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  1. Haha So I purchased the game. Well, after an Amazon goof up, I found myself with a free amazon gift card for $75 and the wrong order refunded for a greater amount. Amazon is the best!
  2. I'm glad it's reviewing well. I'm still going to wait for a busndled collection version on PC that has all the DLC and the game for $20. My backlog is too big, especially with open world games. Paying $60 for it now would be foolish, for me.
  3. The SNES/Genesis generation might be my favorite. But fuck, that N64/Playstation/Saturn generation was great too. God Damn, GameCube/Dreamcast/PS2/Xbox! I don't know. This latest generation is looking pretty low on the list.
  4. Not the worst, certainly not the best.
  5. I've only been playing multiplayer. Is the campaign worth playing through more than once?
  6. I'm not getting to day 1. The days of me getting open world games on day 1 are over. Especially UBI ones.
  7. My brother uses that and G602 Mouse
  8. You might need a better gaming mouse. One that has more buttons, so you don't need to use your pinky at all.
  9. Gonna sound crazy, but my controller skills were keeping me at the top with the PC version. With the Xbox one, I'm near the bottom. Weird. The Xbox one version still looks amazing though.
  10. So I double dipped and got this on Xbox One. So add me to your friends list and let's fuck some shit up! Gamertag: AndrewDean84x
  11. Man, coming back k to this game after along time was pretty sweet. Changing the PvE area and the difficulty was a smart choice. I'm having fun with it.
  12. So I double dipped and got this on Xbox One. So add me to your friends list and let's fuck some shit up! Gamertag: AndrewDean84x
  13. Hey! I'm a PC Gamer and I boned my wife in the kitchen last night.
  14. From my experience, it makes more financial sense to pay for a game you will start immediately.