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  1. Nvidia announces Titan V for a scant 2,999.00

    May I submit that @Mr.Vic20 could sell the Titan V when he's done with it and likely get three or four of whatever the latest and greatest card (actually for gaming) is on the market at that time and give those away or, you know, keep one or two for himself or whatever.
  2. All that just so you could relive the glory of posting this?
  3. Hopefully this is a "check the boxes and walk away" type of process.
  4. Xbox One X Preorders are live.

    Happens to the best of us; mostly @Mr.Vic20.
  5. Xbox One X Preorders are live.

    Just got mine on Amazon.
  6. I had two of these from Newegg. Still haven't received any check. Anyone else still waiting who filed a claim?
  7. Kotaku: Steam Bans Over 40,000 Accounts

    Seems legit. Unban pls.
  8. Got a letter from Gamestop on Saturday, the day after charges started appearing on my card.
  9. So anyone into 3D Printing?

    Having fun with the V2 so far. I've mainly just printed little stuff for my kid. The one complicated print I did came out okay (told my kid the dragon had been in lots of fights), but I think I need to dial things in for the very thin wings on this dragon, but I have no idea what to dial in.
  10. So anyone into 3D Printing?

    I ordered the v2 of the Monoprice one just to play with. Any tips?
  11. New benchmark software!

    More money than sense. That's us. Our king is a court jester.
  12. New benchmark software!

    Just one source, but looks like even thought the Xp may OC less than the 1080 Ti, it's still a little faster. Is it a $500 difference? No, but the Aorus was out of stock. http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/nvidia-titan-xp-is-faster-as-custom-gtx-1080-ti.html
  13. New benchmark software!

    I keep playing with overclocking and then get scared and set it back to default because I'm nervous to fry my $1200 card. Are you messing with voltages at all or just core and memory clock?
  14. New benchmark software!

    With an OC of 150 to Core and 500 to memory, just to make @Mr.Vic20 fold. 100% fan and the card hovered between 63C and 64C.