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  1. Am I missing something but..can’t use the word fetus either? Why?
  2. headset solution for Xbox one

    You end up getting these? I’m thisssss close to asking for these for Xmas.
  3. Too much to hope for a resolution bump undocked with the patch next week?
  4. Lenovo Jedi Challenges

    Oh ok, yeah that would be nice
  5. Lenovo Jedi Challenges

    I’m almost positive only against AI. I can’t imagine how many chess players you’d have to play online tho lol
  6. Lenovo Jedi Challenges

    Its three. Lightsaber battles, strategy game, and chess. It at least doesn’t seem like say you battle with the light saber for 20 min in a room and they call it a day, it seems a bit more like a real game with a lite jedi in training “story, and multiple levels you select as you complete more challenges.
  7. Lenovo Jedi Challenges

    Really, the tech is very cool, I don’t want to downplay it. It’s not like a small window, or they are tricking me that it isn’t, it’s more like i’m hitting shots back and then a giant robot walks through my door. One part I was just standing there like uhh why isn’t anything attacking me, then turn around and was surprised to see a robot coming at me, the effect was very smooth. Honestly if they like just had more games and experiences for it (just let you attach a controller via bluetooth or whatever) I’d probably say it is actually worth it as a $200 product. If nothing else it makes me excited for proper mixed reality headsets, not sure how the current ones even work, the mirror projection thing they have going here works well though. Oh and I had no issue with motion tracking, works very well.
  8. Lenovo Jedi Challenges

    Hmm, it’s pretty cool what I played so far. I found the setup to be longer and more annoying than I anticipated, mostly not explained well, but I wasted a lot of time not thinking to get the app first. Now that I know what goes where it’s probably just a couple minutes to get going. I wish it would work with the case off, honestly that is probably what will make me play it less the most, having to take off the case (it’s an otterbox so a little annoying) then you know not being able to easily access your phone say if an important txt came in. The tech works good, it’s neat, I haven’t seen 3D projected vr before so it’s cool just to experience the tech. The game seems fun, I had a good time blocking shots and attacking with the lightsaber. And the light saber itself feels good, good build quality and feels good. Ill have to play more now that itlll be easy to get going and once everything is charged (low charge out of the box which is kinda lame) to reallly properly judge it. But I think it’s safe to say it’s a total novelty toy that I can’t imagine will be more than something you take out now just to check out the cool tech after probably a few hours of playing (no idea how long it really is and only checked out one mode so could be wrong) But I don’t think it needs to be much more and you get a cool lightsaber. I think I’d get the pi but it depends on your set up and what you plan to use that for. If you plan to load it up with emus or whatever and will play those for time to come, probably get that. But if it’s really just going to be redundant for you, like I think it would be for me, with my pc directly to my tv all the time and plenty of tablets and what not I could just hook up instead if I wanted a lower power experience, then the star wars set might be something more interesting to play with. @Spork3245
  9. $100 Xbox Gift Card for $78.84

    Did anyone get it? I did one of these the other week but idk that site looks sketchy.
  10. X1X Enhanced Games

    lol i don’t know if it made me cum but yes it looks amazing! Right now I’m just waiting for Okami to come out at 9pm in 4k!