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  1. BBC Top 100 Films of the 21st Century

    Agreed on those three for sure.  Just watched City of God again last week, spurred by the Olympics haha.  One film that should absolutely not be on the list is Spring Breakers.  That may be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.
  2. Mr. Robot Season 2 Thread - Premieres July 13th

      That's what I'm thinking.  A guard of some sort or the warden.  Who else would have a dog?
  3.   Couldnt the same be said about Xbox and Scorpio?
  4. Sausage Party RT Watch (looking good so far)

    They showed it awhile back at SXSW.  Those early reviews have been up since then.
  5. "The Night Of" - HBO's crime drama miniseries

    If I was placing a bet, that's would I would put it on.
  6. "The Night Of" - HBO's crime drama miniseries

    Anyone think that the stepfather did it?  That's what I'm leaning towards, especially after they highlighted him yelling/angry at the funeral this week.
  7. Suicide Squad RT Watch

      People are very stupid.
  8. Suicide Squad RT Watch

    Goddamnit.  That is really disappointing.  Oh well, guess I can look forward to Sausage Party next week.
  9. Anyone watch Preacher last night?

    And we've reached the beginning of the comic (sort of).  Anyway, did anyone watch Talking Preacher after the episode?  I wanted to hear what they had to say about season 2 and where the story would pick up.
  10. Jason Bourne out this week...

    There was also something off with her American accent as well.  
  11. Jason Bourne out this week...

      I didn't read the article but I did just watch the movie and wow...  Enhance.
  12. American Gods: first teaser trailer

    Looks exactly like the book, in terms of scenes/story.  Glad they are pretty much sticking to the source material.
  13. Just finished... So good.  I really have zero complaints, I loved everything.
  14. 12 Shows Overlooked By The Emmy's

      Agreed.  It is phenomenal.  I think the bigger snub was Justin Theroux.  The guy absolutely kills it every week and the karaoke scene is unbelievable.
  15. Mr. Robot Season 2 Thread - Premieres July 13th

    Hmm I thought they were a pretty good set up for the season and dealing with the fallout.  Not to the caliber of season 1, but stil better then most shows on television.