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  1. Justin Turner is making the Yankees his bitch
  2. Pagan, Davis, Beachy..... Once Dom Brown comes back up, I might have to drop Pagan.
  3. Jose Bautista is an absolute monster.
  4. I can't believe somebody actually dropped Cueto.
  5. Sanchez was rollling and I forgot to play him [face_plain]
  6. Dodger, is Gardner available?
  7. Not mad at all. I'm just pointing out the hindsight bias and stupid reasons.
  8. Collins was robbed.
  9. And the reasons were awful.
  10. So you hated one of the top prospects in baseball for no reason?
  11. Hindsight bias.
  12. The Hughes situation has just gotten worse. I heard on IGN that this might have been the same ailment that destroyed Jeremy Bonderman's career.
  13. Nick Swisher on the market.
  14. I don't blame you for benching him. He has looked awful.
  15. My pitching vaulted me up to #3. Anibal Sanchez almost pitched a no-hitter for me,