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  1. Tell him you'll show him brazil's penis if he can prove he's read a book about psycopathy. And that you may or may not want to have sex.
  2. Ask if he's read the book "7 habits of highly effective people."
  3. Bethesda games are outliers with mods, because Bethesda releases an open creation kit for every game that lets people create their own scripts and assets. For something like NMS, I'm assuming the extent of the modding will pretty much be retextures, as it is for most games.
  4. Planet Coaster

    I WANT
  5. ~*Official 2016 D1P Discord Bros/IDGAF Fantasy League*~

    I wish there was a way to score things like broken tackles and drops. Yahoos and espns stat tracking is so limited. The game would be so much more fun.
  6. ~*Official 2016 D1P Discord Bros/IDGAF Fantasy League*~

    Maybe I'll make IDGAF quarter PPR. Or like 2/5 PPR for shits and giggles. Or I could just make rushing touchdowns worth more. Or yards. The possibilities are endless, and we are pioneers!
  7. ~*Official 2016 D1P Discord Bros/IDGAF Fantasy League*~

    That's why I said half is a good balance
  8. What is your favorite kind of salsa?

    I remember seeing a video about how some people's distaste for cilantro is genetic. There are some people for whom cilantro tastes a bit like orange juice after brushing your teeth. Kind of blew my mind
  9. ~*Official 2016 D1P Discord Bros/IDGAF Fantasy League*~

    Playing without some form of PPR make running backs way too OP. Full PPR I think pushes the balance too far in favor of receivers and Danny Woodhead. Half is a nice balance. At least IMO.
  10. You shouldn't feel so bad for Boyle's hunger, it'll come back. It just takes time
  11. Tinychat for old times' sake

    I, again, am working. You fucks.
  12. ~*Official 2016 D1P Discord Bros/IDGAF Fantasy League*~

    I've become a big fan of half-PPR.
  13. Tinychat for old times' sake

    You guys always tinychat on nights I work
  14. Post a picture of your hand(s).

    Name's Palmela Handerson