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  1. It's looking great. Glad it has resurfaced. Mixture of The Witness, Ico, and Journey. Hopefully it plays well in the end.
  2. I think this was prob my GOTY 2016. It's certainly up there.
  3. Lol.. I'm not certain my poor PC could handle Abzu to be honest!
  4. Probably grabbing Abzu... maybe Here They Lie. Too many games...
  5. It sounds like tracking is solid from the impressions I've read. $15 though with no release day discount. I'll wait for $10 or under I think. Sounds pretty great though.
  6. Lol, just saw this. I actually did download it but haven't had a chance to try it yet. Sometimes it's just hard to get motivated to VR after a long day at work. Fruit Ninja does seem pretty awesome.. although I may wait for a sale. I bought and then played the Kinect version a handful of times. I'm sure this would be much better though.
  7. Oh man do I feel you. My son got pneumonia the weekend before Thanksgiving (he's 2 and does attend daycare)... very much messing up travel plans! Nothing was working to get his fever down so we were a day away from spending Thanksgiving in the hospital. Luckily it started to dissipate the day before. However then my wife and I both caught coughs/colds.. followed by a nasty stomach bug.. followed by pink eye for my wife.. and here we are. Currently ailment free and hopefully staying that way as my wife is due to have another little germ-spreader on January 5th! Godspeed!
  8. Fantastic Contraption looks really interesting. Excited for that one. Anyone buy I Expect You To Die yet? Really want to play it but think I'll wait for a sale. Also.. haven't seen anyone mention the RE7 demo. I was a little concerned because the Here They Lie demo made me slightly nauseous. Pleasantly surprised that RE7 left me feeling completely fine. If you haven't tried it yet... DO IT. It's quite good.
  9. I only played about an hour last night but it's so very beautiful.
  10. That looks pretty nice!
  11. This is true! Can you imagine how it would have run on PS3 lol?
  12. It sounds like Pro on a 1080 display is the best way to play currently. Hopefully they can patch it to work out the kinks for 4k and OG PS4 but even so sounds perfectly playable.
  13. Oh man oh man oh man. Thanks for the review snippets.. that's all I need to read. I still can't believe this is actually releasing tomorrow. Thanks again, @SFLUFAN!
  14. Definitely going to be trying it out soon. I hear there are different settings for right analog turning. Which one did you go with? Thanks for the heads up! Anyone else try Holoball yet?
  15. Makes sense. Have not played it but seems like it'd make a great portable game.