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  1. That's exactly what everyone expected from the first Battlefront.  You've got a great gameplay experience with Battlefield, all people essentially wanted was a re-skin.  I know that's over simplifying things, but for some reason they went with a much more arcadey feel and it didn't go over well.
  2.  They have planned out a 5 season arc 
  3. Arrival Tomatometer Watch

    Could you mark your spoilers please.
  4. Arrival Tomatometer Watch

  5. Arrival Tomatometer Watch

    One of the best movies I've seen in a long while.  I loved everything about it, fully engrossed from start to finish.  Not sure what more you could want out of the ending.
  6. Logan: Official Trailer #1

      Theres a red band trailer that shows a brief snippet of what to expect.  
  7. BF1 - Call to Arms!

    Played a match with JP and Checo earlier.  GT: xChestR0ckwellx  I feel like an actual 5 man squad communicating would be unstoppable against the army of solo scouts.
  8. Battlefield 1 - Official Thread!

    Let's get a squad going on Xbox 1...  I was about to lose my mind last night playing with people who do not understand objectives.
  9. Battlefield 1 - Official Thread!

    I'm too scared Im going to lose something doing the reset that I haven't tried it.
  10. Battlefield 1 - Official Thread!

    Yes, resetting your console... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vg247.com/2016/10/14/battlefield-1-how-to-get-rid-of-that-annoying-ea-access-trial-message-while-playing/amp/?client=safari
  11. Battlefield 1 - Official Thread!

    Apparently you can do a reset on your Xbox that eliminates the glitch but I've been afraid to try it.  It really sucks because it always happens at the worst possible moment.
  12. Battlefield 1 - Official Thread!

    Same for me, but if you click game details it takes you to the store where you can download.
  13. Battlefield 1 - Official Thread!

    Says 10/13 for me in the EA Access hub.  Is there a work around?   Edit: clicked details and then can download.  Hopefully it lets me play, but at the rate it's downloading it won't matter.
  14. Battlefield 1 - Official Thread!

      Ah nice thats what I was wondering.  Going to sign up now.
  15. Battlefield 1 - Official Thread!

    Do you need to have purchased the game to take part in the preview or do you just need EA Access?  I already preordered early enlisted from Amazon so can I still take part in the preview?