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  1. Rumour: EA Has Nintendo NX Dev Kits

    The unprecedented part is that instead of waiting until after they completed a game to send their devkits back, they'll just do it mid development!
  2. Rumour: EA Has Nintendo NX Dev Kits

    Mass Effect 3: Super Definitive Edition
  3. Is this just a thinly veiled ploy to get people into Discord?
  4. D1P Discord Instructions

    DIscord is pretty rad.
  5. Nothing that i'm aware of so far. Tell Kyio. i'm going to bed. lol  
  6. Yeah i'm seeing the same. Whatever that posting delay is is what is causing the double posting.
  7. you mean 4.1? I can find references to this issue in 3.4, a version we used a long time ago. I may have found a workaround, it's in place. let's see how it goes.  
  8. If i failed you, then my job is done.
  9. Silly Stream of Fantastico!:
  10. RT @lifehacker: From @Kotaku, Steam goes nuts and offers access to other people's accounts
  11. @Keyser_Soze, @EvilFriedBacon I'm going to look at this later, but i'm getting ready to go to an early showing of Star Wars. I may be able to do something for you on the emoji front. I didn't disagree with Emblazon, I just enjoyed pointing out the hyperbole. Like somehow the weird coloring made the site completely defunct. Come on now. lol I also do not read many Emblazon posts. lol.