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  1. I'm disappointed with it. The direction of the lyrics are way too narrow and specific for my tastes, and the beats accompanying each song sound uninspired. I didn't like the single 'Where's the Revolution' when it was released last month at all, and after listening to each track on the album I found myself going back to that single because it was the strongest song that was being offered. The only solace I can take with this album is that DM said this was going to be the last time they worked with the current producer(s) before finally moving on to someone else (this producer has been working with them since 3 albums ago, I believe - each one maybe offering one or two songs that were enjoyable in otherwise said boring albums). Hopefully this means that they'll return to a more "dance track" style with their future releases and that more Alan Wilder sounds will return (hell, if Wilder himself came back that would be bawls amazing). Depeche Mode is absolutely my favorite band of all time, but they're not bullet proof, and this album does nothing for their catalogue of albums imo. D+ grade.
  2. They should bring back Sarah Connor Chronicles. Lena Headey is ridiculously popular right now, and the show left off at a point that can easily be picked back up on.
  3. Col. Sanders pretty much ruined the franchise in part 2. So no, I don't care.
  4. No one wants to talk about the first episode? Definitely some adult shit with that birth scene and Jack's psychotic visions with the dead in the lake. The Sammy Davis robot could have been better, but it was fun nonetheless. Solid B+ first episode
  5. It's already been confirmed that this won't be an R-rated cut as noted on Twitter and CBR. It's just a cash in on the movie coming out with a new slip cover and possibly a steelbook for all the collector's out there
  6. What's funny is I still haven't taken mine out of the box and I'm thinking about just returning it lol
  7. What are going the hard things to find that one should really be on the hunt for? I have the console all paid for, so I'mma run to the electronics section and grab games and accessories before getting the console in the back of the store. Thing is, I don't know what all is gonna be hard to find that I should try and get first.
  8. It was pretty bad, imo. My friends and I were so disappointed at the end with everything - the basic movie story, how it tied to other movies, how it was self serving and did nothing for the X franchise as a whole, etc... The intro was so fucking fantastic (Superman's I mean (!!!)), and the movie had a lot of promise in the beginning. But then it got slow, and tiring, and cliche'd, and it turned into some hodgepodge story about Jackman and Stewart being old instead of actually explaining the world their characters were now living in and why shit was the way it was. And talk about the weakest fucking villain you could produce! And the weakest fucking ending you could produce! Oh God, I'm just getting angry thinking about it now Sorry, this is maybe an average C-grade movie. C+ at best because of the actress that played Laura.
  9. I'd rather this was animated by Genndy... But I'll take anything
  10. Without me really knowing what all is coming out yet, these are the ones I have an option on so far... January Underworld: Blood Wars (wait for home video) February The Space Between Us (wait for home video) John Wick: Chapter Two (wait for home video) Fist Fight (wait for home video) March Logan (theaters!) T2: Trainspotting (theaters!) Kong: Skull Island (wait for home video) Ghost in the Shell (not sure where yet) April The Fate of the Furious (wait for home video) May Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (theaters!) King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (wait for home video) Alien Covenant (not sure where yet) June Wonder Woman (not sure where yet) The Mummy (2017) (wait for home video) July Spider-Man: Homecoming (not sure where yet) War for the Planet of the Apes (theaters!) Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (not sure where yet) The Dark Tower (not sure where yet) September It (wait for home video) October Blade Runner 2049 (not sure where yet) Kingsman: The Golden Circle (not sure where yet) God Particle (wait for home video) November Thor: Ragnarok (theaters!) Justice League (not sure where yet) December Star Wars: Episode VIII (theaters!)
  11. I've always thought Cheers was the greatest simply because the show runners were able to maintain a constant quality of excellence throughout their multiple cast changes and additions. You went from Coach to Woody, Dianne to Rebecca, added in Frasier (who went on to do his own amazingly great spinoff show), added in Lilith and Kelly as female interests for those side characters, added reoccurring characters like the restaurant owner above the bar and billionaire Robin Colcord. Carla's multiple husbands, Harry (who was so successful that the actor was given Night Court as his own show), the rival bar owner Gary, and even the mention of Vera as an unseen character. To me, there's been no other show ever that had so many characters switching in and out that didn't kill the franchises momentum.
