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  1. what happened to apoc?

    Want to give some hints?
  2. what happened to apoc?

    I too would like to hear the story
  3. what happened to apoc?

    I bet he was Kab's alt.
  4. Why? The SDF is just going to shout "head cannon", "that doesn't matter", "stop nitpicking", etc. Hell there are non superficial criticisms in the post dipshit quoted saying I've only posted superficial criticisms.
  5. Zzzzzz. I understood the movie, it's anything but subtle, I just found the characters bland and the plot boring. For all the "this is so new talk" I would expect something new not retreads of star wars staples with little twists. In a lot of scenes I found myself thinking "this is like in a new hope, or in empire, or in return." I don't care how well written or "tight" the script is when overall it's just an ok movie, enjoyable but still just ok. A life like painting of a turd is still a painting of a turd no matter how amazing the craftsmanship is. As for the CEB there's no point in conversation there it's been overrun by post regurgitating the latest twitter/Reddit conspiracy theory. It is good for a laugh though. Carry on brave alt.
  6. If I regretted my vote. But this thread is for discussing a mediocre movie. Not for political shots you couldn't even make on your main account.
  7. The bombers just foreshadowed how meh the rest of the movie would be. That's some set up and pay off. Such a tight script.
  8. I just wanted to see you double down on being wrong.
  9. Movies That Are So Bad They're Good...

    I knew I'd catch the dumb one first.
  10. Movies That Are So Bad They're Good...

    The Last Jedi.
  11. The problem is that in using it to set up a contrived sacrifice it forces focus on the stupidity of the situation.