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  1. The rate Star Citizen is funding means he doesn’t have to, he won’t be runners no out of money anytime soon.
  2. How does trump provide political cover for anything?
  3. I honestly don't remember, this Presidency ages in dog years.
  4. Priebus, Brannon, soon Kelly. Are they moving everyone out so it’s just Jared and Ivanka pulling all the strings?
  5. I figure the biggest problem with crypto currency is the volatility. They need to be worth mostly the same amount hour to hour.
  6. Fredo doesn't know what a byline is and either has a hard time spelling or is trying to meme with the kids. edit: This was posted in the other thread too, didn't see it, whatever, fits here.
  7. If I were a large health insurance company or hospital group I’d be concerned.
  8. Trump attempted to fire Mueller in June

    Has Sean Hannity always been full retard? He was always a partisan hack but I feel like he's gone straight up nutty. I mean never forget the conspiracy apartment wall style flow chart:
  9. So are we just maintaining the trust fund that Mexico makes deposits in to build the wall?
  10. Because it’s also expensive and will continue to be a money sink for decades because we’ll have to maintain the fucking thing. If he really could get Mexico to pay for it then fuck it, build the wall, it won’t do shit but if the Mexicans foot the bill then who gives a shit. People wanting to illegally live in America are probably not going to see the wall and go home defeated. As everyone else pointed out they’ll come back with a ladder or some rope and haul themselves over. It’s a worthless, expensive public works project, at least the bridge to nowhere might eventually be connected to a road.
  11. There isn't anyone who can reign Trump in, a year ago Jared and Ivanka were the ones keeping him moderated, that never happened. Kelly was supposed to come in and restore professionalism to the White House, that also never happened. He'll keep being a teflon coated turd bouncing around DC not feeling a single consequence of anything he does, he might even get re-elected in a few years because we're living in one of the weird universes from Sliders now.
  12. The view I see out the window of the NJ Transit train from EWR to Penn Station certainly hasn't improved.
  13. The problem is it’s in the best interests of the retailers to mark them way up and sell to the cryptokids, gamers aren’t paying $500+ for an RX580, but the cryptokids will.
  14. Samsung announces "mass production" of GDDR6 memory

    There are some ethereum miners out there who will be very pleased
  15. I wish they’d hand it to the guy who made Veep and that English show where the then future doctor cursed at everyone.