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  1. Could they not just delete the emote and keep one of the few game modes people have to play at end game, then just bring the emote back when it's fixed? Seems extreme, eh?
  2. Four challenges, four guaranteed loot drops, four Ghost Primus! Fuck yeah!
  3. Aww, I'm so sad about the state of hunters. I only play mine on patrol, he's always the last to raid or nightfall. Between the useless class ability and recovery stats it's just too much of a liability to run the tough stuff when warlocks and titans can handle it with ease.
  4. Yeah, they're just making it easier for people to buy a second machine, but it does nothing for those worried about losing their saves.
  5. Ha, yeah, that sounds about right. Like you can get through that section with four bullets and two melees, but he was just not getting it. Ignoring us would explain it. Nice enough guy, and when he finally got it he laughed at how easy it was, but man that was rough - it was literally almost an hour of attempts before I finally made it through the guantlet without exploding.
  6. It's funny how rarely you get auras, but they have their own inventory slot. Like, there wasn't an iron banner or faction aura, just prestige nightfall/raid/trials flawless. Majority of players will never equip one. I'd be fine having the auras be automatic and use that menu area for a second selectable emote.
  7. There is a delicate balance between wanting everyone to learn how to excel in all roles, and not wanting to spend four frustrating hours wiping on a raid because the person doesn't get it or just can't do it.
  8. It's not the knowing all roles I fear, it's the confusion and add control this will lead to in weaker fireteams.
  9. I run it as warlock, it's easy. Maybe easiest, the floaty jump is actually a benefit cause you can just glide right up to the wall and the shooters bring the barrier down just as you get to it. With titan and hunter I always get there too quick and have to wait on the ledge and then jump up. Nut saw the calus changes on reddit. Fuck it, I'm out.
  10. That #2 change on gauntlet should have been the default, so everyone could get practice and learn the fucking thing so you're not doing the whole encounter and then wiping cause people somehow got through three years of D1 and a few months of D2 without ever learning how to jump. Pleasure gardens doesn't sound too much harder, could probably still one phase it?
  11. Your Personal 3DS Mt Rushmore

    Nice. Original or sequel? They're fun once you get the controls down, though it's a bit of a learning curve. Both have great track lists, even made me appreciate FF13's music even if the game wasn't all that great.
  12. Your Personal 3DS Mt Rushmore

    And do you like Final Fantasy? Specifically the music? The theatrythm games are so good. The second has a bigger soundtrack, and more to do, but the first still grabbed me more. They're weird, but they're really great rhythm games if you dig the genre and music. Hmm... Resident Evil Revelations was phenomenal back in the day, but it can probably be had cheaper with better graphics elsewhere. If you dig Picross, they released like a million of them on the eshop. I bought them all. Animal crossing was life absorbing. Fire Emblem: Awakening was pretty good, the rest were awful. Mario on switch is stealing its thunder, but 3D land is so fucking good. NSMB2 is not. And yeah, the zelda remakes are both awesome, and have a really weird effect where they look exactly like the old N64 version do in your rose-tinted memory. At first I was like, huh, doesn't look like that much of a remake, it's the same game! Then you see a comparison video and it's wild how bad the original looks in contrast to the remakes.
  13. I would laugh my ass off if seasons meant wiping everyone's progress. I know season probably just means gear roll refreshes and a new set of armor or two, but man I'd like to see the reddit explosion if it were a wipe.