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  1. I always have a chat party open when I'm playing on PS4. If you see me on just join it and we'll get you in our session and do some hunts. - Slug
  2. It's because you aren't playing with us. [emoji14] - Slug
  3. Do you consider nudity to be porn?

    That's one of those "skating the line" things. I think there is some content on the Eye Candy board that could be considered pornographic, but the board itself...not so much. Sexual gratification is not, I believe, the ultimate intent of the board. It's exclusive purpose isn't to engender sexual arousal. While much of the content therein is absolutely sexually suggestive in nature, there is a difference between between aesthetic pleasure and erotic pleasure. Some stuff dances the line between the two, but I believe that the intent of the Eye Candy board is the former.
  4. Do you consider nudity to be porn?

    Well, the question was, "Do you consider nudity to be porn" with my answer boiling down to, "Depends. Was it meant to be?". To expand (giggity), nudity is not a prerequisite for something to be considered pornography. Nor is everything that is intended to elicit a sexual response necessarily porn (a lot of marketing falls into this category). I think they key word in my definition above is "only". If the sole intent of a work is to provoke a sexual response or gratification in the viewer, then it can be considered pornography. The amount of nudity or lack thereof is largely irrelevant.
  5. Do you consider nudity to be porn?

    Pornography is, in my opinion, defined by intent. If an image or work is, by design, meant only to titillate or arouse sexually then it is considered pornography. Images of the nude form that were not created with this intent are not. Simple nudity can be meant to illicit a variety of responses, but unless the intent of the artist/producer of the work is only to generate a sexual response then it is not pornography, no matter what the viewer feels when they experience it. As far as NSFW tags go..the range widens to anything that anyone may interpret as pornography whether it actually is or not. If an image or video could reasonably get an employee in trouble should a coworker, client, or employer witness them viewing it then it should be marked.
  6. I got no hard luck story. Life is good. Just wanna say that y'all are cool for doing this for someone.
  7. Editorial: Senate fails its Zuckerberg test

    I was reading the question as being general; not specifically with respect to the CA incident. Users can tweak down stuff like ad settings based on preferences, etc., but they have no way to completely prevent/prohibit Facebook from sharing their data.
  8. Editorial: Senate fails its Zuckerberg test

    Kennedy: "Are you willing to expand my right to prohibit you from sharing my data?" Zuckerberg: "Senator, again, I believe that you already have that control...." Ehhhhhhh.....not so much, yeah?
  9. I'm probably biased, but this seems like stirring the pot over nothing. There's a difference between "wealthy Russian national actors illicitly funneling campaign contributions through the NRA" (which I'm sure happened and should be investigated and stopped) and "there could be normal members of the NRA who also happen to be Russian".
  10. It can. It's not terribly uncommon in some industries either. Companies use liquidated damage clauses to protect themselves from failure of an employee to bring some agreed upon expected value in either performance or time-in. The damages are always in the contract and agreed upon by the employee. Let's say Jason Corp. is looking to hire a new regional manager for their Hoboken offices. You find a good candidate who lives out of market. Jason Corp. might pay for relocation services, travel, initial housing allowance, and no small amount of training at great expense. Rather than risking Johnny Manager quitting a month after JC incurs all these expenses, JC and JM enter into a contract that specifies the reimbursement of these costs back to JC in the event of JM's willing departure before a certain amount of employment time has passed. Basically liquidated damage clauses in employment contracts are to recoup real or estimated costs the employer would lose if the employee exits the contract prematurely. It works both ways too. I've seen cases where an employee at his own cost packs up everything and moves across the country to accept a job. They'll work into their contract that should restructuring or layoffs or something occur that affects their employment before X time has passed, then they are to receive a specified amount in liquidated damages to compensate for that. I'm sure these clauses can be fought against; say the work environment, duties, or some other defining characteristic of what one would've reasonably expected their job to entail has fundamentally changed. But that's for lawyers, one of which I am not, and may be prohibitively expensive for the anchors to combat. But under normal circumstances, liquidated damage clauses in employment contracts are agreed on at the outset by all parties and are absolutely enforceable.
  11. SPRING FESTIVAL IS HERE! Spring Festival, among other cool shit, sees the return of almost every Event Quest up to this point. Wondering which Event Quests give you what stuff? Which ones are worth doing? Well here you go: Greeting the Gluttons - This one gets you meal vouchers (which rock) and every monster is slow and plodding and bunched up together making it an awesome low rank way to make stacks of zenny. Throw on the bandit mantle and make it rain gold shinies. Triple Threat Throwdown - Similar to Greeting the Gluttons, but with higher rank monsters meaning more valuable Bandit Mantle drops. If you ever find yourself wanting for Zenny and you have a Bandit Mantle, do this quest a few times and you'll never worry again. Wicked Wilderspire Warfare, Cleaved to the Bone, and Rolling with the Urugaan - Armor spheres! Precious, precious armor spheres. Needed to upgrade your armor, these event quests give you bunches of them with escalating quality based on the rank of the quest. Every Hunter's Dream - A low rank Event Quest with a ridiculous reward. This quest gives you the tickets required to craft the new community designed Greatsword which is one of the best Greatswords in the game. You'll need 5 tickets plus some other parts to craft it. Each run of the event gives you 1-3 tickets. Scraping with the Shamos - Can land you parts for a unique Eyepatch item + has a chance for decent decoration drops. Flash in the Pan - Killing 3 Tztzi Yaku (sp?) simultaneously is a pain in the ass since you'll spend 98% of the fight stunned, but it's worth it for some sweet sunglasses. Egg Lovers Unite - Kill a giant Kulu Yaku repeatedly so that you can make a helmet out of his head. Wiggle Me This - Catch wigglers, have someone knit you a Wiggler Head hood. Go back and rewatch all the cutscenes while wearing it. Win. Poison Posse - Pretty much for farmng Commendations if you need them to craft something. A Simple Task - No large monsters in this one; just deliver some mushrooms. However the zone is littered with tempered monster tracks. If you want to stock up your list with tempered investigations, do this quest. Tracking the Delivery - Like "A Simple Task" but for tempered Elder Dragon tracks. Proving Ground and Lessons of the Wild - These quests get you the Horizon Zero dawn promotional gear. Aloy's bow and costume for your hunter and a Watcher outfit and hammer for your palico. Note: This one is a PS4 exclusive. Snow and Cherry Blossom - Fight a tempered pink rathian and a tempered legiana in Coral Highlands. This quest gives no special item or material rewards, but gives bonus Hunter Rank experience when completed. If you want to rank up fast, this is where it's at. Deep Green Blues, Coral Waltz, Effluvial Opera, Rock'n'Roll Recess, and Wildspire Bolero - These are multi-monster hunt quests that have a very high chance of spawning very large or very small versions of the monsters therein. If you are trying to earn all of the gold crowns, large and small, this is where it's at. Arena Challenge: Down the Dark, Muddy Path - Do you want to look like Ryu? You want to look like Ryu. Beat up a stupidly large barroth to earn the iconic Street Fighter's costume. Arena Challenge: Vespoid Infestation - Kill a shitload of vespoids to earn materials to craft the new Spring Event "Queen Beetle" gear set. Relish the Moment - Tempered Devil'Jho. In my opinion currently the most challenging hunt in the game. Take him down and be rewarded with highly coveted streamstones used for augmenting your gear. You better be on your A-game for this one. There are a few I've left off of this list because they don't come with any special rewards or anything, but check 'em out anyway because they may be a good way for you to farm specific monster parts you need. Have fun!
  12. Not all conservatives are the one's in power.