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  1. My buddy and I in our two states found one. Of course YMMV.
  2. Eve is (edit: probably) worth it at that price. And good luck finding Gravity Rush 2 anywhere unless they do a reprint.
  3. I could be wrong, so please correct me if I am, but wasn't this always the rule with Twin Galaxies, permanent bans? And Billy was instrumental in creating these rules with his role with the organization. Even if he didn't create them per se, he most definitely knew of them and what would result in cheating. I recall seeing a video where he said he never heard of MAME, which is funny because that was discussed heavily within the rule set he once governed.
  4. It's not just Donkey Kong. Twin Galaxies removed all of his scores and have banned him from submitting any future scores. This means he is no longer technically the first person to get a perfect Pac-Man score. Guinness uses TG as a verification and validation partner so they've stripped Billy of all previously held records as well. This along with the Todd Rogers story has been interesting to follow these last few months. Rogers also just happened to be the referee to verify prior records for Billy Mitchell too. Interesting stuff.
  5. IGN compared the 2016 e3 footage to current PS4 Pro footage and all I can say is wow! I've been pretty much on blackout since this trailer but I remember this reveal looking amazing. That extra 2 years did wonders here.
  6. My tits were plenty calm until I saw all these reviews. Now they've perked right up! I'm cutting glass here people!
  7. A statue and me tossing double the money at Sony because they earned it!
  8. Fuck it, ordered the collector's edition. Fuckin' hype man.
  9. Goddamnit. I wish the embargo would have been next Thursday because this wait is going to be a killer.
  10. Holy shit. Not that reviews were going to suddenly make me not want to play this game if they were negative, but damn.
  11. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    New patch is out, some achievements previously earned unlocked for me after loading into it. Some like the kraken, playing music with 5+ pirates, and throwing a bucket of puke on a pirate from another crew didn't unlock. Oh well!
  12. If calling you out is the definition of a crush in your book, I bet you think there are tons of people in the world obsessed with you!
  13. Any "Flat Earthers" here?

    I fuckin' knew it!
  14. Now that you have it, I'll judge the hell out of you if you don't play it!
  15. Any "Flat Earthers" here?

    So I've explained this phenomenon to a couple of people recently who have never heard about those that think the government created Photoshop in the 50s to fake photos of the Earth and the satellites above it, all gps devices are fake, and that Antarctica isn't our southern pole, but rather an icy perimeter of our disc shaped planet guarded by NASA and all governments to prevent people from falling off our planet. So naturally, this made me think of @ohioguy24! Do we know where he stands on this topic?! Flat Earthers are like juggalos: I feel much safer knowing who they are!