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  1. It cracks me up whenever I read something about software being out of stock. I know some of you guys still want that physical item, or the toys that get packaged with it...
  2. What's Your Gaming Purchases For the Rest of The Year?

    I forgot to mention super lucky's tale. Buying to play with my kids.
  3. Stupid External Hard Drive Question

    UPDATE: Apparently the new update is available now. So start those massive 4k asset downloads. I'll be starting mine when I get home tonight. http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/10/16/xbox-one-fall-update-goes-live-for-all-users-today https://www.windowscentral.com/how-download-xbox-one-x-4k-game-assets-your-regular-xbox-one
  4. Stupid External Hard Drive Question

    I think the answer to your question (Copy or Move) depends on what your plans are for your current Xbox. If you are keeping your current xbox around somewhere on another TV then a copy would make sense. You can keep one of these drives on your "old" xbox and use the other drive on the X1X. If you are getting rid of your current xbox when the new one shows up I can't think of any good reason to save the contents on the other drive. A backup isn't very valuable - I mean all the stuff is technically backed up in the cloud anyway. It might be a big pain but in case of a drive failure or something you can re-download. Also I think the new dashboard update rolls out in the next few days. When that happens you will have the option to tell your current xbox to download all the 4k assets for the games that will have them available. Then when your x1x shows up all you will have to do is plug that 4tb drive into it and start playing games!
  5. What's Your Gaming Purchases For the Rest of The Year?

    I'm getting the X1X. I plan on buying ASS Creed right away. I'm going to get Shadow of War once it hits about $30 - hopefully black Friday. I still haven't got the latest tomb raider game and I want that as soon as I see it on a good sale.
  6. I'm pretty apathetic, but maybe the reason is because I've never bought any of it. I guess if someone is treating these games like gambling and losing rent checks trying to earn a bigger ork (lol) then that would be a problem. I read somewhere a long time ago that the number of people who pay money for extras in dumb phone games like candy crush is super small... But the people who do start buying stuff spend a lot. Maybe it's the same for loot boxes.
  7. Stallone to Direct Creed 2

    He directed Rocky 2, 3, 4, and Rocky Balboa. Which means he didn't direct the best in the series (1 however he did write it), but he also didn't direct the worst (5). He might know something of the genre.
  8. Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Official Discussion Thread

    If this is the only industry you can think of where what you are proposing happens then you must not get out much. Movies, music, television, sports, books... hell most art - have been negatively impacted in the past decade by commercialization. I guess my big disconnect with you guys who are drawing a line in the sand over this game (which none of us has played yet) is that it really isn't breaking any ground is it? I mean from what I can tell this 'ending' that it is being put behind the grind is in effect an end credits scene. The main game is over before this part begins. It might suck - but this isn't the worst example of this kind of activity. I don't understand the level of angst is all. I would understand mildly annoyed.
  9. Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Official Discussion Thread

    What about the thought that 'the grind' and the end of the game was a response to fans of the original wanting more to do at the end. I mean that is basically what this is. The game is over - but if you would like to keep playing here are several more hours you can now play with your leveled up character. If you are bored at this point you can just stop because you basically beat the game anyway. So in that case the developers are trying to give people what they want - more content. The paid stuff is the same that it always is... just a shortcut if you don't want to play the game you bought. And no one is butt hurt. Just a different way to think about it.
  10. Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Official Discussion Thread

    So... why would anyone do that? I mean I will probably buy the game after a price drop. But I will just play for as long as I am having fun. If I get a good 10-15 hours of good fun out of a purchase then to me it was pretty much justified. Why would anyone do multiple 8 hour days of something they don't find fun just to finish a game? Play the parts you like - then move on. Watch the ending on youtube.
  11. Xbox One X Preorders are live.

    The color is really hard for me to tell. All the pictures of it look vastly different depending on the light. But it is not the same black as the standard edition. And yea the Scorpio has a texture. Regular is smooth glossy black. I think both look good. I could understand someone preferring one or the other. Makes not a lot of difference to me.
  12. Digital or Not...Again

    It is a long way from perfect, but Microsoft is trying to get to where you are talking about. With backward compatibility now going back to the original xbox, their plan is once you buy a game you should have access to it regardless of what xbox you have. With some of their software that even extends to playing the same game on pc or Xbox.
  13. Who pre-ordered NBA 2K18?

    I usually buy during all star week. Football is over and that is when they put on their first big sale.