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  1. Guys face looks like it lost a battle to a bunch of bees Is he The Whicker Man
  2. Someone is starting to look a little scared/paranoid . . . I mean more than usual
  3. Avengers Infinity War trailer!

    Just saw a comment on TheChive of twitters reaction to the trailer. This I thought was pretty funny pfft. Didn’t even bother to cgi out Chris Evans beard
  4. I was so-so when I first saw it in theatres and think I let the hype ruin it for me. Still I imported my 3D copy from the UK and enjoyed it much more upon my 2nd viewing. Maybe it was that I enjoyed my 3D experience better on my projector and got the IMAX open format incorporated too (regular 3D viewing in theater for me) Not all the humour hits but a good chunk of it did. I do want to see where they go from here as they did make a huge change in the end there
  5. I would still probably take Flight over Teleportation. I like the laziness approach of flight in you never need to walk again. No more tired aching feet, hover over live events and not pay a dime. Teleportation would be a very close 2nd for me. This is the whole big ears vs a tail fight that Troy and Abes has on Community (clearly a full functioning monkey like tail should of won)
  6. I wonder how well The Tick works out into the newer figures. I kind of signed up for Prime by accident to get my Switch last year on release date (only way to get) I only meant to use it for the 1 month trial but forgot to cancel. Best thing I ever did. . . . or didn’t do.
  7. Danny Boyle to direct next Bond

    Yes Craig is still playing Bond. Plus I like the directing choice for the movie too. Now who do you get for singing the title song? I think Pink could knock it out of the fucking park. Not a huge fan of most of her work but she has range
  8. Everyone has it wrong. He was about replace a divot from a golf outing when he was so rudely pulled in to say bad thing about his buddy Vlad
  9. I’m looking forward to seeing them bringing back a cgi version of Heath Ledger to reveal this being nothing more but an Imaganarium of Doctor Parnassus 2.0 movie reboot.
  10. CNN was at the warehouse where they were to be counted. They had to swear in the people first before they could start the count and didn’t think they would finish until around midnight or so
  11. What shows should a streaming service bring back?

    Yes on a reboot or continuation of the original Spawn Animated Series and would also like to mention Duckman. What happen after we found out his wife was still alive. And yes Bubba had a Pet Triceratop named Tootsie
  12. Deadpool 2 last minute reshoots

    Maybe this is a 4th Wall moment and Deadpool will address the audience about it being a reshoot and show discrepancy in the scene from one cut to another
  13. A young Luke Skywalker movie?

    The young Luke story was already A New Hope. I see no hope in making this a movie onto its own.
  14. What shows should a streaming service bring back?

    I knew of Gizmo Duck with What’s his name of Hamilton fame voicing him. Thought he was suppose to be in the first season of the reboot? Plus the NES game of DW was awesome, or least that is how I remember it from my gaming youth. Tempted to get the new digital downloads for my X1 or PS4
  15. I thought I was hearing it was tonight’s show. CNN was talking about AC doing the interview already for 60 Minutes and we’re looking forward to it this weekend