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  1. I landed on my favorite planet (Land of the Jumping Mushrooms) last night. Herds of jumping fungi everywhere! Different varieties too. It was pretty fantastic.   I also was attacked by space pirates and pulled out of super speed mode (not warp speed.) I survived my first encounter but I depleted all of my shields (had to recharge 3 or 4 times during the battle.) I was attacked again later when I responded to a distress beacon and did not survive. I can't seem to figure out a way to heal your ship currently after it gets damaged in a battle.  I know how to recharge shields and repair damaged ship systems... but the health bar thing you have in the upper left hand corner that normally has 5 or 6 ship symbols... can't figure out how to get those back. Any ideas? Strange thing to overlook.
  2. I only squeaked a couple of hours in last night before I had to force myself to go to bed. They went by in a flash and I enjoyed every minute of it. Mainly stuck to my first planet however I did fly up into the space to visit a station and then back down discovering some more awesome stuff. Hopefully I'll get some more quality time with it tonight. Snapped a few pictures.. I have a feeling I'm going to be taking pictures constantly.   First look around.   First creature discovery!   and this is a view of my starting planet as I flew back down. Breaking through the atmosphere is so, so awesome.     More impressions to come!
  3.   Will try!   Also those patch notes sound like some great additions/changes. Also the bit about base building and owning freighters down the road... awesome. I hope Hello Games supports this thing for a long time to come.
  4. My PS4 just pre-loaded..  so ready for this. The next 48 hours are going to drag. =(
  5. Sony E3 Press Event Stream Thread

    Great conference. Sony has a pretty damn solid lineup.
  6. Seriously Folks WTF

  7.   Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys are too generous.. hope you all have a great couple of days off!
  8. No Man's Sky Pushed Back

    Disappointing but I guess I'll have some more time to catch up on the old back log.
  9. Super nice of you!   Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! I am stuck at work today but I have the next couple of days off! Uncharted 4 would make for a good weekend 
  10. Loving this game was a complete surprise for me. Thing wasn't even on my radar. Now I need more.. I gotsta have it in me.   Release date, hurry up.
  11. Very generous of you!   PS4 is my bag, baby.
  12. Going to be pretty disappointed if it ends up being Aaron. It really should be someone from Darryl's group.
  13. Really enjoyed my time with it so far. Was playing last night shortly after the rush began and got an error just as I was leaving the "tutorial area." After getting back in it seemed I was stuck, the mission was complete, but there was no way-point for anything else. Sounds like from what I'm reading now I just have to go back up to that corner of the map and it will trigger the cutscene.. so at least I won't have to start over from scratch.   I like how you can see people on your friends list running around on your map. Funny seeing little yellow blips all running from point to point completing all of the initial mini-missions last night. Game makes it so easy to group up too. Can't wait to dive back in tonight.