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  1. What they said reminded me that basically since the first e3 showing, I have skipped all coverage about this game altogether. So I said "NOPE!" I hear you. We're all gonna be balls deep in all those Switch game.
  2. Nope. Ain't watching it. Watching the Kinda Funny review/discussion video, they mentioned how they've basically been on a blackout for this game until they played it. They said it was the best way to go in and I stopped the video there.
  3. Well then, no swift kick in the balls for you!
  4. Severed for $4.50?! Who here plays Vita? @Lucian04, who else? Buy this game or I'll kick you in the balls.
  5. I started to watch the kindafunny stuff but they reminded me that I (much like them) have been steering clear from videos/news/etc and they felt like going into the game like that was the best possible way. So I stopped. See you all on the 28th!
  6. The only achievable joy when one leads a miserable life is to spread misery to others.
  7. 1 2 Switch is probably GOTY material:
  8. I'm actually curious what you're doing. Are you talking about it anywhere on D1P? Care to shoot me a link? If not, that's fine, I don't want to derail this thread (Horizon = ). But hearing this makes me all the more appreciative of you good sir!
  9. I didn't want to create a new thread but @GuyWhoPostsThings did you see that Resogun got a Pro/4k/HDR patch?! Are you set up for that glory? Or can you just dream like me?
  10. Apparently the review embargo is up on the 20th: https://mic.com/articles/168498/horizon-zero-dawn-embargo-reviews-are-coming-soon-here-s-when-to-expect-them#.TpC9CdAic I can't imagine the attention is worth jeopardizing a relationship with a publisher.
  11. Most of us have our "favorite" controller. But imagine the fights with kids in a car trip! "I want the controller with the stick too far to the left!" "No, you get the one with the stick too far to the center!" Playing is a different experience depending on which little thingie you're holding. That's lame. Now look at the YXBA buttons. Feel pretty comfortable with their placement? Remember where they are? You good with them? Now turn it to the side! Keep that straight! Holding the left thingie with the stick too far to the center, which then makes the left bumper way out in left field, and face buttons jumping around and you'll be the hit at any rooftop party!
  12. Brian, you only come around when you want others to know that you're playing a game early. I know that kind of attention is important to you, but why not stick around?
  13. See that mountain in the background? Get to it quickly with this!:
  14. Sparrow racing was a great idea and a lot of people really enjoyed it. So of course it will be an "event" for Year 2 or Year 3!
  15. This was my most anticipated game this year. Now that I know it's not making it this year, I can't think of another game I'm even remotely as excited for. Sad panda is sad.