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  1. Why do women have cleaner minds than men?    
  2. Im Cutting Back on Drinking!

    So much for that. Ended up doing coke tonight. But I only drank like 2 beers? So.... Eh? Lateral move?
  3. Im Cutting Back on Drinking!

    I need to cleanse myself a bit, I think. I at least haven't done any drugs in about 3 weeks. I'm boozing a little too hard though
  4. I was talking to my mom about this recently, who is an avid Trump supporter. The thing is, I don't necessarily disagree with the conservative point of view about a lot of things. The difference is that a lot of the conservative rhetoric is about how weak we are, and how we need to shut others out to insure our own success. We have never been stronger when we isolate ourselves. Compassion overcomes isolation every time. You want to improve the world by isolating, I want to improve the world through compassion, and that is the greatest show is strength imaginable.
  5. I always forget about this one. Visually fucking brilliant movie. The sequence with the floating island is magnificent.
  6. Shrek 5 Being Scripted by Austin Powers Writer

    The problem with any comedy sequel is that no joke is ever as funny the second time you hear it, let alone the third or fourth. I suppose that's a testament to everyone involved with the second movie, but it's true that the series should probably die. Unless it's reinventing itself by being a spoof on Jason Bourne/Ethan Hunt, which would probably be hilarious.   In fact, someone should be doing that right now. I hope that's what it is. I've now convinced myself Austin Powers should do that.
  7. Guess who's tan, tan again

  8. The technical brilliance on City of Evil is something they haven't displayed before or since. It's also a concept album, entirely putting you into a mind of old west, rattlesnakes, debauchery and demons for the entire album. The singer's voice is mildly annoying at times, but it's overcome by the raw power of the music. Throw away your preconceptions of what's "metal" or "metalcore" or "thrash" or whatever, and City of Evil will take you for a ride.
  9. I honestly don't remember. I haven't watched it in a while.
  10. Shrek 5 Being Scripted by Austin Powers Writer

    I'm sure they have, but when I first saw the movies, I hadn't seen any of the Connery Bond movies they were spoofing. Now that I have, I've kind of wanted to revisit them.
  11. Kingdom of heaven blu ray director's cut
  12. One-Punch Man - Hulu

    When I watched the subbed version, I had to squint to see the text on my TV. Kind of made it hard to watch. I don't know if Hulu has an option to enlarge the text, but if there don't I'd rather watch the dubbed version
  13. One-Punch Man - Hulu

    Where did you watch it dubbed? I watched it subbed on Hulu but the text was so fucking small