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  1. Bob Corker (R-TN) retiring in the Senate, term ends 2018

    I think when he shaved the mustache he just looked even crazier. He also got busted for DUI after pushing the guns in bars bill.
  2. Bob Corker (R-TN) retiring in the Senate, term ends 2018

    It could be worse. Curry Todd could be running.
  3. We had Kay Bee and Children's Palace where I grew up. Children's Palace was great because it actually looked like a castle.
  4. The update has me intrigued, I may finally jump in this for the cheaper price. Is there any significant advantage/disadvantage in getting for PS4 or PC now?
  5. 2017 -- First Quarter GOAT?

    CANNIBAL! On topic... From my experience and taste this is one of the most stacked quarters ever, including a new console launch.
  6. 01/12/17 Nintendo Conference (Switch Conference) thread

    Pre-order completed through Best Buy for store pickup on 3/3. Hyped beyond words for this and I know my son will enjoy the weirdness of the 1-2-Switch. We'll be getting it a week after his 8th birthday so it will be like a late present!
  7. ~*Official Nintendo NX Reveal Discussion Thread*~

    Wonder how it will handle VC? Will we be rebuying (even at reduced price) the same games again?
  8. ~*Official Nintendo NX Reveal Discussion Thread*~

    I'm hyped. I've got my powerful PS4 and PC so it didn't need amazeballs power and the grab and go has sold me!
  9. ~*Official Nintendo NX Reveal Discussion Thread*~

    Official: NX is a blank white screen.
  10. What are the chances Squenix picks up the pieces and brings Sleeping Dogs 2 in house?
  11. Trump vs. Clinton 2: the town hall debate

    I'm glad this thread is here, my wife paused it to brush kids teeth and put them to bed. Now we're only at her talking about kids being adopted.