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  1. You think he would mention his kids on Father's Day or something instead of bragging about his poll numbers.
  2. That what David Frum was indicating on Twitter, but then he was just debunked by a former White House photographer. It does seem like Trump is being sent there against his will, though.
  3. Apparently Camp David has no cellular service, which is probably why Trump is being sent there
  4. I went to NYC over a decade ago and the Soupman kitchen was closed. It turned out he closed it over the summer because he was tired of dealing with tourists. I mean, yeah, I get it. But it also seemed like questionable business decision.
  5. It's weird to think that there is a high profile celebrity trial going on and it's only a third-tier story because of Trump. This would probably be almost as big as OJ trial if Hilary was president.
  6. According to the article Kurtzman was such an inexperienced director that Cruise basically took over directing duties. But I saw the movie and can confirm that the directing was very poor. This was an utterly terrible movie.
  7. I dunno, the GOP is pretty unpopular amonst the under 40 crowd for this reason, and previous support for the Iraq war is still political poison which is one of the reasons why Hilary lost. And Trump is a uniquely unpopular president in a way Bush II wasn't. His dissaproval is already as high as Bush's was after Katrina. The animatronic Trump might not even get to speak in the Hall of Presidents at Disney World, THAT'S divisive he is.
  8. It's a good thing our president has a good sense of humor about himself or else this would become an unnecessary incident.
  9. If the GOP were smart they would stop defending Trump's scandals and dispose of him before it's too late. They care more about short term political gains than how this will hurt them in the long run. Trump's approval is 19% amongst 18-35 year olds. Do they really want him to define him as the face of of the GOP for an entire generation?
  10. Trump's initial response to the Pulse shooting was disgusting, so I have little hope that he'll handle this appropriately.
  11. I think in gay bath houses you have to be male to get in.
  12. Why does DVD keep pretending that this is a liberal vs conservative thing? There are a decent number of conservative voices who find the Trump/Russia thing very concerning. David Brooks, Bill Kristol, David Frum, Evan McMullin, etc. This doesn't have to be a partisan issue because there's plenty here to find troubling for anyone who truly cares about the rule of law.
  13. I don't really see the pont in these confrontational threads, to be honest.