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  1. I'm open for trade offers. Looking for a CB, FS, SS and my first priority, a fast running back.
  2. Is Six really considering not being in our league or not being the Bengals??
  3. Ready to go and happy to be back on the boards!
  4. @Mercury33 Yes I was. I had the choice of picking either the Giants or Browns back then. I switched to the Skins in Madden 12
  5. I thank you @Checo24X for leaving the Skins and going to the Pats. I'm not sure if many people remember but when I first joined I was the Giants. It was painful trying to make the Giants a good team and trying to win with them. (thankfully I'm below average in this league and I never had success, lol). Not sure if @Mercury33 knows I was the Giants before him.
  6. Correction...I've only played two games. One against Merc with no issues and no this with RBK. My biggest issue is just trying to start the game. Plau and I tried for more than 90 mins and the Jags owner and I tried for a while as well. I don't get. I changed the settings. I also heard the patched that problem so I don't know what they hell is going on. Also, I am out of town for a little bit so I put myself on auto. If any of you guys have any recommendations as to how I can correct my issues, I'd love to hear them.
  7. Lets try tomorrow night around 9pm central
  8. @Rbk_3 Sorry man, thats too late for me. Are you available tomorrow between 7-9pm central time?
  9. After the second round of games
  10. i figured we wouldn't be in a huge rush to roll since its Sunday and most of us would be watching NFL games all day anyway.
  11. I'm waiting to hear from Plau for our game today. If you have to, you can SIM it. I don't know when we will be able to play since there are games today.
  12. No, haven't rolled yet. Plau and I are going to try to get our game in tomorrow morning. We tried today for over an hour and couldn't connect. Kept getting a bunch of error messages every time we tried playing.
  13. Winston out for the entire game tomorrow. The guy is a joke! The lack of self awareness these guys have nowadays is amazing to me.