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  1. Gee, you and I must be two peas in a pod since I have a distaste for Disney in general and am wrong because of bullshit you want to propagate... Except I said nothing in my opinion post that was off base from what anyone else is complaining about.
  2. I just got back from a midnight showing, and this was an awful, terrible movie. I truly can't express how stupid most all of the narrative decisions were in this flik, and just how disrespectful it was to the OT. The most horrendous of decisions was how they (the writers? Disney??) handled Luke, but also how this movie literally focused on one plot point that took 2 1/2 hours to tell. Characters you don't care about came and went, characters you do care about did nothing, and it all unfolded so slowly that you're literally bored to tears by the time the movie gets to anyone that might be interesting. Rey is bullshit, and had a chance to be something really special before cliche'd writing happened. Finn had a great start at being something special, and they did nothing with him but relegate him to being a fool that's along for the ride. Poe had some great potential to being something like a reverse Han Solo from ANH, but then nothing happened - I guess we can wait for Ep. 9 to do something? Ren is just clunky and still feels like he's being forced down our throats as the bad guy - there wasn't one new thing about him revealed that furthered any character growth or lore. And don't get me started on fucking Leia. Yea, that scene. And then all the lame jokes and light hearted beats that every scene had were atrocious. It was like watching C3PO in Ep. 2 all over again, where what should have been a tense scene of Jedis dying in an epic arena battle gots mocked with his kiddie humor. And it's the same type of shit that's in every scene in this movie! People throw on these odd charming smiles at blatant shots of other people dying or being wracked in pain. It was mind boggling. No, this wasn't a good movie at all. And anyone that tells you otherwise is suffering from Star Wars hype or is in denial.
  3. Blood Music Is Now Publishing Video Games

    Kind of a bummer that their focus is changing, cuz their music was very decent. But maybe by making games they'll somehow be able to pump out more tracks due to a need for more music??
  4. Netflix Punisher news

    I'm actually a pretty decent reader and can identify the intentions of things written. And when I see someone calling my attitude "gross", especially when their comments are based on some fabrication they concocted instead of what that said person wrote (me), it comes off pretty hostile. But it's all good =)
  5. Netflix Punisher news

    The anger is real on the D1P forums, lol
  6. We can't dream of a Glenn Danzig Wolverine anymore? lol
  7. Netflix Punisher news

    Lemme guess, there will be a He-Man crossover episode where he's proven to be weaker, stupider, and apologetic for being a man? Awesome.
  8. Honestly, as fun as crossovers can be, I've never really wanted to see a big team up in the DCU to begin with. Though admittedly, while Batman v Superman had long been a dream to see on screen, I've never, ever had an urge to see Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern and Aquaman and Flash all teamed up together with DC's main three in a JL movie. And maybe that was why Justice League was as disappointing as it was for me - I didn't really care to begin with. Seeing anyone in the DC roster in spurts with each other would be fun (like if in a standalone flik one or two would appear while not being vital to the main story - like Superman racing Flash for charity before going on to fight Zod, or Green Lantern delivering something to Aquaman's kingdom before either of them does their own thing). But these characters feel more like they should be alone when compared to the likes of the Avengers or X-Men imo.
  9. I might do reserved seating, but that's the most I'll pay for. The second Disney's pc machine reveals Luke is gay, I'm leaving anyways lol
  10. Well that sucks. I want to be a big fan of this series, and was happy enough with season 1. But if Fuller is out and the budget is gonna stay relatively the same as S1's did, my hype is gonna wane for anything else that's upcoming =/
  11. Mess her up and put her behind a mask and you can use her as much as you want. Or just wait until her career is in a slump and have her cameo as an old lady in some trilogy years down the line
  12. Anyone watching Punisher?

    Solid A/A+ series. My only complaint really was how much they downplayed Frank's injuries from one episode to the next. At first it was okay, but then towards the end he'd have something like a broken rib puncturing his lung and in the next he was well enough to do cqc with some other badass soldier. It just got to the point where his wounds were more of a distraction to me than what the narrative of each fight was about. I actually said out loud "How in the hell is he bleeding so much? Where the hell is he getting all this blood from?" lol Still, the action was top notch and the story was decent. It had a bit of a lull in the middle with the psycho solider first freaking out, and then the computer dude's son and daughter were annoying. But even still, I'm eager to see a season 2!
  13. Anyone watching Punisher?

    Just finished ep. 3 and it's absolutely everything I wanted it and hoped it would be! Bernthal is perfect in the role, and the gun play combined with the fight choreography rivals any big budget movie released in the past 5 years, imo. I'm actually shocked this slipped through Disney's usual "mother knows best" censorship, cuz the violence is really in your face, and it's perfect (so far).
  14. Star Wars or Star Trek?

    A little biased in the way you labelled the selections, eh?
  15. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    This movie alone isn't going to heal any of the old wounds that BvS, SS and MoS left us with. And at best I can only hope JL doesn't move the DC Universe needle further down towards the absolute trash rating, cuz at least Wonder Woman stopped said needle from plummeting even farther down even if it didn't elevate it higher (sorry fanboy and social justice warriors. WW was okay, but it wasn't the end-all-be-all movie that reviewers wanna say it is). I guess we'll see what's what next week...