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  1. There have been 3 separate occasions where I've ordered something, delivery was scheduled for that day, I stay home specifically so I'd be there for the package, and while i'm sitting there in my house I check tracking to see it get marked as some "delivery attempted/nobody home" bullshit. I was sitting less than 40 feet from my front door all morning. I check the front door and there isn't even one of those yellow "sorry we missed you" cards. They didn't even try to make the delivery. Either they missed the package on the truck and didn't want to admit the fuck up, or they were behind schedule and just marked it as attempted so they could make up time/get through their day.
  2. I think I need to futz work the sensitivity of the left "d-pad'. It hits every time my thumb brushes it. I want to *press* it. - Slug
  3. So far I'm feeling it. Tried some FPS games and it doesn't hang in too well; keyboard n mouse is still King there. But for RPGs and strategy games it performs fine. - Slug
  4. Well it was my first stab at RCRU, but as far as Sleeping Dogs goes I had previously always mouse and keyboarded it. We'll see. Like I said I think I just need to fuck around with the configs some more and do some tweaking. Physically the controller is nice. My only complaint is lack of a raised D-Day but I'll get over it. - Slug
  5. I was out picking up some stuff at another store near our GameStop and decided to do a quick opinion check then said F it. [emoji14] - Slug
  6. So far it seems fine for RCRU. Atrocious with Sleeping Dogs. I've tried loading community configs but it's spotty; the things the buttons supposedly do in the config mappings aren't necessarily accurate (button x might say "jump" in the config, but the actually have it set to punch or something" for example). I tried messing with configs myself but I think I have some learning to do. But first look I wouldn't say it's a bad controller. I'll give it a couple weeks. - Slug
  7. I have poor impulse control. [emoji14] My immediate impression is that I like resting my them on the right analog stick but the haptic pad responding makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. - Slug
  8. Fuck it I bought one. Patience is not one of my strong suits. - Slug
  9. Is it worth a purchase now? I've read a bunch of pretty mixed bag of reviews of the thing. But they're all generally older impressions and I'm sure there have been updates to the thing since launch. So for those the have one: How do you like it now? Is the Steam Controller ready for mainstream (fire it up and play) or is it still a "hobbyist" controller; endless configs, tweaking, and modding? - Slug
  10. Steam Link boxes are ringing up for $14.99 in-store at GameStop right now. Edit: Website now updated to reflect $14.99 as well. Edit: $14.99 price available at Amazon now too (Thanks, TwinIon!) - Slug
  11. I watched the first Transformers movie and thought it was entertaining enough, but I was never interested enough to see any of the others. Probably won't see this one either.
  12. That's an incredible shot. For you other Philly based D1Pshits, this would be like someone standing on City Hall shooting someone who is at the Philadelphia Zoo.
  13. Nintendo apologizes for the Switch shortages and says that they will be increasing shipping quantities in July and August "平素は、弊社製品をご愛顧いただき、誠にありがとうございます。 2017年3月3日に発売いたしました「Nintendo Switch本体」は、発売当初より国内市場全体で品薄状態が続いております。 お待ちいただいているお客様並びに販売店の皆様にはご迷惑をおかけし、心よりお詫び申し上げます。 現在、毎週の出荷を継続し、お客様に一台でも多くの製品をお届けできるよう取り組んでおります。また、7月、8月は、 「Nintendo Switch スプラトゥーン2セット」の継続出荷も含め、今月よりも出荷量を増やしてまいります。 秋以降につきましても、生産体制を更に強化するなど年末に向けて少しでも多くの製品をお客様にお届けできるよう取り組んでまいりますので、何卒ご理解を賜りますようお願い申し上げます。" Google translate says: "Thank you very much for your continued patronage of our products. The "Nintendo Switch main unit" which we released on March 3, 2017 has continued to be in short supply in the entire domestic market since its launch. We apologize sincerely apologize to our customers and dealers for their inconvenience. Currently, we continue to ship every week, we are working to deliver more than one product to customers. Also, in July and August, Including the continued shipment of "Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 set", we will increase shipment quantity this month than this month. For autumn and beyond, we will continue to work to ensure that as many products as possible can be delivered to our customers towards the end of the year, such as further strengthening our production system, we appreciate your understanding."
  14. Good. They need to make a statement. I know they don't want to because they have a large contingent of law enforcement in their membership base and they regularly partner with law enforcement for training/safety programs and events, but they can't just let this slide because it might rustle some of their members' jimmies. Protection of 2A rights and those citizens who exercise them is their whole deal and being silent on this case is counter to that purpose. Gun owners, and their biggest lobbying organization, should be pissed off.
  15. If you get pulled over while carrying you put your hands on the wheel and you keep them there; don't pull out ID, insurance, or anything. Inform the officer that you're armed and don't move your hands at all until the officer gives you specific instructions (after they're aware you're armed). They may then tell you to get your ID. Or they may tell you to put your hands out of the window while they opens the door and then ask you to step out (this is what mine did) so they can acquire your gun and continue the traffic stop. But you don't tell the officer that you're armed then go rooting around in your pockets. Hands on wheel, inform them of the presence of a weapon, follow instructions thereafter. Going for his wallet while/after telling the officer he was armed was absolutely a mistake. It shouldn't be and Castille should not have died for it, but it is. I wholeheartedly agree. The officer screwed up on so many levels and the fact that he walked is atrocious. I don't know how anyone on a jury could see that dash cam video and let him skate. I can only assume that for some reason they didn't think his fuck ups met the letter of the negligence criteria of the manslaughter charge he was facing. But that's a stretch. Justice absolutely failed here. I would love to have heard what was going on in that jury room.