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  1. SFV Accessing Kernel Levels On PC players

     Why are you amazed? It's in their best interest to avoid a shit storm.
  2.  Add Alien Isolation to that list.
  3. The Dwarves - Action RPG

    They are the guardians of what?? I keep hearing either Gurgle Garg or Girdle Guard.
  4. Witcher 3 GOTY

    Doooo iiiit! I believe GOG is a partner of CDPR, so you'll be supporting them more if you buy a GOG key!
  5. Witcher 3 GOTY

    That's it. No more DLC/expansions for Witcher 3.
  6. The PC Gamer Top 100

    My favorite game is #1.   I like this list. 
  7. Any MMOs allow cybersex?

    I feel like I'm missing something... I'm under the impression that most of highlevelgamer's threads are jokes, but many people still answer seriously...  
  8. 3DS XL warranty

     Only one year? Damn, I've had it well over a year. I believe since December of 2013.
  9. 3DS XL warranty

    How long does the 3DS XL warranty last? And does it cover exploding hinges? About a month ago I noticed the hinge on my 3DS XL was cracked. I was worried at first, but it was still fully functional so I just ignored it. About a week ago I noticed the crack was getting bigger and then a chunk of the corner popped off. It was a huge inconvenience but late at night, so I put it back into place and decided I'd deal with it the next morning. The next morning I open the 3DS and the entire hinge explodes into 5 or 6 pieces (not just the part that popped off the night before, other parts too). I'll take a picture to show you what exactly I mean after.    On the bright side, the loud ass (supposedly normal) click that occurs each time I open/close my 3DS is now gone.
  10. GTX 9xx series is now a 'legacy' product

    This is absolutely disgusting! Terrible business practice by NVIDIA! They're just money hungry assholes who don't care about the consumers!   Now I gotta go out and buy a GTX 1080!
  11. I completely forgot about the upgrading to 10... oddly enough I didn't get a single prompt for it. Even more bizarre is that as soon as the free upgrade ended, the little windows updates thing popped up saying there were 110 important updates available... I didn't do any updates yet, but now my computer is up to date... Last update was July 21st... 2015. 
  12.  A lot of the time, when you have the devil as the main villain, he's lame. I know some will disagree with me, but I think CDPR pulled it off perfectly!      
  13. Gaunter O'Dimm.