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  1. Time to reset the clock on when we can appropriately talk about gun violence.
  2. So what you want is centrally located weapons that someone needs to run to in the middle of gun attack, while getting students somewhere relatively safe and potentially putting them in the line of fire before even making it to the gun?
  3. My initial reaction to that scene was "why does that ship look like an iron?"
  4. I believe he is, or was, married to the lady that was a person of interest.
  5. So how about that tax plan, eh?

    So it's a flat 25% tax on Pass-throughs? Or is it just capped at 25%? I run a super small LLC on the side with a friend. Usually no more than a $2-5k a year. With my full time job, and current deductions, I'm safely in the 15% tax bracket (my share of income from the LLC never comes close to putting me in the higher bracket). So I'm just interested to know if taxes on my LLC would essentially go up?
  6. Is DVD that guy that VICE followed for their Charlottesville story? That dude did drive down from Canada.
  7. DirecTV Now

    I didn't have HBO before, but got it as part of this loyalty offer. They have a FAQ on their site saying it will be a $5 bill credit for the next 12 months. If you prepaid 3 months, the 12 months start after the prepaid period is over.
  8. When you log in to a service (say gmail) and they text you a code before gaining access. This, in theory, would need you to have a device on you that has already been authenticated on to verify it is you.
  9. You know what, I wonder if they actually did do this. If they had the foresight to take out insurance on the original actors, this should have been thought of as well. At least I'm hoping lol. Definitely could make the CGI more convincing, especially if they had her speak to get lip movement down.
  10. DirecTV Now

    Current Version. Gen 4 AppleTV and second gen FireTV Stick.
  11. Would like to see the full un-edited version. Those could have been completely separate topics of discussion (where he says something about voter fraud & bussing people around). For all we know, he could be talking about running a service that will bring people to their respective polling place to vote not that they are bringing the same people to multiple polling places to cast multiple votes.