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  1. Monster Hunter XX Announced!

    But I love using the hunting horn. It's the coolest weapon.
  2. Final Fantasy XV reviews are coming in

    Think of Magic like really powerful bombs instead of classic FF magic. You chuck it to wreck the fuck out of something, so good if you want to take down a particularly hard hunt or a group of annoying enemies. Also keep in mind you can craft and equip it (and other weapons) mid-battle, so, yeah, like a bomb or grenade item.   Anyway, just did a mission to take on this fort, and pretty sure my PS4 nearly committed seppuku the framerate was so fucking low. These consoles are embarrassingly weak. It looked actively bad and the framerate had to be dropping into the mid teens for several minutes at a time.   Although I'm sure a lot of it is optimization. MGSV I'm sure ran fine on consoles and looked fine, but this ain't FOX Engine.
  3.   Well, they're nowhere near the boy band the promotional footage makes them out to be, more like some friends on a road trip.   And the "72 hours" boss is 72 in-game hours, so like, an hour of real time.
  4. Hell, I'll take it over Kojima's clusterfuck second half of MGSV that never got the update it sorely needed to not be rehashed garbage.   A late fix is infinitely better than no fix. And while the game was in "development" for 10 years, this particular version of the game has not been, this one's a more reasonable 4 years or so, and a lot of that was probably looking at the previous work and going "How the fuck are we going to salvage this garbage?"
  5. Now imagine it on PC running at 60+ FPS, with HDR and without frame pacing issues and all the settings cranked higher than "almost a PS2 game!"   HDR's comin' soon. Hopefully there'll be something resembling a fucking standard by the time it hits monitors. I hear HDR quality is all over the goddamn map.
  6. Final Fantasy XV reviews are coming in

    Yup. They're RPGs, that's standard for the entire genre, not just this series. Very few RPGs don't start at least somewhat slow.
  7. Final Fantasy XV reviews are coming in

    Once the ability is "triggered" proper, everyone dodges moves/becomes invincible until it's over. Occasionally someone will still take a hit, but I've never seen Noct get hit after triggering an ability. Using them is actually a great way to get out of trouble.
  8. Final Fantasy XV reviews are coming in

    I have yet to find a single enemy in the game I couldn't beat despite my level. Took down level 50 enemies at 20ish, took down a level 78 thing at level 40 last night, took a while but I did it.   Seems almost impossible to lose.
  9. Final Fantasy XV reviews are coming in

    Oh, it'll hit PC at one point, and hopefully faster than XIII did. PC gets almost all Final Fantasy games. If this game wasn't a total clusterfuck I bet it would've been day-and-date, but you can tell it still needs optimization on the consoles, let alone a third version to worry about. (Well, fourth if you count PS4 Pro.)   Current FF games on PC, which I believe makes it the biggest single platform for FF games (although some of them are not the best ports):   FF3 FF4 FF4: The After Years FF5 FF6 FF7 FF8 FF9 FF10 FF10-2 FF11 FF13 FF13-2 FF13-3 FF14 FF Type 0   Just missing 1, 2, 12 and 15.
  10. Finally getting around to Firewatch

      Decent, flawed humans: Wade's most hated nemeses!
  11. Final Fantasy XV reviews are coming in

      FFXI's forced grouping wasn't a flaw at all to me, it's the reason it's the only reason to this day that I considered it a "meaningful" experience, if that makes any sense. It was truly a group effort, everything you did. You had to help each other, you had to talk to each other, that's what a fucking MMO should be about. Nowadays you can solo everything outside of endgame raids in almost every MMO and it's just... a lonely experience. Obviously the problem kind of came about naturally, we get busier and busier as we age so it makes less sense to force adults who may have important shit crop up to work together in a system where leaving could harm the group, but in my mind that could be solved with good game design where you leaving doesn't fuck the group, rather than just making the entire experience kind of shallow and pointless.   FFXI's world was dangerous, and that danger made it hard to explore, which kept a lot of it a mystery. I'm sure games like EQ had a lot of similar systems back in the day that FFXI just borrowed from, but I feel like since that time, we've lost everything that makes MMOs really super interesting. Vanilla WoW had a bit of it, but since then... not really. And I kind of think that's why MMOs are dying out. When one person can see 99% of what the world has to offer without any real challenge, and when the "massively online" aspect becomes an annoying aside to a large part of the population, what's the fucking point anymore? It sure isn't for the gameplay. At that point MMOs just become shittier open world games where other players exist to annoy you rather than define the experience, and that just makes me sad.
  12. Final Fantasy XV reviews are coming in

    What're you guys talking about? The Wait Mode description is simple and clear: When you stop moving (left stick) you go into wait time. That's it. Nothing complicated. (Obviously using abilities or being in the middle of something will mean you've got to wait a little longer, if that's what's confusing you.)
  13. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy: First Screens, In-Depth Details

    I'm still curious about people who actually liked these games. They always played like generic third-party trash, compared to like Mario or something. None of my friends liked them at all. Was it just people who didn't have access to good platformers? The whole hallway-level-design system was total shit and the boxes felt like the most generic, unfun idea ever. And Crash himself was just a shitty character design.