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  1. So, with the gify glitch you would submit the url of the uploaded image at gify.com to the icon menu, and then D1P would show the resize box at a 1x1 ratio over your non-1x1 image for you to focus on any specific area of a larger image. It used to be that whether or not you touched that resize box it didn't matter because the image that showed in your profile and in your threads would show up at the original gify proportion. And now, since the top right mini icon shows up at the correct ratio/proportions, that must mean that the thread icon area is actually demanding to be filled to its maximum instead of capping the height and adjusting the width appropriately. Right?
  2. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    War/Planet/Apes - 3/10 What a sucky, disappointing movie. I enjoyed what little I did because I'm familiar enough with the original Heston movie that I liked seeing how this film tied back to the lore of that movie. But what made War so bad wasn't the story and the events that happened in it, per se. It was lack of daring and cliche'd outcomes to the multiple interesting avenues that were being presented to us all throughout. It was similar to Ridley Scott and his Prometheus movie where we got idiotic story telling in a daring world. We would get multiple fascinating situations and then a climax to all of them that included horrible music scores and really bad visuals, akin to what amateur television directors put in place to try and guide a viewer into feeling a certain emotion. And that's what I felt was happening all throughout this movie. We'd get a great set up, some interesting progressions of it, and then a terrible outcome terribly framed that just insulted me. It's a very, very weak film =(
  3. My mini icon in the top right of the page is stretched to the original image's ratio in it's micro size. But my icon shows up as a perfect 1x1 square in all the thread sections, distorting the original image. For some reason we used to be able to upload animated gifs to giphy.com and D1P would glitch (glitch??) and allow your icons to show up as the correct ratio in posting threads. But it seems that glitch is gone now... What else can we do?
  4. What 4 spin-offs would you like for GoT?

    Honestly (and I'm not trying to troll the thread) there should be nothing made after the main series. It could only go downhill, and doing a bad series could only ruin the high shine the main the show has given us. At best, a bad spin-off would just be forgotten (like The Thing movie prequel released a few years back). But at worst you could ruin ideas and actions that happened on the main show (like the Star Wars prequels).
  5. I'm really hoping this all leads to Kathleen Kennedy's undoing. There's way too much "corporate focus" behind all these decisions of what characters are getting their own solo movies, that the new movies all need to be based around the OT, and putting the franchise decisions in the hands of a very select few while giving various (weak) director's further decisions that effect entire continuities in books and video games and other media outlets.
  6. Netflix Announces A Castlevania TV Series For 2017

    I just got done watching the final episode, and overall the series was decent. It badly needs a lot of the iconic music from the various games to be remixed and included cuz what we got was generic and forgettable. Also, the idea of the evil Christian church being too dumb and blind to know how villainous they actually are is a pretty boring concept. But I do appreciate the little we got in the end with how holy water and certain Catholic relics actually do fight off the demons. Visually it was okay, but the ridiculous raunch of the Hammer Horror films needs to be implemented in the designs of the characters. There needs to be skimpy clothed women that show off more leg and cleavage than magic powers, macho muscled heroes with cut off sleeves and square jaws, and monsters based off of more than just vampires. Still, it was decent. Every episode ended way too quickly, and I'm hoping next season really explores more of Dracula's castle than just some dingy town square. C+
  7. Spider-Man: Homecoming Tomatometer watch

    I just saw it last night, and it was pretty entertaining. I'm not a Spider-Man fan in general, really, so my opinions have to be taken with a grain of salt. But I'm glad they took the convenience of downtown New York away from him for a change (not being able to swing to-and-from every problem all the time, and finally being in a different city altogether was nice). Also, I didn't like his suit taking over some of his original powers. He gets a drone and computer assisted sensory (which sucked in general) while there was nothing about his original Spider-sense even existing. And the Avengers 1 plot of there being alien tech out and about is a bit old, so that was kind of a chore to get through (having seen it in Agents of SHIELD already). But the villains were good, and Michael Keaton can do no wrong in anything these days, imo. And that God-awful looking Avengers Spidey suit Tony had for him at the end was so off putting! Thank merciful Jesus it's gone for now... I think my biggest gripe is the MJ part. There was no need for the change what-so-ever (both physically and mentally) and it combined with a feeling I'm getting from Disney as a whole where there's just some odd agenda to change races and personalities when there's no need for one. Odd-ball nerd he's oblivious to who's pining for Peter? And her name's not even Mary?? It's a bit forced feeling... I liked Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man the best, still, but I enjoyed the universe and story of this movie the most outta the three franchises, I think. Solid B+
  8. Batman Returns at 25 - Looking back

    I remember no one liking this movie when it came out at first, and it was only because the next two Batman movies were so horrible that people unfairly started calling Returns great. I can watch it today and see the great art direction and and visual themes that Burton did, but the movie still kinda sucks as a Batman story.
  9. Han Solo loses directors Lord and Miller

    Seems like industry professionals that are fans of the Star Wars franchise can't wait to be a part of the lore, but then hit the merciless business wall called Di$ney and either have to make a crap movie based on a business criteria or need to quit because there just isn't any fun in it...
  10. There Won't Be Blood

    This won't be true. Marvel still hasn't cast him as some obscure character yet...
  11. Simon Kinberg To Direct X-Men: Dark Phoenix

    Even after the atrocity that was Apocalypse, I still had a sliver of hope this franchise would magically turn around. but with Lawrence returning I'm officially done. Fuck her, fuck Fox, Fuck Disney ...
  12. Official WONDER WOMAN movie thread!!!

    Shine on you crazy diamond!
  13. Official WONDER WOMAN movie thread!!!

    Just got back... The movie is way overrated. There's lackluster cg EVERYWHERE (the cg company was even called Double Negative, lol), DC comics lame romance with having giant cg monsters as the final boss is beyond retarded, and the awkward/redundant/uninspired/typical/clichéd hero poses and phrases all over the place is just tiring. Gadot made me a believer of the character and how she can play her, but DC just can't tell a good story for the life of 'em. The beginning on the island just sucked, and taking out the story element of the tournament that gave Diana the right to leave with Steve was sorely missed imo. The odd visuals of seeing Amazonian women training with each other with some sort of cg effect to them look more bad ass was an eyesore. And the ending with "cg Magneto" was so uninspired and boring that it matched up on equal footing with how stupid BvS and Suicide Squad ended. But the middle part was decent. Seeing Diana in a real world that didn't look like a green screen was fine. However I will say that making her a character that succumbs to casual sex was off putting, just because part of her franchise charm is that she first sees the world as it is without temptations swerving her. To better illustrate, one of the finer moments from the animated movie was when Steve was trying to get her drunk and seduce her, while making a mess of himself, while she sat there unphased. Gal and Chris could have pulled that off beautifully if they were given the chance. But no, we got a typical Hollywood cut where strangers that just met wanna bang... It gets a C-; nothing memorable here that future generations will ever want to revisit imo. It's okay in the overall, and I'm sure casual movie fans will enjoy this movie fine enough. But it feels as if the media is so starved for a female led big budget action hero that all the talk of it being empowering for women is being thrust upon it rather than the film actually being empowering.
  14. Roseanne return?

    Right now would be a great time to post that episode where Dan was playing DJ as a retarded older man who kept looking at pictures of both Becky actresses and repeating "she is my sister, but she's not my sister" lol... I just can't remember what episode that was haha
  15. Eddie's all we got left =( And Pearl was my least liked of the Seattle era bands, lol