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  1. It's weird how DVD's hero Ben Shapiro is far more critical of Trump than he is.
  2. It's wildly misunderstood and also not his only book.
  3. I didn't realize it but he was also the voice of all of the army men from the Toy Story movies.
  4. I used to work for Starbucks and loitering is definitely a thing. And from my experience most local coffee shops are even worse. If you're cool with the owner and employees you can basically treat the shop as your second home.
  5. I can't really trust anything that comes out of this White House but if something comes out of this then I'll tip my hat. But I'm not holding my breath.
  6. Who is seeing Rampage this weekend?

    I tend to agree with Movie Bob more than I don't, and he apparently had a blast.
  7. Black Panther managed to pique the interest in people who normally don't care about superhero fare. Infinity War, on the other hand, seems to be a movie almost exclusively aimed towards those who have been keeping up with the MCU up to this point. It will still be a huge hit but I can't see this reaching Black Panther levels.
  8. The RNC launches lyincomey.com

    Watching the GOP evolve from treating Trump as a threat to fully standing behind him without question is one of the more unsettling aspects of this presidency.
  9. BREAKING: Paul Ryan NOT running for reelection

    I believe it was around that time, yes.