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  1. Going to be pretty disappointed if it ends up being Aaron. It really should be someone from Darryl's group.
  2. Really enjoyed my time with it so far. Was playing last night shortly after the rush began and got an error just as I was leaving the "tutorial area." After getting back in it seemed I was stuck, the mission was complete, but there was no way-point for anything else. Sounds like from what I'm reading now I just have to go back up to that corner of the map and it will trigger the cutscene.. so at least I won't have to start over from scratch.   I like how you can see people on your friends list running around on your map. Funny seeing little yellow blips all running from point to point completing all of the initial mini-missions last night. Game makes it so easy to group up too. Can't wait to dive back in tonight.
  3. The Witness -- Reviews are coming in

    The platinum is mine! It was a long, hard road but I made it.   Great game. Will definitely be way up there on my 2016 GOTY list.
  4. ~*SFLUFAN's Witness Weekend Giveaway*~

    Ohhhh why not. Will pass it along to a friend who can't afford to jump in right now.
  5. Get your Ryse, get your Ryse here!

      I suppose I'll hold out for that. 3 or 4 more years sounds about right.
  6. The Witness -- Reviews are coming in

    Blasted final Shady Trees puzzle! This area has been pretty easy going except for one puzzle on the right path   which had me stumped because I was not noticing something important and now this final one. I'll have to look it over again tonight.. I must be missing something.
  7. Get your Ryse, get your Ryse here!

    Worth it?
  8. The Witness -- Reviews are coming in

    Guys... this game... so good.   It's all I think about during the day.   Also, I never actually played Myst. Worth playing still?
  9. The Witness -- Reviews are coming in

    I'm all in. Game looks beautiful. Cannot wait.   Wish they had set up preorders on PSN or there was a midnight release. Wonder if we won't see it til afternoon update time tomorrow..
  10. This could be either really good.   Or... f'n terrible.
  11. Cant view site if not logged in

    Yea it took me a couple of days to realize the site wasn't completely broken too.
  12. Congrats and excellent choice!
  13. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! How's Black Friday been? I haven't left the house except to put up some lights out front!