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  1. And I guess, "Lower approval than our last 1 1/4 presidents" doesn't have the same zing as "historic lows".
  2. "...Historic Lows" "The measure, the lowest since Gallup began tracking it worldwide in 2007..."
  3. So basically the potential allegation is that Russian d00d may have given money to the NRA for the NRA to donate to the Trump campaign since he couldn't do it directly due to campaign finance rules?
  4. Why Japan has so many vending machines

    HOly shit the way that video is produced is irritating. Couldn't finish it.
  5. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    Sadly that's most adults nowadays too. Someone at every table in every restaurant, someone on every seat on the train. Hell, I go to my kids' sports matches, meets and games and half the parents in the stands are looking at their phone the whole time.
  6. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    I read this in Old Man voice. "Hey youse kids get offa my lawn, y'hear?!" *hitches up pants* "I'm keeping this baseball! It's mine now! Back in my day we didn't have fancy aluminum bats! We used a broken 2x4 and we liked it!" *shakes first*
  7. NFL Conference Championship 2018

    Go Vikings. It's the only thing that matters.
  8. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    My initial reaction watching this video was one of surprise and joy. My jaw dropped when the piano worked then I watched the rest of the video with a big 'ol grin on my face. After that I started thinking about it and I cooled off a bit. I won't buy this. My kids are both older than the target demo. It made me wish this had been a thing a couple years ago because my youngest would've been all over it. Knowing him and some of his friends I can absolutely see this selling. There's a market for it. The total price tag initially seems off, but when I think about it, it makes more sense. It's basically standard new game price and you're paying an extra $20 or so for the production of the first set of parts you need. And being able to make your own replacement parts because the designs will be available free? Genius. Science kids are gonna love this. Not just the building, but the seeing how some of the more complex ones work to produce the effects. So ultimately not for me; I won't be buying this. But the possibilities and thinking about how my boys would've been all about this a few years ago makes me smile. Line of the thread.
  9. Declaration of New California!

    Central Jersey is a myth.
  10. Declaration of New California!

    North and South Jersey are surprisingly culturally separated and many in South Jersey feel under represented due to the huge population disparity weighted to the northern suburbs of New York City. Policy and spending is driven by North Jersey/New York. Many in the south lament that they have little to no say in how they're governed because a handful of superpopulous counties in North Jersey basically dictate law for the entire state, while not having the same concerns, issues, and challenges. I'm not saying Jersey should split up. Only that I wouldn't be that upset if they hypothetically did.
  11. Not enough. I probably average 5'ish hours a night. This is fine every now and again but when it's all the time it wears on you.
  12. Declaration of New California!

    Indeed werd. - Slug
  13. He'll fuck us gun owners even more than were already are here in NJ, but I'm on board with just about everything else he wants to do.