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  1. Kelly officially declares that Trump has cucked him

    I can't speak for skillz, but that's my bad for me. I just meant my one post in jest, in a nice way. I wasn't trying to be mean.
  2. Kelly officially declares that Trump has cucked him

  3. Kelly officially declares that Trump has cucked him

    But the entire family was in the car with the Congresswoman when Trump made his statements over speaker phone when they were all in the car together. And they back up the Congresswoman's story. I think it's pretty clear Trump lied about what was said and how things were said, no? The family of La David Johnson said they felt he was rude and said things in poor taste.
  4. Kelly officially declares that Trump has cucked him

    Yeah it's crazy but true unfortunately. NPD lol.
  5. Kelly officially declares that Trump has cucked him

    We've talked about this before, you and I, but absolutely this. My boss has NPD as does my father, so I know exactly what you're talking about. Trump absolutely has NPD and he absolutely gives no shit about any of this, agreed.
  6. World War Z 2 To Start With A Somewhat "Clean Slate"

    David Fincher is doing the promo press rounds for his TV show Mindhunter on Netflix, and while doing so confirmed he is still working with screenwriter Dennis Kelly on World War Z 2, but that the script isn't quite there yet. http://collider.com/david-fincher-world-war-z-2-why-utopia-was-cancelled/ So nothing is still set in stone, but he's certainly working on it.
  7. Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9

    Is no one watching? The third episode was the most "Curb" episode yet, I loved it. Everything with "fatwa sex" and Salman Rushdie was pure gold.
  8. 5 shot in MD. shooter has not been captured.

    We know how guns are in this country. I guess that means we signed up for this?
  9. 5 shot in MD. shooter has not been captured.

    But this isn't the time to discuss gun control legislation, amirite? Oh. Wait. He's black. I guess it wasn't the perfect time to discuss it when Las Vegas happened, but now it's probably the perfect time. FOX NEWS ASSEMBLE.
  10. Marvel's Runaways

    I'm a big fan of the comic series, and that trailer looks pretty good. I'm hopeful.
  11. Bullshit. Terry Crews said he was sexually assaulted and he received tons of support. Maybe you should try first before pre-judging. In fact, if you truly feel you've been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted, and shared that, men and women of all stripes would come out to support you. Sure, you would receive some backlash, but that's par for the course. I disagree with your premise. Others I know on Facebook (straight men) have come out saying "me, too" and were supported profusely. To a degree it's the people you know, but broadly I think everyone who said "me, too" regardless of who it was received lots of support, unless you have a counter-example you can show me? Because that's what I saw all over the internet yesterday.
  12. No those are undocumented immigrants, not illegal ones, dontcha know?!
  13. Post-Maria, Trump's approval rating on hurricanes down 20 points

    If people paid attention, no one would approve of the way he handled ANY of these hurricanes, given how much he hurt FEMA and the EPA by not appointing people in one agency and gutting the other before these hurricanes hit. He set everything up to fail, almost as if it was intentional. Like he wanted to hurt the nation through hurricanes. 64%? 44%? Fucking mind-boggling.
  14. Sometimes I catch up on the news of the day and I still can't believe just how tasteless and classless our government has become thanks to Trump and his ilk. There isn't even a semblance of "faking" it to make it look better or any sense of decorum anymore. Sure, it was never perfect, politics is dirty business, but this shit? Jesus.
  15. The "me, too" movement is about visibility and solidarity - how exactly is it making *you* feel guilty? I'm a straight man who has never been sexually harassed or assaulted in his life, my wife posted "me, too" (which is true, she has been sexually harassed many times) and I support her in it. Unsure about you specifically, but I don't get why straight men in general get so defensive about womens' rights. There is a fucking disease in our gender that has lasted generations and we need to evolve, and that's what women are calling out. They aren't saying *every* man is a villain or an enemy, but that lots of men have done lots of bad things on a sliding scale and men as a whole need to take ownership of this problem. That makes sense to me.