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  1. ~*The 2018 special elections thread.*~

    Fight crazy with crazy?
  2. I'm sure they would never give Cohen any kind of deal if it wasn't for something good.
  3. I am starting to think conservatives think "really hating someone" is a legal basis for prosecution.
  4. I reread it again and I think concept actually makes more sense in the context. Either way that sentence is a mess.
  5. Their punishment seems a wee bit over the top.
  6. The special master is basically a judge with a narrow purpose. IMO in this case they are going to be a filter between the parties and the judge. They just decide on the super obvious stuff and anything that is hotly contested is going probably to be decided by the main judge.
  7. lol I misread what he wrote. Concept? lol He obviously meant contempt.
  8. Get Valarian and the City of a Thousand Planets if you are looking for a showcase
  9. I just think it is incredibly selfish and cowardly to put a perceived threat to your safety over people who are in real imminent danger.
  10. Gorsuch sides with liberal judges.

    Well at the bare minimum he seems better than Clarence Thomas.