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  1. I only have WW2 and it looks pretty good. About the same as the PS4 Pro version
  2. Got a NES in 97 and a Genesis in 98.
  3. Post your pic!

    Ha, his posts on the IGN Football board would suggest he hasn't
  4. Except he said the Vizio P, not M. Vizio P is significantly better than the M
  5. Good god, whyyyyyyyyy?
  6. Time for a new controller

    Better or worse than David Price in the playoffs?
  7. Time for a new controller

    What length right stick do you guys use for FPS?
  8. Time for a new controller

    Yeah I plan to implement them in. I think I will only use 2. 4 seems overwhelming.
  9. Time for a new controller

    I grabbed the Elite yesterday. I’m actually doing worse in COD than I was with the regular one, but I’m sure I will get used to it. I haven’t even messed around with the back pedals yet.
  10. In Ontario, the Co-ops in rural towns have gas stations that are unmanned self serve. I think you need a co-op card though, just anyone can't get it
  11. NFL Week 17 - This Nightmare is Nearly Over

    Yes sir. Would much rather have Carolina-Philly than Atlanta - Minnesota but what can you do
  12. headset solution for Xbox one

    I still use the one that came with the original XB1
  13. My 1080 i7 couldn’t do that on most new games, what kind of fool thought a $500 Xbox would?