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  1. I feel dirty but they left me no choice

    How often are you running, and are you in a pool?
  2. Nvidia announces Titan V for a scant 2,999.00

    You should see how well Half-life 2 runs on it.
  3. What is the Undisputed best Christmas movie?

    A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge is pretty good. Came out in the easrly 90's I think
  4. It's been a fantasic few months for free PC games

    I didn't know Ticket to Ride was on steam. Did not get it for free, but just bought the mobile version for two bucks
  5. Looking for a new laptop (mostly for school), any suggestions?

    Check the Dell Latiude line. Sonething with a 1059TI should suit you well. Research the processor though. The U series cab be gimped.
  6. I've been playing them since Medieval. I swear this is like, the 3rd total war game announced in the past month.
  7. What's with all the Total War games here recently? Is it just DLC for other games?
  8. Trump Jr. corresponded with Wikileaks

    I feel like that is the point
  9. Finished The Next Generation. Onto Deep Space 9

    Is he not just a plain ol' tailor?
  10. Zotac 1080 available

    In that case, I think $400 seems a fair price
  11. Zotac 1080 available

    Well, I'm open to offers. Did not realize prices dropped that much.
  12. Zotac 1080 available

    Added to post
  13. Zotac 1080 available

    I'm looking to sell my Zotac 1080 amp edition. I sold my desktop and took that out to sell separately. Bought new over the summer, everything is at stock on it right now. You won't get a drivers disk or retail box for this. Just the card shipped in an antistatic bag. I want to give my fellow d1p peeps a shot at it before I try craigslist or ebay. Pm me if you want to make an offer, and we will also discuss shipping. l'll accept paypal. Asking $400+shipping