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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles X vs. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Thanks all so far. You guys have all really provided some insight here.
  2. If you need new content, there are three story DLC expansion packs to the game - have you played and beat those? I'm on the last of the three now.
  3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    Well that makes it easier!
  4. Netflix Punisher news

    I'm aware of you as a poster, so I was surprised to see such a post, I know you're a good reader. I didn't fabricate the below post: I originally responded to this, with my first post toward it being asking what "anti-male" stuff you and Dre have been watching. And then separately elaborated on my issues with the attitude of this post. If I'm wrong, I'm all ears, please explain how I fabricated a concoction from the above post (asking sincerely)?
  5. Netflix Punisher news

    I don't know how angry I would say I am. Nothing in there indicates I'm angry. I said it's a little fucked up and a little gross, which I stand by and I cursed for emphasis, not because I'm feeling angry.
  6. Rian Johnson to create all new Star Wars Trilogy

    Rian Johnson already confirmed he's not going to cover the Old Republic stuff if that's any indicator. Agreed.
  7. Rian Johnson to create all new Star Wars Trilogy

    People are shitting on A New Hope now? Can it compete with modern movies? Not really in some ways. Is it as impactful and amazing as it once was? Absolutely. That movie changed the game, and it plays like a slow, beautiful David Lean epic (which it was somewhat trying to be) compared to the candy colored fast thrill ride that The Force Awakens is by comparison. And Return of the Jedi has some low lows, but it also has the highest highs of the entire original trilogy. And it's the most entertaining of the three, which counts for something.
  8. Netflix Punisher news

    Well then my surprise and condescension are warranted!
  9. Netflix Punisher news

    Are they problematic users otherwise? I wouldn't know, haha. Their posts were written readable-y enough.
  10. Xenoblade Chronicles X vs. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    It's interesting to see your guys' responses. Reading up on XCX before I made this thread - XCX has a very strong cult fanbase that has grown around it these past two years and they really defend the mechs (which come in late game) and the exploration and the world and how arcane and obtuse all the gameplay systems are (in a way people aren't saying about XC2). Given reviews pretty much match between the two games, I'm not sure how to reconcile these disparities. I don't doubt that XC2 has the better story and maybe the better world, that seems to be unanimous, but the other stuff seems up for grabs between which of the two games does what better.
  11. Well, I always play a game I really want to, I just force myself to stick with it unless it's really bad. Thing is, I usually pick a game I want to play, so it's usually pretty good to me, so I usually stick with it. But yeah, it's all about what excites you. A person should go play that. Everyone's got their method/way. But not having a backlog anymore for me is a relief. Except a "fun" backlog where I think about what I might play next and get excited. But many games I'd be interested in fall through the cracks and I just let it go unless it's a franchise I'm dedicated to. But I never feel obligated to it anymore.
  12. I used to do that, thinking I had time for everything. Now I'm like Bloodporne where I don't bother to buy something new until I finish whatever I am currently on and enjoying. Once done, I'll simply pick the next thing out there that fits the mood I have at that time, and then play it through to completion. I usually juggle 3 games at a time on rotation but now, everything gets beaten and I spend less money, which is always nice. You'll never get to everything, and I've made peace with that. I don't need it if I know I'm not going to get to it, and with no backlog, I'm never stressed so I actually bother to finish each thing I start haha. This means I dabble in less things overall but I properly finish the things I do bother with. I've looked at it like each long game is now an "experience" I had in that year. I'll always remember the year I blew 150 hours into Xenoblade Chronicles 1 because that took me like all of that year to do. I didn't stray from the game or drop the game and forget about it like a lot of people do because something new comes out or I have other stuff in my backlog to take care of or I got temporarily bored of the game (hence why I have a rotation of 3 games at a time) and now I'll treasure that "experience" rather than something I checked off my list or it was just another game I had to burn through so I can get to the next game in my backlog or the next game that I'm excited about. I played it leisurely for 150 hours and savored it like a fine steak. My gaming experiences have become that, to a degree. Just drink in and enjoy the different world I'm playing for awhile. Never feels like a chore (not that it does for you, I'm just speaking generally). It's the difference between slowly watching a show week to week vs. binge watching a show. The problem with games by comparison is they require so much time investment that binge-ing games is almost impossible to do and you miss so much if you do.
  13. Xenoblade Chronicles X vs. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Hmmm, interesting. Would you argue that there's bias because you're riding high on the game right now since you're right in the middle of playing it? Did you not feel this way about XCX when it first came out or no? Like, if you had to list out what makes, to you, XC2 a better game than XCX (beyond that it's more like XC1 and doesn't start with a custom character creation for a main character), what would those things be?
  14. Haha, so basically the same problem we have in every medium, whether that be books, anime, manga, films, TV, comic books, etc. Someday . . .