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  1. I regret never finishing that when it first came out.. but I fear it probably holds up terribly today. Interested in hearing your thoughts.
  2. Agreed. Just listened to that last night. They probably should've just scraped it considering they couldn't all agree on what it meant.
  3. Lol.. I'm sorry.. I usually don't even have time to finish those during the week let alone listen to others! Forgive me!
  4. I just started day 3. Long ones this year! The bomb and beast casts are really the only podcasts I'm able to make time for. Love those guys (and gal.)
  5. PUBG on Xbox One X

    I keep reading conflicting reports on whether or not this really works. I'll have to try it out tonight for myself. Either way... jank or no jank, I am loving this game.
  6. Dreams information and hands-on

    Way too many games to go on top of my already impossible back log!
  7. Dreams information and hands-on

    I need this game... I need it NOW. My excitement has been renewed. Like LBP on steroids. I can't wait to see what people create and I hope it inspires me to create again! Looking forward to whatever else they show this weekend at PSX.
  8. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-CUSA09142_00-PSVRDEMODISC0002 Available now. Includes the following: Here’s what you get: • Battlezone (Rebellion)• Dino Frontier* (Uber Entertainment)• Eve: Valkyrie (CCP Games) • Fantastic Contraption* (Radial Games)• Job Simulator* (Owlchemy Labs) • Moss (Polyarc)• Raw Data* (Survios)• Rez Infinite* (Enhance Games)• Star Child (GameTrust)• The Persistence (Firesprite)• Thumper (Drool)• Tiny Trax (FuturLab)
  9. Chipped in what I could friend! Thanks for doing this.
  10. PSVR_Rev 2 now in the wild!

    I purchased this one: https://sewelldirect.com/2x1-or-1x2-hdmi-bi-directional-switch-with-hdcp-passthrough I've had zero issues but a friend of mine tried the same one and did have some problems. Audio/video quality appears to be the same as far as my ears/eyes can tell.
  11. PSVR_Rev 2 now in the wild!

    Yep mine works fine with a splitter. Not an ideal solution but it's easy enough to push a button to switch. Anyway.. what were they even thinking?
  12. Another Chance to Win Mario Odyssey

    I like these forums because I don't have a ton of people in my daily life that appreciate these things we call video games!