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  1. Rumor: Sony Could Be Considering a PlayStation Classic

    Eh I don't know. PS1 era games have aged poorly.
  2. Playstation 4 PRO question

    The easiest one.
  3. Playstation 4 PRO question

    Even though it'll be tempting to play GoW on resolution mode, your best experience will be to play it in "Favor performance". 1080p but you still get HDR and a MUCH smoother frame rate.
  4. Playstation 4 PRO question

    I bought a 2017 x900e 2 weeks ago after upgrading to the Pro. GoW in HDR is
  5. Playstation 4 PRO question

    Don't forget to format your old PS4 before you trade it in. Mine took about 30-40 minutes to wipe it completely.
  6. So something like this isn't true 4K? https://www.amazon.com/Optoma-UHD50-Definition-Theater-Projector/dp/B078SVRP61/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1527000534&sr=1-2-spons&keywords=4k+projector&psc=1
  7. Best Buy Dropping GCU

    I would argue that their incentive is still to drive Prime subscriptions but agree that there is LESS incentive now to keep it.
  8. Kingdom Hearts 3 previews are live

    Release date announcement "early next month" sounds a lot like an E3 reveal to me.
  9. I have 5 kids now (#5 born last month) so I covered a few of you. You're welcome! However, the doctor's office called me yesterday however with the news that I am officially sterile after my snipper clip in February.
  10. No and no. I can't sit at all in this. Can't in my Imperial one either. Gotta make sure to get all that out before I troop.
  11. It is light, all made of plastic. I made it a little heavier because I close a number of pieces with magnets, which weighs it down some. Doesn't feel any heavier than my Imperial one.
  12. It feels like I'm walking in a tank tbh. A little more flexibility in the legs but up top I can hardly move lol. It is impossible to put on alone whereas the original I can get on easily by myself. My buddy who was taking pictures last night was helping out and it really into medieval suits of armor said "This is as much like a knight's armor as anything I've seen." Just in terms of how everything goes on and stays together.
  13. I've been working on this one for the past six months and have put at least 150 man hours into it. Much more complex than my A New Hope outfit but I'm so happy with the end result. The belt rides up a bit in the back as you can see so I have to adjust that but it is an easy fix. I had a friend with some experience in this field shoot it with some automotive grade paint. The finish is just spectacular!
  14. Made another thing.

    Nice job! Forgive my ignorance but how did you make that? Watercolor? Adobe Illustrator?
  15. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    These are good nerfs. People wanting Guldan, Sunkeeper and Void Lord changed were overreaching imo.