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  1. Fucking 9am meetings. Every time I go to one, I make a point to show up as hungover and haggard looking as possible, sort of like a silent protest. I'm talking full on face stubble (as much as I can muster, anyway), sunglasses, face bloat, wearing the same clothes from last night, the whole shebang.   I don't think it does anything, but whatever.
  2. I find it pretty funny. I mean, the dude was wearing gloves. I've been served things at clubs by girls who, like, technically have tops on, and no one cared.
  3. When I was 13, my mother didn't "let" me do anything. Didn't stop me much.
  4. There's enough talent to go around. The bigger the league gets/the more money they pay players, the better the talent gets. They're still not anywhere near Premier League or anything, but pretty much all MLS teams have guys who could compete on any European roster.   It's not really like the NBA, where expansion just spreads an already thin talent pool. In Soccer, the talent pool is already massive, the money just needs to match it.
  5. Official Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread (ver 2.0)

    I agree that I think Melisandre's power is weakening. It probably takes a lot of energy to keep up the glamour.   Maybe she will find a new purpose.   Maybe she'll rally behind a certain former Lord Commander who possesses little knowledge...
  6.     @Boyle5150   It's been aging for about 2 years. I actually forgot I had it. Probably gonna crack it open tonight.
  7. Official Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread (ver 2.0)

    I was pretty drunk when I watched the episode. I remember everything, but only after someone mentions it to me. I'll probably watch it again tonight.
  8. I hate not having any PTO/not being able to get time off when I need it. I've been in serious need of like a 4 day vacation for months, and I can't get the time. Also I've been trying to trim my schedule so that I'm not working 6 nights a week, but that hasn't happened.
  9. MCU Phase One and Two only get better with time

    Critics are as much a victim to mob mentality as anyone. If a lot of their peers pan a movie before they see it, they will go into the film looking for things not to like, or vice versa. I liked the Thor movies. They have a much lighter black/white kind of tone, much like the first avenger. As for iron man 3, it seems like most people who have read the comics (and thus had expectations for the Mandarin) were disappointed by it, while people who haven't read the comics liked it.
  10. Let me know how it is. I don't normally like triples. That reminds me I have some deschutes Jubel 2015 that have been aging in my dad's basement for a year. Gonna have to pick them up this week
  11. Guile?

    The problem with that face isn't the model, it's either A) whoever did the skeleton, making the eyes totally rigid, or B) whoever did the eye texture. OR C) the animator for not animating/posing them.
  12. I'm working on a half sleeve inspired by stuff like this:     Gonna take me most of the year to finish.