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  1. Oh, for sure. Trump definitely reflects the average basic American person. I understand where and why the confusion happens. Except unlike the average American person, he's the President of the United States of America and ostensible leader of the free world. I guess what I'm saying is the average American person should never be President.
  2. Real Talk - Need Perspectives - The Problem of Impositions

    Nope, don't worry at all! Yes, I have absolutely thought it is me since I am the common factor. And I do think it's me. However, I've asked why this keeps happening to me uniquely and the friends I have spoken to this about for a decade plus have absolutely no idea ("I don't know man" is the common refrain), and neither do I. Genuinely. But I do think it must be me. I've made adjustments constantly throughout the years but end up in the same place. Hence my focus on the problem of impositions rather than just making new relationships with different people. It's always this way regardless of person, so at this point I have to reconcile the problem of impositions.
  3. Don Jr's wife leaving him?

    This is almost as salaciously great as the Stormy Daniels sturm und drang. And it has nothing to do with government, except to indicate character. In that regard, THIS IS GOLD JERRY, GOLD.
  4. This is amazing. Did he think "Congress" was just the House? Then why would they call it the House? They'd just call it Congress.
  5. Leaked Peak Into Amazon Prime Video Interal Metrics

    This is REALLY fascinating stuff and I'd love to see Netflix' version of these documents. Glad to see Mozart in the Jungle does pretty well.
  6. Real Talk - Need Perspectives - The Problem of Impositions

    Correct, that's been my perception, and I feel I have very, very basic expectations. I do A LOT of the work in nearly all of my relationships.
  7. Yeah but there will be pressure on them from voters too and I'm sure some will drop out.
  8. Ava Duvernay To Direct The New Gods For Warners/DC

    I'm definitely interested in an adaptation of the New Gods, and DuVernay is an interesting choice (if it actually happens). It's just weird for DuVernay is all, given the things she's said. You could be right about what she's thinking though. Weird gal, I like it.
  9. ~*The 2018 special elections thread.*~

    It really is. I saw these and a few other news stories in the past few weeks of the DCCC's continued poor meddling, and it's almost always for the worse. I don't understand how they can so incompetent. The Dems' biggest problem is their corporatist natures (otherwise on policy they tend to lean in the right direction at least) but that shouldn't make them incompetent at this . . . I mean, Trump is basically handing this shit to them and they're still fucking it up.
  10. Corbyn's better than May but C'MON MAN. The Russians are not anyone's friend, not even often their own.
  11. I have seen that but I love discussing the possibilities! I think given the current political climate, all those light reds should be guaranteed light blues after 2018, in my opinion. Just run the right blue candidates, it's not that hard and shockingly, it's worked since the 2016 elections. Dems have what, flipped 38 out of 41 special election seats that were Republican since November 2016? That's NUTS. Even some dark red ones could be flipped, I think.
  12. Ava Duvernay To Direct The New Gods For Warners/DC

    Most definitely I agree. Though I was REALLY impressed with Selma - some of that camerawork was fantastic, and really sold the drama. 13th was one of the best documentaries of its year. I haven't seen A Wrinkle in Time but it doesn't seem like my thing, even if it was good, which it doesn't seem to be. She's definitely growing though.
  13. Yes, I completely agree. As important as federal politicians are, it's at the state and local levels where Republicans have been cleaning up and working insidiously and subtly to change things at the local and state levels. If we can flush out all those Republicans and gets Dems to run the states in governor and mayoral positions (as well as in state Senates and state Houses), all the better. I'd LOVE to see that.
  14. Ava Duvernay To Direct The New Gods For Warners/DC

    After A Wrinkle in Time not doing so well, I'd certainly be looking at what Coogler's doing, so I think it's possible. But she turned Star Wars down recently (post-Black Panther). I have no idea what she's thinking. I never would have thought of all projects after Selma and 13th she'd do A Wrinkle in Time either.
  15. Yeah, Wade isn't wrong - I agree, Dems probably won't win the Senate. But it'll be CLOSE no matter how things shake out and Dems can court Republicans on specific issues as they arise to win in the Senate per each vote on legislation. They don't necessarily need a majority in this political climate.