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  1. I think it’s more like you stumble into a crazy person’s apartment with yarn connecting pictures of the conspiracy.
  2. If they're playing the long game they need to sabotage Moore, it's Alabama, I'm betting they could boot a Democrat out in 6 years.
  3. Uh... What The Actual F-

    Shit like this makes something like the #metoo movement cross over to something people won't take seriously.
  4. Yeah, well this hick fucking idiot is going to be a member of the Senate next year.
  5. He now gets free food from Gold Star
  6. I always figured it was safe to assume anyone who tells an audience "they think you're stupid" pretty much 100% has a very low opinion of their audience.
  7. Do they ever extract anything of value when they do this? Apart from Maxis, and I don't think The Sims is paying the bills like it used to. They seem to buy them, shithouse their franchises, then shut them down.
  8. Donny Bone Spurs throwing shade at captured and dead soldiers.
  9. I know at least Ford has plans for "cars as a service" as a major part of their self driving future plans. Which honestly sounds great, if I can not own a car but still have one when I need one and still live in the suburbs, I like the idea.
  10. Trump to sign executive orders on health care

    It’s a magic trick, he made money just disappear
  11. Is this the meeting that led to Tillerson calling him a moron?
  12. ~*Official 2017 Hurricane Season Thread*~

    Damn it, I have a flight into EWR on the 22nd, not cool nature.
  13. North Korea hasn't been shy about letting their own people starve in the past.