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  1. Welcome to the VR sub board

    Go back and play it again, go to the arcade machine.  Revel in its glory in an experience that only works in VR that will make you weep with joy.
  2. Severed - Vita 4/26 (Drinkbox game)

    I believe this is a Vita exclusive.  At least for now.  When regards to other systems/Steam, their webpage simply says "No comment"
  3. Baltimore police shooting

    I thought in reality shooting an explosive device is just about as dangerous as dropping a gun; i.e. not at all?  I guess it would depend on the nature of the device...?
  4. Severed - Vita 4/26 (Drinkbox game)

    I think it's relatively heavy on the touch stuff, but I haven't played it yet so I can't say for sure.
  5. Oh.  I have a friend beta key.  Anyone else want in on Overwatch's open beta?   First come first serve as always.  I only have one, but I imagine lots of others here might have keys as well!   Leon took it, yell at him!
  6. From Software has started work on a new IP

  7. From Software has started work on a new IP

    Yeah, I think "Bloodborne 2" is obviously included in the spirit of that language.
  8. The game's a lot of fun, but I need to choose a character that suits my playstyle instead of which lady is the cutest and has the most adorable animations.  That inuit girl is just plain adorable.
  9. Severed - Vita 4/26 (Drinkbox game)

    I listen to several gaming podcasts (or... like, all of them, trying to pass time at work means a lot of airtime to be filled) and any that mentioned this say it's fantastic, and even people who don't like first-person dungeon crawlers or touch games say it's utterly fantastic and basically a swan song for the Vita, so as soon as I got paid last night I bought it.  Will play it later today.
  10. I've been quite happy with my Voyage.  I like to get a new Kindle every once in a while.  I also enjoy the high end versions.  The backlight and button page turning are great.  I can't imagine keeping the same Kindle indefinitely.  The new features are always nice.  This also looks nice, but might be just a bit too pricey for me.  I like the idea of it being designed with one-handed reading in mind (which is a pretty big deal for me) and the even-longer battery life sounds great, but not another $290 great.
  11. Welcome to the VR sub board

    Say what?  Confusing?  Is English your 5th language and also you have brooms for hands?
  12. Fucking elitist, why even bring fps into this?  The human eye can't even see a bb shot at over 24fps.
  13. Modding the Vive

    I've been keeping an eye on that thread for a while.  The earbud one is really great, it makes it so much easier when using earbuds.  The foam adjustment is also really easy and works really well, with the caveat that it makes it a tighter squeeze for glasses, so a custom foam insert (can't wait for VR accessories!  but making one yourself is super easy, as it turns out, it's just basic ass foam) would be a good compromise.  The clarity and FoV distance when you get the thing perfectly situated and as close to your eyes as possible is MASSIVE.  When a lot of people talk about the Rift having better image quality, I just assume they haven't set their Vive up properly.  When you set it up right, it's very comfortable and as clear as my Rift, if not clearer.
  14. Is it more Frisbee Golf or more Rugby?  I honestly know nothing of either sport.
  15. Alright, this means we're all well within our rights to make sure everyone on that criminal appeals court is out cold, then we just fucking wreck their mouth and throat.  Just fucking pump them full of man juice.