lost.