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  1. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    My parents hated Trump during the primaries but eventually got in line for the general. They are both very devout Christians who don't like movies with sex or too much cursing. My mom complains about the moral decay of our culture all of the time. She had a talk with in '08 after I voted for Obama and she broke down crying because she felt I had "betrayed the values" she taught me. And then goes and votes for Trump, who's very behavior betrays every single thing she taught me. It makes me fucking furious, especially because she gave me such a hard time when I came out of the closet and yet I try so hard to be a decent person unlike Trump. It just shows you that so many of these religious people are full of hate and not what they pretend to be. Anyways, my mom claims to not like Trump but she will get super defensive if my brother or I will ever criticize him, so she's like DVD in that respect. I can't tell her how I truly feel about her voting for Trump because she would get hysterical. But my Dad is more reasonable, so I had a talk with him in February and told him I was very dissapointed in him for going against everything he taught me. I was very firm, but I did it out of love, because sometimes when a loved one lets you down you have to be honest with them how it makes you feel.
  2. He realizes Trump can't fire him, right?
  3. I liked when he said that Victoria's Secret should only hire attractive employees.
  4. I honnestly wouldn't mind a Civil War memorial that paid tribute to the men who died on both sides. It's worth remembering the human cost of that horrific war so that we could avoid repeating it in the future. However, celebrating the generals as heroes by erecting statues in their image is a way different issue altogether. You can't compare the two.
  5. Pretty much everyone like Engel who goes into moral outrage mode over stories like this does so because "it's in the Bible". But based on what? It's really just one half of a verse that they quote: "Even before I formed you in the womb I knew you." This is what I was taught growing up, but they always neglected to leave out the second half: "before you were born I set you apart, appointed you as a prophet to the nations." Huh, that second part isn't about abortion. Taken in context the verse is specifically adresseing Jeremiah, who was believed to be a prophet of God. Seems weird to try and take part of that verse and apply it to every single unborn child. Yet there are other verses in the Bible that shows just how little value God places on the "life" of an unborn. This is another example of Christians picking and choosing from a book that would literally be insane to follow every single verse. But it's important to understand just how strongly Christians feel about this issue because it explains why they were able to sacrifice so much of their values to vote for Trump. Of course Engel is okay with Trump emboldening a dangerous movement - it's all a small price to pay to nominate conservative judges who will stop what he believes is an undoing holocaust. When Engel calls Riley a terrible person, he does so because he believes his Bible gives him the moral high ground, the very Bible that he probably doesn't understand very well himself.
  6. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    Yeah, I agree that it show some a lack of judgement. After the gif of him bodyslamming CNN you think he would have learned by now.
  7. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    Just watched the clips. He's clearly loosing it. I wonder if the GOP leadership is considering abandoning him for good. He's already turned on the GOP, and it's clear they won't be able to accomplish much with him in charge. They can't be dumb enough to think that things will ever get better - it will only get worse.
  8. Charlottesville and Its Ongoing Aftermath: The Thread

    Maybe it's because I've seen Spider-Man 2, but to me the cartoon is supposed to be CNN trying and failing to stop the "Trump Train".
  9. Yeah, in order for this to be useful they'll need have pickup centers closer to large metropolitan such as D.C.
  10. That's what I believe as well, hence my sarcasm in my initial post.
  11. Yes. Trump intially refused to disavow David Duke as a candiate, not to mention all of his other ties to the Alt-Right. While Trump's response to Charlottesville is perhaps the lowest point in a presidency that's been full of them, it doesn't tell us anything that we didn't already know about him. Are the CEO's leaving now genuinely shocked, or are they trying to avoid bad publicity?