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  1. The new rumored stuff that came out today is good news. Possibly region free. 
  2. Maybe not on the sex offender registry, but some kind of flag should go up. Odds are, they might not be up to any good with their internet searches or saved files on their PC's. 
  3. Battlefield 1 beta impressions thread

    I received my PC beta code last night too. Will try it out tonight. 
  4. If I have space, let me carry a second 10mm pistol, so I can sell it!
  5. I wonder if the dude really cares, or if he just likes the sound of his own voice. 
  6. If you thought/expected the NX to be a powerful gaming console, well, you were setting yourself up for disappointment. Nintendo isn't in the powerful gaming business. They're into the business of making Nintendo games.    I've made my peace with that long ago. 
  7. There is no line that will please all parties.    I guess the best way I can sum up my feelings is, I kind of like the game, but I think I may really dislike the developers. 
  8. It crashed as soon as got to a mission. Starting off right I see. 
  9. Well, I'm booting up the game. Wonder if it's enough. 
  10.   Again. I wanted to believe. I kept going, in hopes, maybe I just need to keep going deeper.    I have never been so conflicted with a game, like I am with NMS. I do and don't regret my time with it. I do feel this game deserves ever once of criticism it's getting. You can't charge it's price and release this game, without communicating all the stuff you have taken out or never put in, when you said this game would have that stuff.    All the shit that's gone down, I wonder why Sony has been so silent. I have a feeling that Sony rushed this games release and Hello Games signed some kind of NDA and have to agree to Sony's deadlines. 
  11. No.  I still hope, one day that Hello Games will patch the good stuff into the game.
  12. What's more bullshit though, releasing an unfinished alpha for $60, or getting a refund for trying to enjoy that said alpha for more than 2 hours?