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  1. The original is in no way great cinema - but the stories behind it and the way in which it was made to me make it a treasure that can't be topped by any nick cage remake. For anyone who has not read about the original you should google it up and then watch it.
  2. I'm looking forward to playing the campaign. Honestly the reason I haven't purchased it is because i know it will eventually be a part of ea access.
  3. I got an LG B6 about a week ago. I could tell input lag until I put it into game mode - then I couldn't tell anymore. But the picture makes me cry, so I would be willing to live with a little lag.
  4. I don't think it will make it as a main stream product. It could survive as a hardcore gaming enthusiast type device. The problem is pretty clearly stated - no one is making money from it. These are all businesses, and if they aren't making money that is a problem.
  5. Well I had to do the math. After doing some googling for average weight that comes to about 84.9 dicks. So pretty impressive. I didn't account for the weight of the bag however.
  6. In the future everyone has perfectly tailored clothes. From sleeping garments to body armor.
  7. Well it would be quite a departure if they don't have unlockable costumes of every variety. That is pretty standard for super hero games these days.
  8. I don't get the excitement for VR. I have toyed with it a bit. I have the samsung gear vr headset, and I have used the better ones on conference floors a few times. To me they all seem kinda neat - but only for short times. I can't see getting into a long gaming session with one. I am sure that VR is a part of the strategy, however I would bet MS is putting serious effort into AR. I think they may shoot for that being what makes them different from the PS4 Pro. There are some $300 AR headsets in the pipeline for Windows that work off the hololens framework. I would expect one or all of those to be compatible with the scorpio.
  9. I don't expect exclusive games, but I could see exclusive features. For those that remember the memory pack for the N64 games started to come out where certain features in games could only be accessed if you had the add on. I could see things like couch co-op in the next halo game only available on scorpio.
  10. So you would take WWE 2k17 back to prove that the 93 version of you was right?
  11. The most recent fallout is my least favorite. If they continue down the path they started with that one I'll probably avoid it. I think what I am looking for is a better story and more of a RPG - they are making more of a shooter with survival and base building type of game.
  12. Well obviously you would want to strap the dock in there too so you could have a 900p screen. Come on man.
  13. They could just release a google cardboard like headstrap that you drop the switch into. Boom instant VR.
  14. My point is that one way to control it will undoubtedly be better. Either the controls were made for motion and standard were tacked on, or they were made for a regular controller and motion controls were tacked on. I'm guessing that the standard controls were added at the end... however I would bet a person controlling with standard controls would still have a huge advantage against someone waiving their arms around. I'm guessing there will be a handful of wonderful 1st party games for this system. But waggle controls are waggle controls.
  15. I'm not sure if it's just me or if there is some weird filter on that image... but it looks like every single person in that picture was Photoshoped in.