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  1. No evidence that it had an impact on the election. The undermining of trust in the electoral system lies on the shoulders of the left using the issue to try and delegitimize Trump.
  2. This is just Obamacare lite. Look how far out they have the phase ins/outs a lot of that will be like the doc fix and kicked down the road every year or so if this bill passes. My criticism of Obama isn't an endorsement of the house/senate bill I'm just pointing out that he has no credibility left on the issue. He pushed for bad legislation got it and it cost his party dearly. He told several big lies to sell it to the public, his HHS began writing waivers and delaying implementation almost immediately, and now we get phrases like the bill isn't perfect. What did people get? Insurance with an average deductible of $6k for an individual and $12k for a family (silver is $3.5k and $7.5k) that doesn't seem affordable. What the republicans should be pushing is a bill that increases competition among insurance companies, splits health insurance from employment, and introduces some market forces in healthcare. For the first let companies compete across state lines, get rid of mandatory minimums (I'm sure this is the wrong phrase), allow insurance companies to price plans how they want (men use insurance less when they are younger they shouldn't have to pay the same price as women). For the second, tax benefits as income. For the third insurance needs to become something for catastrophic care. If someone has to go to the Dr for a cold or something they should be paying out of pocket. That's just a broad brush of some of the things they should be aiming for. see above.
  3. For all the bitching the board does about DVD the fact that you get to skate by with your dishonesty and bullshit is hilarious and and indictment of the left leaning posters on this board.
  4. I read a sample when it first came out and the pronoun usage annoyed me so much I moved on to other books. Later I found out that it's a ship so transferred into a male body and that's the reason for the mixed up pronouns but never went back and checked it out. I'll give it another shot though.
  5. Listen to the guy whose biggest legislative achievement destroyed the Democrat Party.
  6. Holy shit those Russian hackers are good.
  7. Not what I asked I'm not going to blame the media etc. At this point what this guy did is on him. My point is that the left is now wringing it's hands about how the right can't blame them or some variation there of, tit for tat included, and it's real easy to say that after the fact. But yesterday the Dem strategy has essentially been tit for tat+1 since the election and there hasn't been anything but a bunch of lols at the republicans getting it back and then some. Maybe the end of tit for tat should start with toning down the anti-trump insanity that had gripped the left.
  8. Have you called for the tit for tat to stop since the election?
  9. The left tried to blame Sarah Palin and the tea party for the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, for the guy that flew his Cessna into the IRS building, etc. For a while we had leftist jumping the gun to blame the tea party for every bit of violence. Even for the pulse shooting you had leftists blaming republicans. What's the first reactions we get here? The right better not exploit this. The scumbag right is going to blame the left. The left has set the standard for blame.
  10. WvW was painful last night. Every squad I joined lacked guardians and was packed with theives, rangers, engineers, and mesmers. The WvW guilds must have got hundreds of bags last night. Most of the time it was only me and the few other guards in the group left standing 10 seconds or so after the zergs collided.
  11. http://www.techinvestornews.com/Tech-News/Financial-Bloggers/canada-unveils-650-million-lumber-industry-bailout-to-stand-up-to-us
  12. If the books come out regularly. I don't want to get grrm'ed or rothfus'ed.
  13. I enjoyed it for the most part. The two turn offs were the one woman who swears all the time, it's a bit cliche, and that it's a 10 part series.