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  1. Ehhh... Slowing down the gameplay is something I didn't know they were going to do. I really loved the original game for a lot of reasons despite some big flaws. Speed was not one of the flaws. If anything, I wanted it faster. This is seriously making me reconsider a purchase.
  2. Yes, easily. I make sure to manage my time and spend as little time as possible doing things like staring at my phone or kind of just sitting around, which is what I see a lot of people do when they claim they don't have much free time. I guess they use that "blanking out" time to reset, but that's what sleep is for in my case! I definitely have less time than pre-wife and pre-child, but even with a job, a 2 year old and a wife that wants to go all around town every single friggin' day, I still get as many hours as I please after about 11pm, and can usually squeeze in 2-4 (depending) prior to that.
  3. Actually, I was just going by what was stated in the thread, just double-checked.   I'm talking about TAA, which is the shitty FXAA type filter that's super blurry.   Proper TXAA (which is nVidia tech, so I doubt it's in this game) is much nicer and more taxing.
  4. I think it vastly enhances the artistic style. It sets up something the game is sorely lacking: Contrast. The universe is too damned colorful by default. There's nothing special about these crazy colored planets because as soon as you leave the atmosphere you're in God's spilled watercolor set. There's no escaping it.   With this, space is dark and lonely, as it shoud be. You can see much further, enhancing that isolation.   But then you get to a planet, and you can see their details so much better, their colors pop that much more. You go down to land and the colors dazzle your eyes because you've been in the darkness of space.   Then it's night, and while most of the sky is properly dark, at the edges it still retains the system's original color, making it interesting and beautiful instead of just grating.
  5. Uhh... MSAA is a serious antialiasing solution. I think you guys are thinking of SMAA, which is more shitty AA. MSAA is extremely taxing, it's not quite FSAA or SSAA, but it's not far, either. Running it at 8x and expecting great performance is fucking crazy. You guys are fucking crazy.  Also TXAA is NOT more taxing than MSAA.
  6. PlayStation Now Coming to PC

    Well I don't own a PS3, and it's on my PC screen, so, like, 50% there?
  7. Oh Yeah, Underlord Came Out Today!

    I'm still amazed that two of the biggest games in existence in 2016 are top-down point-and-click Warcraft derivatives with tons of depth. Still kind of sad that I never got into them, but I just don't like how they play.
  8. PlayStation Now Coming to PC

    Will it allow me to play Ni No Kuni on my PC? I might try it just for that. I never got to spend much time with that game.
  9. Wat do? NSFW

    Again but uncensored. It's hard to tell. What're we working with here, beef curtains? Razor bump city? Shit man you gotta provide more information.
  10. PlayStation Plus soon to be $60

    GW2 just plain didn't have very great endgame, sadly. Its biggest weakness in my opinion. And its systems to support that weak endgame weren't great, either.   That game would've been so much bigger had they really nailed stuff to do at max level. I was loving it until then, it was fantastic.
  11. She's a woman, they're natural hunters. Men may have all the testosterone, but bitches be craaaaaaazy.
  12. PlayStation Plus soon to be $60

    What a 2007 view of MMOs. They have group finders and raid party finders now. You can be in and out of a raid as fast as you want to, since you're free to drop out whenever. It's actually not very time consuming at all. You don't even have to level up anymore if you don't want to. (To a point.) MMOs have made huge strides to make sure the casual gamer doesn't feel excluded.