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  1. Dusty engrams, bought with silver dust, will presumably drop that exclusive Camelot gear. I wonder why they're stopping IB and trials for D1. Just as a kick in the pants to get the sequel, or does it actually require someone at Bungie to flip switches and make these events go live? You'd think they could just set them to pick a random map for trials and a random game type for IB and keep them going on an automated schedule. Not that it really matters, I don't see too many people actually sticking with D1 for years to come to play shitty crucible. Maybe to revisit the raids.
  2. Me too. I've almost pulled the trigger on Shantae so many times, just to have a reason to pick up my switch. I don't even really want to play Shantae, it just seems like the only decent option. I also put down Zelda when I beat it, thinking the dlc will bring me back to finish the remaining shrines, upgrade some armor, etc. But what they've shown so far hasn't really enticed me either. Maybe I'll bite if the first pack gets good word of mouth.
  3. Gotta collect those ghosts eggy! Destiny 1 playstation exclusives are coming to Xbox in October. Better late than never I suppose.
  4. Nice, but it remains to be seen if this game has legs.
  5. That will be great to type urls into a web browser, search for movies on netflix and message your friends!
  6. I was the same, but you should really give them a try. It's fun. Bomb casters were my least used weapon, but by the end I loved them (at the beginning I didn't know you had to hold the button to fire them farther, thought they were useless ) . Traps I only ever really used in the challenge arenas.
  7. Yeah, you're where the game has taught you the skills, you've got the equipment and running from fights isn't even a consideration anymore. That was the best part of the game. Now start experimenting with different weapon loadouts and trying different approaches. It only gets better!
  8. Today I finally finished The Witcher 3 - all side quests, all hunts, all DLC, all trophies. Six months, 160 hours. I'm sad it's over, man what a game. Now I need a new single player game. I'm thinking persona 5, or maybe dive into my backlog - Wolfenstein or resident evil remake.
  9. It's a bit silly, yes. Though there was a really good sale on 4k hdr samsungs this past weekend. I was so tempted. Be strong.
  10. You guys are making me and my launch ps4 feel inadequate! Ignorance is bliss. If I never look at a 4k display, I'll never know what I'm missing right?
  11. 2D Metroid! In 3D! On your 2DS! I wish it was on Switch, definitely, but I can dust off the ol' 3DS for this.
  12. Yeah, I wanted to see some Gt, but knowing polyphony it's probably on track for PS5 launch. Edit - fall 2017? For real?
  13. Spidey Arkham Knight looks awesome. Was really hoping for last of us 2 Pretty good showing - no talking, just games.
  15. I'm digging this Detroit game. God of war looks awesome, thought they'd save it for last. Must be getting a look at last of us 2 to close it out.