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  1. madmankevin added a post in a topic Amiibos... You buyin'?   

    Yeah, today was the first day I have ever seen Little Macs, Wii Fit Trainer, and Captain Falcon.  Didn't think I'd need another amiibo but had to have Little Mac.  I would have loved this toy playing Punchout back in the day!
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  2. madmankevin added a post in a topic Super Meat Boy... that music...   

    I'm through the first four light worlds and first three dark worlds.  I get to a level where I say "oh yeah, this level was a pain in my ass" and proceed to beat it in like two tries. I still feel like my jumps aren't connecting all the time though where I never felt that way before.   And the d-pad...  My thumb hurts after playing this and playing n++ because I'm pressing the d-pad so hard.  I try to cool my jets but it's hard to really not hammer on that thing!
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  3. madmankevin added a post in a topic SAG Voice Actors May Strike   

    I don't need to retort an opinion, especially to someone I have zero respect for.  We all know that you're a hateful and very angry person who hates his life and hates anybody that doesn't 100% agree with you on absolutely everything.  So I'll happily reside in that camp!
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  4. madmankevin added a post in a topic SAG Voice Actors May Strike   

    Sorry, I'll try that again.  Holy fuck that's fuckin' fascinating!
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  5. madmankevin added a post in a topic SAG Voice Actors May Strike   

    Plus, non unionized developers would face a tough road fighting for something like this.
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  6. madmankevin added a post in a topic SAG Voice Actors May Strike   

    "That’s why we positioned our “ask” at 2 million copies – it’s where most games start to turn a profit, and it’s where all the union talent is found."  For the big budget games they're talking about, this is more often than not simply not true. 
    I don't disagree, but that's not what this strike proposal is about.
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  7. madmankevin added a post in a topic SAG Voice Actors May Strike   

    Their demands don't seem too outrageous with the exception of performance bonuses.  How in the hell do they think working a couple of days/weeks (sometimes longer sure) in 4 hour-ish sessions in a comfy recording booth entitles them to performance bonuses when developers who work 12 to 16+ hours a day, six and even seven days a week, for months even years on end don't get jack shit (with some exceptions sure based off company/position) in bonuses?
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  8. madmankevin added a post in a topic Battlefront Beta Impression Thread   

    -I figured out how to get vehicles on Hoth.  You find a floaty orb thing, pick it up, pop a squat, activate it, and it cuts to you in the air.  Either I need to get better at flying or the mechanics of it suck.
    -there's a training mode but that's locked out of the beta (why?!).  Fingers crossed for free roam vehicle training in the full release...
    -still no idea how to be hero characters
    -for an impressions thread, nobody seems to care about the actual impressions!
    -Hoth seems one sided.  The empire always wins.  I haven't seen a single AT-AT getting destroyed yet.  If this mode stays one sided, I can see it sadly getting ignored.
    -unless nobody was wearing a mic, I didn't hear a soul.  No squad system that I can figure out, other than a partner system.  Played with a friend, he was my partner.  Without him, I had some rando as a partner.  Maybe a larger party can make their own in game squad?
    -spawns could be better.  It's cool to spawn on your partner, and you can actually see the action from their view before you do it.  So you know if you need to jump in to help them, or if they're totally fucked and you want to go elsewhere.
    -couldn't figure out how to look at a map in game.  Maybe I'm dumb, but I couldn't figure it out.  A map with selectable respawn points would be better than just being randomly dropped into the action
    -the game stuttered/froze for a second three times on my last Hoth battle.  How are the DICE servers going to hold up?...
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  9. madmankevin added a post in a topic Super Meat Boy... that music...   

