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  1. Have you guys done the secret bathhouse drain yet? Spoilers below for those who want to figure it out themselves.
  2. So is the raid team still doing the runners call out the two circles or has it upgraded to the runner calling out the one to not shoot?
  3. Sounds like there will be no new RAID in year one. They are putting in "RAID LAIR(S)" which take place on Leviathan. Each expansion is bringing a lair.
  4. I told you those were just "ghost bullets" and bungie was fixing my code!
  5. HDR/Dolby Vision, OLED. Go big or don't buy.
  6. Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds info (15 hours of content)

    @bladimir2k take a detour up to @mo1518's on your way back and duct tape his PSPoors vents.
  7. 2D city folk, what a time to be alive.
  8. Another Chance to Win Mario Odyssey

    I like this place. I make many of friends here. @bladimir2k @mo1518 @pepitojones @Bruizza @NeoJoe and even that quitter @Anzo
  9. Because the other classes suck Gaul cock.