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  1. Motion blur actually relieves it for me somewhat.
  2. It's totally fine at 60 FPS, it's not like super swimmy, it just has a little bit extra it moves after it centers, but at a low framerate it totally wrecks me. Same with moving a camera around in a 3D action game at a low framerate. FFXV's camera doesn't make me feel great most of the time, but frame dips drive it into "Why am I playing this" territory.
  3. Hyper Light Drifter in 30 FPS mode. The swimmy camera at 30 FPS makes me literally feel the need to vomit. It was completely unplayable until they had the wonderful 60 FPS patch.
  4. He gets nauseous from 30 FPS titles that move too quickly for the framerate. I get the same way. It's not even a preference thing, it just makes you physically ill. Although Zelda can hardly ever be accused of moving too fast.
  5. You would be intensely wrong on that point. The screen door effect is hugely worse at 720p, the pixel density, which already isn't high enough at 1080p, just plummets into garbage land at 720p. You may not notice the difference between 720p and 1080p on your couch from 15 feet, but you sure as shit will 4 millimeters from your eyeball.
  6. The Forest is awesome.
  7. I don't see Borderlands 3 coming to anything I play unless they overhaul that boring, tired-ass gameplay with a plethora of fun abilities rather than just shooting for 900 years.
  8. "Instead of a friend code system, we're implementing the "use your cell phone and then pay us money, asshole" system."
  9. Old people party like you wouldn't fucking believe!
  10. If the best my get-together or party with friends could get is us ever even considering playing 1-2 Switch I'd have to reconsider everything I consider sacred in life. And I've never, ever, not once, even with old people, had trouble with a "video game barrier." Mario Kart is something even the Pope could want to join in on.
  11. To quote Jeff Gerstmann yet again: "It's like they saw Johann Sebastian Joust and made a whole system based on that."
  12. Because you're not supposed to look at the screen, you're supposed to look at the player. Truly the next level of video games.
  13. If it's anything like what they did to Oculus, they'll have QHD Rumble ready to go and in stores before the Switch.
  14. Well, "every other game" was, like, "oh shit we just started development so here's an animation or a logo," Zelda, or Mario Odyssey, so... To this day I still have no idea what the fuck they were talking about when they said they were keeping it a secret for so long so "no one would steal the idea." Of what? HD rumble? Haptics are already a thing. The fucking controller coming apart? That's a novelty, not some huge revolution. A portable you plug in for more power? You mean like a laptop? I'm not seeing what the huge unique selling point was. Even the "you can just play it how you want" narrative they established with the first presentation completely shit the bed by the fact that a touch screen exists on that thing and when it's docked the screen is blocked. If one single game ever uses that, that means the game plays differently whether it's docked or not, certain features will only be present for one. Something like Mario Maker (which would fucking suck to build levels on without a touchscreen or a mouse) would basically require playing undocked.
  15. I'll watch this in a bit. I really enjoy Easy Allies, but find they generally err on the side of being waaaay too optimistic, to the detriment of good discussion. When someone comes in with some negatives they have to like, walk on eggshells or Kyle's like "Oh come on man, what do you mean!" despite him being quite a vocal critic about a lot of things himself, especially with Bosman at Home. I'm kind of with Jeff Gertsmann when it comes to what we've seen so far with the Switch. The VC stuff just sounds like the worst. Paid online from Nintendo sounds like a hilarious joke. The battery life sounds awful, the price is a tad too high (but still acceptable, $250 would've been a KILLER sweet spot, even for critics.) and the price of accessories is fucking criminal. But more than that, what they showed us was fucking motion control garbage. HD rumble sounds okay, but it's just an updated version of popular haptics. The motion shit was just plain bad, though. Especially if you've played VR. VR makes motion controls really make sense, because they're not just abstract motions to make something happen, they're doing things in a world. Jacking off as fast as you can to milk a cow is dumb. I bet very few developers will ever make good on the motion stuff, Nintendo included, but it was like their big showcase outside of Zelda, which is still also a Wii U game, isn't it? Then there's the abysmal storage situation. 32GB is terrible for a game console. Breath of the Wild alone will take up like half of that if you buy it digitally. Being able to use SD cards was a good move as one option, but SD cards are reaaaally slow, so it won't be great for loading games. (I think the fastest SD card is significantly slower than a 5400 RPM hard drive, which is the slowest possible hard drive.) If you can still use USB external drives like the Wii U, though, that'll be fine. I picked up an external 2TB drive for my Wii U a long time ago for real cheap and am using it to this day, with space to spare. But that's still no excuse for such a pitifully small amount of storage internally. The games will likely be smaller than other consoles' titles, but I doubt they'll be THAT much smaller to where 32GB will get you more than 2-5 regular sized games on it. It's like they knocked it out of the park (mostly) with their Switch reveal in October, then decided to pull a Nintendo and fuck it up as hard as possible with this presentation of waggle garbage no one gives a fuck about besides people still convinced they'll play it for more than an hour, if that. Although this was great: