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  1. GPD Win & Win 2

    That sounds about right with what I’ve heard!
  2. GPD Win & Win 2

    The good: After about 6 days I’m used to the 6 shoulder buttons now, it feels very natural and a lot more like just using any old full on gamepad. The dpad is still just OK. But none of the current systems really have ones that are all that great. It’s about regular Xbox controller quality. Also if you didn’t know there is rumble now which is a great addition. I haven’t even undervolted and upped the wattage yet (though I will soon) and am still very happy with the performance. I was just playing Mass Effect at mostly 60fps at 544p (vita res) and it was glorious. That one was badly coded too, I bet you can get similar on ME2/3 at 720p or at least close. I was just playing Firewatch on it, which makes for a really great portable game. A ton of games that I’ve thought “man I wish this was a portable game” now are just that. And since it’s just a win10 pc no rebuying games. You get to start with hundreds of games out the gate without spending a penny and that’s not even including the entire backlog of every console from ps2/gamecube/wii (excluding xbox because there isn’t a good emu) and back, and pretty much any arcade game ever. Since most games last gen were on pc it’s pretty much a portable that can play the entire history of video games besides ps3/xbox exclusives. And it can play current indie games and even some other more modern titles and new releases. Instead of like the switch where you plug it into a dock then play the game at 900-1080p, when you want to carry your portable game over to tv you simply boot up your pc, have your cloud save load, and play in maxed out in glorious 4k/60. Not quite as neat and snappy but it’s worth it for the huge gain in performance and quality. The speakers are nice and loud. Microsd speed is fixed now. Both downloading and playing games off of it works just fine. The bad: I’ll cut to the chase, I found out after my last post that I have a defective battery and my unit does not charge so I have resorted using it connected to an external battery. Normally I do not recommend doing this unless your battery supports 12v/3A/pd 2.0 but since my battery is already dead it doesn’t matter. I arrived to this conclusion after trying every troubleshooting technique in the book but physical and software and there is nothing left but the fact that the battery is fucked, it’s capacity is at 1/42 of what it should be so it charged like 2 or so % which is just enough for a quick cable swap. I have opened up my brand new $600 unit four times now to discharge the battery. I have yet to get a proper response from support and am still waiting to see what they will do to get me a working battery. I’ve spent many hours on this and just recently dropped the investigation and started enjoying it as it is for now while I wait for them to resolve the issue. It’s been very frustrating. Mind, I wouldn’t worry about this if I were you, I am the only known person with this particular issue. Because of course it had to be me. Worst I’ve heard are a couple people who had to open it up, unplug the battery, hold down power 10 seconds, then reconnect. It’s easy for someone like you to do and it resolved their issues. Just not mine. The usb drive gets hotter than I like and how hot your ssd gets depends on random. Some people got better brands than others which I think is kinda shitty. I haven’t had issues with heat though, it’ll get a little hot but it’s vented well in a way that you don’t notice when playing. You are putting in your own ssd so this won’t matter to you anyway. Its probably a bios thing but no matter what I can’t get the usb to stay in while downloading it I close the lid or even let the screen turn off. I’ve resorted to using a screensaver to dl to the usb drive. Did I mention my unit doesn’t charge? Honestly, I’m really impressed with it, I just got very very unlucky. I don’t have any major complaints as to the system itself. It runs well, does exactly what is promised, it is a great size with a great solid feeling build quality, keyboard keys and all buttons feel great, it’s awesome. One word of caution (and no this isn’t what bricked my battery, I didn’t do this): Do NOT use another charger than the one provided unless yours meets the specs I outlined above. It’s very particular about its 12v power delivery, You can use any cable you want, but 12v chargers are rare and it’s unlikely that your charger supports it so use the one included with your system. Also do not use the one included for other devices. Think of it as a Nintendo portable pre switch where you have an official charger and that’s what you use. You can buy spares if you want, there is a link on their indiegogo campaign page.
  3. I’m...not sure if I want to use that controller ever again.
  4. What would be a good Video Card for 720P Gaming

    I actually didn’t realize apparently bestbuy was having some kind of sale or something because the prices were raised from what I saw when I looked the next day otherwise I probably wouldn’t have gone so high in my recommendation. Anyway, I apologize if this isn’t helpful but for $20 more than your budget you could get a 1050 from Amazon in stock:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MG0733A/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_bwnbBbKHX5AT9 Otherwise you can find a rx 550 for $115 which falls within your budget. With prices the way they are still for gpus (this is actually a sub $100 card) the options for that range are a little less.
  5. Rumor: Forza Horizon 4 concept art leaked

    Regarding off roading I think that’s actually okay if that’s the case. Forza Horizon 3 is still such a phenomenal game and still looks great. I don’t mind switching between FH4 for street racing and FH3 for off roading. Though still, it could easily go out of the city here.
  6. Is the entire article “Making a Splatterhouse game in 2010” ?
  7. I think they try to compress games more for the switch because it’s a portable that comes with only 32gb and memory cards with a lot of storage aren’t cheap and even then they max out at 400gb at the moment. It’s not like the consoles were you just plug in a 4tb hdd and call it a day. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try to compress more on console games, but over there they feel they don’t have to.
  8. Rumor: Forza Horizon 4 concept art leaked

    I’m not one to get excited for concept art but holy jesus yes please. After how amazing FH3 was my hopes are high for this setting if true.
  9. What would be a good Video Card for 720P Gaming

    I second this. Get a 1060 if you don’t mind spending $100 (if you go for 3gb vram) - $150 (if you go for 6gb vram for even further future proofing) more than the 1050ti. Like Spork said you could downsample now which will make it look a lot nicer now and then later future proof yourself and run the games at native. I think the 2gb of vram is what is going to get you eventually with the 1050ti. However right now, a 1050ti would indeed be a fine choice still.
  10. Xbox Game Pass

    Damn, I’m kinda sad to see some of those classics like Alex Kid, Golden Axe, Soul Calibur, and Final Fight go. Those are fun to boot up sometimes randomly between games but not enough to buy them. That’s a lot of games they are taking off, I wonder if next month will have a lot added.
  11. What's your 360 collection look like?

    0’s and 1’s
  12. GPD Win & Win 2

    0) It’s not the best, but at least unlike the switch it has one. It’s better than the one on the win1 it’s OK. I’ll see later how if passes my “dragon punch test” 1) It’s pretty good I think but some people are noticing a slight crackle, probably software and will be fixed if it’s a real problem. 2) Im not sure mine came with 12% remaining so I played it a lot plugged in, so I can’t answer yet. I’m hearing it varies wildly per game as high as 9 as low as 3ish. I assume 3-5 would be a good estimate for more modern stuff. 3) Great! Downloading to micro sd is miles better than win1. 4) It’ll take a little time to adjust, the placement is good, it’s just your brain isn’t used to having 6 buttons up there. I imagine it’ll be second nature in a week and in a way it feels nicer to just have a real button. You’ll have no problem playing games right away, just ocationaly have to remember the placement real quick. Usually first time playing a new game on it.
  13. GPD Win & Win 2

    Got this today, it’s glorious. Played some DMC, Bioshock Infinite, Hat in Time, Assassins Creed 3, Alan Wake American Nightmare, so cool playing these games on a portable. And this is a portable that actually fits in your pocket! I’ll try some of the more modern games later after I mess with upping the watts. Now I just need to download 400 more games. @Mr.Vic20 seriously DMC looks so good on the portable screen! @ me when you get yours!
  14. Steam link is coming to android and iOS

    Weee about time. This will be great for ipad remote play.