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  1. ESPN 30 for 30 - What are some good episodes?

    If you’re a basketball fan, Once Brothers was great. Brought me to tears.
  2. Turns out I don’t have the 4K / Dolby Vision of Wonder Woman on iTunes. I guess even though it shows I own those versions on iTunes, if I were to try and play it, I’ll only get the HD version. Movies transferred from the Movies Anywhere account will only be HD. Kind of disappointing. I was hoping to buy Spider-Man UHD and transfer to iTunes via Movies Anywhere but that won’t give me the 4K version. Hopefully one day they change that.
  3. Yeah, I just added Girls Trip to iTunes (don’t judge me) and it instantly showed up in Movies Anywhere and my VUDU account.
  4. Movies Anywhere transfers movies from VUDU to iTunes and vice versa. This is how I now have Wonder Woman and quite a few others that were UV releases only in my iTunes. Going through my UV catalog last night though, I’ve noticed more then a couple didn’t transfer. I know Paramount and Lionsgate aren’t included yet, but the ones that didn’t transfer weren’t from those studios. On my next day off I’m going to unlink my VUDU account and re-link it and see if that helps.
  5. I’ve had an issue with movies showing up now. I redeemed Bad Boys 1 and 2 and it shows up in my VUDU account, but hasn’t shown up in my Movies Anywhere or iTunes yet. I want to get a Baby Driver digital copy on VUDU so I could get the UHD version on iTunes but now I don’t know if it’ll work.
  6. So Movies Anywhere is live, and I love it. I’ve always preferred iTunes because I’m heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, and now since I’ve linked my iTunes and VUDU accounts to movies anywhere, all my VUDU movies are available in my iTunes. So while I had the HD version of Wonder Woman on VUDU, it transferred to iTunes as UHD / Dolby Vision. And when you link two accounts to Movies Anywhere, like iTunes and VUDU for instance, you get 5 free movies. I had 4 of them already so it didn’t benefit me too much, but it’s a nice perk. Off the top of my head they were Ice Age, the new Ghostbusters, and Big Hero 6. Forgot the other two.
  7. Gifted

    I watched for Jamie Chung, and enjoyed the first episode. Gonna watch the second episode today. Hope the show remains decent.
  8. Random question: does the actor who plays Wally look abnormally skinny? Looks a little unhealthy. Lackluster episodes. If you would have told me two years ago I’d enjoy Gotham more then The Flash, I would have called you crazy.
  9. Yeah, it’s odd, I’ve tried on my phone (iPhone) and the Vudu app on my 4K TV and I can only choose between SD and HDX. In in the case of Pacific Rim, I have the VUDU version through the Blu-ray. I wonder if you had to have bought the digital version through Vudu itself. That’s one thing I like about iTunes is they upgraded to you UHD/Dolby Vision no matter how you got the digital copy
  10. I notice that is says UHD available now, but didn’t upgrade my actual movie to UHD like iTunes did. I checked pacific rim specifically since someone here mentioned that movie.
  11. How can you tell? Mine still say HDX.
  12. Apple Wants $20 4K Movie Prices

    Spider-Man is going to be a Sony release, not Disney, which is why it’s also available as UHD / Dolby Vision on iTunes.
  13. Apple Wants $20 4K Movie Prices

    I wonder if this will change temporary price drops. Typically within a month or two of release movies will be $10, and I’ve been waiting for Wonder Woman to drop but now that 4K is attached I wonder if it’ll drop to $15 instead.
  14. Apple Wants $20 4K Movie Prices

    Looks like a lot of my collection was just upgraded to 4K, including digital copies from bluray. Very happy about that.
  15. Apple Wants $20 4K Movie Prices

    Oh awesome. Did they announce when previous purchases would be updated? I wonder if it includes digital copies that came from blurays or just titles actually bought from the iTunes Store.