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  1. I feel like I'm missing the joke here... 
  2. UPlay is an awful piece of shit

       I've only played BF3 once (literally), but IIRC, all those things you mentioned have nothing to do with Origin itself.
  3. Valve and the case of the too much stuff in games

    For those who were there from the beginning, it keeps them interested. For those who are new, they slowly try the various options and get into it. As for the cards and badges, there are enough people into it to for Valve to continue doing it, and they're even profiting quite a bit from these simple trading cards. People find it fun and addictive, and feel compelled to get a complete collection... Others just sell the cards for cash.
  4. UPlay is an awful piece of shit

       To be honest, Origin has yet to bother me. It has not hindered my enjoyment of games in any way (as far as I can remember) but UPlay has on a couple of occasions. In fact, I managed to get a few free games on Origin!
  5. UPlay is an awful piece of shit

    I've randomly had issues with FC3 where I couldn't connect to the UPlay servers so I couldn't load my save.  This was after loading up the game. And yes, my internet connection was working just fine. UPlay basically pushed me to wait for all Ubisoft games to be less than $10 before I consider purchasing them. That way I don't get as angry when shit happens.
  6. Rise of the Tomb Raider impressions?

    This contradicts the benchmarks on that German site... So I'll choose to believe those.
  7. I'm not sure exactly what she wants to do there. I just remember her expressing an interest in working there.     Which also reminds me, I was at a football game and my friend was bad mouthing the AC series. Then a guy in front of us turns around and  tells us that his mom worked on a few of the AC games. 
  8. I've already boycotted WB so...    
  9. I met someone who hopes to be able to work at Ubisoft. Her drawing skills are flipping amazing!
  10. EA announces "Origin Access" for PC, $4.99/month

    I have 23 games in my Origin library... out of those, 14 were free... and I only put time into 6 of those 23 games...    I'll pass.
  11. Steam Winter sale to start December 22nd

    ^ I have not played it myself but I heard it was much less enjoyable than Borderlands 2. So after playing Borderlands 2 to death as well (175 hours) I decided to pass on it.   
  12. Damn, The Witcher 3 is puuuurrrrtttyyy

    One point that stands out in particular for me is battling a fiend in a swampy area with lots of trees while the sun was setting. Between the lighting and the shadows being cast by the trees, it looked amazing! To top it off, it was the first time I encountered a fiend in the wild... it was quite an experience!
  13. Steam Winter sale to start December 22nd

    Never mind, it's working now. It was saying I couldn't connect before.
  14. Steam Winter sale to start December 22nd

    Is Steam down?