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  1. I added another idea to my post while you were replying
  2. What about "Best gaming story"? I don't mean in game stories, but a story related to all things gaming. For example: the story of how Sonic Mania came to be. Just an idea! What about "Shittiest gaming story" like Gazillion getting a pre-Thanksgiving day surprise with everybody getting suddenly shit canned?
  3. 36 Fragments of Midnight. It was a cheap little platformer, cross buy, two plats, three bucks, an hour of fun, not bad. 3/5 @SFLUFAN I know you'll make your 2018 thread, but that's basically turned into a duplicate of what this one is. Kill mine, kill yours, whatever, I don't know if all of these stickies are necessary. I think the stickies on the gaming forums need to be looked at in general. For example: there's too many threads stickied on the handheld boards, a couple no longer used, one on the Sony board no longer used, and one on the deals board that I can't believe hasn't been jettisoned into space years ago! 14 posts over 4 years, the last being almost 2 years ago... time to take some of these stuck threads out back to put them down! My two cents, happy 2018 gamers!
  4. How Bluepoint Rebuilt Shadow Of The Colossus For PS4

    This is a game I would have dropped some cash on a really nice and tall statue, but oh well. And yeah, starting at a budget price with the SE still good price, plus knocking $10 bucks off, you can't go wrong!
  5. How Bluepoint Rebuilt Shadow Of The Colossus For PS4

    Awesome video I looked to see if there was a special edition and was a little disappointed. I would have dropped something extra to have a huge colossi statue with a little wanderer. I like my Last Guardian figure but with Trico laying down, it kills the scale and I was hoping to see something like that with this. Oh well. Plastic figures aside, it's really enjoyable to play games like this ever gen. I don't mind!
  6. Now this is Nintendo news that is not mediocre! While their software has always been top notch, the Wii and Wii-U were not enjoyable pieces of hardware for me. Nice to see a company like Nintendo doing most things correct. I gotta get me one of these Switch things that's all the rage with the kids these days.
  7. Burnout Paradise remaster coming to Japan

    I met many people that I am still friends with to this day through this game. I'm also pretty proud of a story I'm going to share. If you did the online challenges, you'll surely remember the "barrel roll through the fuselage" challenge. Man I used to rock at that challenge. So much that often I'd complete it right away only to have to wait around while I watched up to seven others repeatedly attempt their stunt. So much waiting. I created a "winner's circle" location where if you had completed the challenge, you'd be able to sit in a specific spot where you were out of the way but could watch everybody attempt (an reattempt) the challenge while having fun bullshitting. If somebody was done, I'd invite them over to the winner's circle. "Winner's Circle" became a thing! I'd hear people use that term in games I'd later join. Somehow it just became a thing that was being used! It always put a smile on my face. Months later some dev did an interview with some publication (I wish I bookmarked it) and when asked what surprised him of the fan reaction to Paradise, he brought up the "Winner's Circle". Not hugely significant, but it put a smile on my face to see something stupid I did end up making its rounds through the team that made it. Also, I'd get people really pissed off at me with the double barrel roll challenges. The one at the quarry to be more specific. You'd need to finish one or two of these things, but everybody could see how many you've done until the challenge was completed by everybody. So people who were struggling would get pissed when I'd be in the 40s or 50s while they're still trying to get their first. I probably need to buy this game again.
  8. Yup, he's batting 1.000 for me as well. If I didn't have so many damned games to play, I'd run through The Last Guardian again.
  9. Nex Machina

    So this thread made me realize where Housemarque went wrong this year and perhaps ultimately changed their business strategy (for better or worse). For the sake of full disclosure: I don't really like Dead Nation. I think Super Stardust is okay. Resogun however is a fuckin' masterpiece and I have a ton of respect for this studio and I eagerly look forward to their game announcements. So with that said... Identity. I saw this thread yesterday and immediately thought "I got this game for Christmas! I haven't opened it up yet but I'm pretty excited to start it!" I checked an online forum which I sometimes do before starting a game. I read of an update 1.05, how it fixed some things, nerfed others, and otherwise general praise. Last night I ripped the cellophane off of my game, popped it in, and as it was loading, a notification pops up telling me update 1.01 is downloading. Now they didn't release this game on disc in NA, I had received the Asian version so maybe it's on different update cycles? It happens. Everything loads/downloads and I fire it up, and damn is it fun! The controls are a little unique, jumping and dashing are on the shoulders/triggers as you never want to take your thumbs off of the analog sticks. Hard to get the hang of but I really enjoy it. So I come back to this thread to post a few quick impressions and I see my error: I've been playing Matterfall. Confused, I had mistaken Matterfall with Nex Machina. Two games released this year (in a span of three months mind you), two very different but also very similar games, and both developed by Housemarque, a studio I follow and have a lot of respect for. So how did somebody like me get so confused? Identity. Housemarque never really established an identity to separate these two games, for me at least, nor did they give people enough time to digest one before jumping into the other. These two great games feel like arcade classics updated for modern gaming, but they also turned into mush in my mind. I was bummed to hear of Housemarque leaving these types of games behind a few weeks back, but this made me realize they are perhaps somewhat to fault for the lack of success this year. I'm loving Matterfall, and I will get Nex Machina (I have since remembered exactly what that game is and have seen quite a bit of it being played), but I felt like sharing a little for those of you interested in reading. tl;dr: had Housemarque done a better job at giving these two games their own identity and space, things could have turned out differently. Also, if Nex Machina had online co-op, @GuyWhoPredictsThings and I would have already purchased and played through this game a dozen or so times! But I'll be buying someday down the line! tlonger;dr: check out Matterfall
  10. You good sir, are talking my language! My AA completions (brace yourself!): 360 360 GOTY 360 Japanese Games For Windows Live (remember that?!) Games For Windows Live GOTY Xbox One PS3 PS3 Japanese PS4 That's 6000 gamerscore and 3 platinum trophies. I'm kind of a nut with this game. I think there are two steam versions that I don't have the capability to play. But other than that, I've done all I can!
  11. Recommend me a must have X1X game

    Like others in this thread without an XB1X, I will recommend a game: Soda Drinker Pro!
  12. https://compete.kotaku.com/police-kill-28-year-old-after-prank-swatting-call-1821648110 Sooner or later one of these fuckin' idiots was going to get somebody killed. And goddamn these cops with itchy trigger fingers...
  13. Batman Season 1 and Deus Ex Mankind Divided PS+ Games for January

    12 year old girl? I figured you wrong.
  14. Batman Season 1 and Deus Ex Mankind Divided PS+ Games for January

    If you wish to not be mocked, you should avoid saying things deserving of mockery.