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  1. Do you hate anyone here?

      Other than not posting near you or in your general direction for months, what else can I do to change your perception of me? What if I stalk users here until they feel uncomfortable, and even unsafe, while maliciously attacking these forums in a manner to deliberately harm them, take a vacation, and then buy my way into the good graces of others upon my return? Will that change anything? Hypothetically speaking of course!     Even though we have some horrible human beings that post here, none are hated. But I will say there is one ex!-moderator here that I can say with absolute certainty who absolutely despises me. And every time he reminds me of that fact, I just can't stop smiling. Hell, just thinking about it now puts a smile on my face!
  2. Just Cause 3 Bavarium Sea Heist dlc: I loved it!  After really hating the previous mech dlc, and loving what the first "Iron Man" dlc added, I have to say this was a fun way to end the game!  Not too much for story missions, but nice finale of the story, awesome armored boat with heat seeking missiles that I would actually use, and an end gun that is now my favorite in the game.  Think of Gears' hammer of dawn, but one you can always use. It's awesome! 4/5    
  3. Thanks for the tips.  I have a 12 slot multi tool, and all I have seen are 11 slot replacements, and I'm on the Vykeen? planets.  I'm putting that one behind me for now because I'm crapping out there.  But I went from a 15 to a 27 slot ship today.  Well a few ships that is.  Currently I'm flying some turd straight out of Tailspin but I know I'll be replacing it as soon as I can.  I think I'm going to focus my ship for the time being and the multi tool will come as I go.
  4. I've had a maxed out suit for a while, but still have a crummy ship and multi tool (as far as slots are concerned).  What are some suggestions to work towards maxing those out?
  5.   I suppose it can't hurt to try it though...
  6.   wat?!  This isn't a Battlefield One thread.
  7. Come watch me die in Street Fighter V

  8. PS4 4.0 Update Details...

    Those who have used the words "clusterfuck" to describe the PS4's UI will have to find something else to complain about.  And they will!     Couldn't you have just searched for your own posts on PS4 updates to find the same pictures?   But seriously, redundant images aside, this is quite a good update!
  9.   For those just starting the game, take notes.  I know Sev has been thorough (100% scanned), but starting having almost 20 inventory slots (and a crap ton of money) before even leaving the first planet is something I wish I had tried for.  One thing he didn't share: suit upgrades have been extremely cheap for him.  Not sure if it's a starting planet thing or not, but after 9 upgrades, his costs for a +1 are 25,000.  Anybody that has upgraded their suit a handful of times will tell you he is getting off extremely cheap on that.   When I grow up, I want to be like Sev!
  10.   I was messing around on a planet for maybe two hours and my girlfriend sits down and points at something in the distance and asks "What's that?".  Down in the field were a bunch of animals that looked like plants hopping around.  One in particular piqued her interest.  It looked like a green hand that hops from place to place while the "fingers" flow and move and react to the hopping.  "Yeah, that one!" She said.  I got a little closer, pulled out my scanner, and the name pops up: 'French Tickler'   She looks at me and kind of rolls her eyes.  So yeah...  I'm naming things.
  11.   A year or so ago with a system update, games/patche downloads changed.  Before you used to see two downloads, now it automatically downloads the current updates with the game download.  Hit options, then info, and you'll see it's at 1.03.
  12.   Warm, yet moist.  4/10, would visit again.
  13. Arcade Game Series Galaga, Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man, Dig-Dug:  these play as you remember, what more is there to say?  Four classics, good price, but why did I buy these games again?  Do I really need them?  Also, why are they all 800mb?!  The new borders couldn't take up that much space...  3/5   Gone Home: All I've heard about this game for years is "it's so good!  go in knowing nothing about it!  such a great experience!".  Meh.  Maybe I hyped it up for myself over the years, but I didn't expect it to be a game where you walk around a house learning about your sister's sexuality.  I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't this.  2/5   Song of the Deep: fun Metroidvania style game, relatively quick and easy, worth playing twice (which I did!).  4/5   Pac-Man 256: great game, fun co-op, fresh take on Pac-Man, but a hell of a grind to get and max all powerups.  The F2P claws are still stuck deep into this one.  With that said, quite enjoyable.  4/5   Ultratron: Fun Robotron type game from the company that brought you that fun Space Invaders type game.  I like what these guys do. 3/5   2016 Game Completion List Tearaway Unfolded - 4/5 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection - 4/5 Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection - 4/5 Amplitude - 3/5 Taco Master - 3/5 Menage A Blops - 2/5 Firewatch - 3/5 Just Cause 3 - 4/5 Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress dlc - 3/5 Snoopy's Grand Adventure - 2/5 Catlateral Damage - 3/5 Ratchet and Clank - 5/5 Severed - 5/5 Table Top Racing: World Tour - 3/5 Uncharted 4 - 5/5 Just Cause 3 Mech Land Assault dlc - 1/5 Arcade Game Series: Galaga - 3/5 Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man - 3/5 Arcade Game Series: Ms Pac-Man - 3/5 Arcade Game Series: Dig-Dug - 3/5 Gone Home: 2/5 Song of the Deep (NA): 4/5 Song of the Deep (EU): 4/5 Pac-Man 256: 4/5 Ultratron: 3/5
  14. @Bourne Perfect should slide some of that 10 Second Ninja money into the gigantic tit-tay fund!