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  1. I've been playing the latest expansion and I didn't even notice this change. Mostly because I'm so rusty and dying so much that my grenade was always full, but also because every main choke point is still pretty grenade spammy. Was this change supposed to reduce grenade spam?
  2. Yup, stealth armor was a little too stealthy when you got two good mods, but I loved it. It was the main armor I wore.
  3. Never played the other ones. I will say the combat and controls in general are awful. The horse controls awful, the swimming controls will test your will to live. The menus are atrocious. There's a memory leak with your inventory that will crash your game after a while. And yet it's one of the best rpgs I've ever played, so you know it's gotta be good to overcome all that.
  4. A week! Ha! For real though, this game is endless. I'm almost starting to get angry at the devs. They included too much quality content. You're supposed to sacrifice quantity for quality, or vice versa. This is like having your cake, eating it, then finding out there's a fuckton more cake, all delicious and begging you to eat it as well. And don't forget the pie and crepe dlc add-ons as well. I finally made it to kaer morhen by accidentally triggering a quest, immediately left to go back to skellige and keep doing side shit. It's ENDLESS.
  5. That Josh dude from the stream just confirmed on Twitter pocket infinity is not coming back. Such a shame.
  6. Still probably just an announcement for an announcement
  7. by the way, you ever delete about 80 fully levelled legendary items in a row and totally forget that you've been maxed out at 200 legendary marks the whole time? Man, the spinmetal I could have bought...
  8. I did it. I purged the vault. So many promising fusion rifles, so many beautiful cloaks, so many sniper rifles that hadn't been leveled up at all, merely tucked away in the half-hearted hope that maybe this was the roll that would make me good at sniping. All the year one stuff went as well, except pocket infinity, murmur and my first legendary, a scout rifle. I was at 107/108 on weapons and armor. Despite all that deleting I'm still at 67/108 for weapons, and 60 for armor. There's a bunch of exotics I never use that I could delete (you never know when hereafter will be the meta, better hang on to that), so there's room for more cuts.
  9. Thinking about it. Do a fresh start, save one or two sets of armor, delete all guns except exotics and the best legendaries I have for each archetype. Could, could. I somehow doubt it'll still need the crux, but you never know. @pepitojones. Bridge cheese aside, does anyone remember how to do Crota orge phase?
  10. Yeah, but I'll get radiant shards while Bru walks away with exotic versions of fang, word, oversold edict and Necrochasm, along with three exotic engrams.
  11. Oh I know, I just want to be angry now rather than later. Why put it off.
  12. Also glad to see all the kings fall armor and guns don't look as cool as other raids, so there continues to be no reason to play it. Solid stream! I do wish they'd have clarified how Necrochasm and mythoclast will be earned. Rng drop for Year 3 version, or can I grab one out of the vault cause I earned the shit out of those guns already? What was it, 34 Atheon kills before I finally got mythoclast?
  13. Exotic fatebringer has arc, legendary does not. I'm ok with this. All raids have exotic primaries with elemental damage, only possible for it to drop during feature weekly raid. Ornamented vault armor sets are bad ass. I have no room in my vault for all this shit.
  14. This is what I like to hear. I still think I'm going to pass on it for now and pick up persona instead, but somewhere down the line I'll be getting it for sure.