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  1. YouTube app finally gets updated for 4k 60!

    I literally just spent the past hour watching movie trailers in 4K on my projector A very welcomed update for the system. Plus they updated the Dolby Atmos app with some new clips/demo scenes. Including Overwatch cinematic, Warcraft cinematic and a clip from Everest the movie.
  2. Loved Bad Company 2 and played a ton of it online. So if they don’t fuck us over with loot boxes and other micro transactions Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
  3. Okami Giveaway Contest!

    I have never played the game and a 4K game that I hear looked amazing back on the PsW, surely should look amazing on an XBox X
  4. Disney has always had weird demands with their films. Use to be that you couldn’t show a single payed commercial trailer with anything that carried the Disney opening logo (Touchstone were ok) You were only allowed to show theatrical movie trailers only and it was right onto the feature. Well at least it was when I worked Famous Players in Canada and slowly changed when Cineplex took over us. Cartoons for a bit were left without the ads but that eventually changed too. Cineplex is the biggest and really only theater chain in Canada and almost missed out on Iron Man 3 due to their demands ( what they are doing with Star Wars and the amount of profit they got from the tickets and I think screen demands) Didn’t have advance tickets on until like 2-3 days before opening. They might as well (after the Fox deal) just buyout some theater chain and just play their movies and demand other movie companies for tons of money to run their films with the Disney/Fox films
  5. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality PSX trailer

    Don't they have a VR game right now? I remember my brother watching some Twitch video much earlier this year of Rick and Morty
  6. Doesn’t look bad. Some of the animation looks pretty damn impressive and then some looked a bit jerky motion wise for the characters. Still plenty of time maybe to clean some of that up and will go see this
  7. I didn't mind it. We get it up here in Canada on Showcase and thought the last 20 minutes of the show were great. Patton Oswalt is perfect for the voice of Happy! now I gotta ask for American viewers is if SyFy allows all the F-Bombs to fly down there or are they bleeped out? We have nothing bleeped up here
  8. Surprised to see him fired today, but also not surprised that this was happening either. With all the stories/rumours of him being an asshole to work with over the years finally came to fruition. This movement is really cleaning house everywhere.
  9. Destiny 2 Discussion

    I will agree most of the legenday weapons are pretty useless. Why don’t we have an Ice Breaker like sniper rifle. I completely ignore Snipers rifles now, along with Grenade Launchers and Sidearms. The weapons do need to be better and so do the legendary armor perks. Probably won’t play Destiny until the new DLC is out next week. Plus we get the 4K patch along with it too
  10. What’s your Black Friday hauls ?

    Overwatch: GOTY for X1 ($30Cnd Walmart) Wolfenstein II for X1 ($40Cnd Digital) . . . .and that that has been it for me
  11. Watched my 4k copy of Atomic Blonde and it indeed look pretty awesome coming out of my JVC projector last night. Still trying to find the sweet spot for my games. Some allow me to narrow it down nicely like Gears but so-so with Wolfenstein II
  12. That is one of my biggest fears too, and I have a shit-ton of cords. I have the 3 new main systems, 360, WiiU, PS3, tv, receiver, projector, Kinect and subwoofer. Hell my surge protector has a smaller surge protector plugged into it as well. Don’t get me started on my speaker cables and hdmi cables in the mix as well
  13. Hmmm. I guess these would be some of my movies I would consider perfect Unbreakable The Royal Tenenbaums The Grand Budapest Hotel Lilo and Stitch Airplane! Leon: The Professional Princess Mononoke The Princess Bride Duck Soup Children of Men