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  1.  A lot of the time, when you have the devil as the main villain, he's lame. I know some will disagree with me, but I think CDPR pulled it off perfectly!      
  2. Gaunter O'Dimm.
  3. I played the demo, and actually liked it. I was surprised. 
  4. Summer sale starts today

    Is any of the Alien Isolation DLC worth it?
  5. Not entirely the same, but in the Witcher 3, any time someone helped me in a battle they would get on my nerves, lol. Blood and Wine spoilers:        But I sure as hell would love to try playing as one of them for a bit!
  6.  With my G602 I was told the battery lasts about 2 months... I manage to keep mine going for almost 6 months.  Simply turning it off while you aren't using it extends the battery life drastically! And it warns you the battery is low like a month before it dies, lol.
  7.    Because PC gamers are hardcore. So the mouse needs to be hardcore. And what's more hardcore than holding a transformer in the palm of your hand? 
  8. Omg! Around 6:30 into the video he gets blown up! Less than 30 seconds later, he nearly blows himself up in the same area! 
  9.    Sweeeet! I was regretting purchasing the legendary edition since I have yet to play it, but it's all good! 
  10.    That sounds cool and all... until the trolls reveal themselves and start fucking shit up for everyone. 
  11. ^ How rare are we talking? Shiny pokemon, rare?
  12.  True. Although the particular ending I got made sense based on one particular choice I made.    
  13.  The ending you get depends on your choices during the game, and how you treat and interact with Ciri. Aside from what happends specifically with Ciri, the other choices you make throughout the game are reflected in the overall outcome.