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  1. GI Season 4: Return of the Sex

    Avoiding all bad foods (and incredible desserts) so I can try and stick to my diet. Its incredible how a lack of treats makes me want to scream and punch someone in the throat. /wah
  2. Georgia Five lotto

  3. MineCraft hitting PS3 this week

    Anyone have issues with the ps3 version not having sound? It seems odd but I can't find any way to enable it.
  4. Whats your holiday schedule look like?

    Xmas eve - Immediate family dinner. Xmas day - Extended family. I'm playing dirty santa for the first time this year and I'm oddly very excited about it. In other news, my life is pretty sad.
  5. What have you received for Christmas?

  6. GI Season 4: Return of the Sex

    You obviously meant to send that to me. I'm still waiting..
  7. PSA: The mods have killed Annie's Boobs *NSFW*

    Just wanted to quote for 100% truth.. You shouldn't be posting at work anyway. Irritating.
  8. So Bomb lost a hundred pounds

    You look great! Congrats on the weight loss. I'm gonna catch you soon.. I'm at 78lbs lost. I'll post one of these threads once I get clothes that actually fit.. brokepeopleproblems
  9. Is there anything more attractive than a pregnant woman?

    Women in decent shape before becoming pregnant, with their super cute baby bumps and glow, are very attractive IMO.
  10. Update: My girl is filing for divorce

    Good luck with that. Hope it doesn't get too messy for ya. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk