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  1. Leak: Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

    Waiting to see what trade in deal EB Games Canada will have. Will trade in my S for the X if I can get a good enough deal. I did t upgrade my projector for nothing just checked and and are sold out and would only bring down the price to $400. Don't know if I'm willing to do it for that amount of money, but more than likely will cause I'm a weak man for shiny things
  2. Thanks for the contest. I'm going to go with 29
  3. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    You're all wrong. He thinks he is touching a Boob
  4. That coffee didn't look nearly hot enough to do him any damage. Still, get that man a new coffee
  5. I agree and partly why I didn't use my free passes when I worked at the theater for 13 years. I even skipped the late night staff showings because I didn't like their disturbing behaviour. The people who should of been enforcing the quiet environment were the worse offenders. I still check out the big movies when I can but pay the extra bit of money to see it in our 18+ only theatres. I still bring in my own drink and buy my candy beforehand to save my money. Although I find the video quality have been pretty mixed with there being no true projectionist in the booth anymore for my local chain of theater (cineplex canada) and is the reason why I don't work there anymore. No one looks after the bulbs when they get a little high in hours or adjust the focus. The 3D experience has been pretty bad, and that is even in their AVX theater with bigger screens and Atmos sound. My old Sony 40ES and newer JVC X950R kick the ass of the Christie projectors in colour, sharpness and 3D pop. It ain't earth shattering but I'm completely fine with my 5.2.4 Atmos setup then what they have at the theater. Too many times now I watch a movie and hear a blown speaker that just takes me out of the film just a bit. Only to go back a month later and hear it still not fixed. This was the theater I worked at and know the managers and know who they call to fix the problem. I just don't they care like I did when they were my screens I was running anymore, and it makes me sad
  6. Well you would think the audio and video quality would be DVD or bluray quality. Not random person coughing or leaving for a snack camcorder quality. I think $30 would be a nice price but I do wonder, again, what kind of quality are they offering for audio/video. If they can offer at least bluray quality and optional Atmos/DTS:X sound I would be down for that. Oh and being one of the few who enjoy it, 3D as well. I have a projector setup but bedroom setup. I can see where this would be a hell of a bargain if you had 5-8 friends wanting to see the movie and split the cost evenly. Get your own snacks, pause for bathroom breaks, and no annoying people to worry about. If not I'll do a heater when I want or wait for the high quality disc release
  7. The biggest winner is Animaniacs All them adult jokes that flew over my head when I was a kiid that I now understand.. I'm hoping they weren't just internet rumours and that Warner Bros will in fact be reviving the show soon. This video speaks for itself
  8. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    No wonder why Best Korea stopped with their plans to shot at Guam. Trump has gone Nuclear and doing a damn good job of his own destroying mainland America himself
  9. Oh please let this happen. Tired of trying to get something from Ticket Master and paying tons of stupid fees or not being able to get tickets because they are sold out 10 secs after they open to the public. if Prime is needed. I'm completely fine with that too
  10. Build the wall around pharmaceutical corporations

    Wonder how bad it is in Canada too. My dad died about a year and half ago from an aggressive skin cancer, but the only drug they put him on were OxyContin. He would have one appointment and they would give him 100, and then another 100 a week or 2 later. They had to increase the strength as it got worse, but I think at one time we had close to I think 200-300 pills in my house. I'm greatful we had them because my dad was in a ton of pain for the last few months of his cancer battle, but amazed that they would allow us that allotment. I would have to show my drivers license every time I picked them up from Costco but it was like getting bulk candy in the end.
  11. Someone should lend Mr Trump a copy of The Boss Baby. He might just relate to it somehow.
  12. If they could get rid of the import fees for Amazon.com orders to Canada, I wouldn't mind some changes. It's pretty sad that I can order from Amazon.uk and pay less for an item there and then have it shipped from across the fucking ocean to my house in Ontario with no import fee. I think minimum it's $7-10 extra duty fee for one Bluray to be shipped, plus shipping fee and exchange rate on top of that as well.
  13. Glad to see you enjoyed that series of stories as much as I did Fluke was the only one I found a bit slow of his so far. (Which you get a taste of character wise at the end of the series) I really enjoyed A Dirty Job which you got a taste of in I think the 2nd book. It was my first book I read Mr Moore and was hooked from there. Plus he released a follow up to it last year which I need to read called Secondhand Souls If you want another Sci-Fi or Paranormal like read, not as lighthearted as Moore. I highly recommend Joe Hill's Heart-Shaped Box He really takes after his dad, Stephen King
  14. You are awesome for doing this. Put me down for hopefully a Destiny 2 preorder for my XBox One

    Anyone have the photoshop skills to make this into something relevant for today