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  1. I hadn't played a Pokemon game since Gold/Silver, so I decided to dust off the DS and play the ones I missed. Here are my conclusions so far:   Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald - still haven't played those   Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - The battles in these games are so... fucking... slow. So many meaningless battles turn into a status-effect battle of attrition. It gets pretty boring pretty fast. 5/10 would not recommend, unless you just really want a pokemon fix and you're a huge completionist.   Black/White - Probably the hardest pokemon games I've played so far. That's not saying a ton, but I don't imagine people play Pokemon for the huge challenge (it doesn't seem like there is a ton of overlap between Pokemon and Monster Hunter fans). The game starts you off at a pretty big disadvantage, not allowing you to really exploit elemental weaknesses with much regularity until you're pretty far into the game. Also, the story is WAY too in-your-face for a Pokemon game. Not to mention the bad guys kind of have a point. 7/10   Black 2/White 2 - So far, the best I've played since Gold/Silver (and maybe those games sucked and I'm just looking through rose tinted goggles). The battles go at a good pace, the game is moderately challenging (for a Pokemon game) without feeling cheap, as Black/White did at times early on. I'm actually having a ton of fun with it. 9/10 would recommend   X/Y - Haven't played those yet, although I haven't heard great things. It probably says a lot that they were going to release an enhanced "Z" version but canned it to work on Sun/Moon.   Have you guys played any of the more recent Pokemon generations? Did you like them?
  2. The Return of... Xander Cage

    It's bad, but in all the right ways if you're into that kind of thing. Think James Bond crossed with Steven Seagal.
  3. The Return of... Xander Cage

    "bitches, come!" The first movie is so fucking quotable. Marton Csokas was fucking brilliant as a new age over the top villain. There were some pretty insane stunts. Overall, probably in my top 5 guilty pleasure movies.
  4. Wine is an interesting beverage

    Not always. We have one chanti at work that is really good and one that sucks balls but we keep because old people like it for some mysterious reason.   Types of wine depend on the type of grape used for the wine, but each type of wine can vary wildly within that grape type. Chardonnays are a perfect example. Some chardonnays are very fruity and others are "oaky" (they taste like dirt)   I don't hate at all. I'm hardly a wine connoisseur. If you find a kind of wine that you like, you should drink it.

    Hugs are awkward.   Drugs, on the other hand, are magnificent.
  6. Sniper loose in Dallas

    It's funny that some people still deny that getting pulled over for DWB is a thing. Must be nice living in such a bubble.
  7. Which color would you choose?

    Cash, easily
  8. Pretty sure I don't want to click that.
  9. Tarantino says to expect two more films and that's it

    Even if he's totally arrogant and a crazy person, I respect it to a degree. He has a goal in mind, and I think whatever is left that he wants to tell in film, he will try to tell over the next 2 movies. And that is a good thing.   Ultimately, I don't think it will matter. Creative people like him never really run out of ideas. Maybe the ideas will eventually start to suck, but it's a kind of drive that doesn't really go away. A lot of directors/creators/performers have said they're retiring, only to be like "oh just kidding there's totally this other thing I want to do" shortly after.
  10. I don't know. I'm not a huge blink-182 fan by any means, but the only time I felt like it wasn't "true" blink 182 was when they did that one album that sounded like The Cure. And that was apparently mostly written by Tom DeLonge, as Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker were mostly just interested in their clothing/business ventures at the time. And they're latest shit sounds more like what got them famous than anything else.
  11. Philippines President urges public to kill drug users.

    I think a bigger issue with it is the aspect of, like, are we sure it's REALLY drug dealers and criminals being killed, or are people in general being killed and the people who do it are later like, "oh yeah, dude was, like, totally selling drugs..."
  12. Like Senate said, though, it's not that different from when Kia did that whole thing where they were like "no, lebron James really DOES drive a Kia!" PewDiePie isn't a reviewer. It's a thin line, but he does skits, and teeenagers watch him because they think he's funny. He makes money from his personality, not from the games he plays. Of course, if those teens see him playing a game and he looks to have fun doing it they're going to want to buy that game, but that doesn't make him different from any other celebrity endorsement. I don't watch his videos, but my little brother does, and I don't really see a problem with him taking money from a game distributor.
  13. She can't bend her face. Try pulling your tongue to your eyeball and see how close you get.
  14. You didn't see the part where she touched her tongue to her eyelashes?
  15. Anyone else get their RAM price fixing money?

    Can you still get money? Or is it too late?