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  1. Might as well try it. It's not like games are ALWAYS on sale, so people will probably be tempted to buy the used game if no sale is going on. We've all just suddenly really wanted a specific game and bought it regardless of price at some point right? It just seems like it isn't really worth it for the seller.
  2. I never said we should have some libertarian system where I just agree to work for $3 an hour to keep my job. Just stating that the downside to this at the state level is that big companies in the liberal states have 49 other states they can move to. In our specific case, CA is really strict on overtime laws. What a lot of smaller companies do, and legally they can't is put you on salary so if you do work overtime they won't pay you any over time. But CA is very strict on this and says that you need to be at a management level to be put on salary. In every other state my job is salaried and the company pays no overtime. I'm assuming in other states they can get away with it. But in CA we're hourly and since we're a big company, we're sued over it pretty much all the time. I'm not saying CA shouldn't have these laws, but it definitely does create a small problem when my megacorp can just send my job to another state to save some money. Our biggest competitor already shut their equivalent department down in CA and moved them to another state. Of course, if more states adopt more liberal work laws, there are then less states for companies to flee to for a cheaper labor force.
  3. Hopefully it doesn't suck. They need to basically start from scratch and almost make it like a new IP just with the Fable name and some of the base mechanics.
  4. This is the problem with having 50 different states with widely differing laws. Here in CA where there are more employee protections than most states, it's looking like my job is going to be shipped out of state to where they can get away with no overtime and I'm going to be laid off within a year or two because the company keeps paying millions every year in overtime lawsuits.
  5. Your 2017 Year In Review from Playstation

    I got the email too. My first game was GTAV. I played for 808 hours last year, 181 of that on Dark Souls 3, 116 on Fallout 4 and 92 on HZD. Somehow my 204 trophies still put me in the top 10%. My top gaming month was April with 94 hours and 40 trophies. I really need to give my PS4 more love. Been on the X1X 90% of the time, and the Switch like 9.9% of the other time.
  6. Been meaning to get the PS4 version but the fucking thing is never on any kind of serious discount
  7. Would love to have this on the switch in tablet mode
  8. Rumor: Cyberpunk 2077 will be at E3 this year

    I really need to finish TW3 before this comes out
  9. 2018 WWE HOF reveals

    I don't really see the point in having him lose again since he already put over Reigns. It's not like Cena needs the rub.
  10. Um, all right. Shit I don't even go to Best Buy anymore unless I just randomly need a fridge or something. I don't often randomly need a new fridge.
  11. 2018 WWE HOF reveals

    Taker needs to be done, he had nothing left in his match with Reigns
  12. Couldn’t be any worse than some baby boomer white guy who wants to get tough on drugs to imprison dangerous minorities
  13. Well hi thar

    The older your vehicle the cheaper it should be. So it should go down every year.