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  1. American Gods: first teaser trailer

    Looks exactly like the book, in terms of scenes/story.  Glad they are pretty much sticking to the source material.
  2. Just finished... So good.  I really have zero complaints, I loved everything.
  3. 12 Shows Overlooked By The Emmy's

      Agreed.  It is phenomenal.  I think the bigger snub was Justin Theroux.  The guy absolutely kills it every week and the karaoke scene is unbelievable.
  4. Mr. Robot Season 2 Thread - Premieres July 13th

    Hmm I thought they were a pretty good set up for the season and dealing with the fallout.  Not to the caliber of season 1, but stil better then most shows on television.
  5. Anyone watch Preacher last night?

      Hmm that's a good point.  I really didn't like how that happened, just seems to open up Pandora's box when it comes the power of Genesis. 
  6. Orange is the New Black

    I enjoyed the first half of the season.  However, the heavy handed political and social commentary near the end of the season was unbearable.
  7. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

      I got three freakin lone star holsters from it!  Big shout out for helping me climb about 40 gs points.
  8. The Division OT - When D1P Falls, We Rise!

    I'll be on tonight around 8 EST if any xboners want to run through some Underground missions.  Does anyone know if there is any benefit to playing them on challenging?  Doesn't seem to drop better gear than hard, and caches are earned through level ups.   After jumping back in, I'm really getting tired of assholes booting me from their group instantly.  I show a gear score right around 200 because I'm still rolling with a very low score M1A and a 180 AUG.  They have perfect rolls and I've yet to find better.  I feel like half the time I'm more effective than the guys with 230+ gs.  Just because the gears score is high doesn't mean the item is good or fits your build.
  9.   Hmm... I was expecting more than that.  Seems like some very minor additions that definitely would help the movie flow, but not game changers in any way.
  10. Microsoft: E3 press event stream

    For me, a console only gamer, I liked their conference.  They showed games, games, and more games, then gave a glimpse into what they were working on.  I really like the custom controllers, wonder what the price point on them is.   The strategy for Scorpio seems pretty solid to me, a guy who doesn't game on the pc.  They are just offering multiple brands, within one portfolio, targeting different segments.  My biggest question is do you think it will be modular?  Like will they leave room for plug and play type upgrades? 
  11. Anyone watch Preacher last night?

      Yea, I just figure this was a simpler explanation.  Though the show hasn't really shown its cards regarding how they are going to handle Genesis.
  12. Anyone watch Preacher last night?

  13. X-men Apocalypse Open Spoiler Thread

    I didn't think it was as bad as most people in this thread, but I also agree with most of the criticism.  3 of the horsemen seemed like an afterthought, which sucks because I really liked Psylockes portrayal here.  There was also a lot of awkward dialogue for exposition's sake.  Still don't understand a lot of choices made with Apocalypse and I honestly don't think they shouldn have attempted to bring him in the movie-verse.   Even after my complaints, I still enjoyed the movie for what it was.  I just wish they would have stuck with a smaller scale story like the first two.
  14. Anyone watch Preacher last night?

    IMDB says 10