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  1. The thought just occurred to me. Monster Hunter on the go and on the big screen.   
  2. I think with a unified platform, the odds of a 2D Metroid just shot up to inevitable. 
  3. My thoughts exactly. No more splitting franchises between platforms. Even if it's "just" a Nintendo game player, you have a lot of Nintendo devs and series to expect on one platform. Shit is going to be nuts. 
  4. If porting wasn't easy, I doubt Bethesda of all devs would be bringing over Skyrim to the Switch.
  5. I might of gained some gray hairs from the boss fight.  If you ever do plan on doing it, use an active reloaded torque bow on the blisters.  May take a few tries, but it will be the easiest and fastest way to get your last three blisters popped.
  6. I'm in, Day 1.  I guess I'll have an internal struggle each morning going to work, which to take to the office, the gaming laptop or the Nintendo Switch.
  7. Try it on Insane.     Just came to brag that I just beat the campaign on Insane, solo.  The hardest part was indeed the boss of ACT IV.
  8. Yeah, I didn't have any of those complaints about the characters. Jesus came off as a troubled kid with a famous dad,  so he tries to be his own person, which I think comes off well. Del is the comic relief, which I think worked just fine. No games ever made me "lol", so I'm not gonna fault this game for not doing that either. Kait was the serious one of the bunch, which made sense. But she had her moments at being silly too, like the other two characters.    The story was told the way it was, by leaving some questions unanswered for obvious trilogy reasons, which most series do these days. Never bothered me.    Something tells me something with Settlement 2 is the reason Anya died and Marcus hates both the Cog and Outsiders.     I'm catching more of the story during my "Insane"  playthrough.  
  9. On my second playthrough,  I went through the gate before reaching Marcus. Added a new scene and changed the dialog in a scene later on. Kind of added some feels.    Cool thing to kind of add. 
  10. What was stupid about the story? 
  11. I just beat the game on Hardcore. Loved it. Liked the twist at the end, and the after credits scene.    DOOM and Gears 4 are my games of the year so far. Just nail awesome game play and fun.    Now off to Horde Mode and my Insane playthrough. 
  12. Dark Souls 3 Ashes of Ariandel Footage

    Too many games, but more Dark Souls 3, all over my face!!
  13. I can't speak in defense of the game, but the IRA were a huge known issue around this games era, where the group started making its way here in the US. So it makes sense to include them.    Can this fall under "locker room talk?" 
  14. Mafia 3 (PC/XbawksWon/PS4) Discussion Thread

    I'll get it on sale. I have like 4 open world games I need to start,and still need to finish Witcher 3 DLC. 
  15. Mafia 3 (PC/XbawksWon/PS4) Discussion Thread

    Reading a lot of impressions from GAF, it seems like the story and cutscenes are being praised, while the game play is being knocked for being boring and repetitive, after hour 4-5.