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  1. Yeah, this. I don't think I've ever checked RT before seeing a movie and if I was intending to see a film then became aware of it's RT score, that has never changed my mind one way or the other. RT scores are more of a "gee whiz look at that" kind of data point more than it's any sort of factor in my decision to see something.
  2. FWIW there's a bunch of good treasure hidden throughout those mazes. Everything from elemental swords to diamonds. So they are worth exploring.
  3. Neither do cuckoos. Carry a cuckoo out to where enemies are and bait them into hitting it. Good times.
  4. Holy shit I had completely forgotten about this one. Will buy it on Switch as soon as it comes out.
  5. Is it wrong that I kind of want him confirmed solely based on this one question & answer? Seriously though, while I don't agree with Gorsuch on all issues, he really is a competent pick. That he came up during a wave of awful cabinet picks made me do a double take. Watching the news every day like, "Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrib..wait what?"
  6. I will preface this by saying that overall I liked the show. But I had 2 major problems: - Danny Rand isn't smart. And I don't mean that I need everyone to be Tony Stark/Reed Richards/Bruce Wayne type intellect, but Rand is just straight up dumb. Like, not even seemingly average intelligence. He makes terrible decisions constantly and as a result the show often falls into the "this problem wouldn't exist if $main_character exhibited common sense" trap (other characters do this too, but he's the most common offender). There's always some leeway for accepting bad decisions by characters when you're dealing with fiction; sometimes they just need to move the plot forward. But Iron Fist really taxes one's credulity in this regard. - The first 3 (or 4) episodes could've been one episode. All that needless repetitive intro and exposition. It just drags on with no payoff. We get it. Rich family, plane crash, monks, go. Fill in bits and pieces as we go along. We don't need to dedicate chunks of episodes to it that far in. We're not dumb, Netflix, you don't have to keep hammering the backstory at us. We shouldn't still be seeing the same airplane interior flashback 6 episodes in. Hell, Netflix probably got more broadcast mileage out of that one scene than any other single filming day. It gets better after the first 4 episodes, but never entirely goes away. Basically the entire season feels like a 13 episode prologue. That said, if you can get through the first few episodes and your ability to suspend your disbelief is nice and limber then it does turn into a fun action show. I had a good time with it and despite what some folks have written I enjoyed the fight scenes. I'm absolutely in for whatever comes next.
  7. FWIW I one-round Taluses and Hinoxes almost every time now. 2 handed weapon (hammer for Talus), start spinning, right before I run out of stamina let go. If the spinning doesn't kill it the krakka-thoom will.
  8. A statement is not useful in a given context if it doesn't advance the conversation, isn't a step towards a solution, or, worst of all, only serves to inflame one party/derail the conversation.
  9. Speaking of this, I want to say The Hobbit. But not that abortion of a trilogy they put out over the last few years. The 1977 animated movie. That shit was awesome.
  10. Everyone should read these before the movie comes out in July. Just amazing.
  11. I've only done one (Gerudo) and am doing Goron next. From what I understand though Ruto and Zora get you the most useful abilities. But if you don't care about the special abilities the order doesn't much matter. Go for whichever one your journey takes you to.
  12. I am Setsuna will be my next game. I got Fast RMX and Snipperclips to play with the family, but IAS will be the next one for me.
  13. I went hearts until I had like 15 hearts, now I'm working on my first extra stamina wheel. I suggest getting a dozen hearts but frankly you can't go wrong. Build what you want and if you think you fucked up or change your mind .