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  1. The Legend Bum-bo

    Da fuq did I just watch?? And why do I want to buy this day one???
  2. And the quests! You do the same things over and over and over... And those driving missions where you steal a truck and bring it back to point B were soooooooooo boring!
  3. Do you really want them working on the game while they're getting drunk and watching soccer?
  4. Humble Bundle Monthly: Dark Souls 3 + DLC $12

    March Bundle: Dark Souls 3 + Ashes of Ariandel Overgrowth Lost Castle Splasher Aviary Attorney Last Day of June Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?! Drawkanoid Early Unlocks for the April Bundle: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided God Eater 2: Rage Burst Mafia III + Mafia III: Sign of the Times
  5. That must have been for the Final Fantasy XV demo.
  6. Sometimes I wonder why people can't have a civil discussion about these topics without resorting to swearing at each other...
  7. I'm not going to pretend I know details about gun laws up here, but I was watching some news segment and apparently if you go through the right training and are part of a gun club, you can legally own a rifle such as the AR-15. I had no clue that they were even legal here.
  8. So that people can experience the sensation of hitting things with a crowbar while dressed in an HEV suit and glasses once more.
  9. This! I was actually thinking about this a couple of days ago!
  10. The "Is your PC bottlenecked?" calculator

    21%. My 2500k is too slow for my 980 ti.
  11. I never finished Inqusition... hell, I barely even started it. I think I rage quit after 10 hours of fighting with the camera controls and getting annoyed by respawning enemies.
  12. The Duke is back

    ^ According to the CNET link there won't be that many produced so it's more like a collector's item. That's probably the reason for the price tag.