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  1. Prey 2 - IT LIVES!!

    I enjoyed the first game. In fact, the case is sitting right above my monitor.  Haven't played it in ages, though.
  2. Mighty No. 9: From this to this.

    It would be awesome if in the future, there's a free add on allowing us to change to the art style to the original concept art.
  3. PS4K and frame rate

       But don't you find that when a game is running at a low FPS, it becomes harder to see its beauty if the camera is moving a lot? I find it literally becomes harder to see things clearly.    edit: I think I misread/misunderstood your post the first time I read it. If that's the case, just ignore this one. 
  4. PS4K and frame rate

    Something else occurred to me... with it being able to play games at 4K (presumably at a solid 30 FPS), how much is this thing going to cost?? Any rumors yet?
  5. The frame rate looks and character models look worse...    But seriously, the frame rate is god awful, and it's especially apparent in the slow motion replays!
  6. PS4K and frame rate

    Maybe this was answered, but I'm too lazy to search past the first page...    Aaanyway, I was wondering... If this new PS4 can do 4K, will that mean that it will be able to play the older PS4 games in 1080p at 60 fps? There are a few PS4 games that I'm interested in, but I'd much rather play them at 60 fps rather than 30.
  7.    And if we complain enough, the developers get rid of the cap. If they don't, then modders usually do.  In the case of Arkham Knight, I'd bet that without Steam refund, they would have barely attempted to fix that shit storm, if at all.
  8. Is the Witcher 3 combat good?

    It's alright. At times, it can get wonky as fuck. But over all, I enjoy it enough to have put 400+ hours into it.  
  9.    They'd be even more willing to delve into it if they could actually, you know... play their creations in an actual PC game.  This seems like it will mainly benefit the forging community who also game on PC... how big of a community is that?
  10. How's the new TMNT game shaping up?

       While I myself don't care for local co-op, those that do probably do because they prefer playing with other people in person, rather than online.
  11. Would you buy me the PS4 to play it on as well? 
  12. NEW Gaming PC: Windows 10 / 7 ?

     Is it really you thinking and saying that? Or is it Microsoft speaking through your soul?!    
  13. Alleged Arkham Collection box art

    ^ That's not lazy, that's just funny.
  14. NEW Gaming PC: Windows 10 / 7 ?

    Don't forget that once you have Windows 10, Microsoft also owns your soul.