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  1. Star Wars Rebels - Series Ending

    I enjoyed it as well and liked how well done it was. It would be nice if Disney could get Filoni to consult or produce episode nine. He has a better grasp of telling a star wars story than the directors of 7 and 8.
  2. Need a NAS. Any recommendations?

    I haven't opened it yet. I only have the one drive, so I was kind of waiting to find another drive for raid. It was a good price for a starter NAS. I can always go bigger.
  3. Need a NAS. Any recommendations?

    I had been thinking about building one for a while. I ended up getting this one around black friday. I haven't started it yet since I only have one 4 TB drive for it and was wanting to do raid. Fry's had a one per person limit on that drive. I'm wondering if I have to get another NAS drive or could just get a cheaper non Nas drive to pair with it? Can you set up a NAS like this with one drive and set it as a raid 1 later on when you have another drive?
  4. PS4 70.6M served, PSVR 2M

    I'm curious as well. I don't see myself upgrading to the PS4 Pro anytime soon. Not including a 4K drive killed my interest in it.
  5. Retropie console?

    That is a nice looking kit. I was thinking of cheaper ones. That one even comes with a snes style controller. That is pretty much everything you need to get started, minus roms.
  6. Retropie console?

    I would say to do it yourself. That way you know what is on it versus what could come on one from a sketchy site. I have one I need to get up and running that I found at a garage sale. It was part of a kit for kids. I would skip a kit since all you need to get started is a memory card, phone power adapter, and a case. That stuff is easy to find. You also get a better choice of cases if you don't get a kit. I ended up replacing the cheap case from the kid's kit with one that looks like a NES.
  7. Finally got around to upgrading

    It is the 8 GB version. How does the 580 rank compared to nvidia's cards? I'm wondering if that is something I should change in the near future.
  8. Finally got around to upgrading

    I haven't done much gaming lately, but I finally decided to upgrade. I've been wanting to play Skyrim and the Witcher and my current machine is a bit old. I decided on buying a machine from Best Buy this time. They had a good deal with Black Friday and I had $100 in gift cards from the laptop trade in deal. I picked up a Dell Inspiron with an AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, 16GB Memory, AMD Radeon RX 580, 1TB Hard Drive, and a 256GB Solid State Drive. I would have liked to build one, but that was a good price and the gift cards took care of the tax. Was this a good deal for $1099? I was upgrading from an AMD Phenom II X4 965, with 6 GB of DDR 2 ram, a geforce gtx 750 ti, and a 37 lb Antec TX1050B full tower case. I could have spent a little more, but I also picked up a Zyxel NAS326 from fry's for $70 and a HGST Deskstar NAS 3.5" 4TB 7200 RPM for $89. Unfortunately, Fry's would only let you buy drive per household. I'll have to track down a deal on another. I've been wanting a better NAS than the WD MyClould I got on clearance at target.
  9. Games to play on PSP

    The psp go is the digital only version right? Is sony still supporting that? I would also recommend Valkyrie Profile. There are also several Ys games for the psp.
  10. THOR: Ragnarok - RT Watch [ Spoilers ]

    I was wondering where Sif was as well. The rest of Thor's friends died, but I didn't remember seeing her.
  11. HDMI switch recommendations?

    I have a Psyclone PSC-47. It works pretty well. I even picked up a second one at a garage sale for $5. I like it since it fits in well with my equipment and is compatible with my Logitech Harmony.
  12. The Retro Collection Thread

    Thanks. I remembered the device, but couldn't think of the name.
  13. The Retro Collection Thread

    Nice setup. The only things in your setup that I don't have are the sega cdx in the third picture, the famicom, and the thing next to the snes. Is that a turbografx CD unit from Japan?
  14. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana - Review Roundup

    I enjoyed the last on the vita, but with this one, I went with the PS4 version. It's nice to see it good reviews for it. I went for the limited edition so I could get the soundtrack.
  15. The Five dollar SNES super haul

    Nice find. I would have kept those for my collection. I don't think I've seen a copy of earthbound in person. Unfortunately, my area has dried up for retro finds. I think it's combination of people realizing the value of old games and a lot of resellers in my area. I am a bit of a reseller, but I keep the good stuff for my collection, on the rare occasion I see any games. I've spent more time looking for computers to clean up and sell on craigslist and ebay. I've had better luck looking for that stuff than games.