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  1. OH SHIT! He’s going to bomb Little Rocketman I see a lot lot of new Canadians with Bone-spurs coming soon
  2. Fuck that video is some scary shit. Sadly that will get people to do probably more stupid shit with guns to “protect” themselves.
  3. I can see a random mouse/rat just randomly show up and beat Trump much like it did with Homer
  4. Trump vs Goodell...

    My sister found this and my gawd it is awesome. Guy couldn’t publish it in the paper but online was ok
  5. Rick & Morty Season 3 starts July 30th!

    They sold for like $668 f I’m not mistaken in 3 hours. Someone was offering a taste with a McNugget for $10 a piece. TheChive had a thing dedicatedly to the screwup today with some crowd videos complaining. One place had about 1000 people yelling for it
  6. Justice League trailer 5 or whatever

    Yeah some action scenes looked neat and a good chunk just looked messy and incomplete. The only thing I liked was that ending cause that was straight up Whedon dialog there and was funny. I will still probably see it anyways cause we’ll i want to see me proven wrong
  7. Just Logged In to My Vudu Account After A couple of Months

    iTunes has also done the same with a few of my older movies too. Non of the Disney films have done it, but Life of Pi and Ghost in the Shell are 4K Dolby Vision editions. Which is great for me because I opt for the 3D bluray over the UHD version. Now I get the 4K digital to play on my 4K eshift JVC projector, but need the new Apple TV for streaming
  8. Plane on a conveyer belt

    Yes I think it can because
  9. Pacific Rim: Uprising

    I will admit I was worried about this movie as it look like the mechs were looking a bit cartoonish from early artwork released. After seeing the trailer I think I can put my worries to rest.
  10. The stories on got from my former projectionist friend was that is was a weird and controlling man. He worked projection at TIFF and he was consistently up in the booth while he films ran making sure things were perfect. So doesn’t seem out of character for him
  11. I give Tillerson until Friday or a Friday this year. He loves firing/having people resign on Fridays.
  12. Rick & Morty Season 3 starts July 30th!

    One day only Oct 7th, McDonalds is bringing back Szechuan Sauce
  13. Gov seeks info on anti administration Facebook users

    Oh my God. This makes me think that Donald Trump might of actually read a book at one time. Sadly it was the book 1984