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  1. THOR: Ragnarok - RT Watch [ Spoilers ]

    I was wondering where Sif was as well. The rest of Thor's friends died, but I didn't remember seeing her.
  2. HDMI switch recommendations?

    I have a Psyclone PSC-47. It works pretty well. I even picked up a second one at a garage sale for $5. I like it since it fits in well with my equipment and is compatible with my Logitech Harmony.
  3. The Retro Collection Thread

    Thanks. I remembered the device, but couldn't think of the name.
  4. The Retro Collection Thread

    Nice setup. The only things in your setup that I don't have are the sega cdx in the third picture, the famicom, and the thing next to the snes. Is that a turbografx CD unit from Japan?
  5. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana - Review Roundup

    I enjoyed the last on the vita, but with this one, I went with the PS4 version. It's nice to see it good reviews for it. I went for the limited edition so I could get the soundtrack.
  6. The Five dollar SNES super haul

    Nice find. I would have kept those for my collection. I don't think I've seen a copy of earthbound in person. Unfortunately, my area has dried up for retro finds. I think it's combination of people realizing the value of old games and a lot of resellers in my area. I am a bit of a reseller, but I keep the good stuff for my collection, on the rare occasion I see any games. I've spent more time looking for computers to clean up and sell on craigslist and ebay. I've had better luck looking for that stuff than games.
  7. I lucked out and managed to get one from the second Gamestop I visited.
  8. Ni no Kuni II Collector and Premium Editions

    Yea, I enjoy getting a soundtrack as well. It would be nice though if more games gave the full soundtrack and not a sampler CD. I am a collector, but there really isn't anything in that collector's edition that appeals to me. I don't have room for these large collector's editions. The last one I picked up was the one for Bioshock 2, which included a vinyl soundtrack.
  9. Syfy. Is it still on Fridays?
  10. Retro Games Pickup

    I figured there might be a chance of that. This is only the second one I've seen in the last several years, so I decided to take a chance. Oh well.
  11. Retro Games Pickup

    I picked up a broken Nintendo Virtual Boy from Disk Replay for $20. It is a little more than I like to spend on a broken item, but its an uncommon system. It didn't have any accessories or games, but I already have a couple games. I took it to another game store in town. They didn't have any loose controllers to sell, but they did let me use one to test it. It wouldn't power up, but did make some kind of noise as it was powered down. I'm not sure how much money and time I'll throw at this, but I thought it could be a interesting project if I can find a deal on the other parts.
  12. SNES Mini coming this September with Star Fox 2...

    I got a preorder in with walmart, but I will definitely try to get one elsewhere as a backup.
  13. I hope this isn't based on the Doom from the last fantastic four movie.
  14. We've got a new Doctor!!!

    It would be amusing if they brought Captain Jack back as a companion.
  15. I took advantage and traded in my college laptop. I could have tried selling it myself and got the same amount, but this was easier. I was thinking of using the $75 towards a new video card, but the video card section at my BB was as barren a grocery store before a big storm.