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  1. PC version drops 2 days after the PS4.  NO SCORE!!!!!     -10 points for my dyslexia.  
  2. Gears of War 4: PC-exclusive "features" detailed

    Xbox live wont be needed to play online will it?     Forza Horizon 3 for me.
  3. But the first game is still on my back log.  
  4. We can name stuff?  I'll make the worst name.  If there's a blue fox like creature, I'll name it BlueThing.
  5. What I want from Madden 17

    I want a PC version. 
  6. This.  Will get on a steam sale.
  7. I played Dark Souls 3 on PC and Hearthstone on my phone.  That's about it.  Then again, I probably put in like 20 hours in Dark Souls 3 this weekend. 
  8. Any chance of a new King's Field?

    Just that I didn't know much about grinding, patience, etc.  Like I said, I was a kid when I first played it.  Final Fantasy III on the SNES was hard for me as a kid.  Shit's easy as hell now.  
  9. Any chance of a new King's Field?

    I think the biggest reason I want to play the game now is because I'm a different gamer then than I am now. 
  10. I think I'm excited for this. I'm getting it Day 1 on PC. I'm still hoping to read 20+ hour reviews or impressions on the game. I'm not going to play it a lot day 1, in case I want to refund the game on Steam. 
  11. Any chance of a new King's Field?

    I take it no one else wants a new Kings Field then, or a remaster. 
  12. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

    iOS had an update to the app, but now it won't load at all. 
  13. I was a youngling when it first came out on the PLayStation and picked it up based on the box at Babages. I remember taking it home and thinking the game was difficult and scary, in an uneasy type of way. I don't think I ever beat the game.    The reason I bring up this game is because I'm currently knees deep in Dark Souls 3, and for some reason, I'm reminded of King's Field. I know there's some connections via personnel and studios. I remember reading that DS3 will be the last Souls game, which lead me to the hopeof a new King's Field. At this point, I'd love just a simple re-release of the original.    I'd really like to play the series again. Is there a way to do that now?