    The glitch world music was playing over the world music after I finished the glitch world.  It was pretty annoying but going to title and back fixed it so there are definitely glitchy music issues in this game.
    Is there a cross-save mechanic to this game?  I didn't see any options but maybe it's automatic?  Anybody know about Vita/PS4 cross save?
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  10. madmankevin added a post in a topic DraftKings employee wins $350k on Fanduel after releasing data on how often players are picked in lineups   

    Will we know?  Are numbers ever reported?  I don't use these sites but I'm curious to know how many do.
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  11. madmankevin added a post in a topic Battlefront Beta Impression Thread   

    After spending all day with Metal Gear Online, fumbling around with the convoluted lobby system, learning different aspects through the school of hard knocks, popping into the Battlefront Beta was a completely different experience all together, and it was AWESOME!
    -the menu system is really slick and clean.  I was immediately impressed
    -speaking of awesome menus, you know how all PS4 games send invites and you have to leave the game to accept them?  Everything is done in game.  It's quick and it's easy.  On the top of the main menu you see you and everybody in your Battlefront party, next box shows who's in your PS4 party, and the next box shows who's online, all represented by their profile pics.  See someone you want to play with, send a quick invite, they open it in game, accept, and you can be playing in a very small amount of time.
    -Battle of Hoth was beautiful and chaotic.  This is the first time I have ever stopped and just stared at snow in a video game.  You know how snow is made up of little light reflecting crystals?  Hoth has got that!  I couldn't figure out how to get to walkers and different ships, so I couldn't figure out how to pilot them yet.  And I couldn't really figure out exactly what I was supposed to do, but it was smooth and chaotic.  And when that Star Wars music kicks in during the match and you see a hero character in the horizon charging you...
    -I wondered how they would deal with laser guns that don't reload.  I think they nailed this mechanic!  They heat up, and you either have to wait for the heat bar indicator to go all the way down, or you can get back into the shooty action quickly with a well timed Gears of War styled active reload.  You can do this over and over again and each time you do, the reload window is smaller.  Miss it and you'll burn yourself and have to wait a few seconds.  tldr; it's a well done system
    -the horde mode thing was alright, you only get to do six waves, and one time we were running around the map trying to find the last guy of a wave of whom we finally found after about five minutes.  He was chilling in a cave.  Oh, and if you shoot a stormtrooper out of the sky who's using a jetpack, they spin and fly around uncontrollably until they blow up!
    -I think there are 7 (??) competitive modes but just two playable now.  I forgot what it was called but the mode where pods get dropped on the battlefield and you have to activate and defend them was a lot of fun.  Think of a randomly placed flag in CTF
    -you earn currency as you play, it seems fair, you use that to unlock cards/perks, and your "hands" can only hold so many.  Some are permanent upgrades like grenades (forgot their SW name), and some are consumables like ion blaster upgrades.  Seems fair though!
    -the sounds, effects, Ackbar hologram pop ups, atmosphere, graphics, menus, and action are all impressive thus far
    I honestly was hoping this would suck because I don't have time for this game this fall.  But if the DICE servers don't take a shit and there are no glaring huge DICE issues at release, I'm in for the deluxe/premium edition.  I was thoroughly impressed!
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  12. madmankevin added a post in a topic Super Meat Boy... that music...   

    You know what else really bugs me about this game?  On the dash/UI, it's titled "SUPER MEAT BOY!".  That exclamation mark isn't part of the title.
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  13. madmankevin added a post in a topic Super Meat Boy... that music...   

    "They wouldn't let me work on Binding of Isaac and now I hate those big fat poopyheads!" 
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  14. madmankevin added a post in a topic Baseball commentators make fun of selfie girls   

    How anathama thinks he did in this thread:
    How people who don't lie to themselves think anathama did in this thread:
    "Okay, no more needs to be said in that area. Let's bring the thread back to the actual topic of the thread. Any time Taylor Swift can be invoked (one step below invoking The Shania), I think we've done all of the work that can be done here."But hasn't told me if he liked my gift yet...
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  15. madmankevin added a post in a topic Super Meat Boy... that music...   

    Alrighty, maybe I was being a weeee bit dramatic! I still think the title screen and world one music sticks out like a sore thumb, and having the music go over the cutscene after beating the world one boss was weird, but I feel that might be a glitch because the world 2 boss cutscene didn't have those issues.  And the music starts to get less in your face noticable later.  So I'm not hating!
    But I'm still having missed jumps happen.  It's been a while since I played this on the 360, but I don't recall looking down on my controller puzzled in all my 18,000 deaths.  Curious if you guys have similar experiences with it.
    But boy do I love this game...
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