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  1. Seems like industry professionals that are fans of the Star Wars franchise can't wait to be a part of the lore, but then hit the merciless business wall called Di$ney and either have to make a crap movie based on a business criteria or need to quit because there just isn't any fun in it...
  2. This won't be true. Marvel still hasn't cast him as some obscure character yet...
  3. Even after the atrocity that was Apocalypse, I still had a sliver of hope this franchise would magically turn around. but with Lawrence returning I'm officially done. Fuck her, fuck Fox, Fuck Disney ...
  4. Shine on you crazy diamond!
  5. Just got back... The movie is way overrated. There's lackluster cg EVERYWHERE (the cg company was even called Double Negative, lol), DC comics lame romance with having giant cg monsters as the final boss is beyond retarded, and the awkward/redundant/uninspired/typical/clichéd hero poses and phrases all over the place is just tiring. Gadot made me a believer of the character and how she can play her, but DC just can't tell a good story for the life of 'em. The beginning on the island just sucked, and taking out the story element of the tournament that gave Diana the right to leave with Steve was sorely missed imo. The odd visuals of seeing Amazonian women training with each other with some sort of cg effect to them look more bad ass was an eyesore. And the ending with "cg Magneto" was so uninspired and boring that it matched up on equal footing with how stupid BvS and Suicide Squad ended. But the middle part was decent. Seeing Diana in a real world that didn't look like a green screen was fine. However I will say that making her a character that succumbs to casual sex was off putting, just because part of her franchise charm is that she first sees the world as it is without temptations swerving her. To better illustrate, one of the finer moments from the animated movie was when Steve was trying to get her drunk and seduce her, while making a mess of himself, while she sat there unphased. Gal and Chris could have pulled that off beautifully if they were given the chance. But no, we got a typical Hollywood cut where strangers that just met wanna bang... It gets a C-; nothing memorable here that future generations will ever want to revisit imo. It's okay in the overall, and I'm sure casual movie fans will enjoy this movie fine enough. But it feels as if the media is so starved for a female led big budget action hero that all the talk of it being empowering for women is being thrust upon it rather than the film actually being empowering.
  6. Right now would be a great time to post that episode where Dan was playing DJ as a retarded older man who kept looking at pictures of both Becky actresses and repeating "she is my sister, but she's not my sister" lol... I just can't remember what episode that was haha
  7. Eddie's all we got left =( And Pearl was my least liked of the Seattle era bands, lol
  8. I don't know. There might have been too much of the white washing argument for any gender argument to be made. But from past interviews about Wonder Woman with comic creators, and DC's recent track record with mishandling their female creations in comic form (Batgirl specifically), I'm really curious if Wonder Woman will fill some kind of niche review market where it won't be the movie (possibly) sucking and that it's the fault of gender bias.
  9. I said "possible bombing" in relation to if it does fail then what will the blame be put on. You're the one doing the extreme defense of a movie with vague references to word of mouth *somethings* (not even giving references to written comments, video comments, or mentions of if these words are coming from your immediate neighborhood or the internet in general), all the while trying to manipulate my post into some kind of troll comment
  10. You're confused about my post that questions the idea of this movie having a double negative because you've double downed on believing a faintly positive word of mouth that you've given no sources for? Swell...
  11. I'm more curious about how many media outlets are going to blame Wonder Woman's (possible) bombing at the box office on some kind of gender inequality bias instead of it simply being a weak-to-terrible movie...
  12. Master and Commander came to mind immediately.
  13. Karl Urban did that one Fox television show even after he had starred in Dredd and Star Trek in theaters, so I'm holding out hope he won't mind returning to play Dredd in this show. Just keep this away from Fox and AMC, and it might have a decent chance of surviving with decent writing.
  14. Just got back. Solid B+ flik. There were one too many odd somber scenes where we get to see the heroes longing and crying, and the "playing catch" moment threw the movie off. But Bootista was excellent!
  15. Thought this might have been a follow up to It Folows lol. But this trailer looks halfway decent. Are there any word of mouth reviews about it yet?