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  1. Best starting vocation in Dragon's Dogma?

    Yeah, placing a portal at a healing spring us a must with empty bottles. I'd make my follows carry bottles to so we'd all gather healing water.
  2. Best starting vocation in Dragon's Dogma?

    I hope this gets a Switch port. Maybe that way, one day I'd actually finish the game. Came damn close on PC.
  3. Planet Alpha announced for Switch

    Someone wants to win Best Art Direction 2018.
  4. I just beat Act I. Can't wait to go further down the rabbit hole.
  5. I love my nvidia G-Sync gaming laptop. Never have to worry about tearing. Cool feature for xbox one X & S owners. I guess launch units are fucked though.
  6. I'd trust Bluepoint to remake/remaster FF7 more than Square Enix.
  7. Days Gone is delayed to 2019

    That was my point as well. Nothing was conveyed in the major stages the game has been on. I love the developers past work, but they've also been confined to handhelds. So maybe going huge open world after Uncharted on the vita might habe been too ambitious.
  8. Mario in Google Maps

  9. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    The Evil Within 2 (Pro) Assassin's Creed Origins (Pro) Skyrim (Switch) Splatoon 2 (Switch)
  10. Days Gone is delayed to 2019

    Open world Zombies Motorcycle weather bears That's about it.
  11. When really trying, I tend to be in the top 10-15 every time. Some times though, I just enjoy the chaos and just land near a huge group and try to get crazy with a large crowd. This is especially good with Fortnite, as the turnaround time is pretty quick between matches.
  12. Nintendo Direct announced March 8th

    I hope the Switch gets both Luigi's Mansion games in a collection type deal.
  13. I agree, this genre is awful to watch a stream of. I try to like watching streamers, I just can't. Maybe it's because they play these games, which I think are only fun to play, and not to watch.