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  1. You'd expect a company's revenue to drop so biggly when the best leader focuses on something else
  2. I'll be very amused when Al Franken steps down and Roy Moore is a senator
  3. The only way to undo the damage is to hold people accountable when they spout bullshit. I'm not holding my breath
  4. This isn't the time to have that debate
  5. Sincerest thoughts and prayers are better
  6. My doctor started hassling me five years ago when my blood pressure was 125/70... I think anything above 120/60 was already prehypertension and should be treated
  7. Those are tough to read. I made it through Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales but couldn't finish the first volume of Histories of Middle Earth
  8. I watched this interview. Her dedication to answering none of the questions asked was most impressive
  9. The Magicians

    I approve of that casting
  10. Vampires are clearly servants of Satan, and they hate sunlight. It destroys them. And what is the sun if not God's coal burning fireplace? The light of His righteousness will take out all kinds of predators of the night. Believe me
  11. The Walking Dead Season 7 Discussion Thread

    Who is Morales?
  12. I got disaffected democrat... sounds about right
  13. WWE TLC 2017 - Sunday, Oct. 22

    I can't take my break now