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  1. The problem with all the DC universe movies is that they are all style. (I haven't seen WW so my comments are not directed at that movie). Pretty much all of these movies suck - but if you dice them up into moments or scenes they all look fantastic. This is obviously a problem with Snyder because the exact same thing can be said of his other efforts such as Sucker Punch.
  2. Crackdown 3 as an example. That is why MS was pushing the whole 'power of the cloud' thing for a fully destructible real time city in multiplayer. The CPU's in the machine itself could in no way do what they were trying to do (without faking it). PS. I'm not trying to be an ad for MS or crackdown. I don't think they could have successfully done the whole cloud power thing. Just giving an example of where the CPU is actually holding back physics in an actual game.
  3. Sony covers apathy in their warranty?
  4. Good for him. Most of us would retire if we were multimillionaires at 60.
  5. Great game. People should buy this. Expansion is coming soon too. Can't wait.
  6. Reports from e3 was that the one x should be almost silent.
  7. That looks okay. Instant buy if it includes:
  8. I don't have a PS4... Are you guys telling me there is no harassment on the PS4? That might actually get me to change consoles.
  9. Ha. You may want to change that to 'You' don't wish for it and 'You' think the series is shit. There are lots of people anxiously waiting for BL3. I was also surprised no Batman game. There have already been a ton of leaks for Batman Insurgency. Some were even saying it was releasing this fall, which I'm guessing at this point that is wrong.
  10. Looking at what it includes... The saints row package might not be a bad deal. Trips to space and lambos ain't cheap. I'm not going to... But someone needs to do the math.
  11. Yeah Multi plats will always hold things back to a certain extent. But now its like both Sony and ms have their own built in multi-platform system that even their first party games have to adhere to. It was just kinda funny in the video where they were talking about random storms only now possible with the added power of the x1x... when it obviously is going to be the same on every system.
  12. All I have read from developers is that it is pretty easy to do. For any game that has 4k assets laying around I would think they would put in the week or two worth of work to get their name on the list. It could easily generate some extra sales for them. I think getting to 100 will be easy.
  13. This is the type of arrogance that someday will bite Sony. This is the same reasoning they use to not allow EA Access. They can afford to do all this now because they are the industry leader.
  14. I only made it a few minutes into this video. The commentator kept going on about how this super powerful x1x is going to change these games and allow dynamic storms in Anthem, and smarter enemies in Assassins Creed - all that I was thinking is yeah, but you can play those same games on a regular xbox so all that is really different is the graphics. I'm buying the x1x so I'm not a hater. But people have to be honest. I wish they could use the power to do some extra stuff in the games, but with the promise that everything has to work on the original xbox one we won't ever get to see that.
  15. Crackdown is interesting to me. It is funny that this game was supposed to be the highlight for the x1x and it is graphically disappointing. That being said, people who have played it are saying it is a blast to play and feels good to control. It could still turn out to be a great game.