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  1. I really need to stop playing 100 hour+ RPG's as the games I mostly play as it means I just don't get to too many other games. Can I just be rich and play video games all day already?
  2. I've never really thought about it before today, but it's probably not a good thing that if I want to order something online, I just immediately go to Amazon and don't even consider another website. I don't have Prime anymore though. Stopped that once it went to $100 around the same time I started getting all my games digitally and I mostly used Amazon for buying games before.
  3. Why is healthcare so fucked up in this country. And I really hope Democrats dont think Obamacare is all they need to do. Like okay defend Obamacare and we're done.
  4. Well most manufacturers don't like to sell their own shit, which is why we have retailers in the first place. Just think if you could go to Amazon, see your car for $28,995 or whatever, just pay that, and then since Amazon is already in the shipping business they deliver your shiny new car to your front door. Boom you just bought a new car in your underwear at home.
  5. Forget parts, if I could buy my next Honda from Amazon and completely bypass the dealer it will be worth it to have them as my new overlords. Fuck the whole process of buying a car from a dealer. Let me go on Amazon, select a Accord EX or whatever, get a price, and then just pay that damn price and figure out financing. Doesn't Amazon struggle to make a profit? So they are going to take over the economy, and barely make any profit doing it.
  6. "I'm probably going to go to jail for the rest of my life for this" Is it wrong that I'm kind of impressed by her camera skills to record the entire thing?
  7. Which is funny because his health care plan is pretty much making sure you don't get access to health care.
  8. Drag him out there and let him die on the Senate floor at some point right. Is that going out on your shield for a politician?
  9. It's a dick move, but he really should retire now.
  10. Tag match was MOTN. Extemely disappointed with KO/AJ which could have been a MOTY candidate and instead was boring BS, and that's not even getting into the finish. I guess Khali gives the worst champ ever a little stable to keep the belt awhile so he can look like a terrible champ while being a bad champ. I think after SS I'm taking a break on this crap until the Rumble. Except they manage to fuck that up every year now too.
  11. Also getting back into witcher 3. Hopefully I get out of the tutorial zone this time.