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  1. No Man's Sky Pushed Back

    Hasn't every impression of No Man's Sky so far been like "it's cool, but beneath the surface, there isn't really much to actually do?"   If so, then delays are smart.
  2. Official Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread (ver 2.0)

    I don't necessarily think the books are better than the show. More honest, maybe. You spend time inside the head of characters you absolutely detest (a good chunk of book 4 is from Cersei's POV, and she is much more of a crazed psychopath in the books than she is in the show. Dany also starts showing signs of going down a similar road, which she hasn't in the show), so in a way it's like the show if everything was cranked to 11. But that isn't always a good thing. And Martin isn't exactly Hemingway.
  3. "God will understand. If he does not, then he is not God, and we need not worry." -Orlando Bloom
  4. At least half as many Nepalese ones, and don't even get him started on the Indians.
  5. Iirc the party never developed a unified stance on slavery, so it dissolved as slavery became more of a political catalyst. I think a similar thing is happening to republicans now. Income inequality, LGBT oppression, racism, and climate change are all things they just kind of pretend don't exist. Interestingly, the Whig party formed in the first place on a platform of "we're not Democrats," so I wonder if something similar will happen over the next decade
  6. Veganism kills.

    "One gram per pound" is complete horseshit propagated by people who sell protein.   It's harmless, as you'd have to practically be eating a whole tub of whey protein every day for it to be actively harmful for you, but no one outside of roid monsters like apoc and kaberle need that much protein.
  7. Veganism kills.

    The RDA for protein is actually 0.8 grams per kilo of lean body weight, which is a whole lot less (around 80 grams in your example, unless I can't do math, which is possible). The whole "one gram per pound" thing just gets pushed a lot by people who sell protein.
  8. Veganism kills.

    You also probably require three times the normal amount of calories and protein to maintain your body mass. For normal people, there is no need to eat meat all the time. Unless someone is trying to be Jay Cutler, people generally don't need as much protein as they think they do.
  9. So I've been trying to cut down on spending, and one way I'm trying to do that is meal planning.   So basically, I was eating out at least one meal every day. Keeping food around your house is hard when you live by yourself. I would buy food to cook something, then throw 3/4 of it out. Instead, what I'm trying now is to pre-cook a shitload of basic things every week and then just assemble them throughout the week. My breakfast every day is a smoothie of some kind; I have bananas, pineapple, peaches, pears, apples, oranges, limes, and various frozen berries, along with kale (which I grow). One smoothie from that stuff is a pretty solid breakfast. For the rest of the day, I'll just sautee/beak/steam/etc some veggies and/or tofu that I've already prepped (I have big bags in my fridge filled with chopped peppers, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, etc).   A healthier, more economic fizzzzle is on the horizon!   Now if only I could do less drugs...
  10. Veganism kills.

    I've become what I refer to as a "bad vegetarian." I cut meat out entirely for a while, and I felt great, though I definitely lost some weight (not a good thing in my case), and now I've settled into a diet in which I eat meat.... sometimes? when I feel like it? I already have trouble eating large quantities of meat. I ate a pulled pork sandwich a couple weeks ago, and I swear it took like 3 days to poop it out. But I'll still eat pizza with sausage on it, and I still loves me some chicken wings.   I personally don't care about the suffering of animals. I mean, I guess I care to a degree, but it doesn't keep me up at night. If I have the choice of ethically raised meat vs. meat that grew up in a cage, I would choose the ethically raised meat, I guess. Though most meat producers are full of shit when they throw around terms like "farm raised" and shit, so there's no way to really know.   The argument that finally turned me to vegetarianism was environmental. Industrial animal farms are horrible for the environment, and over-fishing is a big part of the many things we are doing to destroy the ocean ecosystem. Not everyone has to go vegan, but if everyone just ate less meat/less fish, we could change a lot. A lot of people in this country eat meat every meal of every day. That's absolutely not necessary, from any point of view, and it's absurdly wasteful.
  11. FREE PIZZA you just gotta send the magic tweet

    I'm going to a barbecue
  12. Official Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread (ver 2.0)

    I honestly hope the show doesn't go too far into the time travel shit. I hope it's pretty obvious to Bran that he understands the grandfather paradox. His going back in time to "change" Hodor only resulted in the Hodor that he's known all his life. There is no changing anything. That's what the Three Eyed Raven (who almost certainly tried something similar himself once upon a time) was trying to warn him about.   In fact, maybe his going back in time to see the Night's King is what triggered the invasion of the White Walkers. Maybe the Three Eyed Raven seeing that happen is what caused him to seek Bran out.   Who knows. Time Travel is a rabbit hole by its very nature.
  13. I found this kind of amusing    
  14. Minnesota drunk sucker punches man to death

    I think stuff like local news belongs more in community general, fwiw. Not that it matters to me since I see every thread on this site.
  15. Oh man, and I thought that team was unwatchable already, now you're adding the guy who is the world's ambassador for ass ugly shit soccer.