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  1. Your Personal 3DS Mt Rushmore

    Didn't look on the eShop tbh. Found a new copy for $15 on amazon and ordered that. no big deal.
  2. Your Personal 3DS Mt Rushmore

    Theaterhythm FF arrived today...and the 3DS doesn't read it. Not the system's fault I reckon so it is going back to Amazon.
  3. I have modest hopes that the campaign will be good. I'd really like it to be!
  4. If you bought the $80 version it releases on the 14th. Possibly 13th at 9 PM PST for west coasters.
  5. I'm seeing Switch's everywhere in stores now. I believe they have churning them out at a good pace these days.
  6. THOR: Ragnarok - RT Watch

    He also did Hunt for the Wilder People, which is fabulous.
  7. Preload games...praise Rosalina! (Doesn't look like Odyssey supports this though)
  8. Cuphead Has Sold a Million Copies

    Are you able to bootcamp your Mac? That's what I did (initially for other games naturally). There is also this.
  9. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    I just had THE best ending to a game ever. Playing Jade Druid against Razakus Priest. Going back and forth as I drop minions and he removes them. Down to near fatigue for both of us. He has 9 health and I have 29. I have big jades and a taunt on the board and will kill him next turn. At the start of his turn he has just an Auchenai Soul Priest on board and had already played Circle of Healing earlier in the game. He then proceeds to drop all the OTK Velen, Mind blast combo pieces and gets me down to 3 health. He has 0 mana but proceeds to play another 1 mana spell discounted by his elemental. I see the arrow going to one of my minions and think I'm done for. He then plays Binding Heal on one of my minions. As I wait for the hero power refresh and my demise, ready for the salt to flow, I am shocked to see that he is at -1 health and dies. You see, because of Velen and the Soul Priest, he dealt 10 damage to my minion, but also 10 to his own face. GG Anduin, well played!
  10. So does Prestige Mode essentially replace D1's raid challenges? Seems like they are essentially built into the mechanic changes. If you can do it the new way...profit!
  11. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    Same here, the Nox emulator works well. I set it up so that I could buy stuff with Amazon coins when they go on sale in order to get cheaper packs. There is one in Springfield on 11/11 that I'll pop into. I will be in Eugene that day for an event so it works out.
  12. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    That's entirely possible. As a result of this promo, there are now thousands of Gatherings on Blizzard's site now, so many that it crashed it. 90% of them are phony just to get the hero. The kicker is that it has to be a Tavern, which you can only become after you have run one successful gathering. So all of these fake ones will "have" the gathering, then have to do it all again to be a Tavern.
  13. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    If you have Android or an Android emulator (doesn't work on iOS sadly) you can use a Fake GPS app to trick your phone into thinking it is somewhere else. When you do this you then open up HS and it thinks it is at the location of the Fireside Gathering and allows you to join it. Ideally you would find a person to do the Brawl with, get Nimsey and be done with it. Last night however, there were so many people from Reddit trying to do this that it was screwing up the Gatherings and I was "seeing" people and getting invites from others who weren't "at" the same gathering. It was one big mess! But for some people it worked just fine. I think if you both happened to see each other in the same gathering then it worked. From chatting with people I was playing against however, I would be at the Turkey gathering and they were at one in Texas, yet we could see each other and invite. In the end it wasn't worth the hassle. Made some new HS friends though as we tried to cheat the system.
  14. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    On the bright side, the 3v3 tag team brawl was very fun! Hope they bring it back as a regular brawl sometime.