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  1. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

      dat iOS device life.  
  2. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

      Cosmodrone is there just as it was.  This is a new drop area on earth.
  3. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

      Needs to come with kings horn or else it's not worth it. 
  4. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

  5. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    Preordered RoI yesterday.  Gotta get my Jellycorn.
  6. Xbox One S August 2

  7. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

      Loved the follow up interview of that Titan. 
  8. It has HDMI.  Not sure if it has any other ports beside that.  
  9. Europe Gets New Dualshock 4 Colors

    Does it still have POS Sticks that tear from just playing video games?
  10. How is there not a Pokemon Go thread?

      Never played Pokemon before, I've been collecting stuff daily with my daughter.  It's been super fun to run around town with the family.
  11. Nintendo new classic mini console

    A wild @AndrewDean84 appears.
  12.   Heard Zelda is getting updated to have weekly loot.
  13. All those games would cost you well over 100 on VC alone because...  Nintendo.  
  14. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

      It was for me until you got it.