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  1. You should join us for post con drinks tonight! Eliminated Rd 1 in mini Masters this morning. Just bought Cyclades. Gonna grab some taco Bell then do some MTG booster drafts until like 5 or 6 when I'll try to rally a group for d&d 5th Ed. - Slug
  2. Much smaller vendor area compared to GenCon or Origins, but that's actually appreciated because vendors after a certain point are unnecessary. The free play areas though. It's incredible the amount of random free play happening. - Slug
  3. Picked up Feast for Odin, Love Letters, and Onitama. Semi final exit in Mini Masters (MTG) and am currently playing League. Got a D&D 5e campaign scheduled for 11am. - Slug
  4. PAX Unplugged is here! Updates from the con to follow! If there's something someone wants me to specifically check out, let me know!
  6. What are you reading right now?

    Finally started American Gods. I am way LTTP.
  7. A single preventative measure that may do some good shouldn't be dismissed simply because it won't work in all cases. We have laws intended to prevent lots of things but that don't catch all instances of that thing. That doesn't mean that those laws haven't saved lives/prevented harm. Yes, some criminals may have the forethought and opportunity to hide/stash weapons ahead of the search (and also be, in your example, willing to make their friends and family into felons). Many won't. And it's that latter group that we'd be mitigating the damage potential of. Not preventing all of a $bad_thing doesn't mean we shouldn't try to prevent $bad_thing at all. I'm a big fan of finding ideas that have the potential to reduce harm while not placing additional burden or restrictions on safe, lawful gun owners.
  8. Rocket League Switch

    I'll be picking it up in the not too distant future.
  9. It could be just one search. Of course it would be prohibitively expensive and time consuming to apply retroactively to people already in prison, but that isn't the goal with this. This simply would be something implemented going forward for new felony convictions. Conviction of a disqualifying offense = impounding of disallowed firearms until you can transfer ownership. Done. What this would do is account for some cases where firearms (registered or otherwise) are already in the prohibited person's possession from pre-conviction. This isn't intended to address acquiring new firearms post-conviction; that is already illegal. And while that acquisition of new firearms by prohibited persons is also something that needs to be shored up, that's not what this idea is attempting to address. Not every solution has to solve all problems.
  10. I'm really liking Persona 5. Let's talk about it!

    Oh nothing, nothing. This thread is just giving me fond memories.
  11. Maybe we can institute a process whereby your home is searched for weapons when you become prohibited. I mean, enough traffic or parking violations and they can impound your car, right? As soon as you're convicted of a crime that would de-qualify you from owning firearms, I don't think it unreasonable to have any existing firearms impounded until you can transfer ownership to an allowed person. I don't know how that flies constitutionally, but it seems reasonable. And of course you'd have to be careful that places like NJ don't abuse the authority (they would).
  12. All of their past holiday promos have been well worth the cost.