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  1. This shit pisses me the fuck off, and proves just how despicable people like Ann Coulter are. Yeah, I may be single, and I may be one of those sad "forever alone" types. But that doesn't give you the right to try and make everyone else around you as sad and miserable as you are. Why not make each others' lives worthwhile and enjoyable? Then again, heaven forbid shitpits like her have a purpose in life other than "fuck you, got mine".
  2. Over/under on Kushner going down tomorrow?

    Under. I'm ready for blue balls again.
  3. Net neutrality repeal just passed.

    He was against Net Neutrality the entire time. What the fuck did you think was going to happen?
  4. Net neutrality repeal just passed.

    Is there any chance Congress can stop this? I mean, even a majority of Republicans have to know how unpopular this is, right? They're probably worried after Jones winning in Alabama, so maybe they figure they'll not vote this in to try and save their asses?
  5. Not if Fox News gives him a job first!
  6. Uh...wow. That's just...wow. I mean, he was a scumbag if he was guilty of molestation, but I would never wish for someone to kill themself.
  7. Trump vs Bannon civil war incoming
  8. Oh, I cannot WAIT for tomorrow's tweet storm!
  9. Jones just gained another .1% while the AL Sec of State was talking