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  1. The woman said it's forgiven and that he shouldn't step down, so I'm fine with that. I think Trump's tweet about this is super unsettling, though. It seems like he's projecting what he would have done done unto the Franklin situation. Truly dumb of him to have offered up a statement on this.
  2. No, I'm not a foot fetishist.
  3. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    The move critics I follow on Twitter complain about them a lot. They constantly attack anyone who says anything negative about a DC movie.
  4. Rampage Trailer

    It look dumb but also the right kind of dumb. Also, lol at that 4/20 release date.
  5. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    The DCEU fanboys are maybe the worst fanboys on the internet, which is really saying something.
  6. I've touched penises with my hands, mouth, and butt. Ask me anything.
  7. It's not something thats politically correct to discuss but homophobia is still pretty strong in a lot of minority communities. Some of the worst coming out experiences I've heard are from gay people of color. Unfortunately I do think some white gay men have a mistrust of minority communities for this reason. However I try to judge people on an individual basis. I don't know if I would say that gay men are more likely to be racist, however, but there certainly is a segment that has open racial biases. Fear of Islam is definitely a thing in the community too, but considering that the Pulse shooter and gays being thrown off roofs in Muslim countries it's not exactly an unfounded fear.
  8. Coco reviews are coming in (Disney-Pixar)

    I'm curious, did you not feel like Inside Out was a return to form? Because when it came out a lot critics and fans were labeling it as such. Glad to hear you loved it, though. I always though this film looked special and I can't wait to see it.
  9. Deadpool 2 Teaser

    I guess I'm just over the Deadpool humor in general because I didn't find this or the short in front of Logan to be funny. But based on the clips shown it looks like the cinematography will me improved from the last movie, so that's good at least.
  10. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    Bob Chipman isn't a fan.
  11. Your reminder that The Incredibles 2 releases next year

    Shit, thanks for reminding me. I honestly forgot they moved up the date. I couldn't be more excited for this.
  12. It's crazy he's still on Fox after all these years.