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  1. The Duke is back

    ^ According to the CNET link there won't be that many produced so it's more like a collector's item. That's probably the reason for the price tag.
  2. The Duke is back

    Not Duke Nukem, thank God. The original Xbox Duke! It'll be out at the end of March for $69.99. More info from June 2017: Plugs in with a USB cable, it's not wireless Compatible with The Xbone and Windows 10 Has shoulder buttons There's an OLED in the middle of the controller, but it only shows the OG Xbox start up. And best of all, it's still big as fuck.
  3. ^ Perhaps they don't want to upset members of La Meute?
  4. Dumb-as-shit Farcry action in a new setting with new enemies. And pretty cars
  5. So Mortal Kombat fans..whats better..

    Do you plan on playing online?
  6. I got one, but I'll only be using my Steam dollars for games this holiday season.
  7. PSA: Steam Winter Sale Starts Tomorrow!

    How is Dark Souls 3 and it's DLC? Should I get the Deluxe edition?
  8. Anyone ever had or heard of an SSD drive failing?

    Have you ever tried changing the SATA cables connected to your drives?
  9. Thanks! I now have two more games in my backlog and I didn't even have to spend a dime!
  10. IGN's 2017 GOTY Nominees

    I may not have played any of the games listed, but at least I know all of them!
  11. I was going to post a plain face, but this actually looks like it could be good!
  12. Fine you win. To be fair, the first two Dark Souls games aren't THAT hard if you're patient and careful. Never tried the the 3rd yet. And Halo will always be harder for me because I can't aim for shit with a controller, even after years of playing on the OG Xbox.
  13. Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon PSA

    How long is this special Rockruff available for?