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  1. How often is something like this made? This just seems so damn odd for him to do before the meeting is even a done deal.
  2. You're allowed to have issues with how both George Lucas and Disney have handled Star Wars. It doesn't have to be either/or.
  3. I always thought the audience score was trash and easy to manipulate, even before the Last Jedi controversy. But what does that have to do with what we're talking about? I was responding to guy's post which was specifically about critical reception, and you're posting RT audience scores.
  4. The Avengers: Age of Ultron early reactions definitely differed from how that movie was eventually received.
  5. Reviews are saying that this movie is obviously setting up sequels and Alden recently confirmed that his contract is for three movies. Even if this turns out to be good a trilogy seems unnecessary. A one-and-done seems more appropriate.
  6. Ugh, we're getting a Han Solo prequel trilogy? Really
  7. The media needs to stop referring to it as a joke. It wasn't said as a joke nor meant as one.
  8. Avengers: Infinity War - ***OFFICIAL SPOILER THREAD***

    I know. I was being sarcastic/satirical and poking fun at the complaint that this movie didn't have enough stakes or deaths that felt permanent. Empire Strikes Back makes me tear up everytime even though I know Han is coming back. Similarly, the ending of Infinity War is still super sad even though I know they're pretty much all coming back in the next one.
  9. My original post was worded poorly. What I meant was this is about what I expect from this administration. It's sad that this isn't shocking.
  10. Avengers: Infinity War - ***OFFICIAL SPOILER THREAD***

    Do you know what movie had an ineffective ending? Empire Strikes Back. When Han is frozen in carbonite everyone KNEW he was coming back. Absolutely no stakes. I can only get invested in a movie if I feel like every character could die at any moment and NEVER COME BACK. That's why I never rewatch movies. If I already know who's gonna die then what the point.
  11. I personally recommend spending at least a little bit of time in one of the city's neighborhoods if you're interesting in getting a taste of D.C.'s culture. Most tourists don't spend much time outside of the federal area so a lot of people return home with the impression that D.C. as a whole is pretty sterile, and that's just not accurate. Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle are pretty neat areas and easy to reach by Metro.
  12. That reminds me of this piece I read about Mike Pence and it mentioned that while he was in college he narc'd on his own fraternity for serving alcohol.
  13. Hopefully Macron will now wise up and stop making a fool of himself by publicly flattering Trump. We already know it doesn't work.
  14. But I'm not arguing that superhero movies have declining box office numbers. Literally nobody on this board is arguing this. Something can be really successful and still have a significant amount of haters. I love the Fast and Furious movies but even I acknowledge that there is a general fatigue over the franchise, even with most of the movies being very successful.
  15. I meant to include in one of my posts that Logan and Deadpool benefits from superhero fatigue. Deadpool poked fun at tropes that even fans acknowledge are silly. My husband has grown more fstigued of superhero movies since we've been together, but he loved Deadpool (he also loved Guardians and Ant Man) Logan transcends the genre and appealed to those who felt like they were outgrowing superhero movies. Wonder Woman was a similar situation to Black Panther in that it was a cultural event that attracted those who normally skip superhero stuff. You know I'm not saying that fatigue is affecting the bottom line of every movie, right? Posting examples of movies that have done well doesn't disprove that I have less friends who want to see these kind of movies than I used to. I miss being able to see these kinds of movies with my dad. We saw all three of the Raimi movies together. He grew up with Spider-Man and the first movie is his favorite movie ever. Nowadays he has no interest in seeing yet another actor play Spidey, even though he loved Avengers and Iron Man. The market is becoming saturated in a way that is leaving some people behind. Do they not count because the movies are still successful without them?
  16. Avengers: Infinity War - ***OFFICIAL SPOILER THREAD***

    Before seeing the movie I was 75% sure that Marvel was planning to kill off Iron Man but afterwards I'm 98% sure this is their plan.
  17. As someone who is on the spectrum I feel like you're implying that being autisitc is an inherently negative thing.
  18. Avengers: Infinity War - ***OFFICIAL SPOILER THREAD***

    This movie was really good. It weird, MCU movies have become their own genre at this point, complete with its own storytelling rules. If you were judging this as a typical movie then it's not good. But if you go into it with knowledge of the 18 other movies then this movie has so much payoff it's crazy. There's a huge thrill to seeing these heroes cross paths for the first time. I liked how Spider-Man was used in this movie. I deftinitely got the sense that he was a kid out of his element, and it was effective. It's not a perfect movie but it's a lot of fun and proves that Marvel's experiment is paying off. I just hope Avenger Forever is able to stick to the landing.
  19. Sorry, I did not mean to come across poorly. Perhaps the problem we both face with having this discussion is that "fatigue" doesn't have a set definition. Perhaps it's too strong of a word to describe the changing attitudes towards superhero movies. It might be more accurate to say audience are become more wary and sceptical of superhero stuff in general. The reason why Marvel does so well is because they are the only studio pushing out movies with mostly consistent quality. You know what you're getting out of Marvel. More superhero fans are tired of being burned on stuff like BvS and Suicide Squad. Any fatigue that is happening is real low-key (Loki) right now. I think the MCU will be "fatigue proof" for at least a while. Marvel caterered towards the audience who was growing tired of superpowers with Guardians of the Galaxy, and now this audience has an interest in seeing Infinity War that they didn't before. It also brought in that new Black Panther audience. Of course this movie was gonna be huge. And it's an impressive thing, no doubt. Infinity War was an event and I knew a lot of people who don't really like superhero stuff who saw it anyway. It was just the thing to do last weekend. And this weekend too, apparently. But MCU has become it's own thing at this point. People are seeing this because it's a MCU movie, not because it's a superhero movie.
  20. But I don't really see those discussions on D1patch anymore. The only time it's ever brought up anymore is to mock it whenever a movie does well. Did Infinity War make a shit ton of money because it's a superhero movie or did it make bank because it's the culmination of a decade's worth of grand-scale storytelling and beloved characters? Marvel is the only studio to find consistent success in the genre. They are their own thing at this point, to be honest. If fatigue ever does take down the superhero hero genre then Marvel will be the last to feel the effects.
  21. Shit like this is why streaming will never completely replace physical media for me.