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  1. Obey traffic laws

    the real kicker is that the hospital wants the dude to pay them for the exams and are threatening to take him to collections.
  2. Question... Is this guy an active member of the Cherokee nation who has lived on a reservation and had a life long bond and involvement in the native american movement or is this just a white guy who is like 1/10th native and used a law to his advantage?
  3. Last year a HIghway patrolman pulled over a guy for DUI he fought the guy with his partner and during the fight he had a heart attack and died. He was 42, 3 months before he died at work he quit using chewing tobacco and the state denied his wife death benefits because they ruled that his death was caused by "poor health style."
  4. They handed out plastic baby fetuses at our state fair parade
  5. I'll try not to go into long detail of this mess so I'll try to make it short and sweet. My grandfather died over a year ago so everything he owned went into a family trust. Apparently the lady who manages the trust got scared shitless because Obama was going to win the White House and cause taxes to go up decided to sell my grandfathers whole stock portfolio all once and without the trustee consent. So they sold all of his stock when the market was down and lost us a ton of money and on top of that we have massive capital gains to pay on their unauthorized sale.
  6. War on obesity lost

    If we had easier access to guns we would be winning this war.
  7. Gamegear

    the speaker isnt broke the capacitor on the sound board is dead. there is a fix for that.
  8. Your Top 5 SNES Sports games

    NBA Jam Super Tennis Not a huge sports game fan.
  9. no good ones would take his place. All of the semi smart GOPers decided to sit this one out and wait for 2016.
  10. yea. Also my guess is people said that getting the republican nod would be a cake walk and Obama is walking dead and that the White HOuse is basically his because all of the republican super pacs would just pour money into the race and he would win with no problems.
  11. My guess is that some group has him *alive* and are in talks with NBC and the gov't in order to release him and don't want this out. If he was dead it would be on the news.