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  1. New Thundercats Cartoon is On Its Way

    That's.... so.... sad Do you like go more than Young Justice?
  2. New Thundercats Cartoon is On Its Way

  3. Deadpool 2: Official "Suck on This, MCU!" Thread

    Just got back, and it was really good. It definitely didn't kick up the insane-ness of the comic storylines from the first movie, but it held up to the first's standards. There's a commonly known spoiler of a certain character showing up, and while it was great that it happened it was the way he/she was treated that was disappointing. The big plot twist that happened was excellent, and Cable was fantastic. Yes, there were three lulls of a through line plot that brought everything to a halt (in the beginning, middle, and end of the film), and that really made the flow of the story feel off. But the violence and the humor were all there and all top notch. And really, the only thing that I ever had a problem with before seeing this flik was the kinda 'social justice warrior' casting of the black chick as Domino. But she was fine and sexy as hell and did a great job with the rest of the cast. XForce was great! And so was the XMen stuff. About the only weak link in this movie was when Reynolds was out of his mask, imo. There's just something about him being out of mask that brings the humor down (minus the Basic Instinct scene, ahaha!) Overall, a solid 8. Not bad considering Fox has made a lot of crap X-Men movies for the past few years (yes, that includes Logan!).
  4. Jeremy Jahns threw up his video review, and his opinion pretty much lines up with how the previews of this movie have been looking to me. And honestly, I really don't care about this movie or this franchise after TLJ, but it'll be interesting to see how people feel about this move in the next five years. By then we'll be far enough away from TLJ and the fans that are overly attacking it and overly protecting it, and there (hopefully) won't won't be so many jaded reviews that are inserting pro and con comments based on the sake of the franchise as a whole.
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody: The Movie (trailer)

    I hope this will give enough camera time to the rest of the band. Cuz while I get that Mercury is the heart and soul of every song, it's not like he was alone on this journey. I just hope it doesn't recreate every Joy Division movie and documentary ever made where the narrative only spoke about the lead singer and never showed how he interacted and created the music with the rest of the band...
  6. Darkhorizons: “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” scribe Evan Spiliotopoulos is in talks to pen the script for a film centered on popular G.I. Joe character Snake Eyes at Paramount Pictures. Snake Eyes is the silent ninja commando that first appeared in the 1980s. The character never revealed his face, and never spoke, and stood apart from the rest of the military anti-terrorist group. He had a special relationship with Scarlett, sometimes carried out solo missions with his pet wolf, and faced his nemesis Storm Shadow – a ninja who is also his blood brother. Ray Park played the film version of him in the 2009 and 2013 live-action films. Brian Goldner will produce the new take. Source: Heat Vision Because the two live action movies that marginalized the large character roster of the comic books and cartoons worked so well that fans must be clamoring to see a movie that focuses on only one character now... =/ It's so unbelievable how no one understands the original Sunbow success for this franchise. Don't shorten the roster, don't skim on the guns, and don't group like-characters together in a stereotypical fashion. What idiot wants to see ninja on ninja action with terrible cg backdrops and large explosions when you can provide something more interesting like Storm Shadow taking on Spirit in a fight, or an air battalion swooping in on large cyborg ground troops trying to raid a base? Shame...
  7. Adult Swim orders 70 more episodes of Rick and Morty

    Kinda like Star Wars, lol
  8. Trailer for dumb new Predator movie

    Slow clap to all the blind Shane Black supporters that wanted to believe this had a chance of being good, lol
  9. Adult Swim orders 70 more episodes of Rick and Morty

    What more obscure 90's crap can they bring back from the dead with this? Crystal Pepsi has already come and gone... KFC french fries? All the original McFlurry flavors, from Snickers to Butterfingers to Reese's PB Cup to Twix. Or maybe it's time they go political and get some net neutrality back, lol
  10. So we're totally getting a new Bill & Ted...

    So, if the ending to Bogus Journey was KISS standing in for Wyld Stallyns as the greatest music of all time, what will this generation be? Radiohead? The Black Keys? Jay Z???
  11. Luckily/sadly I live in an area where customers aren't subjected to one company/service to receive its internet. So I get to have an unburdened opinion of wanting Comcast to take over Fox because I loathe Disney and don't want them to take another companies worth of content and ruin it. Because even if Comcast uses this buyout to market their own internet and cable subscriptions, I don't have to worry about being pigeon-holed to buying a service I don't want because I can easily get anything due to my internet providers business credo of "Net neutrality is life" - which means even if I cancelled my subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu (w/ HBO and Showtime), Amazon Prime, and Crackle I could become a full on bootlegger if need be since my guys don't sell/share their customers information with anyone... ever (and I wouldn't mind stealing from Comcast anyways, lol) But, still let it be known that the choices here are between a venomous snake or another venomous snake. I'd just rather there be two small ones fighting each other rather than there being a single large one being in control.
  12. Backlash 2018

    I only kinda payed attention until the AJ/Shin match. Uhhh, I think Hardy won, Flair lost, Bryan won, and the title went to another no contest result... I turned it off after that, lol
  13. Backlash 2018

    At this point I just want all former NJPW guys to walk out and go back. Vince doesn't like them, and he hasn't wanted my money for a loooong time now.
  14. Backlash 2018

    Yikes... This is basically a Raw quality card =/
  15. Backlash 2018

    What's the card, even? Shinsuke (with his horrible new theme song) vs AJ... annndd??? I just want Naka to get his win finally.