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  1. So he’ll only sanction Russia if they release the pea tape?
  2. A time traveler must have traveled back to a few years ago and swatted a butterfly
  3. If it follows standard Trump protocol it should get walked back pretty soon
  4. Sounds like a typical day in Oakland County
  5. Never seen a bluer sky Yeah I can feel it reaching out And moving closer There’s something bout blue
  6. The RNC launches lyincomey.com

    I like how Trump and his jackass supporters are going after someone for lying
  7. I suppose it's easier to say an unarmed man was possibly reaching for his waistband when he's dead
  8. But the target lied to Barriss about his home address. So police surrounded the home of Andrew Finch, a 28-year-old man who had no connection to the online dispute. Finch opened the door with his hands up, but an officer shot him after—according to police—he appeared to reach for his waistband. Finch was unarmed. Nice
  9. What does that even mean? 50% don't trust either fox news or Trump?
  10. Lol children if Satan. I bet Jesus would dual wield assault rifles if he were here
  11. They’re getting too uppity so the obvious answer is to squash the teachers’ union
  12. Damn democrats should’ve negotiated when he was playing good cop
  13. Trump should try to reform the tax code or something
  14. I thought 10 was The Last Jedi but I guess I was wrong