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  1. what happened to apoc?

    Pretty normal, yeah.
  2. what happened to apoc?

    People on resetsra are weird. I don’t know how to explain it, just...weird.
  3. Free Games With Amazon Prime

    Steamworld Dig 2 is amazing, don’t miss that one!
  4. Indies Nintendo Direct on March 20th

    For some reason it wasn’t that exciting for me even though i think it was pretty good and there are a few games I want from it. The messenger, Pool Panic, Mark it the Ninja, and Lumines are all going to be buys for me.
  5. Which user should kittykat out next?

    Well maybe you should have a more interesting secret life. Have you ever thought about that, huh?!
  6. Which user should kittykat out next?

    darn, I wanted this in the regular community board but whatevas
  7. With apoc and fatz both on the run who should she expose next? Personally I think it’s high time we find out a little more about this “legend” fellow. Is he really a legend or simply a myth? I think it’s high time we find out.
  8. I have difficulty when I go to the bathroom not having my penis soak in the toilet water. At home I purchased a special low flush toilet which helps, but especially in public bathrooms or at a friends house it’s a problem. I usually just keep it out and rest it on my lap but sometimes when you let loose for the stool to drop a bit of pee comes out and it hits my leg which can leave an embarrassing stench.
  9. what happened to apoc?

    Molesting children isn’t illegal?
  10. Game giveaway because I love you guys!

    Very cool of you. I’ve definitely come around to you a lot as a user and also appreciate another shameless graphics whore like myself.
  11. Hey, this place still exists..

    Yeah, and either way if you do get ps+ at some point you’ll have those games available. You can certainly beat Rachel during the trial and it’s a great game!