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  1. I agree with everything said here. Except maybe the checkers/chess comparison.
  2. The major difference being the length of time between action. In football you're looking at action happening roughly every 30 seconds or so. So it's low average action time over the course of a broadcast (due to commercial time, admin time, and a half time break that covers almost a whole baseball game worth of between inning time), but when the clock is on action /keeps happening/. In baseball on the other hand you're looking at 20 seconds per *pitch*, with many at bats lasting minutes and not all of them ending up with the ball in play. This means long lulls between those spurts of action that make up that 15 minutes of it you get per game. And a lot of that dead time in baseball is completely avoidable. Batter-up entry songs, plate rituals, batting glove fuckery, more pitching changes than ever and so on. There's a lot of needless, unforced delay.
  3. I just watched the recording of the TreeHouse Live play of this. It looks really fun.
  4. Yeah but those are just FAKE NEWS sites. What, are they supposed let The Onion or the Weekly World News in on press briefings now? Come on.
  5. Ganon hired Donkey Kong to steal Princess Zelda's favorite Arwing and hide it on the planet Zebes and you have to recover it before the moon crashes into the Mushroom Kingdom. What's not to get?
  6. Just dropped off some games at Gamestop towards me preorder. Talking with the girl, their whole allotment of consoles is spoken for. I asked if it was too late to pre-order a Pro Controller. She said that they only had 1 and it was ordered. I was surprised they only got 1 and she told me that they originally got allotted like 20+ Pro Controllers, but nobody ordered them so they took the allotment away. This makes me think that a lot of people who only casually follow pre-launch news are expecting there to be a standard controller in the box and are going to be disappointed.
  7. It's a good idea. Throwing all 4 balls on an intentional walk is pointless. I'm for anything that speeds up the pace of play. Watching pro baseball these days is excruciating. I know it's not supposed to be a fast-paced action-packed affair, but it's honestly gotten ridiculous. Your average game is like 3 hours, but of that there's only around 15 minutes of actual ball-in-play action. Every year I watch less and less baseball. Frankly what they need to do is actually enforce timers on the pitchers and penalize the batters who have to readjust their damn batting gloves after every pitch.
  8. Games are gone! Thanks y'all.
  9. Stahp...is it possible for someone to literally die from hype?
  10. I've seen none of the best picture nominees. But this isn't new. Apparently whatever constitutes the image that the academy wants to promote year to year just aren't the kind of movies that appeal to me. Scrolling down the list of all nominees for all categories on their website, I've not seen any of the films until I get to Kubo and the Two Strings (which was great BTW) for Best Animated Picture. And the only other thing on the entire list I've seen is Suicide Squad which apparently is up for makeup/hairstyling.
  11. I've cleared my gaming calendar. Plus I have a lot of travel coming up in March so I'll have lots of road/air time for experiencing the Breath of the Wild (God I hope The Wild flosses).
  12. So I'm lazy. I'm taking these games to GameStop to put towards my Switch preorder today. I know I can get a few more bucks for them if I'd like eBay them individually, but I don't have time for all that right now. BUT! I figured someone here might want one (or more) of these games. So here's your chance to get a game at near GameStop's trade in cost. Offer me more than they will (which we all know isn't much) and the game is yours*. We'll PM exchange PayPal info and shipping address and get it done. I'll be taking these games in during my lunch break today, so this offer is only open until about noon! * - try to make an offer that's at least their cost plus what you'd ballpark shipping at.
  13. Sum up for Vic and the others who can't watch the video: [not on video - assuming based on conversation/context clues] Kids walk through man's lawn after school (which is apparently an on-going issue for the guy; not just this once) Man allegedly yells profanities at one of the girls (calls her a cunt) in his yard 13yo starts telling the guy off Man thinks the kid says they're going to "shoot him", so the cop grabs the kid to detain him [video starts] 13yo is repeatedly telling the man to let go of him, his dad is a cop, why is he grabbing him, etc. Man repeatedly says I'm not going to let go; there is repeated arguing about what went down pre-video Other kids start telling the guy to let go, occasionally trying to break his grip on the kid Man is slowly but steadily dragging the kid across a yard, back towards his own property Man tells kid "you shouldn't have said you were gonna shoot me" to which the kid responds, "I said I'm gonna sue you, can't you hear?!" Eventually the man drags the kid through a hedge bush into his neighboring property. At this point some of the other kids advance to try to free the kid and pull him back from the man. One kid who has been trying to pull the kid back away from the man takes a swing at the man's face (misses, big whiff); this is when the man reaches into his waistband and pulls out a handgun. Kids start swiftly backing off. Man leans in to the hedge to apparently secure his grip on the 13yo that he's been dragging around and ends up firing a round through the bushes towards several of the kids (nobody is hit). Kids scatter. The rest of the video is just people milling about the street video taping the man holding the kid who is now laying down on the driveway. Eventually uniformed cops show up.