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  1. I feel like when you spend more time focusing on how this is similar to other Marvel movies you are missing out on how much it is different in terms of style, substance, and craft. And there's a lot of differences to be appreciated here.
  2. It depends on what you chose to focus on, I guess. This definitely has a cinematic quality that is missing from the other Marvel movies, or at least most of them.
  3. Parkland students are furious over Trump's tweet.
  4. Honnestly I don't get why people are saying this still feels like a Marvel movie. There was a level of artistry here that we haven't seen in any Marvel movie yet. There is genuine drama and emotion that I haven't felt before from Marvel. This movie made me cry twice. There was a sense of awe and wonder that we don't really get from spectacle films anymore. The score was terrific and is far beyond anything else we've gotten before from this studio. Marvel movies tend to value fun above everything else but this movie had a level of drama that was truly satisfying. The first half made me fall in love with Wakanda in a way that made the second almost difficult to happen as Killmonger began to fuck shit up. I still I would like to talk more about the use of music in this movie because this is something that Ryan Coogler does so well.
  5. My theater loved it and clapped at the end!
  6. I absolutely loved it and it's my favorite Marvel movie by far. It just does so many things right. Ryan Coogler is the next Speilberg.
  7. Kab was a solid poster and I never got the sense he was anti-women (are people confusing him for Lucian?) but he definitely brought an alpha-male/meathead energy that was a little uncomfortable at times. I wasn't a fan of how he kept mocking DVD for injuring one of his pecs, for example.
  8. That's a pretty heartless way of viewing this whole thing, especially considering that there are actually victims inolved. I never was a fan of how sanctimonious Bill Cosby was, but I in no way took pleasure when it was revealed that he was a serial rapist. It's just a sad situation all around.
  9. Maybe people would care if Trump fucked Marlon Brando instead.
  10. The Rob Porter story definitely deserves its own thread. I was considering making one if no one else did. There no way this didn't come up in the background check. They always knew and were always okay with it. If Trump honnestly had no idea then that's on him for something tris big to happen under his nose.
  11. The joke fell apart once I realized if I didn't specify the decade someone was going to reply with one of his terrible later days photos. If only Richard had fucked Brando in a... Pryor decade.
  12. I mean, he was under a lot of makeup for that role.
  13. I personally find him attractive in Last Tango in Paris, but yeah, maybe not as much after that. 50's Brando is obviously prime Brando.
  14. I also think the movies look dumb but sometimes life is easier if you learn to say "it's not for me" and then move on.
  15. Venom - First trailer

    This teaser is pretty impressive considering it has done the impossible and made me even less interested in seeing the movie.
  16. Let's be honest, is there anyone who wouldn't bang 70's Marlon Brando?
  17. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Disney also seems determined for Marry Poppins Returns to still be their big Christmas movie for 2018. It looks like they have high expectations for it.
  18. The white liberals who complain about lack of representation in blockbusters almost always fail to mention the Fast and Furious franchise. The cast is super diverse and the only one directed by a white dude is the first movie. They just don't get enough credit whenever this conversation comes up, almost like they aren't "real movies" or something.
  19. He wanted a military parade for his Inauguration but military leaders didn't take his request seriously at the time. But over a year later he's still obsessed with having a military parade so they are now treating his request as a direct order. Going over to France probably just increased his obsession.
  20. I have a couple students who never stand for the Pledge but I would never dream of treating them differently for it.
  21. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    That actually look pretty good. I'm still not completely sold on Alden's solo, though. But other stuff in the trailer is good! I'm really digging Glover as Lando.
  22. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    That spot doesn't exactly squash the rumors that Disney isn't confident in Alden being able to carry the movie. Maybe the trailer today will be more assuring. Donald Glover looks like he'll make a great Lando though, but I was expecting that. Love that guy. Even if the movie itself turns out to be a flop he'll at least be fun to watch.