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  1. Switching to Trevor was always a joy, and one time really sticks out to me. I switched to him as he was taking a dump behind a dumpster. After he finished his business, I had Trevor pull out his phone and take a picture of said dump.   If that isn't a character of the fuckin' decade, I don't what it is.
  2. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

      You know what's better than receiving an internet hand job?    
  3.   I spit a little when I read that! It's funny because it's true.
  4. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    Now was that so hard?!
  5. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

      I guess I was looking for more than "it's fun". Do you enjoy all the modes or are some stinkers? Is there real team work with your friends or do you all just chase red enemies? Is it a game with legs? Will friends want to get together and play this longer than a weekend? You know, those kind of questions...   The drifting thing worries me. Anybody that types using the gyroscope in the controller will tell you that drifting in something as simple as that can irritate the everlasting fuck out of you. But that kind of drifting doesn't require you to turn your body as you're playing. It's been years and Sony hasn't fixed the drifting issue on the controller, and even though we're talking apples to oranges, similar drifting issues on the headset would make me steer clear. This is a piece of tech I want to show tons of people. I don't want to have to teach everybody I show it to "how to fix it when it inevitably fucks up". And I don't want to spin in circles to complete a race. Do the other headsets have drifting issues?
  6. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    Driveclub is one of my most anticipated VR titles for when I finally pull the trigger, so it sucks to hear so many people talking about nausea when describing their experience with DC. There are VR racers on the other VR devices right? Do they have the nausea issues like DC or is it specific to DC? I understand how your eyes seeing you turning, going up and down hills, and general speed, while your body doesn't feel it can lead to nausea, so I'm wondering if this is going to happen with all racers or if it's something you can get used to. Or if it's Driveclub.
  7. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

      Well let me ask you this: buying it as a multiplayer game to play with friends (and randoms I guess), how is it?
  8. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    Do you guys have any experience with Radial-G? This one is coming to PSVR and looks amazing!
  9. Dragon Quest Builders trailer

    You're all making it hard for me to try and stay responsible by waiting a bit to buy this... Damn you guys...
  10. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

      Nice! Did that update make it to the PSVR version?
  11. Only two?! Come on Trump, I know you got some serious Cosby numbers to give us!
  12. I can't wait! JP, be prepared for me to sneak into your squad and suck it up! Although... even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while!     Very excite!