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  1. Haven’t played a mario since Galaxy. Only did the first world so far but it feels familiar. Obviously it’s evolved and a lot more complex but it feels like playing Mario 64. Brings back good memories.
  2. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    Been on vacation this week but last week went to the boot camp all week. Will be back on Monday can’t be missing time.
  3. Rate my haul for the day

    So far so good. The Switch is pretty slick. Haven’t tried tablet mode yet though. Need to start Zelda but enjoying Mario.
  4. General questions

    When browsing the store, how do you add a game to your library without downloading it? Also, are there themes you can set? How do I get games to show up on my home screen without it just being whatever I was most recently playing? I guess I just need basic UI tips since I've been so used to Sony's.
  5. Microsoft Store Digital Sale

    That’s the new Wolfenstein right?
  6. Bummer, I always want these games to at least be decent bargain bin fun. Again, a modern Porsche Unleashed or similar would be great. They should get on that.
  7. New switch owner... lots of questions

    Nevermind just plug it in. I was trying to set it up like it was an X1 or PS4
  8. New switch owner... lots of questions

    I have no idea how to set this fucking thing up
  9. Picking up the X tomorrow

    This thing will still download stuff in rest mode right?
  10. Picking up the X tomorrow

    Well fuck it won't let me buy the original Dark Souls.
  11. Picking up the X tomorrow

    I went with a new one. Add me and stuff RNGESUS37
  12. Picking up the X tomorrow

    that was way before I ever went digital so I think at most on my old one I'd have Castlevania SOTN, if thats still playable.
  13. Xbox Game Gifting

    If you want to try the new gifting system out on someone who has zero games at the moment my new GT is RNGESUS37.
  14. Happy early birthday to me Not pictured: Whatever I end up downloading for the X, probably AC:0