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  1. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

    @JPSoccer4 I've been playing and I see you guys on all the time but usually looks like a full group.  I'm right on the 200 threshold and actually just deconstructed a gear set to keep me out of 201+ for the moment.  I'll hit you up.
  2. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

    Moving it to the stash will not help.  All items on your character, no matter the location, calculate you gear score for DZ.  so add your highest level gear for each slot (knee pads, mask, etc.) and the highest level weapon you have, then divide by 7.  This will give you your score.   The only way around this is to deconstruct or move it to a different character.
  3. Anyone watch Preacher last night?

    It was a great pilot... Set the unique tone which really captured the comics but also took a lot of liberties, which it needed to.    
  4. Gears 4 coming October 11th

    Well it's gears alright.  Really feels no different to me than 3 did.
  5. Or he decides to join the rebellion and shaves? 
  6. Avatar 2-5 Shooting Simultaneously

    I can't believe they are building a damn theme park as well.  Who loves Avatar that much?  I mean it is not a cultura staple like Harry Potter, seems like a big waste of money that will be immediately outdated.
  7. Feige confirms Guardians of the Galaxy 3

    If this is true that is bonkers
  8. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

    Tried the glitch on incursion shown in video.  Super easy to get to the apc, however you need to switch to all skill power armor if you want to put any dent in that thing.  I barely knocked off one armor block in about 10 mins.  Sucks I deconstructed my gold gear with skill focus.  
  9. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

    Wow, just wow at that video.  Guess if you can't beat em, join em.
  10. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

     Is there something up with the servers?  Can't login.. Xb1
  11. The better looking DC of the year gets a new trailer

    Both 'musical' trailers have looked great.  However, after BvS and hearing about the reshoots, I don't have much hope.
  12. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR - Tomatometer Watch

    IGN seems to have the only lukewarm impression I've read.  Every other outlet's impression is glowing.  Stolen from GAF...    
  13. Well he did do a great job.  The movie however was not good.
  14. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

    Anyone know if there is a gold blueprint for an M1A and where one would procure such a thing?
  15. Batman V Superman. Open Spoiler Thread.

    Because Ezra Miller is such a huge star that everyone would recognize.