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  1. BRB moving to Deutschland.

    I don't look even remotely jewish, but could I pretend?
  2. DirecTV Now

    You can get CBS over the air. I have a digital antenna I bought for like $20. I almost never want to watch the NFL games that are in my area, though, so.... arrr' matey.
  3. I wonder if anyone has ever refused to accept a nobel prize for the reason of basically "nah, I'm good, you keep it." (is what I typed before googling it in case anyone else was curious)     Le Duc Tho refused the Peace Prize in 1973 after signing a peace agreement with Kissinger. Kissinger accepted the prize while Tho was like "nah, dude, shit ain't over yet." Saigon fell two years later. At first glance, that seems pretty badass to me.
  4. Yeah, worker-run businesses/profit sharing is a good idea in general (your lower grunt level employees will probably perform better if their pay is tied to the performance of the company), but there still needs to be accountability and structure.
  5. Fasten your seatbelts!

    The movie is now titled "Fate of the Furious." I like it, but they really missed the opportunity to call it F8 of the Furious. I mean, come on.
  6. fine, tren. Doesn't roll off the tongue as much, though.
  7. Levis from Amazon - WTF

    Jeans are one of the only things I still refuse to buy online. Even 2 pairs of levis that are the same style and size can seemingly fit differently.
  8. A sobering look at Duterte's slaughter in the Phillipines

    It's like... you can point to different "genocides" and such over the years that didn't result in an immediate overthrow, but all of them were secured in this "us vs. them" mantra. No one rose up against the Nazis because the targets were jews/gypsies/poles... if you weren't one of them, you didn't have to worry. Duterte is just straight up targeting poor people, in a country rife with poverty. If it weren't for the fact that he's already over 70 years old, I'd say there's 0% chance he dies peacefully. Even still, I'd put his likely chance of being murdered around 80%.
  9. Fasten your seatbelts!

    I honestly didn't really like Furious 7 that much, and I'm as much an unapologetic F&F fan as anyone. I'm hoping maybe the death of Paul Walker was too big a wrench to throw at the movie, and they'll bounce back.
  10. A sobering look at Duterte's slaughter in the Phillipines

    You know what I don't understand - how can Duterte not see how this will end? You go into all the poorest neighborhoods and kill at will, many victims of which are just poor drug users... you think the widows, friends, and orphans of all those people are going to support you? Push them far enough, and I guarantee his own people will rip his head off and put it on a spike in the capital. It's not like he has the backing of the KGB or the Gestapo. He'll be dead within 5 years.
  11. I'll watch basically anything with Dwayne Johnson in it. The man just oozes charisma and creatine
  12. The problem with something like Walmart is that, while at face value keeping prices down is good for people, when you pump money into a "foreign" corporation like that, you're taking money out of the local economy. Because Wal Mart itself takes such a big cut, it ends up being a net negative for the economy, especially in small towns. While local small businesses may be more expensive, the money spent there (or at least a bigger portion of it) just gets pumped right back out into the community. Cheap consumer goods for everyone doesn't matter if no one has disposable income. But, of course, those low prices, tho!
  13. Because that's what it is, and I'm...  strangely okay with that    
  14. Pastaexit?

    What a weird way to spell Mexico.