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  1. Eh. I'm glad this is being made. It looks great and lots of people will like it. But I agree that I don't think it is for me. I have never really liked this style of game. I may pick it up cheap someday just to experience some of the visuals but I doubt it is something I would ever force myself to beat.
  2. Top 5 Intros?

    Any answer that isn't this, is wrong.
  3. BioMutant: Gamescom gameplay trailer

    Are they doing the whole characters talk in garbled vowels with a translation beneath them thing? They are doing that in Super Lucky's Tale. I hate that. There was a reason for it back in the N64 days. I don't know why it is coming back.
  4. Oooh damn. Didn't know he was an analyst. His guesses at the future must be tons better than mine, or yours, or a blind monkeys. So do you have to go to school to be an analyst... or get some certification??
  5. I'm not sure why anyone would believe what random Twitter guy says. Also, people seem to always think the way things are today is the way they always will be. It is almost impossible to predict tech 5 years out.
  6. That looks quite a bit like a straight rip of Ori. Like a 3d platformer Ori. I like it, but I'm not sure I would grade them very well on originality.
  7. Leak: Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

    If that is true I'll miss it. I have $500 in Amazon gift cards... So that is where I'm getting it.
  8. Crackdown 3 delayed to early 2018

    You know who cares about this - people on the internet who argue about what system is better. The people who made it this way (Microsoft) are obviously all for people playing their games on PC. If you never buy any xbox system, but you play the games on a windows based computer... do you think you are sticking it to MS?
  9. Crackdown 3 delayed to early 2018

    Don't laugh at me... but I am kinda looking forward to Super Lucky's Tale. I am down for a well done platformer. Other than that and forza most of the hype is going to be for 'best' console version of 3rd party games. Unless MS has some megaton they have been holding back for some reason and lets us know this weekend.
  10. Crackdown 3 delayed to early 2018

    Ugh. Oh well. I have been kinda expecting it to suck because they haven't shown it much. Maybe they can polish that turd up a little.
  11. As I said in another thread - this game is bad fan fiction. That does not mean it can't be a fun game. I hope it is fun to play. I enjoyed the first for a while. No one is ever going to discuss the storyline of this game or series when they are discussing and interpreting the works of Tolkien.
  12. So, this is a single player game. You don't get anything extra by playing money, you just get to level up faster and skip certain raids. Does that mean if I pay enough I don't have to play at all? Really if you think about this it should not make sense. If they are offering to let you pay to skip parts of the game, they are admitting that some of the game must be boring or tedious. No one would pay to skip something fun.
  13. The promotion for the 360 was the same thing, but with Mountain Dew.
  14. I'm impatiently waiting for xcom2 to get added to that list. I think enhanced will mean different things for each game. Safe to assume some form of resolution bump. The main thing for me is to make sure I delete any games that are on this list that I'm done playing before I get the x1. Don't need to download the huge updates if I'm not going to play them.