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  1. NEW Gaming PC: Windows 10 / 7 ?

    Don't forget that once you have Windows 10, Microsoft also owns your soul. 
  2. Nintendo NX Launches March 2017

    Are you guys really arguing about arguing?
  3. Quantum Break PC Patch Released!

    Pics or it didn't happen! C'mon! You know the drill!
  4. Quantum Break PC Patch Released!

    If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.   
  5. Quantum Break PC Patch Released!

       $30 is a meal at a restaurant. If you get groceries, that $30 can prepare quite a few meals.
  6. Quantum Break PC Patch Released!

    I'll wait for a Steam release. I'm a very patient man.
  7.    No, he's really a famous Witcher...    
  8. That sounds so hardcore.
  9. I played Life Is Strange in 4K using DSR. It maintained a solid 60 FPS the whole game, with the exception of one area where it dropped to around 30.   edit: I'm using a 980ti.
  10. Is Arkham Knight playable yet?

       Maxed out I can run Arkham Knight between 45-60 FPS, usually closer to 45 (especially in the bat mobile). And on top of that, I get random hitches. Maxed out, in Arkham City, I was getting a solid 60 FPS with rare hitching. So it definitely doesn't run "way better than Arkham City" for everyone.   I don't know how the rain effects were at launch, but I didn't notice any "diminished" rain. Batman was definitely wet.    This is with a 980 ti, an i5 2500k and 16 GB RAM, btw.
  11. Doom Beta

       Yeah, the options available actually look good!
  12. Doom Beta

       Yes but in comparison to the rocket launcher, the shotgun shoots Zeus' lightning where as the rocket launcher shoots fire crackers.
  13. Doom Beta

       They look much closer to the Halo Spartans than that, IMO.    So far I played 2 rounds and I did not like weapon balance. I kept getting my ass handed to me until I started using the shotgun and sniper rifle. I would have thought rocket launchers would do so much more damage, yet it was complete crap. Anyone using rocket launchers were getting destroyed by shotguns or snipers. Speaking of damage, half the time I wouldn't even realize I was taking damage. I feel like they should make it more obvious...