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  1.  The trailer says "Available now".      Just pointing out that based on some steam reviews, the game seems pretty short (3 hours). I know that might bother some at it's current price.
  2. Nothing's cooler than having a shit tone of LEDs in and on your PC. It should like like a fucking Christmas tree. After all, the holidays are coming up!     
  3. Steam's autumn/Thanksgiving sale is live!

     I think it's time to upgrade your internet.  That should only take you a few seconds to do.
  4. Why do Bethesda games always have floaty mice?

    Just imagine trying to eat floaty rice in VR.    
  5. Why do Bethesda games always have floaty mice?

     But that would be fun to eat!
  6. Steam's autumn/Thanksgiving sale is live!

     Yeah, I just bought Doom from there. Saved a couple of extra bucks. 
  7. Steam's autumn/Thanksgiving sale is live!

       Weren't they the same deals for both sales last year? Wasn't everyone kinda disappointed about the "lame" winter sale?
  8. Dat UBI Quality

    At 1:02 I was like "woah, wtf was that"   At 1:11 I was thinking "What the actual fuck?!"    
  9. Whats Valve doing?

     See that kind of pessimism and negative thinking? Heretic.    
  10. Whats Valve doing?

  11. ehhhh.... My biggest incentive to buy the Switch is that I won't need to buy a handheld device and a console... If I'll still have to buy a handheld anyway, I'll stick to getting just the handheld device. 
  12. I have the legendary edition (or wtv it's called) on PC and never played it.... I'll get in on PC since it'll be free, and wait for mods.
  13. Looks like the era of the 2500k has ended.

     Tag me when you do. I basically have the exact same set up right now.