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  1. In Scotland, you could do a snowball fight. This was actually fully working. You could pick up snow anywhere and throw it at Sam, and he would throw snowballs at you. But tonally, that just felt wrong.   But sliding down hill after fucking hill feels good.
  2. Picture could be used for most new releases including Overwatch.  
  3.   The only foreseeable exclusive title it has coming to it that has not yet been confirmed for W10 is Gears 4.  The only reason to own the box is because of MSs incompetence with DX12 Performance on PC. 
  4. Nobody said it would be in trouble.  The Xbox platform is what's failing and being absorbed into Games for Windows 3.0.
  5.   See point above.  We've already seen where Me Too gets MS.  
  6.   Says you.  And based upon your opion that it's not neither would Xbone VR considering the PC platform can keep moving forward much faster than MS can with shipping incremental hardware upgrades.  By the time this MS VR ships it might have the same Rift headset but the capabilities will be limited.
  7. The thing Sony has going for them with regards to VR is the controlled hardware which leads to better optimization of software.  You won't see a partnership like that until Google VR this fall.    MS seems to have competing priorities and is going after a partnership with Oculus as a Me Too feature. 
  8. Favorite Sony game by year: 2004

    Went with FFXI
  9. Doesn't look bad.  Wish it had some form of co-op. 
  10. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End |OT| 2.7 Million Served!

      Even with using Vitas Features (gimmicks) the last boss in GA > U4.  Totally expected final hit.
  11.   Yep.  Funny how that played out in almost immediate failure for them.
  12. While not for PC it's been listed for 40 on my @Amazon.com todays deals chart for the past few days.