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  1. Retro Games Pickup

    Very nice!
  2. You crazy for this one Karma. http://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/king-of-kong-stripped-of-title-1202751358/
  3. Retro Games Pickup

    That’s a great price. I got mine for $85 but it was all store credit so I couldn’t pass it up.
  4. Retro Games Pickup

    Been eyeing this for awhile, still need a Powerbase Convertor for my Genesis though.
  5. Retro Games Pickup

    Mega Man Soccer, what a steal! And I got the KI and CIV!
  6. No Pacific Rim talk

    Del Toro's Hellboy trilogy died for this.
  7. I love this! It's a god send for certain characters in Street Fighter. I won't buy it unless they do one in all the color schemes though. I love my Mario bundle red joy cons too much. I bought my friend some blue ones just so I could have his haha.
  8. Final Round this weekend...

    That’s a huge sigh of relief. I do love Ken, and he has been one of my pocket characters for almost every game, but in SFV he just drives me crazy. The game is so 50/50 and his play style epitomizes that.
  9. Game giveaway because I love you guys!

    43 And you're the best because you say so.
  10. Final Round this weekend...

    It went really well. On Thursday I went to Gwinnett Brawl which is one of our biggest locals. I wasn't expecting to win any matches (or rounds for that matter) but ended up going 1-2 which I was really happy about. The scene was nuts because most of the people who came to Atlanta for Final Round made their way over to GB as well. Final Round was a completely different level though. It's crazy to see people you've been watching your entire life just walking around getting ready to play. I got to have conversations with Tokido, Justin Wong, and so many others. What's really crazy is waiting in line during casual matches, having it finally being your turn, and then getting to play some of the best SF players of all time. It's incredibly humbling to get your ass kicked in such a way that you literally could not imagine a scenario where you could win a round. I played against Luffy and he beat my ass into the ground with a PS1 controller. It was awesome. It makes me want to get better. I went 1-2 as well at Final Round which I couldn't believe. I won my first match and then got absolutely dismantled by JB who is arguably the best Rashid player in North America. I lost my next match in the Loser's bracket to a strong Ken player; I hate them all - *cough* @NeoJoe *cough* - and I've really got to lock down the match up against that character. Over all last weekend was amazing. I really encourage everyone to get out and head to their locals. And if anyone ever has a chance to go to a major, you have to go! I don't care how bad you think you are, sign up and get in there. You will learn so much by just getting your ass kicked. The FGC is really inviting too, almost everyone had advice and encouraged me to get better. I told Justin Wong I wasn't very good as I had just started playing and he said we had a lot in common, thats where he started too.
  11. Retro Games Pickup

    PM sent!
  12. LTTP: The Last Jedi

    I've always enjoyed the film and I appreciate it more every day. I think the only definitively bad thing in the entire film is Rose. Her character is contrived and uninteresting. Her performance was borderline annoying and the delivery of almost all of her lines were cringe worthy. The worst part is that they tacked her onto Finn and I'm scared I'll never get another character moment from him that doesn't involve her somehow. Also, Leia's force pull from space while borderline unconscious. I hate it.
  13. Final Round this weekend...

    https://smash.gg/tournament/final-round-20/details First major for the Capcom Pro Tour is being held in Atlanta this weekend for anyone interested in the FGC. Huge showing by some of the world's best players in all games so should be really fun to watch. The streaming channels are listed on the website I linked at the top. If you are close by, Spectator Passes are $30 for the weekend. I'm not sure what the FGC community is like for D1P, but this is a gonna be a great measure of where some of the top players are at this year.
  14. Retro Games Pickup

    Very cool. Thanks for the heads up!
  15. Retro Games Pickup

    Yea, US version. There some nice ones out there right now, but I'd like to get it with the extra disc holder if I'm going to spend that much money. Saturn boxes are fragile enough as is.