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  1. IM BACK

  2. GI Season 6: The Tragedy of the Commons

    Probably because I stopped posting. Understandable.
  3. I'd say I'm jealous but I live and practice in Portland, Oregon so things are pretty sweet.
  4. DT has passed away.

    I've missed so much
  5. banned from NEOGAF for differing opinion on a topic

    Too late, she caught me. I only just got my phone back.
  6. banned from NEOGAF for differing opinion on a topic

    Shhhhh. I'm posting this from the bathroom.
  7. I need probono lawyer advice please PM thanks

    No, I can't help you with that. Sorry. Closed just means it's been resolved in some way. It is all public record, so you should be able to have someone from the county send you the file for your case. You might have to pay copying fees and all that.
  8. I need probono lawyer advice please PM thanks

    I have been summoned.
  9. I volunteer to edit erotic Downton Abbey fanfiction.
  10. I am allowed 10 minutes of internet time each day now.
  11. Ever had stress dreams?

    I still get those exact dreams now and I haven't set foot on a university campus in almost 7 years.
  12. Ha ha ha ha.

  13. Anybody getting Disney Infinity?

    Love the concept but fuuuuuuuuuuuck that pricing.
  14. Anyone here live in/ near Portland, Oregon?

    All true.