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  1. It'll get better as you get older, even if life itself gets worse. Pretty much everyone deals with depression and/or anxiety to varying degrees. After all the hormones die down, you learn yourself pretty well and learn to cope with things much better than when you're a teenager. Doesn't make life suck any less, but you can at least take pleasure in the little things and not let your life be dominated by mood swings.
  2. Paperclyp said it well. You say "learn to shoot free throws," I say "learn to play defense." The off the ball foul nonsense needs to stop.
  3. I bet your shits have been pleasant this morning.
  4. I used to get a tax refund of somewhere between $800 and $1400 every year. The last 2 years I've actually ended up owing a small amount. I wonder what's changed.
  5. I would treat off the ball fouls like technicals. 1 free throw and the ball back. And the team gets to choose who shoots the FT.
  6. I understand the "just make your free throws" argument, but what we're talking about here is eliminating a strategy that has nothing to do with basketball, and that can only be good for the game. Hacking is a strategy that exploits a loophole using off-the-ball fouls. It's not basketball, not to mention it's typically done by teams that are losing and have run out of ideas. This won't change intentional fouls on players that actually have the ball, which are fine. If you want to hack a poor free throw shooter, let it happen within the game.
  7. Get your Ryse, get your Ryse here!

    Game was the epitome of mediocrity. I only played it like a month ago and already I've forgotten pretty much everything
  8. I mean, I do get why capital gains taxes seem wrong to some people. To folks like you or me, who might take some of our regular income and invest, it's natural to think of it like getting taxed twice on the same income. But then you realize that a lot of the wealthy in this country make 90% (or even the entirety) of their income through capital gains. Without gains taxes, they wouldn't pay a dime. It never ceases to amaze me how the rich seem to be able to get the poor and downtrodden to sabotage their own self interest through nothing more than fantastical illusions ("when YOU get as rich as I am, will you want to pay these taxes? Vote rich people 2016!")
  9. Wasn't there some thread we had that blew up really big a couple years ago? It was gaming related, I think gaf was down during E3 or something
  10. Fast and The Furious 8, 9, and 10 release dates lol

    I thought riddick was going to be a mini series or something
  11. When one of your booty calls asks you to come out and she is fucking WASTED. Like I'm just going to take you home and make sure you aren't choking on your own vomit before I go home by myself kind of white girl wasted. Feels bad man.
  12. I need a quick recap of the last year of GI Drama

    Huh. My timeline must be all messed up.   Oh well.
  13. What do you guys think about this for a htpc?

    Seems fine enough. If all you're doing is running Kodi or Plex, you don't need much. It seems cheaper to build that than to build some basic systems.
  14. Post your pic!

  15. I need a quick recap of the last year of GI Drama

    dt didn't cheat on cmack. Bomb cheated on his wife. This was before DT and cmack were together, I'm pretty sure.   I don't know, I haven't talked to cmack in a while.