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  1. TRACKAMANIA Turbo announcement trailer

    Yeah, it at least has that.  So that's definitely better than nothing.
  2. Games using this art style

    The weird part about Rime is I friggin' see The Witness puzzles in that screenshot.  Then I looked in another screenshot and saw MORE.  I'm going insane.
  3. Games using this art style

    The Witness is using an engine built from the ground up, not UE4.
  4. The idea that it's consensual to me is a lot like those animes that are like "No onii-chan, it's okay, I'm 18, here's my driver's license as proof." And then it's this:     Just to be clear, I'm all for you being able to face fuck an anime loli girl in Oculus Rift as your entire family watches if that's how you wanna get down, but comparing it to shit like Mass Effect makes a little less sense.  Nintendo is trying to cover their image.  And as I said earlier, there's a huge psychological bridge between "Abstractly fucking your cousin/daughter/cat, theoretically" (there is no fucking your cousin scene) and molesting someone's face "consensually."  The fact that it has to be justified with the word consensual already means Nintendo probably doesn't want it on a product they release here.   And I most certainly am buying the game.
  5. I had to buy xcom 4 or whatever its called.

    Snipers with kill zone... it just grows until it covers a quarter of the map.
  6. TRACKAMANIA Turbo announcement trailer

    Cause it's going to consoles.  Supporting this stuff on consoles would be... iffy, as it includes innumerable mods that make the game vastly better, as well as the ability to freely host your own music on a per-server, per-level basis.  On the PC version of Trackmania, that's just underground "nobody cares" stuff, but on a big console release with actual marketing behind it where someone might see, it's a little less free-wheeling.   So no matter what, a console version of the game will be very badly neutered, which makes me wonder why they bother at all.  Default Trackmania is pretty wild, for a little while, but the dev-made tracks get old super fast, and are hugely inferior.
  7. ~*SFLUFAN's Witness Weekend Giveaway*~

    I'm in!  Not for myself, I already have and own the game, but my sister has been dying to play it.
  8. ~*SFLUFAN's Witness Weekend Giveaway*~

    I'm in!  Not for myself, I already have and own the game, but my sister has been dying to play it.
  9. TRACKAMANIA Turbo announcement trailer

    I think it's gonna be one "full" game, but it's Trackmania with just official tracks, which is the most boring version of Trackmania I could possibly conceive.  The entire fun of the series is all the absolutely fucking insane community levels.  Not the bog fucking standard developer stuff like shown in this video.  Everything in the video was super normal Trackmania but with nicer visuals.
  10. I had to buy xcom 4 or whatever its called.

      Uhh, mods to both extend and remove the timers were released the day the game came out, brah.  It has workshop support, so you literally just click a button.
  11. XCOM 2 Preload is Live

    Dunno, haven't reloaded, but I assume so. 
  12. XCOM 2 Preload is Live

    I have literally missed every single flanking shot on an enemy from 1 square away in the entire campaign.  All 85%.  It's totally ludicrous.  That's like... 15 shots now.  THE ODDS, MAN.
  13. I hate these kinds of threads and this line of discussion in particular because "the community" is not an individual.    "America demands abortions be illegal, cries that it should be legal immediately after"   It's a meta narrative that makes no sense.   SOME parts of the community want it F2P, SOME want it B2P, and not everyone puts their opinions up, many only do after a change they don't like is announced. 
  14.   You probably wouldn't.  The Steam controller fills a niche, it CAN play any game, but it excels at games that you previously could only play with a mouse and keyboard but want to play with a Gamepad, which is a surprisingly large number.  Like XCOM 2.   I actually like using it better than the "normal" gamepad support from XCOM Enemy Unknown, since it mimics M&KB usage.  It's so damned customizable, too.