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  1. Ava Duvernay To Direct The New Gods For Warners/DC

    DC has so ruined this era of comic book movies that no one should really care about this. Just ignore it and move on, imo. That way at worst it's everything you've feared it was gonna be, and at best it's a surprise hit that will make you happy. it'll suck
  2. LTTP: The Last Jedi

    I can't answer this. My head still hurts too much from the other thread with all the dumb bantering and name calling that happened over there. If you're really curious, here's my first spoiler free post right after I saw the movie and here's my spoiler filled post after the thread opened them up. And if you wanna see all the little nitpicking crap I replied to, you can view posts 1 2 3 and 4, lol
  3. LTTP: The Last Jedi

    I parallel TLJ to The Dark Knight Rises. It's well made, by all means. But the narrative and plot points ruin the entire experience, especially when you have a strong(er) movie that came before and you're doing all you can to change what it's/they've set up for you. But unlike DKR, TLJ did more than ignore previous movies. It actively went out of its way to try and ruin their meanings, all the while telling you that as a fan you suck for liking them.
  4. Deadpool 2 last minute reshoots

    I've been following Dark Horizons for almost 20 years now. The web author isn't a news breaker, but he's pretty consistent with keeping up with industry posts and has a good community of commenters and followers.
  5. Deadpool 2 last minute reshoots

    Seems like either a Fox Studios spin or a legit claim of these poor testings being fake is coming out. From DarkHorizons: Over the weekend several social media posts surfaced suggesting the first test screenings for the “Deadpool” sequel went badly with execs at Fox allegedly confused by the reaction. Some were taken down apparently at the order of Fox, others suggested extensive reshoots were taking place. While test screenings for the film have happened, some of the reporting on this seemed sketchy – especially as the reshoots on the film already took place back in January, had long been scheduled and were done fairly quickly (and before the most recent test screening). Now some further sources have come forward with both Marvel Studios News and Collider weighing in and according to them, scores from the test screenings were high with each scoring over a 90. Collider chief Steve Weintraub says on Twitter: “Have seen a completely untrue report of ‘Deadpool 2’ testing poorly. From what I heard the first two test screenings both scored over 90 with the second one scoring close to the top mark. I’ve also spoken to people that saw it. Everyone said it’s excellent. Fans will love.” Additionally both the original complaints and Marvel Studios News suggest what issue people have had with the film is not with the tone or gags, but rather the plot. The film is trying to be different, so much so it includes a twist which “sounded rather brilliant [but] may bother some fans” and could be as discussion-inducing as the Mandarin twist in “Iron Man 3”. However those the site has spoken to who’ve seen the film said the reveal didn’t bother them. The first “Deadpool” scored a decent 65/100 with critics on Metacritic, but was a massive hit both at the box-office and with its target audience. The R-rated “Deadpool 2,” starring cuddle buddies Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin, opens in cinemas on May 18th.
  6. WWE Fastlane 2018

    Honestly, I have no real cares about any of the matches for Wrestlemania other than Styles/Naka. So watching these watered down, garbage build up shows are doing nothing for me anyways. And even still, I know Shinsuke won't be getting the final main event match. So even that match annoys me already, lol
  7. Deadpool 2 last minute reshoots

    It could be that Fox forced way too much of their own ingredients into this. Kinda like Iron Man 2, this might just be a vessel to get X-Factor, New Mutants, and any other property out there instead of focusing on the titular character.
  8. WWE Fastlane 2018

    This entire show was awful. Nothing important got changed for Wrestlemania, and Randy winning the US title was pointless. D-
  9. What shows should a streaming service bring back?

    They could always go back to the same movie format they did when the original series ended. They weren't great, but they weren't bad imo
  10. What shows should a streaming service bring back?

    Are we talking cartoons or live action? How 'bout both? -Silverhawks (can this get a chance, finally?) -Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (hopefully the intended reboot picks back up) -Hannibal -Penny Dreadfull -The Knick -X-Men animated (anything! the 90's X-Men show, the 00's Wolverine and the X-Men show, something new! Anything!!) -Firefly (Dreams! Don't! Die!) -Terminator Sarah Conner Chronicles -Futurama -Sym-Bionic Titan (Samurai Jack got a final season. Give this one its due!) -Genndy's Clone Wars (Give Genndy something/anything Star Wars to animate!)
  11. Judge Dredd: Mega-City One series

    I think Urban said something like he's been in talks about coming back, but that the franchise is in a rights dispute and that this series even being made is still up in the air until everything gets settled. In any case, I really want to see him back as Dredd, but only if it's treated the same way as the movie was. Otherwise, it might be a waste of his talent.
  12. Vaporwave music? Anyone heard of it?

    @Keyser_Soze I heard someone listening to Plastic Love when I was watching him stream Mario on Twitch, and one of the comments on its Youtube page called it 'Vaporwave'. I tried looking up more tracks, but I'm only finding one user that has various tracks (Artzie Music). I guess its genre is taking older (1980's) Japanese pop songs and remixing them with modern retro beats. Is this new? Are there any known good mixers/songs out there to look up that are similar?
  13. Star Wars Rebels - Series Ending

    This was okay, but Star Wars storytelling in general is making me weary. We're getting to the point where Jedis are almost alchemists who can do anything, and the time travel element and the space whales this season were just kinda lame imo. I think the real excitement for me is the idea of this ending so another show can be made that might bring in the characters I've been longing to see again (Starkiller, Mara, maybe Talon). If anything, I'm hoping Filoni does a post-RotJ series where he doesn't finger bang Luke like TLJ did
  14. Highlander Reboot Is Moving Forward

    Yea, Kawajiri was the Ninja Scroll director who did this. It's been a number of years since I saw this, but I remember liking it a lot more than any of the movie sequels (and some seasons of the tv show, lol) I do kinda remember not liking the US edit/dub compared to the uncut Japanese version. But it was never officially released, so I don't know how anyone would watch that version today
  15. Highlander Reboot Is Moving Forward

    I wish there was a copy of the unedited anime movie out there. As it was released, it was a decent story of the Highlander kinda wasting his life chasing down the villain, all while the villain was doing things to give meaning to his own existence. I kinda remember the quote of the villain being like "I can write poetry in seven different languages, and you've done nothing but sought vengeance for all these years" (or something like that). If no one here has seen it before, definitely check it out.