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  1. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    So no promotion for a movie that is only four months away is a sign of confidence? That generally is a bad sign for a tentpole like this, and unheard of for a Star Wars movie.
  2. Any underfilled box of Junior Mints sounds like an act of mercy to me.
  3. I guess she's hot if you're into the plastic Barbie doll look.
  4. Sure, why not? I've already stuck things more questionable than that up there.
  5. This is the best advertising the publisher could hope for.
  6. It was all worth it for Gorsuch.
  7. The Top Ten Highest Grossing Domestic Films

    I saw every movie in theaters except Despicable Me 3, which I still have to plans to watch.
  8. I've been saying that it's only a matter of time before he makes fun of Un's hair, but somehow he's managed to go even more immature than that.
  9. Over half of Americans say Die Hard is not a Christmas movie

    The plot of Die Hard isn't dependent on Christmas. You could easily change the setting to New Year's Eve and the general movie would be the same, outside of a couple of references. And the movie was released in July, so it wasn't even released as a Christmas movie.
  10. Over half of Americans say Die Hard is not a Christmas movie

    There is a difference between a movie that uses a holiday as a backdrop and one that has themes that actually center around the holiday itself. Die Hard is the former. Lethal Weapon, while not quite as a good, is a better Christmas movie than Die Hard. I can't tell if people actually think it's a good Christmas movie or if it's just a long running joke that isn't funny anymore.
  11. Anyone else looking forward to The Greatest Showman?

    I love musicals but for some reason this doesn't look appealing. Also, the review embargo doesn't lift until release date so that's not promising.
  12. The Shape Of Water Trailer

    Will it be expanding? I haven't seen anything yet indicating it will. I plan on seeing it at the Angelika Film Center sometime this week.
  13. So we can post unmarked spoilers now. Kylo Ren kills Snoke! Leia flies though space! Yoda is a puppet!
  14. I was disappointed by Force Awakens and I still saw Last Jedi on opening weekend. I'm not sure if BO number are reliable enough for event movies like this that everyone feels like they have to see. And from my experience, a lot of people I know like Force Awakens les than they did when they first saw it. Not everyone (my husband still loves it), but a significant portion of those I know.