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  1. Zelda Wii U to be only playable demo at E3, will take 90 minutes to complete

    Very curious to see the shape of this game. I do think the franchise is in desperate need of a new direction, but I'm not sure that full-on "Skyrim Zelda" would be the way to go. If they're going the open world route, I hope they at least keep a somewhat traditional narrative (slash dungeon) structure moving through it. As far as Nintendo as a whole goes... man, who knows. Like, with the way they're casting off the Wii U, they better be fucking sure that the NX is going to be a hit.
  2. Overwatch? Overwatch! Overwatch is a neat thing. ...aside from duplicate items from loot crates, Overwatch is a neat thing.
  3. Zero Escape 3 coming to 3DS and Vita in summer 2016

    Wake me when it's time.
  4. Ant-Man Tomatometer Watch

  5. ****Hannibal Season 3**** Premieres June 4

    I love that this show leaves the fate of no less than four characters up in the air and comes back without saying what happens to any of them. (Clearly previews have given it away, but still.)
  6. What was the 2001 Game of the Year?

    At the time it my pick would have been Max Payne, but in retrospect it's easily MGS2.
  7. Games similar to LA Noire (aka games to play with my wife)

    Yep, Telltale's catalog is great for this. TWD and TWAU are both great, and the recent first episodes of Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones are also solid (the former moreso than the latter, but both are just getting started).
  8. The Dual Shock 4 Touch-Pad

    The only real use I'd enjoy it for is as a cursor or to pinch/zoom, but every implementation of that so far has been an unresponsive mess.
  9. Playstation Experience (12/6-12/7)

    Shame about the Mystery Event, but it makes sense in retrospect, it was only titled that since when the schedule was put together Shovel Knight hadn't yet been revealed. The 65daysofstatic concert was definitely the highlight of the event for me.
  10. GoT : A Telltale Game

    Oh yeah, the trademark Telltale Jank is definitely still around in GOT (and Borderlands). I accept it at this point, they don't seem to have advanced at all tech-wise since Tales of Monkey Island, but the frustrating thing about the jank in GOT is that they very clearly spent a lot more time on the movement and animations of the show characters instead of focusing on the game's actual protagonists.
  11. Day of the Tentacle coming to PS4 and Vita

    Very cool. I assume they're picking up the "80% complete" Lucasarts remake project that was axed a couple years ago.
  12. GoT : A Telltale Game

    Finished the first episode last night. It's... alright. Definitely leaning towards the "tour of people and places you know from the show" side of things, which is pretty much what I was worried about. House Forrester itself is fairly compelling - if a carbon copy of the Starks - but TTG doesn't yet feel that they're compelling enough to stand alone. (Or maybe HBO doesn't. Weird situation. It's like if Walking Dead was licensed with the show and not the comic.)
  13. Little Big Planet 3

    I'm definitely on board for the community created stuff as well so I know I'll ultimately get my money's worth, but yeah, it's really disappointing that the "authored" stuff is so short. It's really really good, though (which just makes it more disappointing that there isn't more of it ).
  14. PS4 - LittleBigPlanet 3 PSV - Project Diva f 2nd Guess I might fit in a little Ass Unity or Calladoodie as well. Or actually BF4 on PC, I keep forgetting the final expansion dropped.
  15. Little Big Planet 3

    Credits rolling on the campaign... holy shit was it short. Yes, what's there is the best in the series so far, but I can't imagine this took any more than 4 hours to complete, if that. Kind of pissed off right now.