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  1. I have always loved hearing about their holiday promotions, so I might as well jump in for myself!
  2. This game had such a strong E3 showing and I've been looking forward to it ever since. I've had it for a week now and... ugh. I can really go on and on about it, but it's best summed up as I've been telling friends this week: I hate how much I don't like this game.
  3. Battlefront II Players / Groups / Friends

    Count me in @HardAct! I played more of the beta of the first one than the actual game, so I'll need somebody to carry my ass!
  4. Xbox Game Gifting

    Done. Check your games tab and you'll see this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/store/p/Kitty-Powers-Matchmaker/C2F67LCVGF8W
  5. PlayStation VR Demo Disc 2

    Moss was pretty good but I had control issues. I'm not sure if the cursor thing was going nuts, or if it was trying to move to tell me what to do, but other than that, it's very promising. I'd like the option to play with a Move controller and point over the DS4. Star Child was waaaaay too short to answer any question I have on it. I want to know if it's a straight side scrolling metroidvania game, or if you do things with the giant. I don't even know if there's any combat. I was hoping to learn more but I didn't learn anything. Raw Data (vr protect the base/horde mode) I hated. I didn't like how the guns are held. Unless my tracking was off, you held them completely different than any other gun in PSVR. Movement, things hitting you from all directions, hard to aim... nah. Not for me. I did The Persistence for a minute but just stopped playing. Need to get back to it. I would also like to try Tiny Trax. Everything else I pretty much own or have played as they're pretty solid titles.
  6. PlayStation VR Demo Disc 2

    Gonna download to check out Paul Stanley's Star Child and Moss! No Inpatient though? Boo. Thanks for posting!
  7. I don't understand. Are you saying the 500 gb in a launch PS4 is larger than the 32 gb in a Switch? Please explain. If I buy Zelda and Mario, I'm already over 50% capacity on my Switch. That's totally defendable! I can fit another one, maybe two first party games on a Switch. But zero 3rd party games unless I buy expandable memory. That's better than the storage options on the PS4!
  8. I am disappoint @GuyWhoPostsThings. This thread is a lot worse than your other GT threads! So I got this game on launch, didn't play it until day 3 or something, servers were down, I couldn't do anything ANYTHING!, and I haven't touched it since. What am I missing out on? Should I turn it back on folks?
  9. Haha, welcome to D1P! I'm not going to dump on someone that's so easily dumpable because I don't have the care to read this (and other) threads. But I'll say about that Gillian guy... I like the cut of his jib. He's prodding all the right people. I enjoy your work! L.A. Noire, damn that was a fun game... that I would never want to replay. Going for the platinum (getting 5 stars or whatever score ranking it had) showed just how flawed of an interrogation system it had. Still, it was fun. But why would you play it on the Switch? It's cool to see the Switch getting so much support, so maybe you just want to toss some support back? I want to get a Switch someday, but it'll definitely be a 1st party/exclusive indie machine for me. Plus, I think a redesign is going to happen. It needs to. Watching the Ben Heck teardown, it appeared that the internal memory would be an easy thing to swap out. So a memory, kickstand, kickstand/charger, memory, warping/heat, taco shell scratches, and memory fix is something I'd like to see in the rev2 Switch. And Smash Bros bros.
  10. Yeah, SharePlay is awesome. Haven't read anything in this thread, so I assume it's about how awesome SharePlay is. It really is the most "next gen" thing on current consoles in my opinion. I had a guy online help me in couch co-op to get the last stage I needed done for my GeoWars Dimensions plat. It's crazy just typing that out! The 15 minutes that took sure beat the hours and hours I would have had to spend in training my gf to become great at that game haha! And you watching me play that last special stage in Sonic for an hour straight with both of us scratching our heads was a good time. Oh yeah... That SharePlay sure is good shit. Y'all can continue on about how great it is now!
  11. I completed a ton of games last year but not as much this year. I have more to update, will do so shortly.
  12. PSVR_Rev 2 now in the wild!

    This has always annoyed me. I was an early adopter, I have purchased over 40 VR games, and the reason I'm not going to get a Pro anytime soon is because of the fact that I have VR hooked up and use it a ton. It's too bad they redesigned the box and the headset/cords because it would be nice to "trade up". I have no issues with my VR headset but fuck that no pass through bullshit. It boggled my mind when they shipped it like that, and it just bugs me now that they've upgraded it and I'm stuck with no pass through. I always get noise using hdmi switchers. What kind do you use and do you notice any audio or video quality hits?
  13. I feel bad. I'm the audience for Matterfall and Nex Machina and I didn't buy either. I'll be buying Nex on the 10th, but damn. I need to support whatever they do next. Hopefully it'll have some fun online so I can co-op it with @frightiestslammiestsmartestguyev4r!
  14. The Kinect is Dead

    Aww... I feel bad now... All Spork wanted to do was to a discussion in good faith with me and I didn't allow for that to happen. Why would I be so cruel and not allow that to happen? I'd like to look at a couple of the finer points this gentleman kindly sent my way in an attempt to open a friendly discussion with me. Warning: wall of text incoming! He wanted me to provide a link to back up words that he said. That's just silly. So I clarified. I clarified what was said, and what I was responding to. That didn't seem to get through to him. He wanted me to provide a link to back up his words again. Now that's just ridiculous. Then he talks about the “implications” of my post. Take your tin hat off, there is no conspiracy here. He demands more facts for me to back up his claims. Come on now. He then tried a more mature approach to reach me. He asks if I was raped by a Kinect. Perhaps somebody within Microsoft touched my no-no area. Guess what? I reply. He called it! He tossed insults my way and actually predicted that I would respond! Amazing work. Then a couple more jabs come at me. “Faux outrage and copouts” are the reason for my lack of “debate skills”. One thing I agree with Spork on is this: I see no heat in this thread. I'm calm. I think he's acting a bit nutty but I think he's rather calm throughout. I also see no outrage (real or “faux”), or copouts (que?). I wonder if he knows what those words mean? But I ignore it. Even more jabs come. Now I might be having personal issues, and I'm projecting (something I guess?) onto him. Honestly, I'm surprised the cliches stopped there. But in case you were interested, things are actually going really great for me right now. Life is pretty good! He wanted an answer to an honest question: “Do you have a link to back up that MS was using Kinect to record people without permission and give it to the government?” How many times do I need to tell this guy that those are words he typed out? Spork: I do not have a link to back up the words you put into my mouth! I'll say it again: I do not have a link to back up the words you put into my mouth! He says that he “honestly doesn't care that much”. Haha, okay... He cares enough to continue to jab me, even when I'm staying out of it. And to think, he wonders why I didn't want to engage him in a debate in the first place! Spork, you're generally fine around these parts. I don't know what your issue is today. But if you need to get your jabs in on me, and if that makes you feel the least bit better about you being you, then go for it. You also seem like you're itching to get the last word in so you have my permission there too. I'm just glad to be able to help you out with that.
  15. The Kinect is Dead

    You sure got me good! And it appears that it feels so good too! Congrats! Your post needs more insensitive rape comments. I give it a 3/10.