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  1. I've barely posted in the last two months. You should see it though, MY HAIR HAS FROSTED TIPS NOW, only not like you're imagining.
  2. It's a spiritual successor to Sim City. It's really fucking good. Not sure how well it will work on the PS4, though.
  3. I think nuclear waste would be a problem if everyone in the world went nuclear, but as a short-term solution until battery technology reaches the point where wind/solar can become viable in mass quantities (or until fusion becomes a thing, which might be coming closer than you think - a team in germany created a [forget what it's called, it's a container] that can actually contain a fusion reaction a few months ago), I think it's the best bet. Hydroelectric is awesome, but aside from environmental concerns, I live on the Columbia, one of the most powerful rivers in the world with like 6 or 7 major hydroelectric plants on it, and we still only get like 20% of our power from it. According to Portland General Electric, almost half of our power comes from coal and natural gas. Portland did have the idea recently of replacing a lot of the water pipes in the city with pipes that have turbines in them, so you can essentially get power from your water system. Not a ton of power, but something.
  4. You don't get what you deserve, only what you have the leverage to negotiate.
  5. That's kind of what I thought, as well. Like, that guy didn't exactly look natural, but I doubt he's the biggest guy you can find in NYC who is open to talking about steroid use. I did like the points he made about how if he does it, having a relationship/family is basically not an option, though. If you commit to steroid use (if you want to actually see results from it), lifting is life.
  6. This got posted today
  7. Spritzelshit. There's one. I'm fucking pumped. Man, it feels so great to be fucking PUMPED about a console again. I hopped on the PC train years ago. I did buy a Xboner, but I really only ever played Forza Horizon 2, other than that it's mainly just been used as a Blu-Ray player/shelf occupier. I got a Switch like 2 months ago and fuck do I love that thing. I take it everywhere. I would probably shower with it if I could. I can go to a bar and play motherfucking *local* multiplayer with my friends, on the spot. What a time to be alive. Nintendo seems to have gone back to their roots and realized that I buy game consoles to motherfucking play games, and they've made that process easier than ever before. And now we'll finally get Mario. And eventually Metroid. Oh yeah, and eventually Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and a Harvest Moon game (which might suck, but maybe the publisher saw Stardew Valley and realized they have competition now)
  8. I never even think about or want to eat cashews until you put some in front of me, then I will eat them all until there are no more in my vicinity.
  9. Bethesda is generally really good with side quests. The only issue comes when they don't do enough to disguise radial quests, so you end up doing meaningless radial quests for 5 hours before you realize they're just going to keep repeating.
  10. I'm just saying that the Switch has basically become my go-to handheld console. (outside of 3d, which I don't give a shit about) there's nothing the 3DS can do that the Switch can't, and the Switch is so motherfucking versatile. It's also not like I can fit the 3DS in my pocket. I carry it in my backpack, just like the Switch. Just start releasing everything for the Switch. I'll fucking buy it. I have no interest in buying 3DS games anymore.
  11. Fuck, just make games with shit graphics for the Switch, I wouldn't care. My 3DS feels like a piece of shit since I got the Switch. The Switch made mobile local multiplayer a thing. I break out random games of Mario Kart at the bar with friends sometimes. That's fucking insane. Just drop the fucking 3DS already.
  12. Who the fuck cuts INTO THEIR FUCKING HAND?!
  13. This looks pretty sick. I couldn't get into Far Cry 4 because it felt like too much of a carbon copy of 3. I'm sure the gameplay in this one will still be extremely similar, but the setting makes it fun.
  14. What. the. fuck.