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  1. Its absolutely on my radar I just hit FfXV first. It'll be my next ps4 purchase.
  2. Pics! Details! Must!
  3. Haha, not really. But frankly he balances things here nicely. I'm not even kidding. Because of Camden County in the south and the New York suburb counties in the north, NJ as a whole is hard blue. Having a huge democrat majority in the state senate and committees but a republican governor means that any out of bounds shit the senate tries to do gets veto'd while the senate has enough votes to initiate overrides when Christie tries some wackadoodle BS. It's like the way checks and balances should work and it's nice. The result is, for the most part, things that get passed here are pretty moderate. Christie veto'd several initiatives that I thought were horrible over the past few years, and I applaud him for that. With a democrat in the governor's office that shit gets passed. I am absolutely not a fan of Christie and hope we get a new guy or gal that doesn't mimic his childish crap *cough*bridges*cough* and gladhanding brownnosing bullshit, but I still want whoever it is to be a republican to keep the nice working balance we have in place.
  4. God I hope we don't get a Democrat governor in NJ. We will of course, but I want to pretend we won't.
  5. FWIW as far as I can tell it's a completely optional dungeon. I just happened upon it and then later on I found a hunt that sent me back there.
  6. There's definitely some areas that could be better, but overall I think its a good game. Took me awhile to get used to the combat. Story has gaps if you didnt watch the outside media (I didn't). But for the most part its just plain fun. Except Costlemark. Fuck that place with a tuba.
  7. All of it. I was pack to a pack and a half a day for along time. Quit like 8 or 9 years ago. I was tired of being winded walking up a flight of stairs. I was tired of coughing up lung butter in the morning. Tired of excusing myself from social situations to go stand out in the cold like a goon. All that coupled with the nearly $8/pack hit to my bank account every day which times 30 days was more than $200/month which was my highest "bill" outside of my mortgage and car payment, I knew I had to stop. I tried a bunch of methods for quitting over the years and nothing took. What eventually worked for me...well I've got this kind of mental hangup about gifts. I don't know where it comes from, but if I'm given a gift I can't bring myself throw it away. I can't return it. I can't re-gift it. Someone could buy me the ugliest, most useless, wrong-sized, broken, shitty gift and I will keep it forever. I may never use it, it may sit in a corner of the attic for 20 years, but I will keep it because someone thought enough of me to get me something and throwing that away is a shitty thing to do. So one year on my birthday I just mentally "gifted" myself being smoke free. That's it. I never looked back. My attitude immediately changed. When a friend offered me a smoke it was no longer "I can't have one" or "I don't want one", but rather "I don't smoke". Every time I thought about bumming a cigarette or buying a pack it felt like I was about to throw away that gift I'd given myself and I just can't do that. It sucked for a week or two, but after that I didn't even think about or want cigarettes anymore. While that specific tactic might not work for anyone who doesn't have the same "gift" peculiarity that I do, at a high level it can apply to everyone. It's all about adjusting how you think about smoking. Associating smoking in your mind with something you aren't or something you don't do. For me it was tossing gifts. For someone else it might be a political position, or a social image, or harm to a family member. I had one friend successfully quit using that last one. He decided firmly in his mind that smoking, even not around her, was in some way harmful to his daughter. So every time he thought about lighting up it felt like he'd be hurting her so he never did and never looked back. Basically however works for you and your personality and inclinations, when quitting you need to stop thinking of smoking as something you can't do and start firmly associating it with something you just don't do. Once you can do that you stop deriving pleasure from smoking. Your aversion to the thing you've associated with cigarettes is greater than the pleasure you get from smoking. It's not nearly as difficult to walk away then. As for what didn't help on all my previously unsuccessful attempts...being told to quit. Being told I had to. It was the worst. I'm a grown ass man. Nobody tells me what to do. Even if I planned a quit attempt, someone trying to make me quit or making some snide comment about my smoking threw it right out the window. I'd keep smoking out of spite. "Fuck you I'll quit when I decide it's time, not you". It's dumb, pseudo-macho BS, but it's reality. Trying to make me do something is the fastest way to get me to push back against it, hard. And I think it's that way for a lot of people.
  8. Any XBone people still playing and willing to carry a n00b through some missions some night? I've got a friend who just started playing and I'm looking to get him some trustworthy folk to group up with some night. I'd pick it back up, but I was on PS4 and I'm loathe to start over from scratch.
  9. World of FF will be my next pickup. FFXV isn't bad at all though. I'm having an absolute blast with it. Really fun. It's probably my favorite post-PS2 FF.
  10. Only January and we already have GoTY? What a time to be a gamer.
  11. Not being a huge sports game guy (I half-ass Madden every year, but that's it) I can't imagine you need a whole lot for basketball. Run, pass, jump, shoot, maybe like some juke/crossover button. I'm very out of touch though. Honestly the last basketball game I actually played was NBA Jam on the SNES. BOOM SHAKKA-LAKKA!
  12. Marketing out of the gate was Wii U's biggest problem. It was handled so, so terribly. If they can manage to maintain a clear, concise message that communicates to the larger market exactly what Switch is and why it is a Good Thing, they'll do so much better.
  13. I'm not a fan, but cool for folks who are into the series. This seems like the kind of thing my kids would be into. They play the sports games with their friends, and I can absolutely see them bringing the Switch on trips and shit to kill time and playing this or FIFA local with their pals.
  14. I'll get it when it comes out on the Switch. Or a Steam sale.
  15. I preordered the console with TLoZ and 1, 2, Switch. But I'm seriously considering switching (no pun intended) the 12S preorder to Bomberman.