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  1. Post your pic!

    Laundry day at fizz's dad's house  
  2. Killer whales are dolphins.
  3. First picture was a whale, second was a dolphin
  4. Whales/dolphins    
  5. Not sure how I slept before this

    I'm sorry. Truce?
  6. Not sure how I slept before this

    but this is the BEST one, you dusty cunt.
  7. How in the hell did the override pass 97-1? The law is utterly stupid, and also pointless. U.S. courts have no subpoena power in other countries. Private citizens can sue Saudi Arabia all they want, the Saudi government can then proceed to give none of the fucks because why should they? As soon as a foreign government effectively agrees to pay war reparations to a private citizen, THAT's really when pandora's box gets opened.
  8.   It's a site (or an android app) that just plays various ambient noises such as waves, birds chirping, wind, crickets, etc in an endless loop. You control which sounds are playing and how loud each one is. I've started sleeping so much better since using it.
  9. I find the Christian persecution complex pretty fascinating. My mom is one that truly feels get ability to publicly "be a Christian" is threatened. The white/religious/rural/poor demographic is the only one Trump appeals to, and that's not enough to even pose a threat in the general election, but there is some validity to the fact that that demographic feels completely unrepresented in government (and as much as I want to say it should stay that way, I can't). In western states, that goes down to a state level, where policy is completely determined by the urban centers with little thought to how things affect the rural minority. I don't know, I'm rambling at this point, but a disaffected, mostly gun-owning, white rural minority is a problem this country that will have to deal with at some point
  10. Say it enough you'll eventually make it true
  11. Skateboarding looks really cool in slow-mo. (the second half of the video is him doing the tricks at regular speed)   '
  12. Forza Horizon 3 Official Discussion

    Aaaaaaaaaaand it's still downloading. The download has been going at like ~2mbp/s
  13. Forza Horizon 3 Official Discussion

    I finally got the PC version to download today. Apparently the problem was I didn't have enough space on my drive for the download, but it doesn't say anything about that, it just says the game is "unavailable" on the app store. Kind of annoying.
  14.     Map of the Mexican population in the US with a red overlay of the Mexican border in 1836