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  1. Normally I'd be outraged and vow to never buy this, but I haven't bought any crap in this series since I quit playing Revalations half way through.
  2. Has Lawbreakers been like this for a while?

    Loved that game. I was so sad when I found out they initially planned another game where you play as a Steef but cancelled it.
  3. I'm not sure why you felt the need to emphasize "one", but okay. When I said "game", I didn't assume you played the whole game...
  4. Wat. Particle effects aside, the game wasn't just mainly grey? Because from what I've seen in the videos, the levels and enemies were mainly just grey. And it was hideous.
  5. Watch it have more concurrent users than the upcoming Battlefront II game.
  6. "Storage: 100 GB available space" Oh my.
  7. Red Dead Redemption II: Official Trailer #2

    I'll be holding out mainly because I don't really have a choice. I'm still waiting for the first game though.
  8. I really want this to be good... looks interesting... but the game play and the level design (visually, at least) need work.
  9. Never thought a game could have so much gray... There is waaay too much gray!
  10. I play Quake Champions quite frequently, and in 3 out of 4 games my ping is hovering around 99-105.
  11. I got a voucher for 30% of the Silver edition.
  12. OMG, this lil debate reminds me of that "N***** Guy" episode of South Park! *Not sure if I'm allowed dropping n-bombs on this forum.
  13. I guess you can say they were... Left for dead!
  14. Pewdiepie does it again

    I hate these "apology" videos. They're fake and forced. If he wasn't facing backlash, he wouldn't be apologizing. And that "heat of the moment" excuse needs to die. If it magically popped into your head and you decide to blurt it out, it's part of your thought process.