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  1. Isn't this the game that raped Apoc's grandmother or something like that? Bummed that VR isn't coming to PS4. Bummed Move support isn't coming as well. With a controller, this game is just kind of meh. If I had a Switch, I'd buy it there for the touch controls. Just think, on the Switch, THE COLORS WOULD POP!
  2. Sweet, we're gonna have to team up in this next year!
  3. I wish the free to play game Fortnite was free to play right now, because this looks like a hell of a lot of fun!
  4. So Screaming Villians, the premier FMV game studio, recently released the amazing Night Trap to wild fanfare and critical re-acclaim. They partnered with Limited Run Games to produce physical versions and the world was happy. Then today, Screaming Villians posted a video to their twitter account that LRGs retweeted, but I think has since been deleted. Behold its glory: That's right, Sega CD GOAT Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Make My Video 25th anniversary very well could be coming to consoles and pc! So I know what you're asking yourself: Marky Mark is sooooo amazing! What's the gameplay like?! It's great! You get complete access to three music videos of the grammy and oscar award winning, and hell of a nice guy, Marky Mark along with his Funky Bunch, and you get the opportunity to edit the videos to your wildest desires! And I know what you're all thinking, "I've always wanted to re-cut 'Good Vibrations' where it was just Marky Mark doing shirtless sit-ups. Is that going to be possible in this game?" You bet your sweet ass it is! I know @Rodimus is a fan, who else is going to get all oily day one with this Funky Bunch?
  5. Everbodies Golf Aug 29th

    @HardAct I whipped up a little video showing you what I was trying to explain on how to grind out gems. As a bonus, I start off showing you the custom club menus.
  6. Video game developers confess their hidden tricks at last

    I tried calling my phone in Surgeon Simulator and nothing happened. I looked online to learn more about that feature and didn't find anything. I turned Surgeon Simulator off sad.
  7. Everbodies Golf Aug 29th

    Hey, look who I found strolling around the course today:
  8. The first game I ever played on my Xbox One is the one I'm most excited to see in full 4k glory: Soda Drinker Pro!
  9. Everbodies Golf Aug 29th

    The good news is that I'm off today. That bad news is I got shit to do. But soon my friend...
  10. Forza 7 Will Have Loot Boxes

    So I'm torn. I hate this shit. But didn't MS do this with Halo 5, and that allowed all dlc to be free? Is that going to happen here? Also, I was just counting all of the Porsches I have in Horizon 3 the other day and it's something like 18, and I didn't buy the Porsche dlc. MS and Turn 10 were really generous with the challenge bonuses in FH3, so maybe they can do this without being shitty. Unicorns were always a cool thing, but hiding unicorns behind paid boxes would be a little turdy if they do it. But hiding specific upgrade parts behind this would be flat out shitty. What are you talking about? Microsoft is giving every gold member Forza 5 next week!
  11. You could say that I got better and better with my three playthroughs (Knuckles, Sonic/Tails, then Tails), or that Knuckles is just so damned awesome that 5 lives is overkill as he only needs one.
  12. Everbodies Golf Aug 29th

    I'll be there with you day one!
  13. Well I tried that Tails character that's all the rage with the kids. Not bad. He's no Knuckles, but not bad. Three 100% clears. Good times. Nothing left to do but wait 26 years for a sequel...
  14. Shenmue 3: first trailer/teaser reveal

    I think it's a bad trailer, not because of the lifeless faces, but because of the lack of sailors.
  15. I nabbed my last trophy tonight and my buddy challenged me with a 100% Tails run. Does Tails even have a "super" version? Oh Tails... You're such a turd.