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  1. Man! That's almost 5% as many as I see daily from human drivers!
  2. I did not get the season pass, no.
  3. Oh, I get it. Only other thing for me is like... Mario?
  4. "Shepard, you have a message." "Oh? I'd like to stick my pen in YOUR envelope." "Oh, Shepard, you've got such a way with words..." 3 minute bang scene follows
  5. I've got all this nonsense ready to go for when it releases. The hype alone did nothing for me, so many games that don't deserve to be hyped get hyped beyond belief. It was the specifics that people have given that got me excited. Difficulty, formula changing, the thrill of exploring, an expansive world that doesn't feel like the dead fields that have made up so many Zelda titles as of late. I have high hopes for this one.
  6. Oh yes, getting it at launch isn't a great idea. Nothing about what I said wasn't true. I just want it at launch because I've never had a console at launch before.
  7. The only thing Trump is good at projecting is what a fucking clueless cowardly dipshit he is.
  8. I did just that. If I do end up disliking it, I can just give it away on here so someone who would love it can get use out of it. No reason to be wasteful.
  9. The Switch is going to be the first ever console I've owned on launch day. Not because it seems like some magical device, I've just never had the means to buy a console on launch. Which has traditionally been fine, consoles kind of suck at launch. But it seems like Nintendo somehow made an open-world Zelda with a better world than their tiny hubs, which seems insane to me. If they pulled it off, I'll be quite happy -- I discovered a few years back that I actively hate Zelda dungeons, but love the overworlds, at least as long as I get to continue exploring and finding new areas and characters. I don't know how it took me so long to figure out that I hated the dungeons, but boy do I ever. There's always a sinking pit in my stomach when I enter one. "Oh boy, I gotta slog through this to get back to the bright and fun stuff." I've also got Horizon coming, despite having some serious reservations about that game. Someone joked that I should buy it physical since I'd probably hate it and then give it away, but the joke's on them, because that's totally what I did. If I hate it, I'll gladly pass it on to someone who will get more use out of it. Rambling aside, I really, REALLY hope this is everything early impressions and reviews are saying it is. I even ordered the expansion pass for the hard mode alone, since I find Zelda games to be frustratingly easy. Don't let me down, Nintendo. Give me the Zelda return to form I've been hoping for for years now.
  10. I would've met with him and sucker punched him. They're not gonna shoot you for sucker-punching the big baby, are they? You'd probably just get tackled and escorted off the property or something.
  11. Vive and Oculus numbers are pretty hard to pin down, but those numbers seem about right. The shit is really expensive and requires a really powerful PC, and it's not as simple to set up. All of that is fine, because they're much more capable than PSVR, but they're luxury high-end first-gen tech, so niche describes it perfectly. You have to differentiate between what you perceive as "low" sales and what is actually low, though. Vive and Oculus were both sold out for months -- they did not make these things in enormous quantities because that would be crazy. You build the tech, sell as many as you can to recoup costs and build a base and a software library, refine the tech and go at it again. PSVR was always the hope of all VR fans to get "real" VR in the hands of the masses, because it's good for ALL of VR.
  12. "you used your moves that i didn't deal with gg" "you noticed where my play was weak and took advantage gg" "you saw i literally had no idea what to do gg" Like, how do these people think this shit looks when they're conjuring it in their minds? Shit man, even if you think something's broken, getting all pissy doesn't help, at the very least say something like "I think counter guardbreaks need work" or "That combo is really hard to defend against" or something. Don't be a bitch about it.
  13. That was quite the life-changing revelation from a minor visual glitch that doesn't even give you the renown!
  14. Had a hilarious Dominion match yesterday. We get to the loading screen and the entire enemy team is all reputation level 3-6, and everyone on their team's gearscore is a minimum of 80 (everyone was purple or higher) so we were like "Oh, looks like balanced matchmaking" as it clearly looked like an organized team matching up against our random nonsense. (I was the highest rep on our team at rep 1 on my fatty and we all had a gearscore under 20, i.e. all gray.) We utterly and completely stomped them. I held a single point the entire time, they only took it when the literal entire team came to kill me, and then I came back after respawning and grabbed it back in under a minute. They were awful and exhibited no teamwork.