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  1. Xbob42 added a post in a topic CDPR: Cyberpunk 2077 is "far, far bigger" than The Witcher 3   

    Why?  You mean why NOT, right?  Seems like almost every game set in the future/cyberpunk setting is always short and/or super linear.  Can't wait to see an open world one of a decent scope.
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  2. Xbob42 added a post in a topic Shut your ugly face and buy Undertale! Just do it.   

     It's really short (for a JRPG, like I said, about 10 hours) so beat it ASAP!  Don't even bother with giving first impressions on early shit!  Just power through and if something is stumping you, ask for hints!  And don't forget the tagline of the game. 
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  3. Xbob42 added a post in a topic Shut your ugly face and buy Undertale! Just do it.   

    Quite literally, yes.
    No, you seriously have no idea what the fuck you're talking about on this one.  The art style varies based on the story, inside battles and outside of battles, and animation/frame changes are used to amazing effect.  It's a fucking pixel game and the 2D enemies I'm fighting with like 6 different frames of "animation" (really more like poses rather than animation) are more expressive than just about any other game out there.
    The art is fantastic.  Don't bother with the screenshots, the screenshots aren't going to give you context, and I'm not going to spend all day trying to explain how context could possibly matter here, just shut your whore mouth and buy the game.  I don't care if you have no interest, your interest is irrelevant.  Buy it, beat it, and then if it wasn't worth every cent come back and tell me and I'm already laughing because that scenario is impossible because you'd love it you motherfucker.  Or not, if you have really bad taste and dislike really good games.
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  4. Xbob42 added a topic in PC   

    Shut your ugly face and buy Undertale! Just do it.
    Look, Bob don't lead you wrong when it comes to recommendations.  Regardless of what I personally enjoy, I only recommend games that I think the vast majority of people will really like, such as To The Moon.
    I won't waste too much time explaining Undertale.  It's set up like a JRPG, but it's... unique.  It's an indie game, but the story and mechanics feel polished and original.  It's a pixel art style that's a weird cross between SNES and DOS graphics, and it only makes the game better.
    It has fantastic music, which is the norm for indie games these days, but is still always a plus.
    The Steam store page is overwhelmingly positive, and that's WITH 4,300+ reviews, so it's not relying on some dinky 100 fans or something.  People REALLY like this game.  I fucking LOVE this game.
    Even the review quotes are great:
    I especially like the last one as a punchline for the first two's setup.  Those are actual reviews, too.  The game scores well and fucking deserves it.
    This year I have played The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V, Super Mario Maker, Evolve, Dying Light, Pillars of Eternity, Life is Strange, Splatoon, Ori and the Blind Forest, Project Cars and Rocket League.  (Not to mention several others.)
    I have loved every one of those games in different ways, some such as Life is Strange came out of nowhere and knocked me on my ass with how good they were.
    Not only is Undertale far and away my favorite game this year, it's the one I'll most likely remember with perfect clarity 10, 15, 20 years from now.  It left the biggest impression, it was the funniest, the most fun, the saddest, the most heartfelt, the most unique, the most impactful choices, the best story, and the most surprising.
    I don't want to describe the game, because discovering it is a major part of the enjoyment.  But even if I explained the entire dang game beat-for-beat I bet it'd still land on top or near the top of some GOTY lists around here.
    Just do me a favor, if you do buy the game, pay attention to that tagline on Steam.  Choices have a big impact on this game, and it's easy to give up on what you're trying to do.  Don't.  Stick with it, figure a way out.  Or do it the easy way, whatever works for you.  There's a lot to unpack here.  The game took me about 10ish hours to go down to the very end of one of the 3 major paths, with at least 2 of the paths practically being different games, and the story is certainly WAY different depending on how you play.
    This game will fuck with you in so many ways.  I hope some people will buy it and we can have a big ol' spoiler discussion in a week or two once some folks have beaten it.
    If you got To The Moon from my incessant nagging, I'm twice as serious with this game.  It might just be one of my favorite games ever.  And I waited until a week after I beat it to even make this post to make sure I still felt that way and it wasn't just initial impressions from a recent completion.
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  5. Xbob42 added a topic in PC   

    Double Post
    Done! - Nokra
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  6. Xbob42 added a post in a topic SAG Voice Actors May Strike   

    Uh huh -- it's my "opinion" that the Voice Actors aren't responsible for the programmer's wages and bonuses.  Riiiiight!
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  7. Xbob42 added a post in a topic SAG Voice Actors May Strike   

    Good argument.  When you've got no retort, go for petty nitpicking!  Sorry my fucking swearing is too fucking much, I know you fucking can't fucking handle fucking it, but fucking get the fucking fuck over it.
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  8. Xbob42 added a post in a topic SAG Voice Actors May Strike   

    How the fuck is that the SAG Voice Actor's problem?  If I'm asking for a raise, don't fucking tell me the tragic backstory of some dipshit in the back who won't fight for his own.  That's his problem, not mine.  Your logic here is awful.
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  9. Xbob42 added a post in a topic Battlefront Beta Impression Thread   

    You'd follow my every move, too.    You're a follower, it's just in your blood!
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  10. Xbob42 added a post in a topic Is it possible to digitally gift games?   

    The fact that this isn't a baseline feature in every fucking console is mindblowing to me.  It's free goddamned money.  I've received sooo many gift games on Steam over the years, and try to gift them out whenever I have the chance as well.  It's like... core to the experience of the platform.
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  11. Xbob42 added a post in a topic Battlefront Beta Impression Thread   

    You can tell who a follower and who the followed are by their sentiments on this subject.  I lead my friends to my choice, I don't follow those bitches anywhere.  You come with me or I'll play with someone who ain't a bitch!
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  12. Xbob42 added a post in a topic ASTRONEER - the best game you've never heard of   

    Looks like a less polished, slightly different version of Lego Worlds?  DID ANY OF YOU EVEN CHECK OUT LEGO WORLDS INSTEAD OF THAT DIMENSIONS BULLSHIT
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  13. Xbob42 added a post in a topic Anyone any good with Excel? Need some help.   

    Ahh, excellent.  I'll absolutely look that up.  Thanks, guys.
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  14. Xbob42 added a topic in PC   

    Anyone any good with Excel? Need some help.
    Never really used Excel before.  We've got a big project going on where we're measuring/weighing tens of thousands of items.
    Normally the items we're measuring are of varying sizes, so they're measured individually.
    Now we're coming up against a few thousand envelopes, they only come in four sizes, but we still want to get the right dimensions for them.  We don't want to just add something like "Size 1" with no notation, and we don't want to waste time copying/pasting/dragging/etc every time we measure one (We still have to weigh them, so that would add enough time to be wasteful.) so I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how to make a formula using conditional formatting or whatever else to fill the appropriate cells?
    Here's a mockup of what the book looks like:

    Basically, I want to be able to type a value (Like, 1-4 or A-D) into H (size), and have it fill out pre-determined measurements for D, E, and F, the length, width and height.
    In other words, if I type 3 into cell H-2, I'd like D-2, E-2 and F-2 to be automatically filled in as 9.3, 5.1 and 0.4 respectively, just as an example.  Is this possible in Excel?  I tried looking it up, but couldn't come up with many results, as I wasn't entirely sure how to phrase it.
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  15. Xbob42 added a post in a topic Transformers Devastation. How is it?   

    I've never given a shit about Transformers, but I do enjoy Platinum games.  How does it rank among their action titles?
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