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  1. Portrait Mode is a Game Changer!

  2. Portrait Mode is a Game Changer!

    If you're a bad photographer, sure!
  3. Yeah, well, that's always the fun part, innit? Like all those happy coal miners run out of business.
  4.  Like getting boned by pre-ordering games, right?
  5. Right, and while this kind of scenario is rare, it still happens. Which is what I'm getting at. This kind of encourages, in a weird way, Bethesda into making games as high quality as possible up to a certain point, so you don't hear about the negatives until it's too late. That's not to say it's going to happen at all, just that it opens up that as a possibility. The only one benefiting from this change is Bethesda.
  6. Heard nothing positive about ReCore? The game is pretty awesome... lots of cool ideas, very fun, then you hit a point and it's just over, and there's obviously a ton of shit missing.
  7. With how many games we've gotten that seem fine at the start and fall to shit at the halfway point or have borderline criminally incomplete endings (ReCore is a good example on both accounts), games that start out great but quickly degrade into garbage (No Man'y Sky), I dunno...
  8.   This will generally mean reviews will be of lower quality as people race to the bottom to get their review out first. Embargoes kind of ensure that everyone actually has a certain amount of time to play the game. If people think we're going to see highly accurate reviews "a few days" after launch, they're crazy.
  9. Progress by definition means we make jobs obsolete, it's how it has always worked, and it will continue to be how it works until we finally (hopefully) reach a point where the concept of jobs is a hilarious antiquated concept, since just about anything and everything we do, a machine is going to be able to do better and without rest at some point. Even fixing the machines will be done by other machines, with cool robot overalls and digitized buttcracks!
  10. If you're not familiar with the modding scene for ES games, having no script-based mods sounds like random jargon, but it's actually an absolutely huge limitation, as that's what makes a lot of the best mods. Although it's understandable why they don't want to or can't allow them, it's still a pretty big negative. Better than nothing, obviously.
  11. Cool, less games for me to buy. I'll take any excuse I get to stop this fucking avalanche of games.
  12. The "no script based mods" thing is not a minor omission, yeesh.
  13. Stand by for Titanfall 2 reviews

    I've seen plenty! There's a lot of dead shooters out there. When you get down into the low hundreds, match times can definitely increase a bit, but it usually just means going from 5-30 seconds to about 2-3 minutes, and that's for games in DIRE straits, even Titanfall 1 at its absolute lowest still had me instantly matchmaking.
  14. Stand by for Titanfall 2 reviews

    The fact that there's literally like 14 people playing them, not like 100-1000.
  15. How is our budget currently allocated to where this frankly shameful display of penny-pinching is anywhere remotely acceptable? I would have fucking heads on sticks. As if we don't have a bad enough reputation as a nation for treating our vets like human garbage.