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  1. Always, it was a lot of fun! RNG was surprisingly awesome to me last night; got the Hunter helmet which was the last piece of raid gear I needed and Xur brought Synthocepts for the Titan which was my last exotic for that class. Only exotic I don’t have now is the Hunter chest piece with a dragon on it.
  2. Hmmm, sounds like maybe you loaded into a bad instance. I just tried the Winding Cove run again and it's working. In other news, I was able to get the DO gauntlets for my Titan but after 30 packages, couldn't get the FWC gauntlets for my Hunter. I think it sucks you can't get a full set of armor during the event, but I think the armor drops were greatly improved . Almost every other package I got seemed to be a piece of faction armor which was nice. I got 14 FWC cloaks with my hunter! This dupe shit has gotten out of control.
  3. I actually prefer the farming method for this rally faction. I feel like it’s more productive and easier. If I’m gonna do something repetitively, I want it to have as few moving parts as possible. All I need is the DO boots for my Titan and the FWC boots, gloves, and cloak for my Hunter. I don’t like my odds.
  4. @Bruizza @NeoJoe @bladimir2k @mo1518 Shout to everyone who did the raid last night, we absolutely crushed it. Plus it was one of those Destiny nights where it all comes together. I finally got the chest piece for my Titan so all I have left for raid gear is the Hand Cannon and Hunter Gear. I also got the Lunification Boots for my Warlock from an engram which was the last exotic I needed for my Warlock!
  5. Yea, me and the fiancé did ge same thing. We finished it in two days haha.
  6. Spent the entire day stuck on the Calus CP with my Titan. Sometimes it was the players, sometimes it was Bungie. D2 was running like shit today.
  7. Did all the milestones on all three characters today and did not get one of the exotics I still have left. #fuckingfeelsbadman
  8. So Titan raid armor and Crest of Alpha Lupi with Nebula Rose looks fantaaaaaaaaastic.
  9. I’m fighting wade now so contest

    17. Whats happening
  10. Some good moments throughout the season but ultimately the entire thing feels kind of pointless. It's not nearly as compelling or tight as S1 and our characters hardly grow at all. I wouldn't say that I'm disappointed, but coming off of S1, this was a pretty weak follow up.
  11. @stepee The suspense is killing us!
  12. 10 This is awesome. Thanks!
  13. I was going to say the the best part of Destiny is actually the people you play it with, but I didn’t want to sound sappy. That’s only for raid nights with Bourbon. I mean think about how awful the content of Destiny is when you are trying to play with randoms.That kind of shit ruins the game for me. For example, I want to run the raid with my Hunter before reset, but there is no way I will do that with a LFG squad. I also want to say last night after the raid ended, we did a NF run to get @Bruizza his Rat King and I Destiny’d harder than I’ve ever Destiny’d before. Slug was dropping in and out of chat and the party but we just kept blowing through it. If they ever nerf pulse grenades, I’m gonna be pissed.
  14. Yea, this is definitely one of the reasons I want the game on PC so badly; the FPS boost isn't the only reason the PC version feels better to play. I was sold on it when I played it at E3 this year but I can't realistically start over now on PC. The lack account of cross platform accounts kill it for me.