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  1. Martin Scorsese Re: Rotten Tomatoes

    Isn't this a consequence of the medium itself? Movies and pop culture at large have long been criticized for being shallow, sensational, consumerist, etc. Is it any wonder that the common discussion about the product is much the same? The sophisticated people are all discussing the book version anyway.
  2. What are you reading right now?

    Gladwell is full of shit.
  3. OSB for the subfloor makes me cringe, it just doesn't hold up to water as good as plywood.
  4. Trump vs Goodell...

    I don't want to get in the middle of your circle jerk.
  5. Trump vs Goodell...

    Will Democrat politicians be dumb enough to start protesting the national anthem in support of the players?
  6. Anyone playing GW2s new expansive pack?

    I'm not far in but it looks like there aren't meta maps and that's disappointing. I only got to play an hour or so but I kinda like the new elementslist elite. Thank goodness for my thousands of tokens so I can boost every character.
  7. Use Dmcas and agorithims to hurt other people's income but how dare the other side do the same thing. Everyone should just /ignore and move on.
  8. It would only be $750 or so a month for taxes.
  9. The average home price in California is $500k so you need to make $120k or so a year to qualify with 20% down.
  10. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    What is wrong with you?
  11. Well Bernie did demand a private jet, motorcade, security, and travelling staff if he was going to campaign for her.