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  1. Drop everything and watch Made in Abyss

    I'm not above torrenting, lol The first episode shows a lot of promise. Good animation, nice character designs, and an interesting concept. But the two songs that played were really awful (intro outro?) Hopefully the soundtrack get's better. This wasn't bad at all, and I'll try checking out the rest at some point.
  2. Star Wars - Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Official Trailer

    ^^^ Don't forget the Clone Wars and Rebels counting towards the movies... And the new novels... And the comics... And the side movies not part of the 'Episodes' movies... And anything else Disney is newly creating as "cannon"
  3. Star Wars - Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Official Trailer

    I guess the only way I'm ever going to like a Di$ney movie is when they finally film their "Nazi Supermen are our Superiors" script
  4. Halloween is upon us....and I'm barely scraping anything together for it. A couple of these movies I had never seen until capturing these caps.. Sooo... thanks for broadening my film spectrum?? Previous Threads: Year One Year Two Year Three Year Four Year Five Year Six 6.01NSFW: Guess the Screencaps - August "Icon dimensions are finally fixed, so lets mouthsex the forums" edition Try not to spoil the movies and just post your results in your replies. Movies 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  5. Star Wars - Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Official Trailer

    It's out - I shrugged - Whatever... How many of these stories are gonna rely on a single note premise? "We're bigger/badder/stronger/better than ever!" "Starkiller base is three times bigger and Rey is ten times stronger!11! Raawwrrr!!"
  6. I just read it's going to be "remastered," but there were no specifics as to if that meant if it would be treated to a 2k or 4k scan of the film elements. And then who knows if this will actually have touch ups, color corrections, and/or dnr to clean up any film grain and/or scratch marks. PLUS, it still isn't clear if this release is for the entire Batman run (including the 24 episodes of New Adventures), or just the first 85 episodes. I don't watch this show often enough to warrant a repurchase if it's just gonna be some clunky large box set that won't fit on my shelf. The dvds are good enough, and I'm in no hurry to replace mine if these blurays end up having multiple problems (remixed audio, high price tag, edited episodes form their original broadcast, etc). But, cool news...
  7. Punisher Series Postponed In The Wake of The Vegas Shooting

    Replacing all the guns with walkie talkies won't be modern, though =/
  8. Die Hard 6 is happening

    So we had a skyscaper, an airport, a city, the entire internet, and then whatever 5 was as the venue for each movie. Maybe 6 should be in space?
  9. Just finished the first episode, and it's bad. Not horribly made bad, but "it's not Star Trek" bad. And I don't care what anyone says about Michelle Yeoh - she's a lousy actress. Giving her all those scenes of (equally lousy) serious dialogue just brings the overall tone of those said scenes down in quality, imo. And all the slanted camera angles, the changes to the Klingons, the "busy but not doing anything" bridge shots, the non-military looking bridge, and terrible exposition between the characters are all so cluster fucked... BUT! There's potential. There are some ideas that have promise, and the cgi is done very well. Maybe episode 2 will pick the series up?
  10. Tomb Raider Movie Poster and Teaser. Trailer tomorrow

    That neck is something awful, lol
  11. 'John Wick: Chapter Three' Releases May 17, 2019

    I guess maybe it's just that part 1 didn't impress me at all, and then 2 did a 180 and was slick as hell (I especially loved the tailor and arms dealer scene), and then we get bums... Good idea, I suppose. But now instead of talking about guns as a four course meal we're gonna get crack pipe analogies =/
  12. 'John Wick: Chapter Three' Releases May 17, 2019

    I really hope they get rid of the hobo's... It's just a giant turd of an idea on an otherwise slick story
  13. It's clear CBS has no one working for them that has any idea about how to make Star Trek successful, or how to successfully make a Star Trek show. With the way they botched the advertising for TNG bluray (and subsequently cancelled DS9 and Voyager from getting a release when they deemed TNG a failure), to the way they can't figure out how to promote Discovery to any type of audience (be they new or old fans), to the way they're even releasing the new show as a catapult to subscribe to their own streaming service - it's all just a mess. I'll watch the first episode guaranteed. But I should be excited to see a new Trek series rather than lamenting it =(
  14. It - RT Score so far suggests amazingness.

    It was very good, but there were some off putting scenes in it. I didn't dig the cgi painting monster, and I was more unsettled by the loud bangs and audio cues that provided more jumps than what was visually on screen. It's not scary, but it tenses me up when I know something's coming before it does and I'm distracted by that sense of a loud boom looming rather than being able to absorb what's on screen. It's definitely why I don't enjoy horror fliks in theaters and would rather watch them at home with my shitty tv speakers. Otherwise, I really dug the library scene and especially the flooded basement scene. And by the way, did anyone else notice in the library My friend was trying to read the pages and said he missed it, and I thought it was a great atmospheric touch to the scene. Because the ending to this movie changed enough of the book and first movie I wonder how the adult versions are going to have the same motivations now that the children in this movie didn't go through what they did originally. I'm curious, so I'll definitely see the sequel. Anywho, solid B+
  15. Since IT is receiving so much praise, it's probably only a matter of time before Kennedy hires Andy Muschietti and then fires him for not wanting to make her crappy ideas into a movie.