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  1. Leading in Ohio too
  2. The Wii Rogue Squadron game is still out there. Here's to hoping it gets leaked one day
  3. This game sounds like fun once more stuff is put in. They should have followed what KSP did and start with a beta version and continually add more stuff in instead of making this a AAA title. Or make it modable as hell.
  4. The dogfight video alone has made this my most anticipated game yet. The idea of jumping into a system and seeing hostile ships and fighting them in space and in the atmosphere... Damn! There are so many possibilities for this alone. Imagine getting stranded on a hostile planet and having to find resources to fix or upgrade your ship while hiding from hostile forces so you can escape or fight your way out... Or maybe it's just a sandbox exploration game with combat. Regardless this game looks fun as hell.
  5. So if Northern Ireland leaves the UK, would they remain an independent country? Or would they seek reunification with the rest of Ireland?
  6. Dammit, it's hard to choose. Between Mario Kart, Star Fox and Diddy Kong Racing. I'd say Mario Kart because I had more fun with that for multiplayer than the other two
  7. Trump responded to Romney's speech:
  8. Here's another: Quiz: Who did Sarah Palin blame for her son's arrest? A. Herself B. The GOP C. God D. Her son E. Obama
  9. So the credentials were admin/password? Do people have no basic concept of online security?
  10. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2015/11/13/multiple-deaths-reported-after-shootings-explosions-paris/75727746/ Military deploying in Paris Super Taptalk the Hedgehog
  11. If you're traveling for work, check with your company if they have a corporate card they can issue you. Those have no limits because they use the company's credit instead of yours Super Taptalk the Hedgehog
  12. Pointless when a lot of those content creators use Patreon or another site for donations already Super Taptalk the Hedgehog
  13. Drunk driver livestreams herself driving drunk on Periscope There must be something in the water in Florida or something Super Taptalk the Hedgehog
  14. People from around the world make this pilgrimage, pretty much from every country that has a Muslim population. The Saudi government requires that all people making the pilgrimage do it through a Hajj tour group, but a lot of people still manage to make it in too without one. So when they are going to the rituals, people rush and push to try and get to all the spots and the stampedes happen when they fall. Then those people stepping on them trip and get stampeded themselves. The stampede happened on the Stoning of the Devil ceremony, where everyone throws stones at three pillars that represent the devil. I think it happened as people were trying to get onto an escalator.