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  1. Witcher 3 and Burnout Paradise
  2. Is this @CayceG fap material or not?
  3. I posted something similar last time we had a doom and gloom Toys R Us thread, but damn, that place was basically heaven on earth when I was kid. A whole place with nothing but toys! When your parents took you, it was sensory overload with all the awesome stuff you wanted. The excitement you got when your parents said they would take you to get a new toy. Going to pick out new Hot Wheels, new GI Joes, new WWF figure. The best of course was new video game time. Picking up that paper slip and bringing it to the front. Getting your new game. Opening the box and reading the manual on the way home. It was like Christmas every time you go to to go. RIP in Peace
  4. Capcom hired somebody who knows wtf they are doing for REmake 2?
  5. I should probably finish Rise at some point then.
  6. Even if justified, you probably end up in jail for a really long time these days for assaulting a flight attendant
  7. The Darwin Project

    Yawn, don't play these types of games so I don't really care.
  8. Days Gone is delayed to 2019

    Hopefully this ends up being as good as HZD. Will be nice if Sony can turn it's B team studios into AAA francise makers. Pulling that off with Both the HZD team and this team will be quite significant for them. Microsoft really needs to invest in establishing some quality studios to step up it's exclusive game.
  9. Remember when holding public office was supposed to be about public service, good times.
  10. I got a wicked case of the Mondays today. Like literally all I can think about is getting out of here and going back to bed
  11. Just tell us what it is already dammit
  12. Besides not being a fan of the death penalty, I really think actual prison time needs to be reserved for only serious and/or repeated breaches of the social contract. Putting someone in prison has to be the biggest waste of money the government can have. You have to spend money to put the person in prison, you lose a taxpayer, and you basically condemn that person to a life of poverty after they get out which just creates more problems down the road. Really, every effort should be made to avoid that as much as possible. Or are there any studies that show us locking away massive amounts of dangerous minorities has anything to do with our historically low crime levels? I would hope that putting in an effort to actually rehabilitate the individual would work better than just throwing them in prison.
  13. It Is My Birthday Today and I Now Have a Switch

    Nice birthday present
  14. Good job, did you beat Nameless King? Been playing Borderlands 1 and 2 lately.