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  1. Nvidia GTX 1180 Expected in July: What You Need to Know

    They wont have crypto sales of their cards to cruise on now, so maybe we’ll go back to normal
  2. Looks like a picture as taken during a gust of wind
  3. Is $50 a night the going market rate for an Airbnb in that part of town?
  4. Somewhere in there, the fit really was good for the price, it just faded quicker than other shirts I bought at the time.
  5. Same here, I had a job where I had to wear a shirt and tie and the Trump shirt fit well and had a decent look to it. Didn’t hold up super well in the washer though compared to my other shirts.
  6. I just miss living in a world where the chances of seeing a picture of Trump's dick was closer to zero.
  7. I saw a billboard off I-75 South of downtown Dayton advertising an appearance she's making at a local strip club in August, I don't think being called names on the Internet is going to bother Stormy Daniels.
  8. That'll restore America's respect on the international stage.
  9. Education secretary Betty DeVos struggling on 60 Minutes

    I don't see why they are so alarmed. Those questions weren't far from the ones she was asked during her confirmation last year.
  10. Valve to start making games again

    I can get behind that, it'll raise the value of cards across the board and next year I can sell some more. It turns out you can only sell 200 things on steam in a calendar year before needing to fill out tax stuff.
  11. Good news is that this tariff still keeps it well short of $10, hell it still keeps it under $1
  12. I thought the Trump Org was going to refrain from international deals while he was president.
  13. The rate Star Citizen is funding means he doesn’t have to, he won’t be runners no out of money anytime soon.