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  1. First let me stress that I am not a doctor... with that being said, in my opinion this is really silly.
  2. I disliked Ragnarok on my first viewing. Loved it when I watched it at home (I purchased it because my kids loved it). Honestly I think I didn't like it at first because it wasn't what I expected. Watching it for what it is and not what I was expecting or wanting changes how you perceive the movie.
  3. Finale to the origin story... followed next year by her first game in the next trilogy I'm sure. Repeat until things get stale then take some time off and reboot again. (I'm not bagging on these games - they are good, more just social commentary. This seems to be the pattern for everything now.)
  4. Mark Millar on Why DC Movies Aren't As Good As Marvel's

    Well that was a good rant, but I think we agree. I said DC is on a bad run. I wasn't talking about a single movie - I mean they have all been garbage since the batman trilogy with the exception of WW. Justice League 'should' have been just as big. The original point seemed to be that it wasn't possible with DC characters. I say it should be possible, but they need better talent telling the stories.
  5. Mark Millar on Why DC Movies Aren't As Good As Marvel's

    Just because DC is on a bad run does not mean they always will be. People are too reactionary. The Wonder Woman movie is a perfect illustration. The layout for that movie is the road map for making a great Superman movie too. DC lost their way with Superman when they thought they needed to make him dark and moody (because that is what worked for Batman).
  6. I think we are in agreement... I just think the schools are probably using the rating system. I have no facts, but I would guess they only allow 'E' rating games in. Again I have no facts. I'm just going with the assumption that the schools don't have the resources to independently review games.
  7. March Games with Gold announced

    These aren't free. Part of your monthly fee entitles you to these games. It is okay to complain when they give you hot garbage.
  8. Turok

    I don't have much interest in these. I enjoyed them on original release. It does make me wonder if there is a new Turok in the works.
  9. Turok

    Apparently both Turok and Turok 2 from the n64 days have been remastered and release for xbox next week. https://m.windowscentral.com/cult-classics-turok-and-turok-2-seeds-evil-preorder-xbox-one
  10. Not by choice. I'm married. Everyone here is bagging on Ubi, but I seriously doubt this was their fault at all. This tour mode is something they would want to get into schools etc, and I'm sure they were made to edit any perceived nudity so they didn't get a teen rating on the game. If you want to get mad then get mad at the rating system.
  11. Same. Now I'm not sure if this is a step brothers moment, or a Highlander moment.
  12. You can't make those jumps and have serious conversations. For years people on the right said you can't allow gay marriage or pretty soon you will be legalizing pedophilia. Those jumps in logic are bad for everyone.
  13. I'm not defending or advocating for either side here. However the only people that said the word 'Ban' in that article were the people that wrote the headline. From what I got from reading the article all Trump said he wanted done was to review the rating systems. There is plenty to rally against our current leadership for. No need to invent additional problems.
  14. I have put a ton of hours into this game, and just recently beat it. It never registered to me that there were any nude statues.