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  1. Its real world advantage is the same as the advertised advantage because it's basicialy a switch you just hit on the hardware. That's why TitanFall 2 renders at resolutions that tvs don't even have yet on it.
  2. Well, it's a part of Xbox One X, so nothing uses it yet, no. Basically the cpu on the XBX using x2 processing is going to be equal to a 7700k by doubling the core frequency and architecture advantages. RAM, GPU, transfer rates, etc are all doubled on all parts of their respective chips. @TomCat might be able to explain it more in depth.
  3. It ends up being sort of a non story because as someone said he was just some random volunteer that isn't really in any possible stretch a representative of the party. So, lame spin. But, the first posts before that part was figured out being all "but your party is worse!" instead of just acknowledging it's a shitty thing to say. Cmon.
  4. I think that somewhere in the reveal you could see a person of color so Biggie ain't havin it.
  5. It seems starting with the XBONE, Microsoft is now looking at new ways to make the most of currently available technology besides just brute forcing with more powerful components. Xbox One brought us cloud processing offloading physics and other things like drivatars, ai etc to take the load of the system. With the Xbox One X, Microsoft is looking in more internally, adding x2 processing, basically doubling all the components of the machine in terms of cores and speed. Both will likely be adopted by other systems in the future, but which do you think will have the greatest impact overall? I'm going to go with x2 processing. While the cloud is a great concept and has shown some phenomenal results, it's still too limited in its potential, at least short term. x2 processing basicialy gives you beyond high end pc specs (until pc gpu manafactuars start adopting it) for a fraction of the cost. The gain are obvious and immediate. Going forward there is literally no reason to stick with x1 processing, it's instantly outdated the second the Xbox One X releases.
  6. This is kind of a no brainer at this point. There's only so months until the holiday and you will NOT be able to find them sitting around this holiday season. The combination of it being a hot item at that time of year and Mario probably drawing crazy interest if it's good as it looks, just not gonna happen. It's demand will only increase with Splatoon 2 next month and Mario + Rabbids the next in the meantime. If you want one this year I'd start looking now.
  7. I guess I just love the switch system itself, I have 20 games or so now and I'm loving having this collection on the go. To each their own tho, I think next year we will see a lot more third parties trying to capitalize on it now that it's a success and people should be happier with it who aren't now. It's still new tho, and if Mario is as good as it looks at least within its first year it'll end up with like two of the top games ever.
  8. I...liked the Brother Solomon
  9. 1050/1050ti/1060 3gb/1060 6gb/1070/1080/1080ti I think is more fair, unless you want to throw in $1000+ Titans, in which case I'll throw in the entire AMD line which more than shows the 1070 more in the lower high tier than mid tier, if that's how we are going to look at it. And yes, it is a year old but that is still it's standing right now, a year later. Also with that phrasing of "one year old mid tier card" last year when it launched it was second only to the 1080 (Titan X pascal hadn't even released yet), definitely a high end card one year ago. The phrasing is just very intentional to diminish it. The damn thing costs most of the price of a Xbone X, just $100 cheaper. It's not some ol cheap mid tier card. It's a damn good card, one of the best out there. It's just that the 1080ti exists and absolutely destroys it. Fuck the 1080ti is the shit tho.
  10. With the advent of Uber and Lyft there is literally no reason to get a dui nowadays. You just done it wrong at this point.
  11. To be fair that's underselling it if it's really equivilant to a 1070. That's like mid high tier as of right now. There's like the 1080 and 1080ti better than it not counting titans, buts it's pretty decent on the gpu end from what I've read. Shame about the cpu tho.
  12. My dick is basicially a 5 year old pc.