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  1. Wait until they figure out the PS5 can mine UltraBitCoins. It'll be "launching missiles" with the PS2 all over again!
  2. Google Image results for "Cryptokids"
  3. 2018 the WINNING CONTINUES!

    I remember absolutely nothing about the last shutdown, why should I care about this one? What the fuck are they shutting down? ICE? The government doesn't fucking do anything that's worth doing anyway. They just filibuster themselves because they're fucking idiot children.
  4. It definitely made sense at the time. The old consoles were almost a decade old, the new consoles didn't appear to have anything exciting going for them, and had fucking terrible, just shitty launches. I still honestly have no idea why they're so popular. I remember multiple people on this very board being like "If graphics stayed at the 360/PS3 level forever I'd be perfectly happy," which was a weird thing to say when the only real improvement of the new systems was better graphics and worse framerates. Especially with how most people have moved on to just sitting their fat asses on tablets/phones all days. Set top boxes that you glue to your TV certainly didn't seem like they'd be on an upward trajectory. But that's why you should never try to predict anything, ever.
  5. I think it's safe to say the only thing that has died is the Vita.
  6. PC gaming welcomes you into our shared grave! Now we can all live together!
  7. Monster Hunter World

    Hi, my name is Xbob, and I kinda like Monster Hunter. The deep and rewarding combat is made terribly frustrating by annoyingly long grinds and doing the same fight 800 quintillion times. I find Monster Hunter to have a very serious content issue. You can totally do 200+ or 1000+ hours... but it's gonna be against the same small set of monsters, made slightly stronger and in different amounts. I'm hoping this game fixes those issues. Because I'm fucking sick of every game being so similar.
  8. Any LEDs at all? I smash every little LED in my case. What the fuck is it with PC hardware manufacturers thinking I want a goddamned laser light show in a case I almost never look inside? Even if I did look inside, put a fucking single light bulb with a hanging switch, like in creepy basements, so I can see what I'm fucking doing. OH BOY IT'S MY RAM USAGE METER HOW USEFUL THIS IS INSIDE MY CASE
  9. Monster Hunter World

    I'll be picking it up on Steam whenever they finally shit it out. Hell, by then maybe we'll have heard of Monster Hunter World Triple X Unite or some shit and I can wait for that instead. They love re-releasing the same game with like 2 new monsters for 8 years straight.
  10. ♪ Lynch the pigs, lynch the pigs, turn them into bacon! ♪
  11. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    Spotted the guy who got molested while in VR!
  12. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    I would disagree with this hard enough to blow an artery. I... what? How? What blew you away? It's just cardboard sleeves for joy-cons. Yeah, it can be fun to do little arts and crafts things like this, but I dunno, this just looks like the lamest variation. Seriously, I'm not kidding, go onto Amazon and check out some of the shit in the kids -> science section. There's so many things that are going to be far more fun, educational, and impressive. And that are cool and fun on their own, not just gussied up accessories for the Switch. Maybe if I was building my own R.O.B. the Robot piece by piece and doing some light programming and then putting the joy-con inside and telling it how to interpret motions, that'd be super fucking cool, and ideal for kids learning how things work. I'm seriously not trying to be a downer, which is why I'm suggesting you guys take a look at some of the other stuff you can buy (oftentimes for literally half the price of this) -- it's just super disappointing for me that this is what they came up with.