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  1.   Knock a hole in the wall and slap up a window.  Have blind people pay for it.  Trump'd.
  2.   Have a separate window for walk-ups?  Like Wienerschnitzel?     People don't need to physically enter the restaurant to be served, nor do they have to go to the drive-in window.  Same employees handle both.
  3. Sad day for gorillakind

    And that will be endlessly more entertaining to us than a gorilla ever will have been!  We LOVE serial killers!
  4. Sad day for gorillakind

      I say run those fuckers extinct.  Why are we preserving such a weak species?  If it was meant to die, it was meant to die.  All this bullshit about trying to protect every endangered species as though it's our job.  It's a goddamn ugly ass gorilla, it will never contribute anything more than mild amusement to people, it is a useless lump of dangerous meat.  You let them breed long enough and it's only a matter of time before they get those fucking lightning guns and then you'll be on the streets asking why we didn't see this coming, when a gorilla jet packs onto you and knocks you off a cliff you'll understand you stupid motherfucker.   I think this is all the proof I need:   http://www.chaser.com.au/2016/zoo-claims-gorilla-had-ties-to-islamic-state/     (Kidding aside, the kid could potentially grow up and be someone who helps gorillas repopulate and gets rid of shitty things like zoos, the gorilla will literally never do anything of value.  A human life is more important because it can impact the life of every other creature on the planet.  And you can't ever guess which humans will be those ones, they come from all walks of life.  Will that kid ever amount to anything?  Who knows, but we know for a fact the gorilla won't.)
  5. Sad day for gorillakind

    Fuck gorillas, I hope we murder every last one.  Fuckin' gorilla lovin' granola chompin' hippies.  I don't even care about the kid, either, just fucking kill all the gorillas.  Fucking nasty animals with their hideous faces and goddamn lightning guns.  Jet packing around like they own the goddamn planet.  If you're not gonna side with me that we kill them, at least let us send them to the moon.
  6. Just upgraded to Windows 10.

      You'll be fine, kid.
  7. Just upgraded to Windows 10.

    Windows 10 is fantastic.
  8.   Well, enemies that scale with you don't give extra exp or better items, they just offer a bigger challenge so you don't just plow through them, this, I assume, means that they'd probably want to show you their true level so you don't feel ripped off for a tough fight against enemies that give you the exp of a level 5 enemy.
  9. I believe you'll still hit Mei for 225, you have to immediately follow up your first shot with a melee and she'll go down, if you don't melee she'll ice block and you're boned unless someone helps you.
  10. You should all be used to being wrong about everything, you are every day!
  11. No Man's Sky Pushed Back

    As I've said several times, games like this already exist, space exploration games are not a new thing.  This one is the prettiest of the genre, but that's about the only thing it has going for it.  Every single one of them gets boring really quickly.  You see everything there is to see quickly, and then you see the building blocks that make up the universe and the magic just disintegrates.
  12. Seriously Folks WTF

    Shiiiiiiit time to make a Polygon article about how we all need to "stop this" and give vague platitudes to anonymous people who will never give a shit about our articlesssssssss
  13. No Man's Sky Pushed Back

    I think people imagining this as even being comparable in a bad analogy with the likes of SOTC or Ico are in for a rude fucking awakening.  Also, the devs confirmed that it's the OPPOSITE of "increased interesting planets," they said that 9 out of 10 planets will be "duds," boring things to make the interesting planets more interesting.  Thrilling.
  14. Seriously Folks WTF

    It's almost like it's the internet and people will send death threats over literally anything and this is nothing new.
  15. If all you were doing is mildly harassing the point and they couldn't stop that, then they weren't just bad, they were awful.  There's no way a competent team would let that happen for a significant amount of time.    OT does not give unlimited amounts of time, it gives time only if you can keep the point active.     Defense still has a major advantage;    1. They need only move the attackers physically off the point for five seconds.  (Kills not even required)   2. They know exactly where the enemy team is going to be, and where they're coming from.    3. They retain defense's natural advantage of entrenchment.   The offense has the huge advantage of... barely being in the game, on the edge of defeat, running to an obvious location.    If you can't finish the job then you earned your loss.     And Engel, if your OT is a mindless zerg then I don't know what to tell you.  Very rarely will mindlessly zerging the point do much against a good team, it has to be a coordinated push,  ideally with distractions taking point.    It sounds like you guys are either part of or are fighting against teams that fall apart during overtime.  So... bad teams.  Overtime is reliably predictable and you should plan for it.