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  1. Digital Foundry | PUBG on Xbox One and Xbox One X

    Bro, do you even optimize?
  2. Digital Foundry | PUBG on Xbox One and Xbox One X

    Actually my thoughts on this game are : It's silly to judge a games performance on a beta. It's dumb to pay to play a beta. I'll never play it because pvp online shooter is probably my least favorite genre.
  3. Digital Foundry | PUBG on Xbox One and Xbox One X

    Sounds bad. Almost like it is in beta.
  4. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    Yes it is. Great benefit!
  5. Don't forget that sweet sweet 1st person mode. That was worth about $35 all by itself.
  6. Retropie console?

    I have put one of these together. Follow the instructions on https://retropie.org.uk/ Just buy one of the kits from amazon that has the unit, a simple case, power, and a memory card. Much other than that is overkill. You will want some kind of SNES looking USB controllers. If you are at all comfortable around computers just do the work to set it up yourself. It should take you an afternoon - maybe 3-4 hours. But you will understand what is going on if something goes wrong. No reason to pay someone else a ridiculous amount of money to do that. On my Pi I run pretty much every NES-SNES-Genesis game in existence with no issue. Several old MAME games run great. TMNT arcade is great on it - especially with 4 people. Newer games don't really work because it does not have the horsepower. Pretty nice interface to navigate your catalog of games.
  7. X1X Enhanced Games

    I purchased Lucky's on sale. I think it is an okay game but I'm not as excited for it as you. I do think the timing of the release is a big problem. Can't bring less than your A game and release in the same window as a Mario game. Also I don't know why they made it possible to fall to your death in the main hub areas of Lucky. My kids have died multiple times because they got stuck behind something in the scenery and fell. Or because the camera was at a bad angle and they couldn't walk a straight enough line on a beam. Those aren't really 'skill' things. They are poor design and poor controls. I do think it is a pretty good purchase at $30 and I would recommend it if you can get it next time it is on sale. It just is not a GREAT game.
  8. IGN's 2017 GOTY Nominees

    Origins should be on the list. Best AC game in the series. It is odd for me to see the Horizon hate. I haven't played it (Don't have a PS), but I remember at one time people here were singing its praises pretty loud. There were several discussions about which was better between it and Zelda. It's impact seems to have not aged well.
  9. Weird. Works good on my X1X.
  10. X1X Enhanced Games

    Can't wait to fire up Fallout 4 tonight. That is one I have really wanted to see updated to 4k.
  11. Rumor: Devil May Cry V info leak

    I'm not sure why : Longest cutscene runtime of any DMC game yet. Would be a selling point. That kinda turns me off.
  12. PC is Microsoft's biggest asset. It always amazes me how people use the fact that all of Microsoft's first party games are 'play anywhere' as a negative. Here is the great benefit of going with Microsoft - You buy one of their games once and there is a good chance that you can play it well into the future (backwards comparable) and on a variety of systems (Microsoft consoles or PC's). Microsoft also pushes where possible for cross play functionality in games on other systems. So buy your MS games and enjoy them on the PC. Microsoft is happy for the sale. Don't try to spin it as a point in the favor of Sony. Sony does have many things in their favor - lots of great games. Consumer friendly is not one of their points.
  13. Switch in 2018

    If you are referencing the number, it is spelled "googol"
  14. Any new game that doesn't beat GTAV when it's first released is in trouble. Maybe that is why I can already buy Wolfenstein digital from MS for $30.