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  1. The right's new campaign in 2018: Impeach Obama

    I'm always so confused which timeline the Republicans have chosen to live in - is it the one where Obama is president for a third term or where Hillary won the 2016 presidential election and she is president serving her first term? I just don't know anymore! Whatever timeline it is, it sounds way better than ours. No wonder they're so angry! They think we won!
  2. This is all fantastic news. I'm only worried the blue wave will die down by November. We have to go HARDER now.
  3. Deadpool 2: Official "Suck on This, MCU!" Thread

    Movie was bloody fantastic. The punchline to the creation of X-Force is one of the best things in a movie this year, bar none. Especially given the marketing, that really took me by surprise. In fact, there were a number of great surprises and punchlines in the movie. That alone should get everyone to love this movie, but there's so much else here. And Deadpool's progressive, no fucks given liberal values means alt-right assholes can't love the movie for what they probably think it's about. It's diverse and body positive and sex positive too. But it's also funny, mean spirited, and the action is money. Deadpool has always been one of my favorite characters, period (yes, characters, full stop, not just for superheroes). He satirizes and makes fun of the absolutely inherently ridiculous notion of superheroes, and makes him immortal just o emphasize how stupid it all is, but has so much fun doing it, and the audience is in on it. I sort of feel about Deadpool 2 as I did about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 vs. Vol. 2: bigger and probably better, but a bit worse in pacing and a less focused narrative. I think Deadpool 2 is better, and certainly probably going to be more fun on rewatches. Loved it. Still love the first. They've nailed this character twice. I can't really see how they could make these better, given the character. They've kept the heart (the early act twist was a gut punch emotionally for everyone in the audience - I think sheer surprise played a part) while still making it funny as hell and absurd as fuck (guys - Vanisher was hilarious).
  4. Mission: Impossible - Fallout OT (New Trailer Posted)

    The Man From U.N.C.L.E. says hello. That film is so underrated.
  5. We already got a very slavish adaptation of Watchmen, we don't necessarily need another. While I'm not a fan of this news, Lindelof went off-book with The Leftovers (which, to be fair, I haven't read) and the show was still some of the best television ever made, so I'm open to being pleasantly surprised. We'll see. Lindelof gets a decent pass for Lost (the mystery box bullshit notwithstanding, the character work and human drama on that show is excellent), and an absolute pass for The Leftovers, so I'm all in. It's not like he hasn't read Watchmen - he loves it and has read it a thousand times over. He knows the material, he's seen Snyder's movie, etc.
  6. Space Battleship Yamato 2199 / Starblazers English Cast Dub

    So I made sure to watch Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark movie first before starting 2202 and I'm glad I did. Not only was it a great movie, it bridges the first season to the second season very clearly. It expands the mythology and canon of 2199 considerably. It's not dubbed yet so I watched it in Japanese with subs but for anyone interested in 2202 I feel this is essential viewing. It takes place between the second to last and last episode, more or less. Fun movie with great animation too. 2202 looks excellent by the way, animation really has changed in just 4-5 years between when 2199 came out and 2202.
  7. Fingers crossed people. Hold on to your butts.
  8. The Expanse, a SyFy show that is not bad...weird.

    Last week's episode was bloody fantastic. A constant series of climaxes. It really sucks this show has not been picked up yet.
  9. Yep. Most arbitration agreements also have non-compete clauses which this opinion now says you can't ever argue against in any circumstance (at least through class action lawsuits). This is very bad, legally speaking.
  10. From my understanding this basically says corporations can do whatever they want to you if you've signed an arbitration agreement with them and you can't sue in retaliation. And arbitration agreements are almost always heavily in favor of corporations. Gorusch is VERY pro-corporation and this is what we were worried about, in part, when he was nominated.
  11. Major volcanic eruption in Hawaii imminent (Kilauea)

    A picture really does say a thousand words. THIS IS A METAPHOR FOR OTHER THINGS TOO.