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  1. The next GOP panic: Governors races

    It's a shame Rick Snyder can't run again in Michigan
  2. Much like how Grand Theft Auto taught me I don't need to buy a car when I can just take whatever is on the street
  3. Oprah Is Gonna Run For President Isn't She?

    If we're stuck with Trump v Oprah in 2020 I'll just write in Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho
  4. He's still 2-4 books away from finishing the story
  5. Abortion, sodomy, and terrorism have taken the place of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
  6. I wish Anderson Cooper would've just owned that tweet
  7. I like how Trump patted himself on the back saying he was right to endorse Strange. I see that he was watching Fox News before bed like I was
  8. Fox News talking about how good 2018 looks for Republicans
  9. Hopefully it will at least placate the sugar daddies
  10. I think you'd have to start a second case to get the lawyer disbarred or fined and whatnot
  11. It's kind of impressive how the Senate managed to pass most of the Republican agenda in one filibuster-proof swoop.
  12. That game was whacky. It didn't get out of hand until after JT Barrett left the game