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  1. The most recent fallout is my least favorite. If they continue down the path they started with that one I'll probably avoid it. I think what I am looking for is a better story and more of a RPG - they are making more of a shooter with survival and base building type of game.
  2. Well obviously you would want to strap the dock in there too so you could have a 900p screen. Come on man.
  3. They could just release a google cardboard like headstrap that you drop the switch into. Boom instant VR.
  4. My point is that one way to control it will undoubtedly be better. Either the controls were made for motion and standard were tacked on, or they were made for a regular controller and motion controls were tacked on. I'm guessing that the standard controls were added at the end... however I would bet a person controlling with standard controls would still have a huge advantage against someone waiving their arms around. I'm guessing there will be a handful of wonderful 1st party games for this system. But waggle controls are waggle controls.
  5. I'm not sure if it's just me or if there is some weird filter on that image... but it looks like every single person in that picture was Photoshoped in.
  6. I can't wait to play a fighting game designed around motion controls with a standard controller. I bet it will be mind blowing.
  7. Unless your plan is to flip it for profit... I don't think too many here are jealous. $300 for Zelda. Mario coming soon, which could mean anything.
  8. So is Nintendo going to pull the whole - oh my we had no idea people would want to purchase these things - shtick followed by 6 months of extreme limited availability?
  9. Did anyone here buy Rock Band 4? I don't know anyone who has it.
  10. Last I heard is that Crackdown is supposed to release about the same time as Scorpio and heavily take advantage of its power... at this point who knows. Could easily be vapor too.
  11. No particular order Doom Inside XCOM2 Gears4 Madden I haven't played Battlefield or Titanfall 2 yet. I have a backlog of games and figure that I will get them free with access by summer time.
  12. I read and was disappointed by that article this morning. I don't really have a response... just confused by how people react to non issues.
  13. I haven't actually placed a record into a record player for... probably 30 years. However I have purchased a few of my favorite albums as records in the past few years. For one it is much more of a collectors item. For another you can purchase cool frames that you just toss your record cover into and it makes it art to put on your wall. So I could understand getting it for those reasons. Also any record I have purchased in the past few years comes with a code to download the music as well.
  14. I wonder if there will be a patch when scorpio comes out to include the 4k textures. I would think there would not be a lot of extra work since they have them all created already for the pro. Just not sure if they will bother with what will be a two year old game by that point.
  15. I got Xcom2 on a console just a few months ago. It is a great damn game. It is harder than the first. I had to restart a couple times and do some reading online about how to properly build up. However it is a good enough game that I am enjoyed the process of getting better at it.