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  1. I played Divinity: OS1 all the way through co-op with a friend, each of us controlling 2 characters. It was a blast. We brought in a third (and hopefully soon, a fourth) for this one and it's even more of a blast. There's a real "fuck it" attitude you have to take here. Divinity isn't about making these perfect 100% save files with every quest done, it's about getting through encounters any way you can, and with friends in the mix, everyone's got a different solution to every problem. Half of our fights are us "tactically" setting the other on fire to hit an enemy or using combinations of sneaking and teleporting to pull a boss away from its adds or other crazy bullshit. You're free to play how you please, but my advice is this: Exploit and abuse every mechanic the game offers to twist the world and its inhabitants to your will. Personally I hate save-scumming, so we only tend to reload saves on party wipes, but other "cheese" like the aforementioned sneaking/teleporting, or exiting combat altogether to recover? Absolutely. We play on the second hardest difficulty (only not hardest because it deletes your save) and the game can be uncompromisingly brutal, and the best, most fun and most hilarious way to combat this is by being just an unrelenting. It's a game about experimenting, so experiment! Don't pick boring shit!
  2. PSN Down

    Is highlevelgamer just like our own shitty version of wint/dril?
  3. I wish Epic would just be like 'Come at us, Sony.' and leave it in. Developers, like consumers, hold pretty much the majority of power, but never flex it, also just like the consumers. Platform holders are at the whims of developers, retailers and consumers, not the other way around.
  4. Excuse me, Pubg 2. Also it doesn't stand for anything.
  5. I dunno, never played those fights. It does seem super mechanically simple compared to even moderate MMO fights like Ravana Extreme or something, but perfect runs where everyone stays alive and doesn't bungle their job is generally a lot more to ask than people tend to think, especially for non-hardcore clans like ours. It just requires a bit more practice is all.
  6. I mean, when you break down just about any video game challenge, it's super easy when everyone knows what they need to do and executes well. That's how it works. The challenge in this raid comes from the fact that there's little margin of error. Each person can only revive someone else once, and if someone's not revived in 30 seconds, everyone dies. If someone dies and is revived, then the rhythm of the entire thing is thrown off and the fight is extended. It's not too terribly difficult, which is why we're gonna finish the raid tonight, but it's not as "Oh we'll smash this easily" as it initially sounds. Just be glad there's no mandatory platforming sections for the entire team. We would be brick-walled on that part right now.
  7. The campaign is like an introduction to the game. Nothing more.
  8. I think the bigger idea is that the entire raid is the challenge, it's about way more than just killing bosses. In fact, I think there's only one actual boss in the entire thing? You're beating trials, and that does involve killing some (tons of) enemies, but I can only think of a single boss. It's why I really like this raid. It's not just about shooting big shitty bullet sponges. The place is enormous and there's a ton to do and see. I do worry about the longevity of the raid because of this, though. Once you figure this stuff out, it's gonna be much easier next time. Then again, that applies with or without bosses.
  9. The raid bosses drop keys, gear and tokens. The gear has a fairly low drop rate, while the keys and tokens are 100%. The reason for this is because there are chests hidden around the raid, and you must overcome different challenges to get to them. This is where you get your engrams. The tokens, once you unlock the vendor, are what you use to get the real raid gear outside of the rare drops. I disagree with this decision, at least unlock the vendor once you clear a single challenge in the raid. Getting raid gear is what helps you progress further into the raid outside of strategy, so if you hit a brick wall in terms of DPS or survivability, you can chip away at it. It's like they saw WoW had a loot token system with vendors, but didn't know any of the details and made a version that doesn't fulfill the purpose of the system.
  10. Monster Hunter Stories - AH-MAH-ZING

    I might pick this up. Sounds more interesting to me than mainline MH these days.
  11. I actually haven't done the Mida stuff yet, for some reason I thought it was random. I should probably do that today and boost my power even more. I can already get to 290. I MUST HAVE MORE POWER.
  12. How would eating non-racists make more racists exist?
  13. Going through some real shit and struggling to keep my job as we failed to pay all our bills as multiple people lost their jobs at once in our household. I believe that's around the time I moved to Iowa? It all kind of runs together.
  14. Wouldn't it be neat if these cross-platform guilds carried over to in-game and we could just party up however we wanted, at least for PvE? Wouldn't that be swell? Too bad Sony are cunts.
  15. You know, you may argue that Dim Sum would make people less racist, but I'd argue that Vietnamese Subs would make people MORE racist. When I first got one, biting into the, what I can only describe as some sort of phalanx of raw carrots was the most disgusting and insulting moment of my entire life. First off, anyone who puts a goddamned carrot into my sub is a lifelong enemy. Carrots are for sick fucks who eat human flesh and fuck their moms. Secondly, even if you were going to put some carrots into it, why was the ratio like 95% carrots, 5% bread and then like almost literally nothing else? Vietnam was a mistake. Not that we went to war there, that we didn't nuke the place hard enough to make Japan blush. Carrots. In my fucking sub. ANIMALS.