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  1. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    Just got a PC and have it ready to go... I'm loading it up this memorial day weekend as I will be off for 4 days. So I'm hoping I get some quality time with the game. I will look for ya!
  2. Playstation 4 PRO question

    @Biggie_Rich I made sure all my saves were uploaded to the cloud. I believe there is an option to upload all saves to the cloud somewhere. Then I did something similar to what @mo1518 did. Backed up all my videos and screenshots and like 2 of the games i was playing the most at the time. That way you are able to play while you download the rest in the background. You have a few options as you can tell by everyone's response, you just have to pick which one is more convenient to you. Good Luck!
  3. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Yea I was pretty pissed, L3 is the sprint button in most games so it engages while you are holding i\t and within a second or two it stops sprinting even though you are still holding down L3... i was really happy with it until that point and now that i think about it, it lasted me 6 months because when I looked to see if i can send it in to fix the warranty just expired... I've seen videos on how to fix it but I haven't tried. It seems like it happens to regular ps4 controllers as well. Last time i buy a scuf... learned my lesson.
  4. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Easy review... I have the scuff impact which is technically that controller without the side buttons... best ps4 controller hands down until the L3 button broke after like 3-4 months, now it's trash. Honestly a lot of people have complaints about scuff controllers just breaking... Sony/scuff better be ready with a warranty program. Also $200 price tag for the wireless version! GTFOH!!! I'm still a pro without a scuff! Also we miss you @StephenO1683, come raid with us at least once a month.. we know D2 is trash and you are a fortnite god now, but we need the OG's back for one raid at least.. lol
  5. Destiny 2 Discussion

    I just recently got a PC and got D2 with it just to see how gorgeous it looks, and it doesn't disappoint. Although I play on PS4, I will try to keep one character up to date on the PC version. I will add you both so we can run some stuff eventually, I am currently halfway through on the main campaign with a hunter so I'm behind a bit.
  6. Destiny 2 Discussion

  7. Destiny 2 Discussion

    I know I been slacking on following up with Destiny news and all it's happenings, but I didn't know there was this big puzzle that was being solved by reddit. I feel like I should have heard about this by now. Also it was cool that it contained real life "rewards." See news link below: https://kotaku.com/destiny-2-puzzle-leads-players-to-actual-treasure-in-ne-1825978852 Fun Fact, I ran exodus crash yesterday. I hesitated on leaving in the beginning but said to myself let's take a crack at it. We did beat it, but only reason we beat it was because one of the randos dropped out in the boss fight after we all died for the 3rd time... Then the system put another rando in the game but placed him on top before you jump to the boss area and there was a shield that prevented him from jumping to us and it never teleported him to us. We kept chipping away at the boss for a good 20-30 mins while we constantly died until we eventually killed him. All while the guy sat up there doing nothing and just looking at us... what a shit show! lol
  8. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Yeah that strike was intense but fun. I'm liking how hard the heroic strikes are, also the return of modifiers... you can't just rush through the strikes, you have to think and take advantage of the modifiers.. i saw a few randos trying to rush/pass certain parts via sparrows only to see them blow up! Also feels more satisfying beating a hard boss.
  9. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Nah, I personally sent an email to Deej and whined to him that @StephenO1683 barely did the raid once and he had all the raid gear cus he was signing once a week to leech of those clan engrams! Told them they betta change that on the next update... glad they heard me!
  10. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

  11. Destiny 2 Discussion

    ehhhhh.... I'm pretty sure none of us have done either on hard because there was never an incentive to do it... plus it was really hard!! Well we are saying this pre-dlc.... might change after the DLC, seems like it is a lil bit better than what we were expecting, at least we will have reasons to do things now... at least for a few weeks..
  12. Destiny 2 Discussion

    congrats, you will be able to show it off to all those people that left early in the game, lol... i logged on last night because the one thing I'm missing are all the Iron banner gear pieces for my warlock... it was late and only played one match of IB and said the same thing to myself "what am I doing" lol.... I logged off and went to sleep...
  13. Destiny 2 Discussion

    The 2nd run fell through I think, something came up for me and I wasn't able to log-on and the raid messages went silent on Friday so I'm going to assume no one logged on. I'm sure with the release of the 2nd DLC there is going to be more interest and we should be able to run the raid at least once a week.
  14. Avatar Upgrade

    I totally forgot about the gamerpics as unlockables..... I forgot, but they had those even before avatar awards came around correct? I definitely remember trying to get certain achievements to get those avatar awards, it added another layer of repla- ability to some games to be honest. You are right not a lot of games introduced avatar awards, i think there was a time when most new games came with one but then it was forgotten and avatar accessories became more of a marketing tool for games, for e.g. pre-order a game and get a free avatar shirt or something like that..
  15. Avatar Upgrade

    I'm on the same boat as some here, I really liked the whole avatar idea, I know originally they "copied" the Mii's from Nintendo as that was the hot thing at the time but they really added something personal in my opinion. Also adding avatar awards where you got certain avatar accessories/clothes as an award for getting specific achievements was great. You would get to see in your friends list equipped with them and that stood out. Hopefully they implement something like that with the new avatars.