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  1. Kelly officially declares that Trump has cucked him

    I'd look for one, but I doubt there are any that have electricity and internet access.
  2. How dare you speak out against our great and glorious leader?!
  3. haha taek tat librils
  4. Kelly officially declares that Trump has cucked him

    Blue Falcon? I thought people were talking about F-Zero for a minute there.
  5. Alleged "Niger ambush" details emerge

    People said that Irene was Trump's Katrina. Is this going to be Trump's Benghazi?
  6. 5 shot in MD. shooter has not been captured.

    He's a scary brown man, so this might actually get a reaction from Trump and his supporters.
  7. Oh god, now Trump and his supporters are going to try and give him all of the credit for this...
  8. "Shadow President" The fuck?
  9. Innocent actions from an innocent man!