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  1. When I read a transcript of Trump talking, I legit wonder how every single speech he gives doesn't result in someone in the audience screaming "What the FUCK are you talking about?" If I rambled like that at my own family I'd get people telling me to put a sock in it for chrissakes.
  2. I forgot to mention, while the mobile versions are cheaper, they also offer a few in-app purchases, which are just costume changes for Katrielle. Like having her creepily dress as the rest of the classic Layton cast. (She can dress as daddy's girl and wear Layton's outfit, for example.) If you buy the bundles of these costumes ($1.99 individually, or $15.99 for a set of like 10) then they come with 10 bonus puzzles as well. Considering you get the daily bonus puzzles for free (and can hold over 350 of them at once) this has not struck me as even a slightly big deal. If you do decide to buy all the DLC, it'll still be slightly cheaper than the 3DS version. Have already downloaded like 25 daily bonus puzzles. I have no idea if there's also purchasable DLC on the 3DS version. Also, resolution differences are pretty big here. 3DS Mobile
  3. Not sure how familiar this board is with this particular entry, Layton's Mystery Journey, starring Layton's daughter, Katrielle. Apparently this launched in Japan on the 3DS same day as we got the mobile versions, so that's weird that we don't get the 3DS version until October. That said, the game looks absolutely gorgeous on a proper high res screen, and it plays perfectly since Layton's always just been a touch game anyway. It's $15.99 on the Play Store, I'm sure the 3DS version will, as always, be more expensive and look worse, but maybe be very slightly more comfortable to play, possibly? I dunno, I find the 3DS terribly uncomfortable. Anyhow, was just letting you guys know. The game seems great so far. Same great Layton feel. I figured it'd feel like a bad spin-off since it's not "real" Layton, but I really like Katrielle thus far and like the idea of a case-based Layton game, where you solve multiple mysteries instead of just one over-arcing one. Have they done this before? My last Layton game was the one with that... invisible town that they took a train to get to? It's been a while. Now, don't quote me on this part as I'm not sure, but the game makes it sound like if you make a Level 5 account and upload your save, you can do more than just download it from the cloud, it makes it sound like you can download your save on the cloud and resume on another platform entirely, like... the 3DS version, maybe? That's how I interpreted it.
  4. It's the same thing I say with Steam. If no one's making anything better, then I don't really care about competition for the sake of competition. Because if you're a competitor but aren't "competing" (i.e. your product or service sucks) then your business dies a rightful death. Other companies like Walmart could easily set up something just like Amazon. But then they'd make less profits. Better to make a bunch of money in the short term and then die out and then yell about "monopolies" forever afterward because most business people are the shortest term motherfuckers in existence. "A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow." How about a dollar today or all the dollars tomorrow?
  5. That... that sounds awful!
  6. Oh, there'll always be some dumb thing devs chase instead of daring to raise frame rate. Rendering blackheads in follicles, nipple shaders, more ridiculous physics, or more important stuff, like actual AI, and making all this stuff interactive and explorable in a meaningful way. A complex scene that is basically a real-time video playing in the background is just kind of lame... but if you were causing those huge set pieces (rather than triggering them and interacting in limited ways) in, say, Uncharted, then things suddenly get much more exciting, demanding and dynamic. We're still very, very far from any of this. There are so many dozens of tricks being used, so many 2D assets that are made small or far away enough for you to not notice (let alone culling and just not creating the back of assets you can't get to) and weird optimizations that make games look like shit, it's gonna be a long time. The idea that anything is 65-75% the way to something like Kingsglaive is hilarious. Maybe a primitive imitation with limited to no interaction and lots of faked assets... but fully, in real-time at anywhere near the quality? Hahahahahahaha. Nothing is anywhere close unless you're sitting 30 feet from your TV, in which case we're already there, boys!
  7. Mmm, rehashed games. But at least it's portable so I can... do what? Play it on the bus like a kid? Play it on the shitter? If I had a job where I could play video games instead of working, I guess that could be a good usage scenario.
  8. The only golf game that was ever even slightly worth a damn was Kirby Dream Course. Until we see its sequel, golf games are basically dead.
  9. So literally exactly the same as any version of any entertainment medium or commercial product.
  10. That last point is weird. Yeah, who wants charming characters? Mind you, I'm not saying these characters are charming (they're generic) but I'm all for companies making anything that isn't a dull-as-fuck video game protagonist.
  11. You're gonna be sick of how innocent I am. It's going to be tremendous.
  12. Mass Effect Pros: - Kind of cool setting - Kind of cool RPG ideas - Can be actually funny -(?) High metacritic score, popular with the "hardcore" gamer crowd Mass Effect Cons: - Setting ruined by sequels - RPG ideas ruined by sequels - Terrible animation - Terrible combat - Terrible story - Terrible ending - Filled with tropes - Runs like shit on consoles, requires mods to use a fucking controller on PC, no perfect version of any of the games exist Mass Effect is the Dane Cook of video games.
  13. As someone who has had access to the beta for multiple years, it strikes me as extremely bizarre that they'd launch into early access after so long instead of just waiting until the game was fucking finished.
  14. Hm, based on what the game looks like, I figured this might be one of those reviews on a Nintendo site that was perhaps inflated due to the Switch's... limited game pool. Indeed, so far this is the highest review for the thing, with the others being between 60-75. I'll wait for a few more reviews to come out, if any do. Even now there's only like 4-6.
  15. No, you poor souls keep trying to apply your subjectivity to an objective truth. Accept that it's bad! Accept it and we can all move on with our lives!