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  1. man those names, especially Colton Fears, he never really had a chance to not be a white supremacist
  2. Yes just started too! I didn’t realize it was coming so soon so I was pretty damn excited.
  3. I want one, but I can't make myself

    Not a single dead pixel on mine. I haven’t really heard anyone complaining about it really.
  4. Came with my FBH order but I already have it on Steam.
  5. That’s too bad that nobody can seem to get a decent single player Star Wars game to completion. Battlefield 2 sp better be Dice’s first good sp!
  6. Anyone playing The Evil Within 2?

    Interesting I’ll try that tomorrow!
  7. Anyone playing The Evil Within 2?

    Just a word of warning on the pc version: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2017-the-evil-within-2-shines-on-ps4-but-xbox-one-and-pc-fall-short On a titanxp they couldnt get it to lock at 60fps even at 720p. My experience as well, though for me1440p is mostly there just some hitching sometimes that isn’t that noticible if I’m not looking at the fps so ymmv. Something is wrong though, gpu utilization is super low, settings don’t seem to affect the frame rate. The fps lock is messed up for sure because it seems like it just likes to drop frames no matter how it’s set (besides 30) so if say you were playing on a gsync monitor then yeah, you can average 60+ but if you want to lock 60 you are kind of sol.
  8. Getting a Switch for real (keeping it this time)

    highlevelgamer is an alt of nightpain omg it all makes sense now!
  9. You were amazing yes.
  10. I remember my first time having sex I was young and sexy and I always wanted to feel a big fat cock in me, So I went out one night met a few guys downtown and I just felt so slutty. I got one guy to come to the toilet with me, we started kissing and he grabbed my smooth tight ass, it felt so good! I had this feeling in me wanting to get his cock out and start sucking it, so what did I do, I ripped his jeans off and got his cock out I got down on my knees and started teasing his big cock I had never seen a cock before and it was very big, made me really horny. I got my lips round his cock sliding my tongue up and down. Mmm! I love the feel of cock in my mouth. He then grabbed my head and forced my mouth all the way onto his cock, I had all of his cock in my throat and I fucking loved it, that’s why now I love to do deep throat. He then got me up bent me over and stuck his cock in my tight ass. It felt so good to feel my ass being stretched open for the first time with a meaty cock throbbing inside me. He started fucking me slow so I could get used to the massive size of it. Then, after he stretched me out and I was enjoying it he grabbed my hair and throat and started fucking me hard. Making my box feel soaked, I just wanted to pull his cock out and taste my creamy sweet pussy juice all over his cock. Mmm! It just tasted so good I wanted a lot more. So, I told him to wait there. Then, I went out and got one of his friends to come and see what his buddy was up to. I always dreamed of having two cocks at once, why not make that fantasy come true today too? When I found his friend and brought him back I was shocked to see that he had an even BIGGER cock! Which seemed impossible, but I was seeing it with my own eyes. It was nearly the size of my forearm and just as thick! I told them I had to try this bigger dick first before doing both so I could get used to it. Without wasting anytime he bent me over and after some gentle prodding got the massive pass my quivering lips. Then after some more stretching he was able to get half of the shaft. I came multiple times now as he was loosening me out, which only seemed to make him harder and bigger. Finally I felt him pressing against my bum, I finally conquered another monster cock. What an unbelievable experience! Now you might think I’m crazy and I know I’m greedy, but just imagine my ass being split open by two huge dicks… Who wouldn’t want to see or experience that? That was the goal here now with these two studs. One guy started by slapping his cock all over my mouth forcing it down my throat while the other guy fucked my wet cunt hard making me moan loud. Sucking cock and getting fucked at the same time was heaven, I felt such a bad boy taking on two cocks at once for my first time. He then pulled out both of them ready to empty their balls of cum on my face and down my throat! The taste of jizz on my tongue was so nice feeling all that nectar shooting onto my face. And yes this is true as I always get what I want, and I love to be a dirty little slut for you guys. I can only hope someone with a big cock is jerking it off to me talking about this!
  11. What does AA need $4,000 for?

    You know I love you Chris, right?