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  1. That has nothing to do with this, this is the game literally having what amounts to fake screenshots and videos on the store page to this day. 
  2. Rec Room looks fun and it's free!

    You should really watch the video, it's from Giant Bomb. Skip the Oculus stuff. The Rec Room stuff is amazing.
  3. Sounds awesome. I sure as shit ain't buying Battlefield or CoD, so good to hear this one's shaping up.
  4. My boner couldn't get any harder. ...Or so I thought.
  5. So wait, no one's hearing about this shit, so it's just some underground propaganda bullshit and we're giving it a big glowing spotlight? There's a difference between awareness of something and turning something into a story.
  6. I have literally never seen Pepe connected with any sort of hateful statements or sentiments. Do you guys all just have racist relatives on facebook or something?
  7. While I like the freedom afforded to devs on Steam, they shouldn't be allowed to put up false shit when it comes to screenshots or videos, with the exception of CG that is obviously CG , rather than existing for the purpose of fooling you.   I figured Valve would've had them change their store page already, it's the most blatant false advertising I've ever seen on the service, and that includes tons of Greenlight games. Hello Games is fucking awful.
  8. How long before the "Pro/Scorpio only" expansion for Destiny 2? Like Rise of Iron is current-gen exclusive. Sure, they're saying right now that you can't do that, but how about 2 years from now? 3?
  9. I think it should straight up be way harder to get a license. And if you get infractions for safety violations, it should be a much quicker path to losing it. We basically treat it as a basic right to be able to get a license, and thus the roads are full of complete fucking ineptitude. Hell, if only 40% of current drivers had licenses, it might actually cause improvements to infrastructure over the continent for quality public transportation like in New York!
  10. Hey if that's your passion, go for it, never said otherwise, but it's a shame that it is so much more dangerous thanks to idiots.
  11.   Yeah, and when you're on a bike, you're probably surrounded by idiots in cars. Unless you're out in the middle of nowhere, in which case you ain't got no worries. Over here you see someone laid out due to getting doored or someone changing lanes without looking every other day.
  12. Destiny 2 system requirements?

    i2 105k @ 244Mhz 3DFX™ compatible GFX Card 1996 or later sound card Gravis Gamepad Pro Hard drive 1 serial port
  13. "Hey know what generally works well with a controller, specifically a D-Pad? Menus! The digital controls make menus really snappy and easy to get through." "wat if we simulated a mouse but rly slow w/a joystick" "Autism Andy, you've done it again!"
  14. Origin customer service

    Was about to say the same thing. And not really as a joke. It has a tiny fraction of Steam's userbase, so improved CS isn't a surprise.   It's more amazing that Amazon has such great support for being so huge.