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  1. I am 100% on board with this if each game/region has the same level of care and attention to detail as origins, with discovery tour modes as well.
  2. God of War previews arrive next week

    I'm not watching any of those videos. I can't wait for this, it's been too long. I'm replaying God of War 3 remastered on titan difficulty to get me back in tip top god-murdering shape.
  3. Equip a bow that heals on hit. I always have a predator bow for stealth and a light bow for health regen. For bosses I switched the predator out for this awesome warrior bow that inflicts bleeding and fire in the same shot, it is incredible. Like an ancient egyptian shotgun.
  4. The first expansion was very much just more of the same from the campaign, and there's nothing wrong with thay, but the second adds a surprising amount of new content - a huge new map, lots of new weapons, outfits, level perks, etc, and some new enemies. It feels like the original game, the gameplay loop is the same, but everything's been turned up to eleven. If you love the main game, you'll love the dlc, but if you're satisfied with the base game I'd say play the also amazing titanfall and ratchet instead. It's not like they're gonna stop selling the dlc, and that titanfall campaign is too good to ignore!
  5. Assassin's creed origins' latest dlc. Oh man it's good!
  6. This DLC definitely delivers. Thebes might be my new favourite area of the game, it's a really cool city. The pacing of these dlc releases has been perfect. Not too soon, not too late, it always feels like a great time to jump back in.
  7. Me too. I love the uncharted series, but TR and Rise both felt like they out-did uncharted in the gameplay department. The stories are a bit hit or miss though. The first one was quite good, the second one wasn't quite there.
  8. Nintendo Direct announced March 8th

    Mario Tennis looked really good, but all the splatoon stuff looked incredible. I had a lot of fun with the story campaign, I'll definitely grab that dlc.
  9. Diablo 3 has a free StarCraft pet

    There's a cosmetic section in the items section of your inventory.
  10. With all the recent positivity, I'm interested to see how the sequel turns out.
  11. I hear you - this one was a lot of work to 100% as well, kinda regretted committing to it towards the end, but I'd already done so much it would have felt wrong to not do it all
  12. Finally finished Final Fantasy 12 after playing it off and on since last July. Got the platinum, did all the things. I gotta say, this was one hell of a game, especially the cutscenes and music, and the crew of characters are some of my favourites in the series. Wish I'd played it when it originally came out!