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  1. Nothing, it seems! Let's just let the cauldron boil.
  2. Basically, his initial argument is that our continual acceptance of illegal immigrants from Mexico is acting as a pressure release valve for Mexican politicians to avoid all-out revolution, which he argues would be inevitable if we shut down our borders. He said that there's no reason Mexicans should be as poor as they are, given the resources of the country. If we have Mexican interests truly at heart, we'd stop the flow of immigration entirely and let the pressure build until the poor folks overthrow the corrupt Mexican government.
  3. I personally am slow to react to things. I grew up mostly without parents, my education ranged wildly from conservative to crazy liberal, and I now have a natural distrust of pretty much everything I hear. So this video has an uncommon take on Mexican immigration, and I want someone to explain to me how it doesn't make sense. I don't really have an opinion on it at the moment. I guess I don't know enough about it.
  4. For anyone who might think "I don't want to get attached to characters who are going to die anyway," I humbly suggest that you watch Saving Private Ryan and still see if you feel the same way.
  5. They don't. Last time we got something like this, though (around 2008 or so) they ended up borrowing snow plows from some of the mountain towns in central Oregon.
  6. I mean, I understand. Snow isn't exactly a common event here, so it can be scary if you're not used to it. Still, it's not complicated. Keep your distance, accelerate slowly and pump the brakes. That's basically it. And try to avoid traffic lights that involve stopping uphill. But even so, the city absolutely failing to do anything to any of the roads is mind boggling.
  7. First it was Chi-raq, then Body-more... now... St... Lupis? St. Rue-This? St. Crew-Hit?
  8. So we got snow last Tuesday, something like 8" over the span of 24-36 hours. Snow like that here is a once-a-decade event, so it's understandable if the city totally shuts down for a day or so. But then another day went by. And another. And another, etc, with CLEAR WEATHER, and the city hasn't done shit to the roads. Their policy was basically "eh, it'll melt." So most of the roads have been hard packed snow for a week, which kind of sucks already, but now it's freezing rain, and the whole city is going to turn into an icicle. They had a whole goddamn week to do, like, anything. Clear the main throughfairs, put gravel down on some others... nope! Our schools have lost like 8 days so far? and figuring out how I'm getting to work is going to be interesting. I hate winter so much.
  9. That number will only go up as it (very, very gradually) becomes more acceptable for men to be bisexual. I feel like it's almost weird to meet a girl these days that doesn't at least dabble in the carpet munch game, but for guys it's still totally taboo.
  10. Deleted the post. Felt good just to type all that out, but I'm good.
  11. I've gone a few times. I'm generally of the opinion that, unless it's a matter of jury duty getting in the way of paying your bills, everyone should go. If you ever happen to end up on the wrong side of a trial, who are you going to want on your jury - a well-rounded group of reasonably intelligent people, or just the idiots who didn't know how to get out of jury duty? It's one of the civic duties for which I truly believe you're a piece of shit if you don't do just because you don't feel like it. But, on the other hand, you're crazy. And I say that with love.
  12. Given that Children of Men is a cinemat... cinematographic? Is that a word? ... masterpiece, a lot of scenes in that movie fit that bill. The final one shot scene is amazing, as well.
  13. I like it, in a neat well-meaning bond-villainy way. I mean, it would never happen. Autonomous cars are basically already supposed to reduce traffic a ton, so the tunnels would become kind of superfluous for such a large undertaking.
  14. That does seem to be what Tesla is ultimately after. Thankfully, I think everyone else will get on board soon enough. What would be bad is if Tesla bought out Uber or something. I was reading something cool the other day about how Elon Musk wants to build a tunnel infrastructure in American cities to reduce traffic. By basically only allowing 0-emission vehicles (for which Tesla wants to dominate the market), it eliminates a lot of the need for ventilation, which could potentially make such an endeavor feasible. Not sur eif that would ever happen, but I think it would be pretty cool.