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  1. Wait, this didn't pop into my head the first time around since I try not to give Trollpez too much thought... But if he works with people who are already lazy, how the fuck would a union protect their laziness? They're already lazy. Unless he's psychic and thinks they'll GET lazy, because he knows people that well, having the most pageviews by far gives you special abilities.
  2. Why would you buy it? Go to a Redbox, spend like $3 or whatever to have it for a day, and beat it in an afternoon.
  3. Yeah, if you don't play the DLCs, the game's story is just a confusing mess.
  4. Progression in the sense of getting stronger is just not a good fit for competitive multiplayer (competitive meaning you're shooting other players, not MLG) -- it's boring in Destiny 2 because Destiny 2 basically has no content. It still has 10x more than Destiny 1, but you burn through it incredibly rapidly. Progression of sidegrades has been fine in competitive multiplayer for years, even though I personally find it tedious, as the fun of a multiplayer title isn't unlocking stuff or leveling up for me, it's fighting against others. The reason it's generally fine and people find it addicting isn't because it yells out that these are sidegrades, it just says "Next level: This unlocks," and then you can try that, and maybe it's your version of a red dot scope, something that to you obviously feels like a huge upgrade because it fits your playstyle, but isn't actually any more powerful than anything else.
  5. Skyrim Switch Discussion

    Whether or not that dream materializes will depend on how you like playing first-person games with the joy-cons. I think they feel terrible for this stuff. There's like... something wrong with them. If I'm not using the pro controller, the joy-cons feel like some cheap ass Android controller attachments. Although I get ill just thinking of starting Skyrim again. I hope they release a new game soon, one that's not on this same janky ass busted engine, one where they've hired an animator and allow them to implement enemies flinching and such when being hit. Skyrim itself feels really cheap and amateurish after the initial novelty wears off. (In 2011)
  6. This is why competitive games shouldn't have unlocks that are straight up upgrades to begin with, which would've been a problem with or without loot crates. It's just terrible multiplayer design. At the very least, if you're gonna do it like this, have the "upgrades" rather than the sidegrades unlock within like 3-5 matches (for all of them, not per character/class), and let the sidegrades be the grind.
  7. 4 million in the U.S. I think it was like 10-13 million globally.
  8. Game was still way better when there were no limits to hero choice. Terrible backpedaling on Blizzard's part.
  9. Yeah, Pokemon's pretty goddamn popular. Sun and Moon sold almost 4 million copies in the U.S. alone in its first MONTH, and it continued to sell like crazy for a while.
  10. lol. Like this is about protecting African villages or elephants or anything. Yeah, I'm sure Trump is super concerned about a bunch of black people he probably sees as cartoon characters having their shit trampled or whatever. It's for people with little dicks to show off that they do, in fact, have tiny dicks. And no, a deer head does not look good in your living room. Tacky redneck shit.
  11. Own goal keeps USMNT out of the World Cup

    In that case, the question becomes why did it not get reviewed? I also never understand how any of this shit doesn't get called immediately in sports. There's like 800 HD cameras and what must be quite a few people staring at each one in control rooms to throw on all that overlay shit.