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  1. Thoughts on PSVR at this point?

    Question: the $200 version supposedly is not the new version... can someone tell me the big difference... i got a $110 GC for best buy that I'm either going to spend it on the PSVR or a Keurig Coffee machine! lol
  2. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Listen: But also:
  3. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Crimson doubles was definitely a refreshing PvP event. The match setup brought back a trials vibe that made trials in D1 awesome. I think I pretty much got all drops by Saturday without playing too much throughout the week. I couldn't stop playing it and spent most of Sunday and Monday just playing for no reason. It also felt good that you get a ton of drops from PvP as well as the crimson engram here and there; even though I had gotten everything. (More materials and chances at Masterworks items) With that being said another thing came back along with crimson doubles, OP abilities... the crimson buff basically made invis void hunters unbeatable, Wombo combo came back with a vengeance, skip grenades were OP in smaller maps and healing rifts at times were unbeatable when used right. When you faced teams who were abusing these things it was unbearable. In other news, at one point during crimson doubles yesterday I was being killed with this gun which I have never heard of, it turns out Trials got new weapons for season 2. So decided to LFG a rag team of randoms to see if I could snag one of them. First 3 matches we pub stomp the other team, next 3 we get pub stomp on... last match one of the random just says "fuck this game" and rage quits.... lol.... it was actually fun because the map was burning shrine and they made it smaller, so 4v4 trials felt like the old 6v6 in D1. I got the new scout which apparently is supposed to be like MIDA.
  4. Destiny 2 Discussion

    It's fair to say that Destiny 2 is a good to great game for the 40-60 hours it takes to finish the campaign and level up to the endgame activities, do the endgame activities a few times. If you are looking to continue to play D2 after that it's when you start seeing the flaws... although it is getting better with the recent updates. Personally I liked both raids and they can be hard mechanically. A lot of people have voiced that the first raid was more puzzles than FPS (shooting enemies in the face). I really do enjoy the 2nd raid, it's less a raid and more a boss fight, but the fight to me is very good. Glad your enjoying it so far though.
  5. Destiny 2 Discussion

    reddit has found a preview trailer showing off how the emote wheel will work.... see for yourself...
  6. Destiny 2 Discussion

    You know the video is going to be good when Mo takes the time to edit the video and gives it an intro.... **grabs popcorn, and hits play** oh yeahhhh
  7. Destiny 2 Discussion

    lol.. I would but then in the back of my mind I know that the sandbox and weapon balance will be updated in a few months and that shitty handgun or sniper that's been collecting dust in my vault will probably be a beast....hopefully they introduce collection kiosks for all weapons similar to D1 and then I will do a mass shard session!!
  8. Destiny 2 Discussion

    Crimson days is nice and all.... but where does bungie expect me to keep all this crimson loot at! I have no space... what a joke.. current postmaster situation on all 3 characters...
  9. Destiny 2 Discussion

    CRIMSON DAYS Remembering the good ole days..... @StephenO1683
  10. Destiny 2 Discussion

    With all the backlash and hate towards bungie right now I'm surprised no one has gone Cleveland cavaliers fan status were they burn a Moments of Triumph t-shirt and uploaded it to youtube... lol
  11. Destiny 2 Discussion

    It's still Battlefield if ya know what I mean... I played it a lot this past summer from July until the release of D2 then I just recently came back to it. I have enjoyed my time since I came back to it, I been concentrating on unlocking all the guns and getting the weekly medals. I think out of all the maps there are 2 maps that I don't enjoy playing that much. Last night there was a big update which introduced 1 or 2 maps and a big weapon balance patch. I played one of the new maps last night which is supposed to concentrate on naval warfare, I'm lukewarm about it right now. I didn't play that much to see a big difference with the weapon balance patch either.
  12. Destiny 2 Discussion

    It's really telling when players like Gigers and myself have lost interest. Gigers, correct me if I'm wrong, you really played for fun and weren't really interested in raids and PvP endgame that much as other people in here... but yet through the rough times in D1 we all kept playing for some reason or another.... In D2 that's not the case and that's says a lot.