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  1. I hardly see you online anymore! LoL... you gotta let us know, we'll run it with ya!
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds info (15 hours of content)

    lol.. crib is going to be right next to the entertainment system! Maybe not that low but I wouldn't be surprised if they put it on sale again for BF or sometimes they even have sales leading up to Christmas..
  3. Yeah...no worries raid is not that difficult, i think we spend more time explaining some encounters, 2-3 wipes in each encounter for a new person to familiarize themselves with the encounters.... BOSS fight is pretty intricate but it's not that bad once your familiarize yourself with it.... Sounds like there is some interest in a raid tonight so i guess try to be on around 9:30 eastern... and we'll see if we can get 6 to run it.
  4. LoL... I hear you.. I'm on east coast as well.... had to endure the late nights since Destiny 1 cus CRAP CLAN fo life!! lol.....we have a few east coasters though.... It hasn't been bad lately because we have the raid down that we finish it within an hour and like 15 mins... if there are people that are new to the raid it might take more though... Like i told therockdltj just join our party chat, send a message etc..... we usually start a chat and wait for people to log on and if we get 6 then we start raiding, if not we do some strikes, nightfalls...
  5. We tend to start around 9:30pm-10pm eastern (7:30-8pm Mountain time.. a lot of the crew is mountain time)
  6. I think most of us in here take a break from raiding on the weekends... Thursday has become our "official" raid night..... but with interest waning down in D2 right now sometimes it's hard to get 6 to raid now... If your on tonight send a message or hop in a chat if we are on... I'm assuming we might do a raid tonight as @NeoJoe probably wants to do the challenge for that sweet emblem..
  7. Nope I reviewed the tape... and the consensus was that.... killed by the architects!!!
  8. Luke Smith just take ma Money! Oh wait you already have it!
  9. Lol rof That's what i got from it too.... they did state a new boss and the area you start in is different so the best I am hoping is that they give us 2-3 new rooms/encounters with new challenges...... and another Calus to fight, in a different setting with different mechanics... i hope it's not the same recycled 3 rooms and same calus fight....
  10. Today's stream updates: - Heroic Strikes are back! - Forging Weapons of weapons - quests/missions - Mercury will host the biggest public event yet! - Brother Vance will Mercury's Vendor. - There is a new point in the DIRECTOR called Raid Lair -
  11. This thread title is like those on-going game reviews....it's going to keep changing!!!!
  12. Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds info (15 hours of content)

    I will definitely get the game... I'm just hesitant because the $19 BF deals are all for a disc copy.... would rather go all digital... that's why i'll wait and see if PSN will have any deals on it digital... regardless it looks like the complete edition is going to be $50 which is a great deal for both the game and DLC.
  13. Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds info (15 hours of content)

    Waiting for Black Friday to see if the playstation store matches other Black Friday Deals...... almost everyone is going to have the game at $19.99... best buy is listing the complete edition to be released on 12/5 for $50 bucks... that's not a bad deal.. i really want to go digital
  14. OK that makes sense.... @NeoJoe I take everything that I said back! I thought I was going to log in today and just buy the fusion for 50k! oh well!