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  1. I've been watching and following TotalBiscuit for years. So I very much did not enjoy this news. I don't know what his clinical trial is, but I hope it helps him out.
  2. Yeah. I got the email that it shipped this morning.
  3. The only one of those that even comes close is Blossom Tales, and that's still far shorter than your average Zelda.
  4. Finally, someone else who knows that Darksiders is not fucking Zelda. When I first heard people say it was "just a modern Zelda" I had no idea what the fuck they were talking about. Yes, it has very superficial similarities and a similar upgrade path, and even treasure chests and dungeons! But it feels, sounds, plays, looks, absolutely nothing like Zelda in any positive way. It's "like Zelda" on paper. And I'm not saying I think it should've aped Zelda more, I just can't picture it as a Zelda game. Hollow Knight? That's a Metroidvania. Fortnite? That's a Battle Royale game. Final Fantasy XV? That's a pile of shit. Darksiders? It's an action game with a loose Zelda wrapper. I, too, would like more "clones" that were closer to the real thing. What people mean when they want copies is that they want the same quality, the same feeling of completeness. Not some shoddy ripoff that is clearly already trying to ape, say, Zelda, but plays like a shitty browser game. Many games already ape other games, go the extra mile and get that fucking quality and length in there!
  5. I would actually still attribute their willingness to develop Battle Royale modes mostly to PUBG. Fortnite being so huge is gonna spawn a lot of clones, but PUBG selling so well without being free to play removes a huge question mark from the equation of "Yeah, but would people actually pay for a Battle Royale game?"
  6. This game is great. No idea how it'll play on a gamepad (I assume it's already on PS4/Xbox One?) but I'm sure it's mostly fine. Give it a look.
  7. MGS5 is the best MGS by default since it's a video game and the rest are shitty movies for anime fans, and of course philosophy 101 dropouts. "What if... war is bad?" "I can't kill you, you're my mentor!" Really hard hitting shit, MGS. Breath of the Wild is what I consider the perfect example of harmful hype. I think Breath of the Wild is a fan-fucking-tastic game that I spent nearly 200 hours in. I also believe it has numerous enormous flaws that absolutely need to be talked about and addressed so that Nintendo can rectify them in a future title. But no one's having that discussion because the game is so perfect and untouchable. I mean, not literally no one, but talk that isn't high praise gets snuffed out as quickly as possible, which I think is the absolute wrong approach to take with anything. Bad or empty criticism should also be allowed, because like other bad ideas, it should be observed, and if deemed invalid or trivial, discarded by the majority and those that can affect change. Good criticism dismissed out-of-hand because we can't hear negative things about the toys we love just raises the chances that the next toy we get will carry with it the same exact flaws. - Breath of the Wild has extremely weak combat. There are many options to choose from in combat, but the most effective method is almost always the most boring, and melee combat is a chore. - Breath of the Wild actively harms its own incentives to explore by making nearly every single reward for exploration identical and, therefore, predictable and less exciting each time. - Breath of the Wild cripples what I consider the most satisfying part of the series: Progression that enhances traversal. You get everything except basically one or two tools (a dungeon reward and an outfit) that help you navigate right at the start. Getting a lot of tools right from the start is great and freeing, getting every single one, I feel, means the game has very little left to surprise and delight you with. That's just a few of my biggest issues. I'd say the Witcher 3 shares the same issue with combat being weak, albeit I like W3's combat more than most. It's not amazing, and a Witcher 4 could learn a whole lot from games with better combat, like, say, potentially, God of War. I think it could also possibly take a cue from Zelda by making mid-to-late game world traversal more fun than just a horse. Ciri was a good first step with her crazy warps, but I bet we could do a lot better. See, now compare and contrast that with the opening of my post.
  8. Nah, I like them having to number each one. Just to remind you of how many times you may have purchased what is essentially the same game.
  9. I might give it a shot if it was a simple buy-to-play, full-length Castlevania game with no microtransactions, full controller support, was available for Android, and of course, didn't suck terribly. I doubt it will meet a single one of these demands.
  10. All the extreme hype and exaggeration does is set a literally impossibly high bar. No game that will ever come out can match what we can imagine as our own perfect game. That's why it's usually a good idea to talk about specifics of what it does well, rather than vague statements or comparisons like "What if it was like Jesus but also willing to kill Hitler?" It doesn't help that it could very easily be ruined by something as simple as the game being too easy. Which we'd be unlikely to hear about as most reviewers fucking suck at games, and/or like when games are easier as it means they can finish it quicker. I look forward to giving this a try at launch, but I'm not gonna dance around all giddy like a little school girl waiting for her prom date to show up. That's what always, inevitably, leads to disappointment.
  11. Once you get over 10 games in a series, you should have to call it [Series Title ##] no matter what. That way this would be Call of Duty 15. When your fucking sub-franchise is up to number 4 you know you've gone off the rails!
  12. The combat stuff has me excited. Getting me to "feel" for Kratos sounds interesting, but hardly revelatory. A great feeling combat system is what I feel like I've been missing for a long time. Even Dark Souls style combat has become rote. If they can somehow transcend this gameplay lull I've felt we've been in for a while, I'll be delighted. Big set pieces, dramatic stories... these things are fine, and I can enjoy games composed almost entirely of them, sure. But they're never big deals to me. If you can combine that with some truly awesome and nuanced combat, you'll have a fan out of me. It's why I didn't really give a shit about Horizon Zero Dawn. I thought the game was fine, but found the combat to be very typical in many ways. And what a lot of people enjoyed about it was the spectacle of it, and spectacle combat means jack shit to me on its own. I know some of you found the traps and stuff satisfying, I just did not. This, though... this sounds much, much different. I've got it locked down for a Gamefly. If it's that good, I'll buy it outright.
  13. I find Red Mage to be super fun, but you don't unlock it until later.
  14. I'd rather them release a shitty game they can get feedback on rather than hiding from the series forever so we never get another good one.
  15. FFXI is still a sub fee and that game came out in 2003. I wouldn't hold my breath for any kind of change at all.