  12. Another crappy list, just like years before.
  13. After watching the video in the OP, this console kinda seems like an overblown handheld device... I dunno, every game they talked about feels like they're only good for 20 minutes at a time /shrugs
  14. Best - VVitch (i was never able to stop asking questions about this movie, which always kept me coming back to watch it. perfect, imo) CA: Civil War (because of how horrid BvA was, how God awful Apocalypse was, and how utterly shoulder shrugging Suicide Squad ended up being, I was gonna skip over this movie until a friend forced me to watch it at his house months after it left theaters. This very much restored my faith in comic book movies.) Star Trek Beyond (after the deep kick in the nuts that was the awful Into Darkness sequel, this was a great breath of fresh air for me. I'm actually really looking forward to the next film more so than anything else in 2017 atm) Deadpool (very fun, even though it wasn't psychotic enough for my tastes. I know I couldn't expect a live action version of the obscene comics or video game <there definitely was room for some better jokes>, but did we really need an exact recreation of the leaked highway scene to be put right back into the movie? Eh, it was still pretty enjoyable) The Purge: Election Year (i know, a really cheesy movie. but ever since the second one, this franchise just offers up nothing but guns and people using them. Plus, with Frank Grillo starring, nothing is ever bad imo <yea yea, chocolate bar...>) Gods of Egypt (a great throwback to the campy Ray Harryhausen movies from the 60's. this was far more enjoyable as a spectacle than what people wanted to see it as - an epic drama) Meh - Suicide Squad (this is the best DC could do? cuz it is, and everything other than Leto just sucked) Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (extremely flawed. better than TFA; yes. but that was no gem itself) The Jungle Book (pointless. it took away all the charm from the original animation and offered nothing new outside of seeing animal special effects everywhere. if anything, it stole away the animation's fantastic ending that my grandfather absolutely loved.) Independence Day: Resurgence (not the worst thing I ever saw <and since i hated the first one, this one might actually be more enjoyable to me if I were to compare the two, lol>) Arrival (very forgettable. so much so that I can't even remember why I left the theater unimpressed with what I had just seen.) 10 Cloverfield Lane (i was with this movie right until that whole ending act. and I so hate the Spielberg formula of turning a mystery <of sorts> into an over explained piece of trash with an additional 20 minutes of nonsense. this movie just barely stayed out of the 'worst' category for me) London Has Fallen (i like Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart. this movie sucked. it balances out to 'meh') The Huntsman: Winter's War (a movie made just because you have certain actors in place to star in it. it wasn't horrible *coughXMencough*, but there wasn't anything good about it) Triple 9 (i watched it at home and didn't think much of it.) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (i don't know anything about the original pride and prejudice story, so the irony was lost on me. maybe if i did know something about what this is satirizing, i might have enjoyed it?) Worst - The Killing Joke (utter garbage, ruined by a once champion of fine DC storytelling who's decided that his infatuation with the 1960's television show should now influence one of the most polarizing stories in all of the Bat-lore franchise. utter garbage.) Batman v Superman (the deep kick in the nuts of this years movies for me. this dam well nearly ruined any enjoyment and excitement I would have had for any future comic franchise movies because I was so looking forward to it <like, since I was a young child with my grandfather>. and realize the domino effect that was happening. after this, there was apocalypse, then suicide squad, and then my attempt at gouging my eyes out for seeing such tripe. if it wasn't for Civil War, I would have given up entirely on the genre.) X-Men: Apocalypse (way to ruin the franchise with what should have been the strongest villain you still haven't used, with the deepest roster of actors to still pull from - young and old - and you come up with this piece of shit?) The Nice Guys (i swear, I just don't see the attraction with Shane Black movies. i give this board every opportunity to impress me with any recommendation of mr. black's directing career, and they all fall so flat. and this movie was just painfully boring and unappealing to me. not worse than iron man 3, but bad.) Wanted to see, but missed - Doctor Strange (see my BvS/Civil War dilemma for why I missed this) Jason Bourne (i missed the last one with Renner, so I guess I wasn't waiting on pins and needles for this one. but i still bought it on bluray to watch eventually) The Angry Birds Movie (i never really played the game, but the scene with the giant bird pissing the water had me chuckling. so I had interest, and still kinda do) Sausage Party (i need to get my friends together to see this, cuz watching it alone is gonna rob me a good time I'm gonna guess) The Accountant (I just bought the bluray this week) Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (with all my Tom Cruise bashing rhetoric, I really liked the first one and was happy to hear about a sequel being made. but after poor reviews, and no one else really having any interest in it besides me, I decided to wait to see it.) Kubo and the Two Strings (I bought it on bluray, but haven't gotten to it yet.) Warcraft (Duncan Jones directing had my interest, and that's about it) Zoolander 2 (still love the first one, so i at least need to give this one a shot) Keanu (premise seemed amusing. but I don't know key and peele all too well) Bad Santa 2 (see Zoolander 2) Hardcore Henry (no one wanted to see it with me in theaters, so I missed it. then I bought it on bluray, and my apartment needed <needs> renovation, and all my movies were <are> in storage. so, I still haven't seen it) Green Room (people enjoyed it, so why not?) Ip Man 3 (just for iron mike, I suppose) Shin Godzilla (just for Godzilla, I suppose <and also to get the terrible taste of that last American one outta my mouth>) The Neon Demon (i'm not sure why. i saw it being talked about on bluray.com, so I went out and bought it)
  15. I'm just hoping Disney does a Starkiller arc at some point which will show a bunch of Jedi being hunted down by him and Vader, whether it's in Rebels or a spin-off movie or a comic; or something!