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  1. I think the best thing would be for Whedon to come back to it, but with a (mostly) new cast. Maybe Fillion could be one of the characters, maybe some of the characters could make guest appearances, but I wouldn't want it to pick up right where Serenity left off or anything.
  2. What was that thing going around facebook recently? "You guys voted in a billionaire, who then appointed other billionaires, to fix the system that made them billionaires? That's next-level retarded."
  3. Matt Stonie could probably do this by himself if he tried hard enough:
  4. I make decent money ($12/hour + tips) and also work in an industry where drug tests are laughed at. No one would ever drug test in the service industry because you'd have to fire everyone.
  5. Hmm... they had to pay 2.2 million, but how much did they get from selling the data?
  6. I liked the Bruno Mars one.
  7. Having had (have) a big rodent problem in my house, I've seen exactly shit like that.
  8. Definitely going to do that. I mean, I've never been to jail before, that'll be a resume builder.
  9. The absolute worst question ever. Maybe I should ask if they can juggle? Especially one-handed. I can juggle one-handed, if they can't, then they should get out.
  10. I've never interviewed anybody before. Anybody have any tips? I won't be alone, thankfully, there's one other person that will be there with me, and she's interviewed a ton of people. It's still a little weird. I've been interviewed probably a dozen times in my life, so you'd think I would know what I'd say from the other end by now... but I don't.
  11. Nothing, it seems! Let's just let the cauldron boil.
  12. Basically, his initial argument is that our continual acceptance of illegal immigrants from Mexico is acting as a pressure release valve for Mexican politicians to avoid all-out revolution, which he argues would be inevitable if we shut down our borders. He said that there's no reason Mexicans should be as poor as they are, given the resources of the country. If we have Mexican interests truly at heart, we'd stop the flow of immigration entirely and let the pressure build until the poor folks overthrow the corrupt Mexican government.
  13. I personally am slow to react to things. I grew up mostly without parents, my education ranged wildly from conservative to crazy liberal, and I now have a natural distrust of pretty much everything I hear. So this video has an uncommon take on Mexican immigration, and I want someone to explain to me how it doesn't make sense. I don't really have an opinion on it at the moment. I guess I don't know enough about it.
  14. For anyone who might think "I don't want to get attached to characters who are going to die anyway," I humbly suggest that you watch Saving Private Ryan and still see if you feel the same way.
  15. They don't. Last time we got something like this, though (around 2008 or so) they ended up borrowing snow plows from some of the mountain towns in central Oregon.