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  1. American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson

    Show was awesome except for Travolta.  Why is he playing Shapiro as an eccentric homosexual?  That's how it seems to me anyway but maybe that just the Travolta coming through.   Edit: Also Ross is awesome as Kardashian
  2. I'm in, just preordered for Xbox on Amazon.  Would be nice to get a group together again like we had with Destiny.
  3. So its been awhile since fallout 4 came out

    So I'm about 14 hours in and enjoying the game, but not as much as previous iterations.  One question though... Will I ever actually need to use power armor?  Maybe normal is too easy for me because my combo of sniper, explosive machine gun, and combat shotgun have been allowing me to pretty much rip through anything that comes my way.  If need be I'll shoot a missle or two.
  4. D1P Discussion: Netflix' Making a Murderer

    This shit is fire...
  5. Why didn't you tell me about Rick and Morty

    Oh man wait until season 2.  Such a great show.  
  6. D1P Discussion: Netflix' Making a Murderer

    His motive is being obsessed with Teresa.  That is why he most likely was the caller who would not leave her alone.  It was also confirmed that she had reported his behavior previously.  He could have made an advance, been shut down, and responded violently.  I made this point before but look at how easily he becomes infatuated with women.
  7. D1P Discussion: Netflix' Making a Murderer

      I think they showed a picture or a brief video snippet.  He had long hair but that's all I remember. 
  8. D1P Discussion: Netflix' Making a Murderer

      The documentary does state that Teresa was receiving calls from an odd number, which was validated by her coworker/boss.  My hunch is that this was probably Steven, who developed an infatuation with her through their Auto Trader relationship.  Steven gets attached very, very quickly as pointed out in the documentary.  The two examples being Jodi and most recently the older woman who was visiting him in jail.  I'm just throwing it out there that i think Steven was more likely to be the nuisance dialer than the ex-boyfriend was.   With that being said, I still have no idea how a jury convicted either of these guys.  The shadow of doubt cast on both cases was immense. 
  9. D1P Discussion: Netflix' Making a Murderer

    I've been trying to wrap my head around what was presented in the documentary because I honestly don't know what to believe.   Not Guilty Zero blood evidence.   Whether she was stabbed in the bedroom or shot in the garage, there is no evidence of either besides one bullet.  I simply can't accept the fact that SA is a criminal mastermind who could remove every trace of DNA evidence from this 'gruesome' crime scene. Tainted/planted evidence There is zero chance they missed the discovery of that damn key.  It didn't turn up until after multiple searches and it wasn't like it was hidden is some secret location they discovered.  It was in plain view.  The biggest piece of evidence in PLAIN VIEW.  Not only that but there is no evidence of TH's DNA on the key. The blood vial is absolutely mind blowing.  This is really the only chance SA has to prove he is innocent.  I bet you start seeing some crowdfunding effort in order to support the development of the EDTA technology. The phone call from Colburn to dispatch about the tags is very disturbing.  How in the hell would he be reading tags two days before the Rav4 is discovered?  Plus he volunteers the information about the make/model.  This would be impossible unless he is staring at the car. Bobby Dassey/other suspect The testimony of this kid and his father was really, really strange.  They both went hunting and the only alibi's they have are for one another passing each other on the road.  Their timelines don't make any sense either, yet they were never investigated. Guilty Steve's history There were multiple occasions in the documentary that sort of glanced over the other side of SA.  The biggest here is that he killed a cat by burning it alive in a fire.  Not only that, but you see all of the threatening letters he sent to his former wife.  Threatening is a mild way to put it since most of them were outright death threats.  These actions point to Steve being a sociopath, or at least having sociopathic tendencies. Brendan's testimony While most of his testimony could have been coerced, which I agree it was, there were still some points in Brendan's story that I just don't see him being able to make up.  Specifically, he talks about what Teresa Halbach said to him... "You don't have to do this."  I just don't know where he would have got that from unless those words were specifically mentioned by the investigators in their proposed story of events.  Also, during his appeal Brendan now conveniently pin points a book where he got these ideas from called 'Kiss the Girls'.  Seems to me like the was coached by the defense as I can pretty much tell you Brendan isn't reading Kiss the Girls in his spare time.  
  10. Your Best and Worst films of 2015

    Sicario, Ex Machina, & Mad Max
  11. Official 2016 Golden Globe Nominations

    No nomination for Bokeem Woodbine in Fargo?  Wow that's a disappointment.  Not as big a disappointment as The Leftovers getting completely snubbed. I really don't understand The Martian going in as a comedy either.  I mean there are comedic elements for sure, but come on.
  12. The Leftovers Season 2...wut...

    If there's one emotion I could use to describe any character on the Leftovers, 'happy' would be last on the list.
  13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Trailer

    Wait is Tyler Perry going to be Baxter Stockman?  I'm actually sort of excited about this one.  At least its not taking itself so serious.
  14. My problem with the UFO is that this just went way over the top.  There have been previous references and spottings throughout the season, but we would only see lights, which left it open to interpretation.  This was just too heavy handed in my opinion.  
  15. Updated my game room. Nice 4K TV and new sound bar!

    Sound bars are a perfectly fine option, especially if you don't feel like fishing speaker wire.  Just mounted the new Samsung bar that comes with the wireless subwoofer at my buddies house.  Looks super clean and sounds great. I had a 7.1 setup in my old living room and an opting for a soundbar in my new house.  A lot of it has to do with room aesthetics and simplicity rather than sound quality.