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  1. This reminds me that article I read about some girl who dressed up as one of the black inmates from Orange is the New Black (I think it was Poussay) because it was her favourite character, and people started freaking out and giving her shit for it, calling her racist. Meanwhile the poor girl never even heard about black face until the backlash. Sometimes, people over react.
  2. Holy shit, had to mute it half way through the video.
  3. ^ Reminds me of the fucking nekker contract in Witcher 2. Early on I kept trying to rush in and kill them as fast as possible without thinking about the fact there were 4 or 5 nests in the area so I kept getting gang banged. As I move around the area, more of them would just join the gang bang. Didn't help that they were actually pretty good at dodging Geralt's sword.
  4. ^ Or the ability to push her eyes further back into her skull. Maybe that's one of her special powers.
  5. ^ Unless she reflexively closed her eyes really tight right before getting slashed
  6. ^ How far into the game did you get? The game has a learning curve, so if you're having difficulty with the combat, set the difficulty level even lower until you get a hang of it. Oh, and you mentioned rolling, but have you practiced dodging as well? I find they both come in handy in different situations.
  7. ^ There are soo many other ways to take care of enemies, without limiting yourself to dodge, block and counter.
  8. I think I'm one of few who really liked the ending. It made a lot of sense to me Kinda spoilerish: I can't speak for the performance on the Xbone, but on PC I didn't run into any issues at all. It ran well, but I'm using a OCed 980ti. However it is unusual that it chugged so much, I don't think the game is THAT demanding.
  9. The name sounded familiar, but I wasn't sure if it was this game or not. I remember watching that video and being extremely disappointed with the game play. I'm not surprised it got cancelled. I feel it wouldn't really hold up well to today's standards.
  10. You shouldn't be spamming attacks at shielded enemies, as their shield will block them. There are various ways to getting around their shield, both literally and figuratively. Crank up the difficulty, it will force you to actually use signs properly instead of "sign mashing".
  11. Oh, and to answer your question, I'm playing Guacamelee and CS GO. Guacamelee can get quite frustrating for some of the challenging jumping sequences, and it doesn't help that it feels like there is very slight input lag.
  12. Play in the snow!! I feel bad for you guys who don't get the pleasure of snow!! It's a such a joy!
  13. Heh heh, the first thing I thought of when seeing the title was Optimus Reim.