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  1. Launch PS4 in for Repairs

  2. Mighty No. 9: From this to this.

    So a game went from concept art to...  gameplay?  Doesn't every game do that?   THE BASTARDS!!!1!
  3. I thought I was alone in thinking the original shots were better than the remastered. Throughout the video, I kept thinking they had each side titled improperly.  I mean, I'm still going to get it because I'm an AA nut, but what the shit?!
  4. Under $5 Weekend Flash Sale for PS4/PS3/Vita titles.

      All I've heard for years is how fun it is, how easy it is, and how the trick system is like SSX.   The trick system is definitely not like any SSX I have ever played, using all boost at once is stupid, replaying levels over and over to get better equipment in the hopes to eventually get another star or two is not easy, and the grinding already for me is not fun.   It is way different than I had expected.  I don't even know if I'll go back to it.  Should have bought Hitman Go.
  5.   I have to put my thoughts down on it, but pretty much this.  Started x2 myself today.
  6. Shlong isn't an alt, he's just a turd.  I remember Nourali on the IGN forums as a pretty cool guy who was an amazing drummer in Rock Band.  Now, he's just a turd.
  7. Under $5 Weekend Flash Sale for PS4/PS3/Vita titles.

    With all the good things I've heard about it, it's hard to pass up Riptide for $1.75.  And I'll play The Golf Club with you @TheLeon if you buy it!
  8. Naughty Dog is awesome and Dean is just a horrible person.  If he still had a Vita, I would wish for him to be beat with it.
  9. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End |OT| 2.7 Million Served!

    I'm trying to stay out of this thread until I beat it, but I wanted to post this goofy thing that happened in my game:     Hoping to have more time this weekend and hopefully I'll finish it!
  10. Batman: Return to Akrham: July 26

    I love AA!  I got 100% completion on it seven times (360, 360 GOTY, 360 JP, PC, PC GOTY, PS3, PS3 JP) and I will get two more completions out of it!  It'll be my first XB1 game too!   AC, meh, not so much.
  11. Table Top Racing: World Tour - Average all around.  I really can't elaborate.  Just average.  3/5   2016 Game Completion List Tearaway Unfolded - 4/5 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection - 4/5 Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection - 4/5 Amplitude - 3/5 Taco Master - 3/5 Menage A Blops - 2/5 Firewatch - 3/5 Just Cause 3 - 4/5 Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress dlc - 3/5 Snoopy's Grand Adventure - 2/5 Catlateral Damage - 3/5 Ratchet and Clank - 5/5 Severed - 5/5 Table Top Racing: World Tour - 3/5
  12. I just did like three huge farts in a row

    As a man who himself too enjoys a good concerto of toots, fluffs, rips, and farts, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this thread.  Loving the game, so give it to Leon.  He's good shit.  Pun intended?
  13. Launch PS4 in for Repairs

      I do have an idea...  PM sent.
  14. Hello Games nearly cancelled No Man's Sky in 2013

    I'm surprised you don't remember this.  The flood, VGX (wasn't it 'VGAs'?), and a ton of tweets to Shuhei, Boyes, etc asking them to help Hello Games.  I think I even remember Shu replying positively saying they'd do what they can or something like that.   It's almost here!   inb4peoplewhopostinallnomansskythreadssayingtheydontgetitpostinthisthreadsayingtheydontgetit
  15.     This is by far one of the best posts on this forum in quite some time.  With all the handjobs given in this thread, I can only blame mental illness for the lack of handies given in your direction.  So please accept my upvote as an appreciation to your very funny yet accurate post.