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  1. NFL 2K5 is still THE best football game ever made. Could you imagine how improved Madden would be today if they never squashed their competition?
  2. I will not buy this piece of shit
  3. ^Some opinions are bad, but this one takes the cake. Madden 05 was one big animation. Terrible piece of shit game. Its a simple fact that Madden would be a much better game than it is today if 2K was still around, even though 2K would still be even better.
  4. On the flip side I'm happy I now have a small grasp on the game and how I want to build my character from the ground up. The beta was basically an extended tutorial and i'll be that much more ahead of the learning curve when the game is released, so definitely time not "wasted".
  5. For the record EA's biggest improvement in the past 10 years has been the addition of some realistic tackling physics, which IMO has enhanced the gameplay tenfold. With that being said, its still just not as fun to play as 2K's offering. Something about the speed of the gameplay mixed with the abnormal size of the players just feels 'off'. I would suggest they(EA) scrap the entire engine and create something new and more up to date. This engine is stale and worn out, nothing a few graphical upgrades could EVER fix.
  6. Im just sitting here playing 2K5
  7. Because these boards aren't for console gamers anymore. This place has been overrun with the worst of the worst PC community, no topic or thread is safe. I stop by every now and again to get some opinions on new games and EVERY single time its the same. I just wish the PC wasn't allowed to even be brought up in any of the console threads. This is a sad place, if you still use this site as your main board, you are either an insecure PC elitist, or you just don't have a clue.
  8. Too soon.
  9. Just went to Best Buy and they still had the sticker up for this sale, when they rang it in it said $59... Muahahaha I says follow me bitches and watch me save monies! Best deal on a video game ever.
  10. I enjoyed Call of Duty 2 multiplayer over all the newer ones.
  11. Lol, thanks for that! I'm still the same tho... Sadly
  12. As a fellow 2k fan, I disagree, the physics are the best part of the game. It really is the best madden to date, but the omission of co-op seasons and franchise has ruined the game for me.
  13. And you can't play two players in franchise or season... Fucking lame. EA is always taking twice as many steps back as it does forward
  14. I'd also recommend putting the game speed on very slow, also As someone else said turn off auto sprint and strafe, use left trigger to strafe if u need to then right trigger to speed burst to close the gap on the ball. Remember, it takes practice
  15. Gameplay is tremendously leaps and bounds better than any other madden to date. BUT, there is no way to play a co-op season or franchise, deal breaker. Also, something that 2k5 did, when playing two players on the same team, allow player two to pick plays as well. Whoever picks the play is qb, simple. As player two don't even have the option of holding right trigger to show the play being ran. Come on EA, simple shit! We like to switch qbs up on every drive or sometimes each half...